Manhunt in Paris After Gunmen Storm Office And Kill 12 People


Masked and hooded gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs stormed the offices of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, killing twelve people. A massive manhunt is now underway. Paris-Manhunt

Two police officers and eight journalist were among those killed during the shooting. Francois Hollande, the French president, has described the attack as “an act of exceptional barbarism.”

Warning, the following images are graphic:

At 11:30am, two gunmen entered the offices, killing one person in the foyer before making their way to the second floor. The paper, at that time, was holding an editorial meeting when the gunmen entered and attacked. At least one officer was killed in an exchange of fire after the gunmen fled the scene in a car. The men eventually carjacked a different vehicle near Paris’s peripherique, and made their escape.

We saw hooded men carrying Kalashnikovs entering the building. We called the police. After a few minutes we heard heavy firing—a lot of firing, a hell of a lot. We went upstairs to take shelter on the roof. Then after about 10 minutes we saw two armed men come out on to the street. There was more shouting, more firing. Three policemen had arrived on bikes, but had to leave because the men were armed, obviously… Then the attackers took off in a car.” – Benoit Bringer, employee of a press agency located on the same floor as the magazine’s offices.

The attack is described by Hollande as “a terrorist attack, without a doubt.” Within recent weeks, it is reported that several other attacks had been foiled, and the French government has now raised the terror alert level as high as possible.

The names of five victims have been released, including four Charlie Hebdo journalists: Editor Stéphane Charbonnier and cartoonists Jean Cabut, Georges Wolinski, Bernard Verlhac, and economist and writer, Bernard Maris.


Charlie Hebdo is an often criticized magazine. They have been known to publish controversial stories and cartoons which have caused turmoil in the past. They have been prosecuted under anti-racism laws for publishing cartoons of the prophet, Muhammad, and in 2011 their offices were firebombed after publishing a spoof cover featuring a cartoon of the Muslim prophet.

Tensions have been increasing in France due to immigration, and many non-Muslim French feel there is a rising Islamic influence in their society. The magazine’s cover story this week featured the controversial author, Michel Houellebecq, whose latest book portrays France being led by a Muslim president in the year 2022. Witnesses stated they heard the cry “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”) during the shooting.

In a statement from an unnamed office worker from across the corridor:

“… Someone opened the door to our office and asked where Charlie Hebdo was. He had a rifle. We backed away. After he left, we heard gunfire. We went to the windows, there were two men running with guns, speaking in bad French… They were shouting outside, and shooting again. Afterwards, I saw someone leaving the building with his hands covered in blood.”

A witness from a neighboring building observed paramedics trying to save an injured police officer on the street. In her statement:

It was ghastly, awful. We knew it was serious because they weren’t even trying to take him away to hospital. They were just trying to save him right there in the street.”

According to police spokesman, Rocco Contente, the men “appeared to have opened fire on everyone. It was carnage, absolute butchery.”

In a statement from UK prime minister, David Cameron:

We stand with the French people in the fight against terror and defending the freedom of the press.”

German chancellor, Angela Merkel has stated:

It was an “abominable act” that was also “an attack on freedom of speech and the press, core elements of our free democratic culture.”

Barack Obama has strongly condemned the attack as well, adding:

France is America’s oldest ally, and has stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States in the fight against terrorists who threaten our shared security and the world.”

In a report from Zee News – India:

The car in which the gunmen fled after the shooting have been impounded by the police and forensic examination of the black Citroen car is being carried out. The vehicle was found at 19th district in north-eastern Paris.”

The Local is providing continuous updates on the story. In a most recent update:

France’s Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve has denied that the gunmen have been arrested, but there are various unconfirmed reports that police officers have been tracked down. Liberation newspaper says its police sources have confirmed the gunmen have been “localisé” (located) and identified.”

France 24 is providing live updates as well.



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  1. I must say, this must be one of the most objective pieces about this attack I have read today. They describe the attackers as hooded gunmen.
    All other media immediately called them muslim terrorists. Can anyone explain me why? Isnt this whats wrong with the western society? Stigmatizing people over and over again. Today muslims and russians are bad, tomorrow they ll find someone else.

