Snorting a Single Line of Cocaine Permanently Alters Your Brain


To those of you who think that hard drugs are fine as long as you have the “will-power” to stop after the first try, snorting just one line of cocaine could change your brain permanently.

A single dose was found to change a molecular mechanism in the brain’s reward center in a University of East Anglia study.

This change means that people are more likely to relapse into drug addiction after stressful events. That’s right, the first try etches away at your will-power. You’re literally not the same person you were before the dose.

The study involved mice dosed with cocaine, but mouse brains have the same receptors as human ones. Dr Peter McCormick from the School of Pharmacy said: ‘Relapse among cocaine addicts is a major problem. We wanted to find out what causes it.

‘We showed that cocaine disrupts the interaction between receptors and these changes could increase the risk of relapse under stressful conditions. Importantly, we identify a potential mechanism for protection against such relapse. Although our study is in rodents, the same receptors have been shown to impact human stress and drug addiction.’


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  1. Glad I’ve never tried it…though I’m a strange case when it comes to brain function…might do me some good…

  2. Studies also show that rats who become addicted in isolation are easily able to stop choosing the cup with cocaine laced water after they have been placed back into their social group.

    The study shows that social isolation or lack of social/friendship/family connection are major precipitants of addiction.

    As in, loneliness is a root cause of many if not all addictions. From smoking right up to Heroin.

  3. Unless you live in South America you won’t be popping too much anyway ‘cos it’s bashed up to fuck all by greedy twats so carry on it’s mostly flour.

  4. Unfortunately this study is wrong. I don’t care if mice do have the same receptors as humans they aren’t human. I have no doubt cococain or any drug alters your brain. But as in everything they try to lump everyone or everything into cookie cutter catagories. Different people react different plain and simple. That may happen for one guy and the next is different. How many drug addicts or ex drug addicts offer themselves as case study subjects? None I’ve ever known. I used heroine for years and I don’t anymore. But most of the shit I’ve read on it and most of the drug couselors are wrong. Maybe people should have done it before in order to offer a valid opinion on it.

  5. I love how on my Facebook wall it says “one snort of cocaine will change your brain permanently.” Then I click and it says could change it. Stop with the fucking click bait. Mice may have the same receptors, but we function on a much, much more complex brain. Our willpower is much stronger than that of mice. Did this study y ale into account all of the environmental factors, such as home life, upbringing, peer pressure? No, it didn’t. You can’t make a blanket statement about humans based on a study done on mice. I agree that cocaine is absolutely terrible for you, but if you actually believe this crap, you are pretty stupid.

  6. Wow i love how they forgor to say what part of the brain or what the actual change was. Its also pretty great how they are basing the whoke article off ONE study that they forgot to provide links too… Professional writing at its best for sure 😉

  7. Interesting, done it and others many times over from 17 years old to 28. not touched it in years now, oh and i quit smoking cold turkey almost a year ago.
    I believe it depends on the person… And some one will always look for blame.

  8. These so-called medical research scientists will happily claim that cocaine does these things to humans since it does them to mice and mice have the same receptors as humans. But whenever non-human mammal research is published in support of, say, the plant cannabis as a human medicine, these same scientists whine and moan about how no conclusions whatsoever can be drawn about what the plant will do to humans. You can’t have it both ways government medical stooges.

  9. This is as much bullshit as saying the same thing for coffee.
    After trying coffee once, you body will be changed for ever due to the chemical reaction of the caffeine…. LOL I call BS!

  10. First
    the thought of doing experiments on rats is pretty sad!
    Second none gets addicted to cocaine
    and with that thought me consuming 20 years ago 2 gr almost everyday during
    4 years should be a broccoli no?
    don’t do drugs is wasted money
    have a joint and chill out

  11. That is a load of crap, I tried it a few time many years ago and not once have I touched it or thought about it once and it has been 5 years since I last had it just so I could stay awake and do snow removal doing over 35 of straight work.

  12. Of course any experience in life will change one’s brain permanently. What would you expect ? If you have an accident and get a pain killer, this will change your brain permaqnently, the experience of accident as well as an pain killer, some of them have same euphoric potential as heroin.
    Or Ritalin…. People show a real dumbness in their brain when it comes to the term drug

  13. This article is valid but so are all the comments. Any drug interaction open pathways in your brain that lead to different thought. It is just the feel good factor of the drug that makes it seem like a good way to cheer yourself up in stressful times . People also turn to alcohol, medicine, sport, etc. Ritalin is similar to Cocaine and i have friends who take ther prescription as ways to numb themselves. The War on drugs is pushing very weak articles to back their claims.

    • I’ve taken Ritalin and never once felt mellowed out. I have ADD though and maybe for people that don’t have ADD it has different effects. I take a different version of it currently and still, there is no mellow to be had.

  14. I’ve done coke and believe this article. I believe anything that pushes all other priorities in your life down for any amount of time, is something that changes you as a person. The first dose may change you in that you may become a drug addict. I do believe this article, but isn’t it obvious?

