Man Surrenders to Police. Police have him Mauled by Their Dog Anyway


It seems my faith in the American police force to destroy my faith in humanity has once again been restored:

This video, taken from police body cam, was released as part of a lawsuit filed against the West Jordan Police Department by Lee Hoogveldt, who was viciously attacked by the dog. You see, just filming the police is practically worthless if you don’t ARREST them for their crimes….

The officers are seen entering the house and ordering Hoogveldt to raise his hands. He complies, but the cops sic the dog on him anyway, because compliance is defiance in Orwellian American. It goes straight for his face….

In graphic footage, the dog chews on Hoogveldt’s face for several seconds as he groans in agony. The animal bites him in the mouth, causing Hoogveldt to bleed profusely.

Quite clearly in shock, Hoogveldt is then wrestled to the ground and yelled at by cops to cooperate. All the while, the dog, named “Pyro” (yeah, I wonder why they picked THAT name for it, the sickos), is allowed to continue biting Hoogveldt in the legs and backside.

An officer then goes on to “drop” a chair on to Hoogveldt’s head. Oops.  The cops then document his injuries by taking photos, before hauling him away.

Police had been called to Hoogveldt’s house because a neighbour reported that there was a fire in his back yard. Right, call a “pyro-maniac” to deal with a fire…

“To protect the neighbourhood, they had to go in and secure Mr. Hoogveldt,” West Jordan Sgt. Dan Roberts told reporters. “The fire department could not respond to take care of the fires.” However, in the video the cops are heard saying that the fire was nothing, just some stuff burning in a barrel. I guess “saving” this man’s life, AFTER they realized that there was NO DANGER to ANYBODY, means SICCING A KILLING MACHINE ON THIS MAN’S FACE… BECAUSE… BECAUSE REASONS!

Police say that the use of force was justified because Hoogveldt has a “criminal record involving weapons”…. First off, I reckon they thought of that reason AFTER realizing they’d mutilated the innocent man. Second, using that logic, you could shoot a chef in the face “because he was proven to have used sharp pointy objects”.

Sgt. Roberts said that releasing the dog was justified as Hoogveldt “could have easily been hiding a weapon on him.” Yeah, and he could have been a fairy-ninja-queen.

In the footage, one officer is heard saying that he “had to look away” when the dog had Hoogveldt by the face. “When he had him on the mouth, I was like ‘oh my ******’” the cop says to his colleague.

Describing the incident, Hoogveldt said “I didn’t dare to move. I put my hands up and froze. If I would have blinked, I thought I was going to get shot.”

A civil rights case will now be heard in Federal Court.

“There’s a right to be free from unlawful entry, under the Fourth Amendment,” Hoogveldt’s attorney Robert Sykes said. “We have a police officer without a warrant, kicking down a door, and going in someone’s home.”

“At the time and place this force was used, there was no justification at all to sic a police dog on somebody.” the attorney added.

Source: InfoWars


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  1. I am glad the the victim of this crime is okay. I sincerely hope that this man’s lawyers manage to make the police force pay significantly. I guess knocking on the door and waiting for him to answer was too peaceful.

  2. The use of the dog is absolutely horrific. there is no need for it. the fact that the police officers still have their jobs just means the american people are among the dumbest people in the world

  3. Since they unlawful did attack him and enter his home, and it was his property, i would had taken up my gun, shot the dog and both officers and went to hide their bodies, cheap fuck cops, rot in hell, oh no wait, hell is not even comparable to what you fags are doing.

  4. hope you guys read and understand the following. Police brutality and military brutality is a widly known issue but the only thing you may achieve is that the civil got that fraightened they never ever will try to protest against OUR CIVILIAN PROTECTORS. Go for the many samples where mad cops got punished by law or by a civil courage because if you want to fight back than fight with intel. And dont be afraid to expose the shit civilians also whom deserve what they get because this aint a black and white movie what we do call life. If not the many deads on both sides just confirming the degradation of humanity and we never get to a future worth dreaming of! Thanks a lot for all your best intentions!

  5. I hope he sues the fuck out of the PD, its time they learned people have rights and they’ll be paid out if they’re violated.

  6. fuck all this injustice facing the cops is scary and intimidating enough with all the wrong they have done over the years like scandalous
    acts within the justice system soooooooooo
    we have to deal with getting bit by that stupid excuse for an officer of a dog simply known as
    a proxy weapon for a that even poor excuse for an officer #fuckinjustice #bodycam #didntdo #shitttt

  7. Anyone else notice that they also tasered the guy for no reason other than he was in pain, clearly in shock and being bitten by a dog pretty much constantly? I say put the dog down and hang the cops! Never one for e ding life but those scum bags deserve to swing! Start giving cops the death penalty for abuse of power and i bet the number of cases where they fuck people up will fall like tonne of bricks! #policecriminalswithpermission

  8. The thing about posting stories, you have to keep emotions and your own opinions out of equation. State only the facts. Otherwise you get the readers to act in the same emotion Displayed here.

  9. I live in slc. and i cannot belive what i just saw. that is beond any kind of reson. is there any way to find out what these officers names are? i will be posting this and another video i just saw on every local chat room i can. OMG that is so sic that that animal is a pr
    art of our police dept. it needs to be put down


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