    Just sickening how bad the big media coverage has been. Freedom of speech? This office was one where they made legalized insulta on certain groups in society and as long as they didnt insult the average white joe, it is humor and freedom of speech? Since when has become insulting and discriminating or sending hatred freedom of speech? In that case, release all those jihad extremisys from jail? Freedom of speech!

    • I just read comments of french living in the US, they say every information they saw is BS, they are doing some sort of show.
      They’re happy, they’ve got more “material” to blame muslims and more for french-bashing.
      Just remember, america is not the world.
      But don’t try to say there’s a limit in freedom of speech just like some presidents.
      There’s no hate in Charlie Hebdo, you look like a brain-washed muslim. You can’t force the people to think like you. I’m sure you don’t even know what you are talking about since you are a manipulated mind. Just so you know what is freedom of speech, Charlie Hebdo does the same with catholics and jewishs. Religious people are stupid so we make fun of them … but we don’t kill them.
      Oh by the way, your god doesn’t like fornication, please erase your porn vids from your phone, or the jihad will have to kill you because you are not following the shariah.

    • In case you didn’t know ( it look like you don’t ). Charli Hebdo was a journal/magazine who didn’t judge or discriminate with their humor. Every religion, politician, or society groups, bad or not, tasted it. Every time with humor. Now, things that i find funny can’t be for others, vice versa.It’s debatable. The fact is: Charlie was one of the few paper that was still independent from the fucking mass-media-control-freak-shit era. Yes, they must have insult people with satyr sometimes, but they make fun of everyone, despite the color or the religion.

      The freedom of speech suffered from the messsage the killer intented to give with this terrible actions:

      “If you keep saying things that i don’t like and disagree, you shouldn’t live.”

    • Why other media call them muslim terrorists? Because the terrorists were screeming all the time: “Allah is great!”
      And as you know, Allah is the God of the muslims.

      But further, I fully agree with you!

    • They are Already On to Indians as well. They will basically try to mess around with any body they feel is a threat in their growth.. Propaganda.. Illuminati.. Name’s

    • Are you really this dumb or are you just acting?
      It was a satirical magazine that wrote THEIR ideas WITHOUT physically hurting other people, they had an idea and they spread it, but they didn’t force you to read or believe it, you only read it if you wanted to.
      They said it were (probably) muslim extremist but i live pretty close to Paris and in the first hours when the news was released no one officially mention extremist muslims, just some sick fucks who think they have the right to march into a country and try to FORCE their believes on somebody.
      If you have at least a little knowledge about France you would know that some people also blame FN (Front Nationale) a right political party for doing this although it seems unlikely to me since people of our culture aren’t used to sacrificing their lives for a cause that is wrong.
      Besides that you would know Houellebecq just finished another book in which muslims take over France, so the idea is very alive in Europe.
      And you should also note that they always say extremist, so if you can identify you with those kind of muslims, wel then i’m against you and i support that extremists, not muslims, like you get deported/jailed.
      If you’re not ok with these thoughts you’re a normal muslim who we like and treat like any other people in Europe, but these extremist idiots fuck it up for all muslims, because the tensions are high, we feel it in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and so on…
      If they continue like this the hatred for any muslim WILL grow (and i’m against this), and right political parties will use this hatred to turn the situation into a sort of genocide, watch my words.
      So if you’re a muslim let the world know you’re against these ideas and let the world know they deserve to be punished and prosecuted, so EVERYBODY becomes aware that not all muslims are like this, open minded people like me understand this, but there are a lot of small minded people (i live among them) that still aren’t convinced.
      Don’t make this situation any worse by agreeing with their actions.
      And please honour those who have died in the name of freedom of speech.

