Kaspersky Launches a $50,000 Bug Bounty Program


In the Black Hat hackers convention that was held this year in Las Vegas, among new discoveries and a handful of new hacking jobs, companies also offered big bounty programs, with Kaspersky being one of them. The bug bounty program started on the Hack One website, Aug. 3, to continue for six months. Kaspersky stated they would pay up to $50,000 to anyone who finds and reports vulnerabilities in their premium and business products, asking hackers to find loopholes in Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Endpoint Security. The company, further, wants hackers to find local privilege escalations, user data such as passwords, desktop access, and remote code execution in both their products.

Ryan Naraine, director of Global Research, as well as the head of the Analysis Team at Kaspersky, stated that since the company is known for providing security to everyone at different levels, the company should be responsible for the software and provide their consumers with better security.

The company says their security team is already doing a good job, but with the extra help from the outside, Kaspersky can better its security. The more bugs the company gets, the better; flaws will be fixed and the security of their products enhanced.

According to Naraine, the company spent more than a month with Hacker One, assigning internal information to them. Alex Rice, one of the founders of Hacker One and the company’s chief technology officer, says that bug bounties are becoming a popular practice among many companies, but sadly, the security companies still lag behind.

Rice further went on saying that what Kaspersky did is show how mature and open the company is about their security and their reach with the hacker community, given that they are one of the first few security companies to go public like this in a competitive setting. Rice said that their platform has more than fifty thousand hackers registered, and they have been a part of resolving more than twenty thousand vulnerabilities with many big companies including Glasswire and Cylance, two of the many security companies registered on the Hacker One platform.

Source: Kaspersky

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