Kids Must Watch Pornography In Class: Danish Professor


Danish sexologist Christian Graugaard of Aalborg University wants schools to show students porn so that they can distinguish between real-life healthy sex and hardcore porn films.

“Instead of having sex education be boring and technical, where you roll a condom onto a cucumber, I’d rather have us educate our children to be critical consumers who see porn with a certain distance and reflection,” Graugaard told the public broadcaster DR.

Studies show that up to 99 % of teenage boys and 86 % of teenage girls in the Nordics have seen porn; therefore Graugaard doesn’t want the next generation to replicate what they see in hardcore porn films as it is a “recipe for broken necks and disappointment” because their own sex life will unlikely to mirror that of what they see online.

My proposal is to critically discuss pornography with 8th and 9th graders [age 15 – the legal age of consent in Denmark – and 16 respectively] as part of a sensible didactic strategy, carried out by trained teachers. We know from research that a vast majority of teenagers have seen porn at an early age – so it’s not a question of introducing youngsters to porn. We should strengthen their ability to distinguish between the media’s depictions of the body and sex and the everyday life of an average teenager,” he told The Guardian.

The students seem positive about the suggestion. “I think you could get something out of it – for example the difference between real love between two people who have sex and hard porn and orgies from the US,” ninth grade student Anders Kaagaard told DR.

Denmark lifted a ban on pornography in 1967 and two years later, became the first country in the world to completely legalize it. Today, 3/4 Danish men and 1/3 Danish women watch porn. Sexual education has been mandatory in Denmark since 1970, and some schools do have porn as part of their sex education curriculum.

But Graugaard wants to include porn in the official curriculum all over the country. “It’s important that education meets certain quality standards all over the country, that teachers are well trained and that up-to-date methods are constantly developed,” he added.


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  1. A wise choice? that is yet to be clear; However, i am a skeptic of course immediately, not because i am averse to porn, as an optional course i would see this understandable as well as perhaps necessary. On the other hand mandatory for children, i dont see this to be wise. All of this granted i am an American pig, so my voice is just one in a crowd of gluttony

  2. Stop the hypocrisy, saying that 15-16 old teens are kids. They already are young adults ! As you say “A skeptic” you are american, in your country, teens of this age are considered adult enough to go in jail and be sentenced to death, now when it comes to sexuality they are kids ???
    It is true anough that nowadays, teens have access to porn and watch it. And I find this idea quite interesting, not because they would watch porn, but because it would put “normal day-to-day” sexuality at its right place. Too many people tend to mix up hardcore porn with casual sex now, and probably especially teens who discover their sexuality through hardcore porn, thinking this is the way to perform… With all the inconveniences this might bring…

  3. “Kids need to distinguish the difference between the two” ~ They are young adults, not idiots. They do not need to see a porn movie to know the difference between true love and sex, seriously – cut them some slack. There are many methods of sexual education, this one seems completely unnecessary.

  4. The biggest problem here is the word “pornography”. If you watch a film that shows a dozen people getting killed and maimed violently, then you’ve just watched the latest Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger film and that’s ok. That means you’re normal. But if you watch two people consensually fucking their brains out—that’s wrong, or least seedy. And if you want teens to watch that then that means you are really fucked up. Why? Time for a change. And while we’re at it, legalize prostitution, there would be less violet crime. Never forget that the Columbine assassins died virgins.

  5. i think watching porn in class is a good idea, but only if you analyze and expose the tricks and industry secrets they use in the industry of porn. so they are teached not only that certain aspects about porn are fake and heaviliy manipulated, but also how this is done exacly which makes it more believeble.

  6. Ok I am on who takes sex very seriously for many different reasons and I knew from a young age that (personally) there is a huge difference between casual sex and True love making.I was very young when I found my older brothers porn magazine so I’ve been exposed to sex for over 15 years now. And been having sex for 8 of those years. I figured that if they film it that way that must be what they want. So I learned as much as I could (self taught in secret) so that I could please any and every partner I have( my methods have never failed me and leave each partner with their minds blown.) I always knew that there had to be a healthy discussion (before) of what both parties enjoy, curious about, and dislike. So honestly this is a wonderful idea. But it is true having learned from porn has helped me out but on the other hand not many can preforms on the level that I would like. So remember to have a healthy pre sex conversation, and to remember that not everyone is a pornstar in the sac.

    • Forgot/*** but they are correct porn should be used as a tool not just for learning of what fetishes there are, body appreciation, and to not expect every partner you encounter to be like what you see in porn.

  7. This should happen in america, half the kids on my bus watch porn and I literaly look up the definitions of “inapropriate” terms to increase my vocab, not to mention it will help me later in life. Also in some schools you can get in trouble for even saying the world bisexual or gay because its “inapropriate”.

    sorry for bad spelling/grammar

  8. Stupid professor.

    I’am from Denmark.

    No, they should not show porn in school.

    Who needs sexual education? We have the internet?

    Who needs a teacher to tell porn is not real?

    Do people not have a thinking brain any more?

    Making porn a school subject will only make more whores and players in this crap country.

    I never had sexual lessons in school and I know they claim it is mandatory but it is a lie because we never had it on private school and who needs it?

    Denmark is a country with no sexual miorals any more, why I have become a Muslim. I see porn yes, but my kids shall not have sex before they are 18 or married. I was 21 my self first time, and it make me sick to hear people talking about 12 years in Denmark. People here are just as bad as in the USA.

    • I’am no better than the rest here more or less. But I dont want my kids to become like all around me, losers, single-mothers and players. It is the best words to describe my generation. The losers get no where in life, and dont know what they want with life. Men here are also a bunch of pussies and women control everything.


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