      P.S.: if you don’t mock terrorists they will win, keep on ridiculing them because they can’t have power!
      #CharlieHebdo #JeSuisCharlie

      • I’m glad they killed those sick bastards, please open the rest of the (open-minded) sick fuck, arrogant, unpolite, with a spare bullet, cause they don’t deserve to be heroes in any way.they need to know that if they mess with us and our believes well mess with them, and if they stop, we will and we are obligated, and Mohammed (peace be upon him) is not a terrorist, without him you would still rotting in hell praying to the idols serving as a slave to the rich, he is one of the best revolutionist, if not the greatest man in the history, but how would you know, you’re open minded, your brain catches nothing, cheers to you luck of respect and descency you stupid gay.

        • HAHAHAHAHA, it’s your kind of muslims i’m talking about, i have enough muslim friends to tell you’re one of the idiotic morons who can’t even write down a sense making reaction on my comment, you guys want freedom of speech… by killing people who act in their freedom of speech, it’s all because you guys still live in medieval times, state and religion NOT separated? It’s a complete joke, if you would have the same with any other religion like Christianity, jews or even atheists we would also develop a society in which it is normal to kill al who, don’t even stand against, but just say what they have to say.
          You’re a sick fuck, i WILL unite people to fight against your kind, kill you and even torture to if we have to, you take on our defenceless people like writers or journalists, who don’t have guns, but beware because all countries are taking actions, and they will destroy you, don’t you see.
          You have no power at all, your kind of people is getting hated WORLDWIDE and you seriously think your ‘almighty’ god will help you with this.
          If he even would exist he is condemning people like you to dead, not paradise.
          Religion is about love and peace not destroying those, who even don’t stand against, but just express their own opinions.
          You’re one of the brainwashed fucks that they use to conduct terrorism.
          If i ask you right now have you had any eduction, have you been in touch with other cultures?
          No because you are small minded fucks who will destroy the Europe for muslims and my muslim friend because, as stated in my previous comment, the world WILL turn against you and the good, smart, normal muslims.
          If you would come to my university you could see it is full of diversity with all kinds of religions and descent, and they hate you for making them look bad.
          Normal muslims hate you, they don’t like you, they become sick from people like you.
          They share the same ideas as any other open minded person in Europe (and probably the rest of the world).
          And have i even stated in my previous comment that Allah is a terrorist? No, but you’re too dumb to realise i’m trying to say the real Allah isn’t about war and terrorism and he hates you, you will not go to paradise, you will not have a better life after this one, if any god would exist you would spend your afterlife rotting in hell.
          Besides that i don’t pray to any idol, i live on the power that i give myself.
          And you’re talking about history?
          Does Mr. dumb extremist fucker have any proof that Mohammed existed? NO, these are just stories told to give dumb people who can’t have opinions and morals of their own some morals and opinions, because you are so small minded your religious leaders bring this upon you corrupting you and making you a slave to their wishes.
          Whole your comment is pure shit, it has no content and no meaning.
          Please leave commenting on serious things to people who CAN understand other peoples opinion and please stay away from our countries if you don’t like it there, there are plenty countries that would love to have dumb fucks like you to do whatever they wish, you’re a puppet don’t forget that.
          And i promise you if i’m near any terroristic attack i WILL try to murder and torture your ‘brothers’ until i’m dead.
          Your god and messiah is fake, gay and i draw pictures all the time of him.

          • You just can’t read a few words that makes proper sense, you claim things that only exist in your open empty mind, I don’t blame and neither the prophets blames you, I assume?, The Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, has said, “If you do not feel ashamed, then do whatever you like.” [Reported by al-Bukhari 6120], so keep going, you will meet your maker soon, or maybe hell will meet you first, your decision I’m afraid. lol

          • @man in power. I’m not here to judge what type of person you’re, but my friend told me about your profet when he was bullied on that time they called him awful things and hurted him with stones . His foot started bleeding and what did he do? He prayed for mercy on them and when he invaded mekka he diden’t kill them all??and I’m sure if your profet lived today he wouldn’t be happy to see what happened there. Go learn some more about you religion/profet that you defend then talk.

