MAN: A Wordless Animation Film That Will Make You THINK


Steve Cutts’ most popular film MAN -an animated frenzy of man’s societal pitfalls, with over 13 million hits on YouTube since it was uploaded in 2012- touches the raw nerve of every conventional environmentalist and animal rights activist. The wittily-animated film looks at man’s relationship with the natural world.

It shows a man running across the world taking what he wants, when he wants, and enjoying every minute of his destruction. The conclusion is inevitable: deforestation, greed, pollution, over-fishing, the dissipation of natural resources, urban sprawl, industrialization, anti-veganism, anti-green activity…. it is all there. Consumerism has an ugly face, and Steve painfully brings his message home in this animated short film. The environmental problems MAN addresses remain just as urgent today as they were in 2012.

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  1. LOL, yes humankind has made and continues to make egregious errors, but has also created amazing,remarkable,incredible,compassionate and beautiful contributions. If we can just get our Spirituality to catch up with our Technology, we’ll be in good shape. Religion NO, Sprituality YES

  2. Yes the wonderful things man has accomplished. Life expectancy virtually tripled, reduced child mortality, enormous achievements in feeding the worlds population, an unprecedented increase in the general education of all peoples on earth. This was accomplished by man’s brain, his intellect, his need to strive, move ahead. Spirituality and environmentalism are the same branch of the collectivist dream and can only lead to stagnation.

  3. We are not this world. We are not this body. We are not this mind or emotion. We are neither here nor there. We are neither this nor that. We ARE shapeless, formless, thoughtless. We ARE existence, consciousnesses, the ever present beingness of NOW. We ARE that WE ARE. I AM that I AM. Everything else is imagination. Once lost in imagination, it becomes a dream and Self is forgotten. As we now awaken, imagination is realized and Self is remembered. Self becomes Self evident. And everything else, such as the entire universe and beyond is just a dream that never was. We ARE infinite, perfect, complete, Whole. We need NOTHING, until we imagine that we do….. Reflections of Ramana Maharshi

  4. This video is interesting and well done. However it violently misrepresents how powerful we are, and the fact that we are currently at the mercy of the environment of earth. We actually know very little about how most geological processes occur, let alone how the planet works. Just have a deep look at our “best” climate models – or pretty much any natural system model we have – and you may understand. As a civil engineer I have a front row seat to people getting their asses kicked by the earth, every day, doing simple-trivial tasks. There isn’t some magic wand that bends the earth to our will, more often than not we are the ones doing the bending and trying to make it look the other way around.

    • Deforestation is not happening TO us though, is it Albert? Nor is pollution or industrial agriculture happening TO us… These are all things we are directly responsible for. Sure we’re at the mercy of nature…. but how does that take away from the videos theme? I’d say it’s completely beside the point. And if your point is trying to downplay our impact on the climate and earth, then fuck you.


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