Man Gets Ticket For Not Riding In Bike Lane, Films Himself Crashing Into Things In Bike Lanes

****Ruckas Videograbs**** (01322) 861777 *IMPORTANT* Please credit Casey Neistat/YouTube for this picture. 09/06/11 Grabs from footage which is trending on YouTube of a cyclist in New York called Casy Neistat who has filmed himself earnestly sticking to the New York bike lanes, regardless of anything that may be blocking it, as a point of principle after getting a $50 fine when he was caught cycling outside of a lane. Mr Neistat's short film starts with him being fined by a NY police officer after he was caught cycling out of the lane. Despite Mr Neistat protesting that many motorists in view are doing far worse and not being punished for it, he is still fined. He retaliated by filming himself strictly cycling in the NY cycle lanes - regardless of what may be blocking it - so he remains a law-abiding citizen. He endes up crashing into many objects and vehicles, which ironically includes a police car. Office (UK) : 01322 861777 Mobile (UK) : 07742 164 106 **IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ** The video grabs supplied by Ruckas Pictures always remain the copyright of the programme makers, we provide a service to purely capture and supply the images to the client, securing the copyright of the images will always remain the responsibility of the publisher at all times. Standard terms, conditions & minimum fees apply to our videograbs unless varied by agreement prior to publication.

This guy tried to explain to the cops that he had to leave the bike lane for valid reasons but they did not want to listen and issued him with a $50 fine. He made a little movie about riding his bike in the bike lane and this is the result.






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  1. “Man Gets Ticket For Not Riding In Bike Lane, Films Himself Crashing Into Things In Bike Lanes”……” MAN GET TICKET”!!…”MAN”… Do you even know who this “MAN” is??? That is the “MAN” him self, that’s Casey Neistat, he is the god of films, and awesome stuff.
    I suggest you guys to check out his daily life, actually really interesting. And his films are amazing 🙂

    I have no intention to be rude or anything like that, it is just a joke 🙂


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