This Was The Million Mask March 2014


Remember, remember, the fifth of November…
Crowds of people wearing masks to hide their faces are set to peacefully march in hundreds of cities all over the world. Dubbed the ‘Million Mask March’, the action’s being organised by the hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’. The event’s held annualy on November the 5th in protest against austerity, mass surveillance and attacks on privacy. Full coverage of the miliion mask march 2014 with pictures and video from all around the world here:

RT speaks to Old Holborn, a UK blogger and member of Anonymous. He says they want governments to leave people alone:

remember remember the fifth of november

Watch The Million Mask March Recorded Live on Air:

We are Anonymous.

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  1. We Are Anonymous We Are Legion…

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  2. I love how brits say “privacy”.

    Its unfortunate my city didn’t hold up to its bargain but I’m glad to here others had a great success

  3. i want to be involved in anonymous in some way – i didn’t know about the march so wasn’t able to be there but next year i will – the lifestyle i have been forced into is killing me – home from work with high blood pressure and stress today – want to use my energy in a movement like this one

    • take some organic sulphur this will clear your arteries out, remember pasteurisation turns milk toxic and this is what fills your arteries up they are smashing us every which way.

  4. Somebody organized a march in our city,but he haven’t got a license for it and we were few so we couldn’t do it,but at least you guys did it 🙂

  5. I love anonymous. I would really like to be more involved with themi was hoping to be in furgeson yesterday but my slavish lifestyle wouldn’t allow me to be.

  6. Gets better every year a bit lost tho Where’s best to find out what’s happening n where people are marching to? Turned up a bit late and struggled to find every1 🙁

  7. Was an awesome night except for the few idiots who decided to give anonymous a bad impression by being disruptive. Definitely going next year and bringing more with us.


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