          • @isma and anyone with just one eye, You people are good at missing half the truth, and making assumption about what MY prophet said or did, perhaps you should be the one who needs to learn more, I already know about my religion more than your mind can bare, you’re telling me that the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) will see some caricature with his name on them and will be soo happy and smiling and whatever Bullshit you have in mind, in your dreams!, if those had my name on them, there is only death waiting for whoever did this, plus we did ask for a formal apology and nothing was done about it, the question you should be asking yourself idiots is what if those are meant for you, would you be free to walk on this earth or on highly maximum, blablabla … security prison?! anyone else smart here could answer that for me please, well in case you missed it lol, let me tell you about it, and hopefully you will understand, but claiming that the prophet Mohammed is a terrorist therefore anyone who follows him is, therefore any terrorist should go to Guantanamo, or some highly maximum, blablabla … security prison, someone smart get it?! so by expressing your so called freedom of speech your real intention was to take ours, death is a merciful way for them to go in my opinion!

          • @Man in Power your full of bullshit, you don’t understand other cultures or don’t want to understand them you ask for confirmation of other (smart) people, but what do you understand under smart? people who share the same opinion with you or people who have respect for different cultures and habits while keeping his own.
            If you mean the latter well… you don’t understand anything then.
            And how big cry babies are you extremists? They didn’t apologise (which they didn’t need to) so you shoot at them with AK-47’s??? wake up man you have only 1 thought pattern and can’t thing different, and you keep on changing our words into your favour and still everything you write is complete horse crap…

          • Thanks for making false claims, you just keep criticizing my intelligence because you have nothing useful to say, answer the question I asked and then make any claim you want. nonetheless your way of asking people to sleep with the enemy offends me even more, you’re an abomination to your religion, go cry about it maybe you will wake up.

          • @Ano
            1 they warned them to stop but they rejected and said they would continue (no don’t say anything about the islam against this)
            2 you just exposed your self that you hate islam by saying that you will unite with people and fight against their kind, if you don’t know the islam is one community so you’re hating every muslim.
            3 No they don’t live in the medieval age, they are more aware of what’s happening in the world than all other people
            4 it seems that you’re thinking of power so you’re no different than the corrupt governments (no not only the western so don’t try to get back up with the eastern governments)
            5 you don’t have the right to say that they should move from europe as europe took whole africa as their possession an sort of annexed africa
            6 you are saying that you would stand up and kill those terrorists and torture their brothers don’t underestimate them they are humans too
            7 if you hate the islam then you shouldn’t even be on anonymous, anonymous has no leader it’s one community one society. it’s WE ARE ANONYMOUS
            PS: I’m french so don’t say muslim (and no don’t say i kiss muslim ass cause that’s not true because WE ARE ONE)
            8 They are not brainwashed the people who are brainwashed are the people who ignore and listen to the media, as you say those authors don’t have weapons so don’t do the Palestinians you can take your time for them but not for them…i know you never shed a tear for them (don’t reply, I did or it doesn’t have anything to do with this topic)
            10 man in power live in the muslim way and don’t be soaked in hate, always be positive and unite as many people as possible
            11 sorry for my bad grammar and one thing french, spanish, american, italian, egypthian… it all doesn’t matter people, animals, trees we are all worthy beings to live on the planet no matter which religion (satanism is another story) and this ‘security america talks about it’ all lies they use us the human race as cattle please unite and fight against the goverment, if we don’t unite we only have one terrible fate ahead of us and that is dead.

          • @ All religion, I share awareness and hope to those in need, It’s just amazing what you hear of people who just are sick of extremist when you just reply to them and give them more insight, I make fun of those in my spare time, cause they don’t deserve more than that, and thanks for your insight 🙂

          • @Allreligions So i think that you’re not the brightest crayon in the box, but let me answer every note that you have taken on my comment, because (it could be that you’re really bad at grammer) you misread/misinterpreted almost everything is said very wrong,

            1. So Extremists and in other cases like Russia or Syria were warned to stop, they didn’t gives that us the right to kill everyone, just as right now i’m trying to stop small minded people from thinking hilarious things about the world (and it isn’t working) so do i have the right to kill you now?

