Know Your Facts – Israeli & Palestinian War


For a considerable length of time, there was peace. In the 19th century the region that is known as Palestine was occupied by a multicultural populace: give or take 86 percent Muslim, 10 percent Christian, and 4 percent Jewish; all living in peace.

In the late 1800’s, one particular group of people in Europe chose to colonize this area, they are known as ‘Zionists,’ and they speak for a radical minority of the Jewish populace. Their objective was to make a Jewish country, and they considered areas in Africa and the Americas before settling on Palestine.

At first this movement made no trouble. As more Zionists moved to Palestine, however, many of them began to express their wish to assume control over the area, in order to create a Jewish state; the indigenous populace became progressively frightened, and inevitably, fights broke out.

At last, in 1947 the United Nations chose to intercede. Instead of sticking to the guideline of “self determination of people groups,” in which the individuals make their own choices regarding state and arrangement of government, the United Nations decided to return to the medieval system: an outside force partitions up the territory.

Under the Zionist weight, the United Nations have decided to dole out 55% of Palestine to a Jewish state – notwithstanding the fact that this decision was beneficial to only 30% of the aggregate populace.

In the modern era, US taxpayers give Israel an average of $8 million dollars every bloody day. Since the birth of Israel, the United States has given this nation a lot more than any other nation. As Americans learn that their tax money is being used in wars, many are calling for an end to this flow of blood money. To help our readers understand it better, below are pictures of some of the current issues. (The images were created by an independent website that supports the Palestinian people. You can show your support by donating or spreading the word.)

The Forced Exile of the People of Palestine


[May 2013] 15 May, 2013, marked the 65th anniversary of the Nakba – when 750,000 Palestinians were displaced from the territory that became Israel. In 1948, more than 50% of the entire Palestinian population was ethnically cleansed. In commemoration of the Nakba, and the displacement that continues today, VP released ‘An Ongoing Displacement’. The graphic references the iconic ‘Disappearing Palestine’ image, adding a layer of detail that quantitatively catalogues the multiple dimensions of Palestinian displacement and loss of land.

Maintaining of the Occupation


[December 2013] Twenty years ago, the PLO Central Council approved the Oslo Accord with the Israeli government. Israeli-Palestinian talks were slated to conclude within 5 years, yet two decades on Israel’s occupation continues, and the situation on the ground has only moved backwards for Palestinians. This graphic, a collaboration between VP and AIDA (the Association for International Development Agencies), highlights the ever-increasing Israeli settler population, continuing dispossession of Palestinians, and comprehensive system of segregation that define the landscape. In spite of the Palestinian Authority’s ‘statehood’ project, the feasibility of a ‘two-state solution’ is now widely questioned, while Palestinian self-determination and the return of refugees are barely discussed.

Displacement & Destruction


Beatings, Violation and Aggression


[November 2012] ‘Timeline of Violence’ reflects on the death toll and cycles of killing in the Israeli-Palestinian issue, drawing on detailed data gathered by B’Tselem since the outbreak of the Second Intifada in September 2000. The graphic was released in November 2012 by Al Jazeera, amidst Operation Pillar of Cloud, the Israeli bombardment of Gaza. News coverage consistently described the bombardment as defensive, a response to a protracted barrage of Hamas rockets. The graphic called this coverage into question by displaying the stark disparity between Palestinians and Israelis killed since 2000.

Another Guantanamo – Illegal Detentions


Dirty Distribution of Water


[September 2012] ‘Gaza Water’ gives insight on the dire water situation in the Gaza Strip. As much as 95% of Gaza’s water from its only accessible water source–the Coastal Aquifer–is now contaminated and unfit for human consumption. Overpopulation leads to over-pumping, and the Israeli government draws an inequitable amount of water from the aquifer, both of which accelerate contamination. This leads to alarmingly high levels of water-related illness among Gazans.


