New Study Proves: Mental Telepathy is Real


The concept of mental telepathy is the process of being able to transfer thoughts from one mind to another. This has been traditionally created in the other realms of Science Fiction and the paranormal. Both realms exist just outside the concept of mainstream science.

However, in 2014, researchers have altered that concept and have provided a scientific validation in order to properly demonstrate the long feat of mind-to-mind communication.

A neuroscientist, Carols Grau from the University of Barcelona, and his colleagues have setup a very clever experiment in which they are able to pick up signals with a device known as the Electroencephalograph EEG from selected test subjects in India; where they were able to transmit over the Internet by means of email messages to other subjects that are located in France. The subjects in France had their scalps properly fitted with the Trans Cranial Magnetic (TMS) simulators in order to receive the signal. Those TMS devices, that has also been previously utilized in order to treat those with anxiety and even depression, are able to electrically stimulate the respective neural activity within the brain, which are then connected to the intact scalps that are using a strong magnetic fields.

During the course of this experiment, the TMS stimulators where then placed over the test subject’s occipital (the visual aspect) cortex that is located to the back of the brain.

The test subjects, located in India, have been properly trained to generate a specific EEG signal representing that of a 1 or a 0 (zero), while using the biofeedback monitor. The 1 would be generated if the test subjects had imagined moving a hand, and the 0 (zero) was produced when the test subjects had imagined moving a foot. Then the 1’s  and 0’s where sent through the Internet by utilizing an email client that traveled from India to France. It would then be routed into one of two different TMS devices that were placed on the other subject’s head. The 1 would be routed to a TMS electrode, which caused a chain reaction to a phosphene in order for it to be perceived. On the other hand, the 0would be routed onto a different TMS device, which would then proceed to activate and produce no phoshpenes.

TMS Concept Diagram

The figure above provides an illustration on how the mind-to-mind can communicate with each other via a working path.

The best way to explain this concept is to imagine a type of neurological Morse code. The researchers of the project have developed and encoded a series of 1 (ones) and 0 (zeros) that then can be altered into native words such as “Hola” and even “Ciao.” This then provides us with a simple linguistic communication that is more plausible.

Moreover, the bottom line is, the researchers experiment has more or less, actually worked. There are error rates of the transmitting of the 1’s and 0’s, varying from 1-Percent to 11-Percent, which is well below what the researchers expected. This is a result from random noises between the connections.

TMS Protocol Infrastructure

In the Grau et al’s experimentations, we might actually be looking at the dawn of a new revolutionary state of communication, which will one day completely transform our world as we have seen the telephone, television, and telegraph back when those technologies arrived. We could easily be looking at a world of thinking our message, instead of texting or speaking, for our basic means of communication. Could this assist us from having to type on those little keyboards built into phones, or vocal communication, thus allowing us to continue with the task at hand, like taking a shower?

Releasing Depression

However, my next question is, if this becomes possible, what is to say that our next breakthrough (or even possibly a hack) allows one to see events and images stored within another mind without the individual knowing?

If this mind-to-mind communication can eventually provide practicality, then it will be possible to evolve, learning how to communicate subtle ideas and even nuances that text, speech and facial expressions will not be able to do. This will revolutionize the way in which humans connect with each other, amplifying and enriching another form of communication.

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Sources: PsychologyToday

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