            2. I don’t hate the Islam, i hate extremists, big difference.
            You say that the muslims are 1 community?? hahahaha why are some sub-groups killing each other? why do other (real) muslims agree with with i have to say.
            Get some knowledge about these things before you comment?

            3. They do live in medieval times, they only have 1 idea that is right and only 1, that does make me think of medieval times.

            4. I’m not thinking about power i’m thinking about uniting people not leading them, again read my comment before twisting my words.

            5. I do have the right to say because if i had something to say in the actions that Europe performed in Africa i would have prevented it, and in my opinion the Africans had that right as well, what you are saying here is that they didn’t have the right.

            6. Yes they’re humans, but just too brainwashed to get them back to reality they have only 1 goal and that is sowing fear and destruction in the western world.
            If they try to murder innocent people (as well as muslim people) then yes i would love to try taking them out. (but i guess i wouldn’t succeed on my own)

            7. Then again i don’t hate the Islam and if i did hated it anonymous still stands for freedom of speech…

            8. This is just pathetic of you, they are pretty much brainwashed because of their religious leader, i don’t take everything in that the media says, again i never said that.
            I have had many discussions about Israel and Palestina, the people getting killed in Palestina are murdered by Hamas, and you don’t know the full story so it’s too complicated to take sides if you’re not Muslims or Jewish.
            And i think a lot of INNOCENT people getting killed do you get my point already? i guess not.

            9. Can you count because 10 doesn’t follow after 8.

            10. Well guess who is trying to sow hatred in the world? again extremists…

            11. Well i’m not a government and not everyone is bad inside governments, by saying that you’re just as bad as these corrupted governments.
            There isn’t terrible faith for MUSLIMS, there is for extremists.

            With these answers on every point you made you can see that everything you wrote is wrong, please research or have common knowledge about the world before posting idiotic remarks.

    • Criticali, you think that when i look tv i don’t get offended by certain things? Different people are offended by different things. offending people is still freedom of speech, cause an opinion can be an insult for some people.
      And for some people an insult is just a truth they don’t want to hear! i’m muslim too, but on my own way, and i don’t get offended by a lot of these insult! just grow up, and learn to take a joke

      • You don’t get offended because those what you call first insults and then become a joke to you don’t include you, if you’re a muslim as you claim then you should care when a muslim brother is insulted in front of you, but ofc it’s about him, not about you, I’m just wondering if you know the difference between a joke and an insult because one makes you laugh and the other doesn’t so I suppose that when you see what they say you’re actually thinking this is a joke and then you’re smiling about it, now I’m wondering if you’re as a muslim supposed to support your brothers in islam, well how about the prophet himself, Is that good enough?! Now I’m really really wondering If you’re a muslim as you claim because you made it so hard for me to believe, perhaps supporting your prophet, so you said, is beneath you or maybe you’re just a sick coward brainwashed idiot, oh now I figure it out, you’re beneath everything that ever walked on this earth alive or dead and the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is above that all, if you don’t protect his legacy, we will with our blood and the blood of our childrens and for god help us.

        • Wow, maninpower, what an extensive long and superclear representation of the psychological disorder called ‘psychopathic disorder’.

          This typically involves seeing things only from your own view, and have not a single cell being aware of how others can perceive it, see it or mean it. Thus, you can not ever imagine or see the point of view from which it shows something is a joke, perhaps one you cannot laugh about,..and so you are only able to perceive one viewing-point, that of the insulted.

          This can be linked also to an abscense of empathy, and therefor it does not surprise and neither ‘insult’ me that you wrote in a comment here “I’m glad they killed those sick bastards…”

          And yes, exactly that is the difference here that others described to you as ‘medieval’ and ‘open mindedness’

          As we are all one, and i can perceive more than just 1 truth, i also feel truely sorry for how you have been raised without empathy, or in hate, or hurted in such ways that all your ability to demonstrate empathy for any fellow-being.
          Also i am sorry that you truely believe other people are insulting you all the time,…which is clearly not true, and merely a reflection of your own mindset towards others. Your above comments show that in great lengths, insult a lot.
          I know you are trying to protect yourself with that, and think you do.

