Merchants Of Doubt Lifts The Lid On Professional Deceivers


Merchants of Doubt: What Climate Change deniers learned from Big Tobacco traces the tactics used by Big Tobacco and how the tactics are now being used by those attacking climate change. A must-see documentary from the director of Food, Inc., Robert Kenner, Merchants of Doubt exposes the dirty tricks of professional deceivers.

The documentary, inspired by Naomi Oreskes’ and Eric Conway’s book of the same name,  is the story of how techniques of science denial perfected in the tobacco industry have been adapted to the broader war on inconvenient science. It sheds light on the role of scientists in fostering public debate over whether human activity is causing global warming. It also sheds light onto the manipulation and lies that the fossil fuel industry uses to hide the poisonous nature of their products.

Big tobacco knew that there was a connection between smoking and cancer, yet it had successfully convinced the public that smoking wasn’t harmful for 50 years, until the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement in 1988 brought this fact into the light. Merchants of Doubt is specifically about the manufactured game of climate change denial, which got its start as the bastard child of Big Tobacco, as The Guardian reports.


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