Man Bequeaths Fortune to Person Who Cleaned His Gutters for Free

Richard Gittins / Champion News: 07948286566 [email protected] shows builder, Daniel Sharp, outside London's High Court. Mr Sharp was left £500,000 in the will of 75-year-old Ronald Butcher, after fixing the pensioner's guttering for free.

UK- A construction worker who claims to have voluntarily cleaned an elderly man’s gutters for free has been left a surprising gift: a huge slice (perhaps even the whole pie) of the man’s fortune in his will.

Ronald Butcher, who was said to be a ‘private and quiet man’, left Daniel Sharp a whopping £500,000 in his will. It seems that he had believed that a friendship of some sort was struck up between the two, particularly when Mr Sharp refused payment from the 75-year-old to clean his gutters.

However, now the greedy family of Mr Butcher, whose dead body lay undiscovered and decaying in his Enfield home for two months after his death (seriously, where have you guys been? Reappearing only when there’s money to be had, fo’ shame!), are disputing the will.

They claim that Mr Sharp is ‘lying’ about his friendship with the pensioner. Interestingly, Butcher had altered his will mere months before  his death in 2013 to include Mr Sharp. The family has asked Judge Leslie Anderson QC to revoke the will, in favor of an earlier one which leaves his substantial fortune to them.

Richard Gittins / Champion News: 07948286566 shows the former home of Ronald Butcher in Russell Road, Enfield. Builder Daniel Sharp was left £500,000 in 75-year-old Mr Butcher's will after fixing guttering at the property for free.
Ronald Butcher’s former home in Enfield (Picture: Richard Gittins / Champion News)

Mr Sharp said he was ‘shocked’ by Mr Butcher’s will, however claims he had no influence on his elderly friend’s last minute change to his will.

While the family accept that Mr Butcher was of sound mind when the will was made in 2013, they have pointed out the ‘odd’ nature of the alteration, arguing this should ‘excite suspicion’ over Mr Sharp’s involvement.

Mr Sharp’s lawyer said of Mr Butcher: ‘He found a male friend in Mr Sharp, somebody he could chat to. They had a shared interest in DIY and he liked to hear about Mr Sharp’s son. That is an explanation why he wanted to make the 2013 will.’  Guy dies alone, months after altering his will to include a dude who cleans his gutters for free.  Neither his new “bestie” nor his own family seem to have found out for another two months. That’s depressing… and suspicious.

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  1. The family sounds greedy and selfish. I know that’s a lot of money, but they should suck it up and move on. It was his money and he could do whatever he liked with it. He decided to leave it to the man who cleaned his gutters. The END.

  2. His own family prob said no to do the cleaning and then his new friend stepped in. The family sound greedy yes. Prob why the man did not think they should have all the money.

  3. Obviously the family sounds greedy when you paint them in this light. So they want the money, big deal. I would want it too. This seems like a personal matter and anonymous should leave it for them to deal with. There’s nowhere near enough information here to be taking sides and pointing fingers. This is none of our business and you guys should stop publishing bullshit articles. Also, stop throwing your personal biases into news articles. This is all around poor journalism.

  4. You’re all looking at the money still. Look at it like this… what if you were an old man with a lot of money and a family who never visits except when they want something. Then there is that man. Who’s well off and has and child that’s not spoiled. He chose his family all right…

  5. good friends can be better then family these days everyone wants something its the ones who dont ask and use there own time to help others that deserve everything


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