          I wish u more wisdom and evolving into ‘leaving the blamegame’


          • I assure you that my state of mind is better than yours, and I thank god for that, you seem to be doing the same thing, judging my state of mind desperately and now from ‘idiot’ to ‘psychopathic disorder’, clearly you need to read what I was saying another times until you understand the whole point, but you’re arrogant so i don’t expect you to understand, you should probably learn not get your noise into something that doesn’t concern you, I intend to respond to those with concern to this matter, and i don’t see that you’re from what you said in you comment, you just made yourself look stupid, so make sure you go to a therapist to fix your noise before you reply, I do feel sorry about that, poor Namatrah.

    • Because they are Muslims. Any other person would laugh it off. But they are sensitive spazzez who take anything and turn it into murder.

    • the guy on the sidewalk was a cop, he’s dead, shot like an animal.

      you can find yourself a non-blurred video for you to see the blood.

  2. Now, islamophobic morons will use this to tell low-brained people that every muslim is a terrorist.
    Front national, the fascist french party, couldn’t dream a better opportunity to vomit their stupidities in the ears of the low-brained french morons.
    I’m pissed ! Three mofos, and the whole community will pay. With the fascists winning the elections, french peaceful muslims will be in a bad situation.
    I live in a suburb with lots of different communities, lots of muslims, never had a problem, they are for the most part, gentle people … I’m sad for them, they gonna face the “suspicious looks” in the public transports etc etc , they don’t deserve this kind of treatment just because there’s a small percent of morons in their community.

    [i]Now, we, the french government, we need to hunt those terrorists right ?
    So you’re ok with the fact we need to spy everything using deep packet inspection, right ?[/i]

    wait … what ?

    • It has been the case for a long time, I appreciate your feelings, we can’t loose our temper and most of all our freedom, ignorance however can’t be tolerated. nonetheless the timing sucks as you said, and they say some of terrorist lost his wallet on the getaway car, I bet they found drugs, blablabla … let me think please, there must be something we can add ,lol, they just wanna stick it to the muslims anyway anyhow, fucking trolls.

      • Oh ! Just tell me one think … you’re not a troll right ? Answering every word said here.

        stupid low-brained mofo …. nobodys said they found drugs in their car, this is what your master inoculated in what you call “your brain”.
        You are manipulated by warmongers, and you think you’re in possession of truth. How can you know the truth since you are not allowed to read whatever you want to inform your little brain.
        Now go sit on a personnal mine

        • You missed the whole damn point lol, I was like 70% supporting what you said, and 30% just talking my own idea, so WTF, I’m not a troll if that makes you feel better, I hell not sure what makes you feel better? I was pointing to the fact that they may have implanted those evidence on the scene not suggesting they were actually there, got it? it’s irony!

          • But they do not plant evidence, perhaps in America yes but not here with such a case.
            Do you think we don’t want peace?
            I can understand that you want peace too, but in the wrong way you want 1 (‘religious’) leader to run the world… so that’s basically fucked up.
            And they don’t want to stick it to muslims all the time, if you would read any newspaper ( i guess you don’t) the word muslim is in the background, the word EXTREMIST is said all the time.
            You’re just one of the idiots who feels insulted when something gets said that even isn’t about you.
            And if you’re really with jihadists then yeah, you should go sit on a mine please.
            Our politicians (even the rather right ones) say that this isn’t good for the muslim population, because it’s only 1 fact more that small minded people can say for hating muslims because extremists say they represent ALL muslims, which they certainly don’t

          • @Ano, perhaps there is something in your mind after all, but one should ask, when someone calls your brother a terrorist and he ends up in maximum security prison and gets tortured everyday just because of a joke, would that remain a joke or becomes an insult, THIS DID HAPPEN! because some government agency just looove to torture muslims, so maybe you should send me your picture i will put some beard with some hollywood effect and post it as a wanted terrorist, and I promise you after … let’s say an hour, we will be having a totally different conversation, whether you’re a muslim, christian, or jew, doesn’t even matter, I’m sure they will show you the door(s) to enlightenment and peace. at that moment you will realize, I should have said something useful.
            This is MY prophet that we are talking about and when something gets said about him it’s meant for me as-well by inheritance.

