Man Wins The Lottery And Rents Billboard Space To Help Save Women’s’ Lives


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Instead of spending his lottery winnings wildly, this man from Milwaukee is intent on raising awareness for breast cancer.

For most people, winning the lottery is a permission slip to start living a life they desire. While some might invest in world travels, a new house, or even rent an island, a man from Milwaukee, however, only has interest in saving lives.

79-year-old Jack Maier recognizes that more important than material items in life are the people we spend it with. So when his wife passed away from breast cancer in 2010, he knew that his chance to create a better future for others was upon him.

This, especially so, because Maier was lucky enough to win a $300,000 SuperCash jackpot in 2006.

Instead of spending his money wildly,  he allotted $200,000 of his winnings to raise awareness for breast cancer and, in effect, help save women’s lives. He’s been using his winnings to rent billboards around town and urge women to be mindful of their health. Mair says his personal crusade will continue until he runs out of money.

Each billboard costs $2,000 for one month of advertising, but Jack believes it’s worth it if it inspires women to get mammograms, as well as second opinions.

As Breast Cancer is the #1 most common cancer for women worldwide, the reminder to get regular checkups and be vigilant of one’s health deserves to go viral.

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