JUST PLASTIC? What The Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know


Amazing facts about Plastic, what the Plastic Industry is successfully hiding from the world, watch the video:

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More detailed report on http://www.behance.net/gallery/18363997/Its-a-plastic-world
Other languages will follow soon!!
Production: Andreas Tanner (andix.ch)
Music and Sound Design: Alexander Rösch (facebook.com/darklobster)
English Voice: Thomas Lüthi
Webdesign: Malte Vollmerhausen


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  1. je sais que les fours pour détruire les déchets sont efficaces si il y a des filtres pour retenir les microparticules, mais ça coute très cher.

  2. I dont understand if we all know of this sad tragedy is inevitable, why do we as humans continue this destructive path? Why is that we cannot agree or work together as a whole planet?

  3. I vow to never use anything with plastic again. But I’m sure someone else’s over consumption will cancel out anything I don’t use. It’s really sad.

    • Be positive and remember to share this information destructive thinking leads to self destruction why burden yourself with the woes of something you cant change when you’re taking a step to better the world and humanity small steps lead to bigger ones.

    • …he says, posting to the internet, from a device full of plastic, down cables sheathed in plastic, to servers full of plastic…

      You’re a tit.

      • The problem is not plastic itself, not recycling the plastic and over buying plastic products are the problems. If this plastic device gets recycled no wrong is done.


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