  3. Bonjour je suis francais tout ses passé et vrais non ses pas un film mais cette attaque et juste Honteux voila tué pour un Dessin (= le policier au sole etait touché a la jambe puis il a etait abatu sans raison donc paris la ville magique va se re nommé en paris terroriste les touristique va pas etre cool

  4. I still cannot believe that this happened and it is quite devastating and shocking that I got this on my email, I am so sorry for these people who have to face this type of suffering coming from these armed savages on the loose, let’s hope that we do catch these men on this manhunt before they actually shoot anybody else.

  5. Its a sickening act for any human being to do such a thing no doubt about it. Makes me think how idiotic the extremists must be if they think this type of attack will actually work in their favour. I don’t understand the objective. Normal people are so ignorant of the story ie Israel, Iraq, Jews and Muslims that the general public aren’t going to see this as revenge. They don’t think the west have done anything wrong, in their eyes we are the good guys and they are the bad guys. The only people who win in this situation are the power hungry elites who can manipulate this story to their advantage.

  6. “Warning, the following images are graphic:”

    Really? What images are “graphic” that required a “Warning”? i must be going blind or something! :-/

  7. It is amazing to me how people filled with bitterness and hatred, can take offense to others who satirically point out bitterness and hatred. The One true and living God does not care where you came from, who your ancestors were, whether you eat pork or not. He cares what you do to each other, what kindnesses you perform and whether or not you can face Him at judgment.
    I don’t care what religion (or lack of one) that you express. What good have you done in the world? Have you made someone smile in the face of adversity, when all around is dark and cold, have you lit a flame to guide and warm?
    I may not laugh at some of the things that this satirical publication put out, but I have NO RIGHT to kill them because I feel offended. Who made YOU the judge jury and executioner? Is that not God’s province? Who has made you the interpreter of God’s will?
    We are all imperfect beings and have no right to morally judge anyone. We have enough to do to make sure we have cleaned our own lives.
    If you don’t like reading this material, then don’t read it. That is a choice you can make.

    • If you mess with god then you’re right, expect his judgement, but if you mess with us, then you should expect ours, it’s very simple equation with both sides winning or loosing, except for god who remains the ruler anyway.
      If i don’t like this material, then i should not read it??? what kind of joke is that, I may not be able to read or make any choice if I’m being incarcerated for just being a peaceful muslim, do you think i should defend my right or just let those troll express their so called “freedom of speech”? an answer would be nice.

  8. Who killed over 20 million australian ?
    who launched nuclear bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki ?
    who killed over 100 million redskins in north america and over 50 million of them in south america ?
    Who enslaved over 180 million african and thrown over 88% in the atlantic sea of them ?
    Who killed THOUSANDS of muslims in burma ?
    Who killed over 1 500 000 Algerian muslim in Algeria ?
    Who’s killing in Irak ? saddam is dead no ? so ?
    What about vietnam ?
    Syria ? Center Africa ?
    And when 12 christian or jews killed… !!!?

    • who killed ? motherfuckers who think they got the right to kill.
      motherfuckers like the three donkeys who killed 12 people yesterday.

      Please, muslims morons, keep on commenting this page, we’ll keep your IP adresses safely.

      • Do not make threats, we take threats seriously, their IP addresses will be removed from our database, yours will be kept safely.