  15. id have to say why many of us from the 80s-90s gen kids .. were all on Methylphenidate aka Methamphetamine i was a test trial for it in the 90s i can say .. yeah im fucked for life . i cant do anything normal my growing brain at the time was wrecked .. sabotaged . thank you drug company for not caring about my brain . i was 6 then was able to get enough power to stop them being court order down my thought .. i had to spaze out to get them to get me off . i had to hurt kids i had nothing no control over seeing wright and wrong . till i was off . because of over intense anger rage and insanity .. now i have to smoke green to keep my brain from getting there and emotional stability . so think twice before doing pain killers or stimulants .. you might just almost kill somebody you truly love . and you cant undo that . nore the behavior from it

  16. ahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahaha that is so lame hahahahahahahaha im seriously you guys, your killin me over hmere hahahahahahahahaha…..BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

  17. i am the one who bangs on your window when you are pranged out on crack

  18. ya it makes you know how much fun drugs are, and that nothing on this planet is as fun as them. it like the old saying what you dont know wont hurt you.

  19. “but mouse brains have the same receptors as human ones”

    Mice don’t have a prefrontal cortex. Your entire body is dynamic and constantly changing. There is no way one line of coke will PERMANENTLY* alter your brain chemistry unless you continue to do coke. Your body is constantly renewing its cells, dividing and multiplying while older cells die off. I’d bet MRIs would reveal a single cocaine use effects on the brain to diminish to pre cocaine-usage after time given a healthy lifestyle.

    *btw stating that something is a permanent change is not conducive to critical thinking which is highly merited in this case

  20. We all like to feel good so isn’t it pretty obvious that just about anything fun at the time can become addictive?you have to build willpower to not do it if it does become addictive.if you’ve never tried something before you aren’t addicted so there’s no need for willpower.influence and curiosity are all very much part of life.if life sucked before and after you tried a drug it didn’t for that short amount of time of coarse willpower to not do it again is going to be a lot tougher to have.

  21. ive snorted about five lines in my life and I feel no need to ever do it again not do I have any want or need to do any other type of drug. I also feel and think no differently than before I did those lines. I call bs.

  22. sorry but this is BS tried it once didnt like it tried it like 2 or 3 more times still didnt like it I still function the same way I did before I think it has to do with the persons chemical makeup how some people can handle things others are more sensitive to. I also am unable to become addicted to smoking or drinking or anything else I used to smoke a pack a day then I just stopped. no cravings nothing started again years later for a few days at a party. nothing quit no cravings nothing. I think thats proof enough to me as a rational human being that doing any one drug only a couple times throughout your life isnt going to harm you that badly.

  23. everything we inhale, smell, eat, snort, etc every day “alters our brain”. If it didn’t we’d all be long dead. But there is a percentage of people who will be immediately hooked after one use…just like there are people who will neve4r get addicted no matter how much they do. I too am one of the “lucky ones”…an ex gf of mine was a huge pill head and would give them to me all the time. She had to have some every day…I could take some, then stop for days / weeks…no withdraws, no “problems coming down”…although I did notice me become an asshole while on it…

    • My birth mother was an addicted mess but I dont even have the urge to drink. People say that it is hereditary but I think that at least for some, it is BS. Happily, I was adopted by a nice couple that didnt have those kinds of issues. There was never any alcohol kept in the house and neither of them even socially drink. Nature versus nurture?

  24. Eating one small chocolate will change your brain forever. Reserchers discovered that after you eat your first chocolate, in stressful situations your brain might relapse into chocolate addiction…

  25. I’ve done a lot of drugs for about 5 years and on my own free will starting 2015i went cold turkey from even smoking weed and drinking and cigarettes. The beginning of April my car was totalled in a crash (lease agreement) I owe that company 7000 still for the rest of the payment, I cut my fingers at work and have been put on wcb which was no where near the amount I was making. Plus I can’t play my guitar because of this. Not once in this time of a stressful moment have I been tempted to give in and spend my money on any drugs therefore solid proof that my mind is better then a drug. P.s. this article should explain the variables of the mices living conditions instead of placing them into one catagory. Know your facts. The mice in a cage with activities would rather drink the clean water and be active then living in solitude with just the drugged water.

  26. I doubt that very much that just one line of Coke would change your thinking forever the body will flush out them dangerous toxins in 24 to 72 hours as it would alcohol or other substances , however I would never tell anyone to take a line of Coke because of the Instant risk of addiction involved and in some cases it as caused addiction and in rare circumstances caused death from a single line of Coke But even if you survive that continue using of that substance not only will you become vary poor you will become poor in health both physically and mentally and make your risk of death extremely high.

  27. east anglia those dipshits are the ones that have been lying about global warming, its in the emails…in my experience everything you do in life changes you permanently. chalk it up to experience points, robert downey junior did it, was he changed?

  28. I been on it for like 10 years love it had to kick it just took my first step and checked in no matter what you do you will always love and miss it nothing replaces the feeling of being on it .euphoria at its best. Only the best can kick it stay away from it at all costs it the only game the the winner lose(body count)


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