[March 2013] In partnership with EWASH (a coalition working in the water and sanitation sector in Palestine), VP produced ‘West Bank Water’, which describes the ways in which the Palestinian water supply in the West Bank is appropriated by the Israeli government before it reaches Palestinian homes. Despite the fact that Ramallah receives more rainfall than London (one of the world’s most renowned rainy cities), the average West Bank Palestinian can access only one quarter of the water available to the average Israeli each day, and 30 liters less than the World Health Organization’s minimum recommendation.

Racism in Travelling


[May 2012] Cars with Palestinian license plates are not allowed on Israeli roads, regardless of the identification held by the driver. Even on Palestinian roads, cars with Palestinian plates have restricted access, face endless delays at checkpoints and are subject to regular road blocks. Cars with Israeli plates experience none of these difficulties. The infographic ‘Segregated Roads’ invites the viewer to imagine a road system in which the color of your license plate determines your mobility.


[March 2013] Bus segregation addressed the Israeli Transportation Ministry’s decision to open two bus lines accessible only to West Bank Palestinians. The Israeli government’s stated reasons were “to help make life easier for Palestinians permitted to work in Israel” and to assuage Israeli “passengers on the buses complaining about unpleasant experiences, nuisances and fear”. Behind the pretense ease and comfort are countless instances of Palestinians being beaten and forced off buses by Israeli passengers, just as black Americans reported in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Rebirth of Muslim Auschwitz


[July 2014] In June 2002, the Israeli cabinet approved the construction of a “continuous fence” in the West Bank. In July 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) declared this barrier illegal, choosing to refer to it as a “wall”. The infographic ‘Where Law Stands on the Wall’ describes the detail of ICJ’s decision. Today, 9 years on, and despite wide condemnation, little has been done by the international community to hold the Israeli government accountable for its ongoing disregard of international law.

The American Aid


[March 2013] On March 2, 2013, VP launched a billboard campaign throughout Washington DC with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. As the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) met for its annual Congressional lobby, the campaign called for an end to the $30billion in US military aid promised to Israel over the coming decade. This is one of three posters highlighting the ways in which US funding to Israel could instead be used to fund communities’ needs. Posters were seen by commuters on the Washington DC Metro and on a billboard affixed to a truck following AIPAC conference attendees.


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  1. The Way the Palestinians are treated is an outrage! Israel needs to let their prisoners go, and stop abusing the Palestinians’ GOD-Given, Human Rights! They wouldn’t like it if they were treated in the same manner! Free Palestine!!!!!

    • I’m sure that if the “Palestinians” would so attacking them first, they would stop going ham on them in response. The Jews so far haven’t actually started any confrontation but they will sure as hell finish it

        • Sorry but the Israelis were there first. Fact is that the Palestinians settled in a land they knew belonged to another culture then refused to leave…they should just feel lucky that the Israelis didn’t slaughter them like they did the original inhabitants of the land. You people think it’s just coincidence the land is called ISRAEL?!?

  2. The very notion of a “Palestinian Arab nation”, having ancient attachments to the Holy Landgoing back to time immemorial is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated upon the world!  There is not, nor has there ever been, a distinct “Palestinian” culture or language. Further, there has never been a Palestinian state governed by Arab Palestinians in history, nor was there ever a serious Arab-Palestinian national movement until 1964…three years BEFORE the Arabs of “Palestine” lost the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza as a result of the 1967 Six Day’s War (which the Arabs started).  Even the so-called leader of the “Palestinian” people, Yasser Arafat, is Egyptian! In short, the so-called Arab “Palestinians” are a manufactured people…a people with no history and no authority…whose sole purpose for existence is to destroy the Jewish State! 

    • I’m gonna correct your response here:

      Israel is the one without ancient connections. White zionist settlers have even less of an ancient connection.

      Israel hadn’t existed as a state for millenia before being established in Palestine, and you can bet that the people who reestablished it had almost 100% european roots.

      Zionism is a sham.