        • I’m sure you will xD …
          and I’m sure too that you didn’t understand what I meant, but hey, I don’t care. Was making a joke on the fact that there’s a lot of people stating here & there that this board isn’t anon at all and may even be driven by nsa/cia people. Now do you understand what I meant now ?
          If you think that stupid anti-US & antisemitic-comments are cute, like the one made by anonymo, well ok. If you think your mission is to protect them from verbal jokes, even better ! Notice that I don’t use an ak47.
          Look, behind my name here, there’s no mention that I’m a moderator. The one who thought that my “threat” (as YOU stated) was real, well, sorry I can’t do anything for that level of moronity.

          Oh, by the way, your threat has been understood,
          saved and will be reported if necessary 😉


          Now sports

          • Express yourself as you wish, the safety of our readers is being discussed seriously in our rounded table, so don’t make jokes about it please, thanks for you comments.

    • That’q the thruth but they can do nothing about it they have learned to be ignorant and believe and follow the group on certain topics the western countries have ruined the world and it’s because of the europian goverment (not it’s people) if there was no goverment that randomly get power over the people etc. there would only be world peace DEMOCRACY WILL FAIL!
      (I am saying in an educating way not in the judging way)as again the goverment not the people.

      • And again, aren’t you following the group on your topic?
        I’m against so much things my government says, and i’m with them on other topics.
        Democracy is the only thing keeping the world from being ruled by 1 religious leader like you’re suggesting.
        And you’re judging since almost everyone is for democracy and only a tiny fraction isn’t…

  9. do u know that the gover ment is sceard of u do u know that they have a part of marshiall law in america we need to stop we need to fight back we are strong we are freedom the 2d amenment sead we have a right to putt up arms and take freedom once again why ia america so fucking mad why do we fight we fight for freedom we fight for the people FOR AMERICA TO TAKE WHATS FUCKING OURS I AM WITH ANON I AM GONA FIGHT TO THE END OF MY FUCKING TIME

  10. Personnellement je suis français, mais ce qu’ils ont fait est impardonnable. Charlie Hebdo dis beaucoup de choses sur beaucoup de religions, et il fallait que ce soit cette religion la qu’il le fasse, Apres c’est comme ça que les personnes deviennent raciste.

  11. Bonjour on fait comment pour vous aider a se debarrasser de ses terroristes? Je suis pas un hacker, mais se que je voit me revolte. Et pour une fois dans ma vie, j’ai envie de m’impliquer. Alors si il y as moyen de rentrer dans votre organization, je suis partant. Vous savez ou me joindre!!!!!

  12. Just last week the UN voted for a
    +Palestinian State. Sweden already
    officially recognised Palestine State and
    shortly thereafter Sweden’s mosques were
    under attack with the hope that Muslims will
    retaliate which will force the Swedish
    Government to change its mind about
    Recognising Palestine. Fortunately this evil
    plan failed.
    At the UN vote France voted for a
    +Palestinian state which then angered
    Israel who then summoned the French
    Ambassador for an explanation. France has
    still upheld its decision for a Palestinian
    state. Today the French press office was
    attacked by professional well trained
    terrorists who killed 12 people who were
    allegedly involved in a inflammatory anti
    Muslim cartoon. The bbc has shown footage
    of the attackers and said that the way
    these gunmen were holding their rifles
    indicated that these were professionals.
    I know from previous terrorist attacks
    around the western world always ended up
    with the terrorist being killed or at least
    caught, they never got away.
    Unfortunately today’s terrorists executed
    their operation so well that they have
    Does all this sound strange and mysterious
    or is it normal ?
    Why was there no such attacks when many
    previous inflammatory anti Muslim cartoons
    were produced by similar organisations ?
    People should know that Islam does Not
    allow or permit the violence or killing of any
    innocent life’s regardless of their faith.
    The ruthless cannibals called ISIS are NOT
    Muslims, they are human eating terrorists.

  13. I think looking into the frame by frame of the French Officer Shooting should be examined by the author of this article. Having experience in firearms myself, there is no evidence to suggest that the Officer was actually shot.


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