How The Federal Reserve Is Turning Money Into Debt


The UK and US have pulled off one of the biggest global scams ever using something that is right under our noses, or more specifically in our purses and wallets. Money. Find out how the Federal Reserve and “fractional reserve banking” has been turning money into debt. Watch the video:


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  1. Because it is nearly Sunday here in NZ I wont swear but I weep to see how a country that was once something to aspire to be is, effectively, leading the world into a new depression. Since we calculate most things in US Dollars that is why we are going to be stuffed when we finally pop that bubble and let all the proverbial hit the fan. If all this is LEGIT then we are all going to get very wet with that proverbial stuff. The worldwide monetary system most likely needs an overhaul in proportions that would make our heads spin with a higher velocity than our feet. Someone needs to see a way to get money out of the extremely “wealthy” so that we can get some of this back. Our money after all is only worth as much as our national gold reserves correct? Does the US really have that much stored away in Fort Knox? We of NZ certainly dont and since both by treaty and economically we are going down on the same boat the US is on if it sinks. The question now is whether China or America is going to drag us down first.

  2. well I can tell you this im gonna free the people who being consumed buy the American lie im gonna attack military government the president and all over the world power no one should have world power cause no one can handle that kind of power only a God and im not a God only Angel of God who will destroy the wicked and I need allies to help fight against their own government and free the world of government laws and believen Gods law not government

  3. This is exactly what I did my Senior Thesis on. However, I tracked it through the market as the debt compounds at each level:producer, supplier,consumer each depending upon loans that add even more to production, and oddly enough consumption, costs until there is so much added debt to the economy that it becomes impossible to get out from under it. The increasing costs of production will make the entire economy untenable. Nothing left but to watch Rome burn.

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  5. Yeah this federal reserve has been creating money with fractional reserve banking since they was founded. It is basically just printing money out of thin air. But in this digital age and everything maybe that is just alright, but we will see when the cryptocurrency is more used then maybe power of fed will be less.


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