      • bullshit! the jews created their home there 3000 years ago. read up on your bible (or in you`re case quran) looong before islam even existed (and long before palestine existed)

        • Ur bullshit!! Israel is fake country which is made by sum fuckin people…it wasnt u shit piece….its not written in bible or in quran ….u all israel r nothin but assholes

      • Sorry but the Israelis were there first. Fact is that the Palestinians settled in a land they knew belonged to another culture then refused to leave…they should just feel lucky that the Israelis didn’t slaughter them like they did the original inhabitants of the land. You people think it’s just coincidence the land is called ISRAEL?!?

  3. This is full of inaccuracies. Palestine is a reference to the entire region. There is no real mention of the role of imperialism. There is no mention of the Aryan tradition supported by Wahhabi and the deobandi that led to the annihilation of so many including my own people. Palestinian are Arab and Jew alike. Please be objective as i see no gain but only loss for any genuk e struggle for change. You hamper our cause by distortions and selective references and commission.

  4. Facts? Where is those facts? Where is the facts that there was Palestine? Even the so called “Palestinians” can’t find those facts when asked to. $6.3B?! Really? And Israel is still in debts? Haha that’s amazing!

    To be honest I’m happy to see this article of yours Anonymous. Now I know who you are and what you really stand for. You want to make a difference and to make the world a better place? So why won’t you start to actually make researches why there is a nation in nowadays world who wants to destroy another nation and simply erase it’s existence from the pages of history? Why they don’t want to talk about peace? Why they don’t agree to live in coexistence and want to kill? Why they always uses their children and elders as human shields? Why they sand a woman, a mother, to commit suicide bombing and kill dozens of innocent people? Why they hijack an airplane to fly it into a building? Can you explain that? I want you to. Please!

    Before you making a statement do some research on the mater.. To throw something in the air without proves you don’t have to hide behind an anonymous organization. Step out of the shadows and show your real face. Because it’s starting to be ugly and not that peace wanting as it was at the beginning.

    • This is not anonymous official statement. most of the worlds population is happy with Israel, there are however a few anons who think they have al the facts and forgets to look at history, and the one writing this report is clearly biased. probably a palestinier him/her self. As a part of anonymous i can easely say that palestinia is just as bad as Israel however historicaly speaking Israel has the rights.

  5. There is zionist jews being taught how to change or “attack” on the net in the benefit of Isreal. This is no bullshit. Isreal with the zionists at power must be destroyed. I dont mind the jews in the rest of the world as long as they dont agree upon Benjamin’s ideas.

  6. Assalam
    It’s a war good humans(phalestine) vs israel
    Thousands sentences in 1
    Today is phalestine tomorrow is you then don’t observe any humanity from others if you silent today

  7. again with half the story!! yes, it was the united nation that created israel, and no it wasnt just evil politicians and corupted lobyists. as usual you al fail to grabb a history book, the Jews were there first. taking the land from another people (and they are now extinkt) then the Jews were forced to leave by the muslims! this is nothin more then Muhamed`s continued war against the jew`s and anon is now taking Islams side in the conflict. jisses you biased morons grabb a historybook or atleast read how to cure a fanatic by amos oz.

    • U shud go n eat sum poop cuz dats d only reason u can understand. ..y r u takin ur beloved Prophets name …back offf nigger

  8. Sorry but the Israelis were there first. Fact is that the Palestinians settled in a land they knew belonged to another culture then refused to leave…they should just feel lucky that the Israelis didn’t slaughter them like they did the original inhabitants of the land. You people think it’s just coincidence the land is called ISRAEL?!?

  9. Look at all these idiot Jews trying to defend Israel and say there is inaccuracies without providing actual evidence. You kids are retarded and would defend anything for your own bias. CLEARLY, the statistics is right, look it up anywhere you want to, it’s CORRECT. You guys are ignorant, biased, stupid, and more. I can’t believe you are defending Israel when you know in the back of your mind that you’re WRONG.

  10. Its not about religion its about the innocent woman and children being killed every year by saying its their land you asked to see in the quran about israel well in the quran israel was offered the land but they refused and they had to come back there eventually but still they couldnt live in peace


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