Kickass Torrent Website Back Again After Owner Arrested

kickass torrent

Kickass Torrent, one of the most famous and widely known torrent websites since The Pirate Bay, has suffered several setbacks this month. After the arrest of Kickass Torrents owner Artem Vaulin, and the main server went offline,  fans of the website noticed some of the proxy sites still online. The bank accounts related to the website have also been seized by authorities.

How did the owner of kickass got arrested?

Federal agents entered into the world of the Torrent as a advertiser. From there they uncovered Kickass Torrent Website’s financial details. In the process, Apple assisted the investigation, discovering the personal details and IP address below:

IP address
Email used in itunes transaction [email protected]

Less than 24 hours after the Kickass Torrent Website went live via another torrent website ISOHUNT – the identical website (URL: While some things are still missing, a message on the pop-up window greets its audience:

“ is a website we all know and love, and the world will never be the same without it. That’s why before it will come back we’ve made the mirror of with all the torrents we could find. It’s not perfect but if you want to save and archive something, now it’s the time! We don’t know how long it can last, but at least it’s something. We will continue to fight for our freedom and you’re welcome to join us! Sign this petition on and let everybody know that there are many of us who refuse to be silent.

Our freedom is to share the human right which Artem Vaulin has been providing to millions of users from all over the world. By arresting him our rights are violated.”

Sign up Petition on and sign up petition on White House.

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  1. I believe that Copyright companies should not have any say at all about what a proper punishment for infringement is. That is law and order basics.
    If you’re directly involved, you have an obligation to stay out of the investigation. No “but”s about it.

    Artem Vaulin should not be facing such a harsh judgement for such a low level crime. This is compareable to Robin Hood who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
    File sharing is harmless. The “victim” is a multi-billion dollar company that doesn’t get that extra meager little million. And they’re basically making mountains out of mole hills.
    I think Artem should be released and instead recieve a fine.
    It’s a much more balanced punishment.
    It will punish him allright, but it won’t ruin his entire life.

    The punishment for the crime must be equal to the consequenses for the victim.
    Imagine losing a nickel out of your wallet, getting upset and ordering a police officer to arrest and incarcerate a child for its entire life!
    That’d ruin the life of that child, while you can go on your daily business as if nothing happened.
    That’s exactly the same situation as Artems. In this reference he’d be the child.

    He’s a human being and should be treated with respect.
    It is not fitting for a rich company to destroy a civillian so severely for such a small crime. The entrire thing is out of balance.
    This should not be legal at all.

    The smaller the crime, the smaller the punishment. That is how the world should work.

  2. Welcome to the new world order , where, no matter how bad the crime is, as long as you stay out of their pockets you will get off with a slap on the wrist.. but dare you interfere with their income you will get maximum punishments and they will ruin your life.. its time the people wake up and start a revolution!

  3. Before internet people bought pirated movies on vhs. After that burned copies of cds. Copying software was available since the 80s. Soon dvds were being burned. By then many sites were available to upload and download all sorts of materials. Shutting down Demonoid, Piratebay, and now KAT only slows things down for a while. Get yourself a VPN and see what’s out there.

  4. ” Halls of justice painted green
    Money talking
    Power wolves beset your door
    Hear them stalking
    Soon you’ll please their appetite
    They devour
    Hammer of justice crushes you
    The ultimate in vanity
    Exploiting their supremacy
    I can’t believe the things you say
    I can’t believe
    I can’t believe the price you pay
    Nothing can save you
    Justice is lost
    Justice is raped
    Justice is gone
    Pulling your strings
    Justice is done
    Seeking no truth
    Winning is all…” – from And justice for all by Metallica


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