Mexican-Americans are the Most Lynched Minority Group in the US


Mexican-Americans’ history spans more than 400 years and varies from region to region within the United States (US). As of July 2013, Mexican Americans make up 10.9% of the United States’ population with 34.6 million Americans listed as being of full or partial Mexican ancestry.

Anti-Mexican Sentiment in the US can be traced back to the Mexican–American War in 1846 but recent report on the history of lynching in the US has said that Latinos are the most vulnerable minority group affected.

The report chronicled the past suffering of the Latino communities and concluded that the American public is largely unaware that Mexicans were frequently the targets of lynch mobs, from the mid-19th century until the 20th century.

And this is so because, apart from Africa-Americans, few minority groups in the US barely get the attention of the Mainstream Media for pressing issues affecting their lives.

In November 1873, seven Mexican shepherds were hanged by white vigilantes near Corpus Christi. The white who committed this crime was said to be trying to intimidate the shepherds’ employer into selling his land. None of the killers were arrested. And the issue didn’t get quite attention of the press until the Mexican government spoke about it later. In the following statistics about murders relating to mob instant justice, you would found out the Mexicans are the most lynched minority groups in America.

Between 1848 and 1928, white mobs again murdered thousands of Mexican-Americans. Available records put the number around 547 cases. These mob actions occurred not only in the southwestern states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, but also in states far from the border, like Nebraska and Wyoming.

Some of these crimes did appear in the press but not as you would expect. Journalists only depicted them as violent public spectacles. For example, on July 5, 1851, a mob of 2,000 in Downieville, Calif., watched the extralegal hanging of a Mexican woman named Juana Loaiza, who had been accused of having murdered a white man named Frank Cannon.

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Self-styled vigilantes executed thousands of Mexicans who were local law officers and Texas Rangers without due process for their alleged role in a revolutionary uprising known as the Plan de San Diego. The whites had feared that Mexican revolutionary violence in 1915 will spread, after Mexican raiders committed a series of assaults on the economic infrastructure of the Lower Rio Grande Valley in resistance to white dominance. The raids unleashed a bloody wave of retaliatory action amid a climate of intense fear throughout that period.

While there are certainly instances in the history of the American South where law officers colluded in mob action, the level of engagement by local and state authorities in the reaction to the Plan de San Diego was remarkable. The attacks were said to have continued until the 1920s, when it declined due to pressure from the Mexican government in Mexico City.

Certainly, this report of mob violence against Mexicans in the Southwest obliges us to rethink the history of lynching. Southern blacks were believed to be the group most often targeted, but comparing the histories of the South and the West strengthens our understanding of mob violence in the US.

Probably, the report would also help change the debate on immigration policy and how the US government is going to address the issue so that mob action against any group would be a thing of the past which would be hardly remembered by the American public.




    • read the headlines, buddy. it specifically States “available records” this isn’t a contest or bragging rights either.
      I bet half the times, African Americans didn’t receive any report nor records of murders etc… but once again this is strictly hangings…
      I bet African Americans were burned, beat to death, shot, etc more than other minorities..
      you feel better now?

  1. Whites have treated non white and minority populations here on US soil since they landed here back in the 1600’s.

    In my way of thinking, To say we mexicans were treated worse or more of us were killed throughout history is way of minimizing the atrocious treatment of not only blacks, but native americans, asians from china and japan, and even suspected witches.

    Hell, look what we have done to the middle east. Saudies kill 3000 of us in the twin towers and we kill hundreds of thousands in iraq and Afghanistan who had nothing to do with it.

    Why? Rich mostly white men.

  2. My ancestors are a mix of Egyptian and Jewish. Both were enslave in far worse conditions than any other races.

    By skin color I am white.

    Both sides of my family came to the United States in the late 1800’s.

    I am absolutely sick of race baters generalizing with the term “White People”.

    This article is not about human rights. It is about hate for white people.

    What we are about is not rehashing history.
    What we should be concentrating on is “How to make the WORLD a better place for us and our future”

    If you want to have a relevant discussion, let’s talk about how illegal immigration is destroying our job market, lowering wages, decreasing cash flow (sending money outside of the U.S.), and increasing crime rates.

    What citizens of other countries should be doing is staying in their own countries and doing their best to help improve their governments and living conditions instead of coming here for free handouts and an easier life.

    We have illegal immigrants from a multitude of countries. Not just Mexico.

    Our politicians and rich business owners are doing with the reduced wages is the “new slavery”.

    If we are indeed “Activists”, we should be against Obama’s illegal amnesty and support a bill of rights for the American workers that includes a fair wage act.

    The only reason the Democrats are supporting amnesty is to increase their voter base and keep wages low – this is a human rights violation.

    So, if you want to support illegal immigration and feel bad about how Mexicans are treated here, just remember that you are creating the poor treatment that the “White Man” gives you.

    My family came here to get away from enslavement and discrimination – not a free ride, it was a thing of pride to them to become an American and learn the English language. They wanted to fit in and were willing to do an honest day’s work and get a fare wage.

    Let’s force the new slave masters into providing a wage structure that is livable.

    That is what “Activism” is about.

    • You speak about the Democrats but make no mention of Republicans …do you not realize they are two sides to the same dollar? With your statement you could be consider race baiting as you have only chastised one party and that being the party that most ..Liberal/Activist/Minorities identify with

      You say you are sick of the generalization of the term “White People”. Here is the problem with that…Unless you are blind, a new born child, or a young child with interracial parents. When you meet someone you have classified them (Either Negative or Positive) based on there race…we do it and we don’t realize it.

  3. Excuse my grammatical disregard. How Insulting. The fact is that Egyptian history and at least acknowledgement of other race, creed, or belief based autracities made a sentence in Us history books. I thought Christopher discovered America and pilgrams and Indians had Thanksgiving. I also thought many died because of small pox in a blanket. I truly believed that the Mexican president got drunk and signed away half of Mexico in English without knowing. I actually believed that America was a melting pot. I’m 32 years old and much smarter today. I can bearly remember Americas graceful history I was taught through all my grades. The only thing I remember vividly was Slavery of Blacks, Harriot Tubman, and Dr, King. Also the mass genocide in Germany and Egyptian mummies. News Flash the Europeans and Spaniards were the illegal Imigrant problem who came to murder, rape, and take, take take. The biggest free ride is what the Constitution was founded on. They brought black and Irish slaves and murdered in masses the many different natives taking work, life, and land. They didn’t stop until the Mexican president could no longer bear the slaughter and asked for peace forcecefully giving up land or wagez, work ect. So these le men then deported and killed many Mexicans just to. Ring them back and work them on false promises and used them to build America just to deport nd kill them again. Then the wars needed the Mexicans again , of course another way of killing them. Yes then deported once again and to this day Mexicans not Latinos remain modern day slaves with less pay regardless if they work illeaglly orborn in state. Most illeagals now could care less about being american because they are. What’s sad is they’ve built this country for mere dollars and next to nothing but manage to overcome and prosper silently. So how are so many jobs created without buildings in which to house them. How do so many commute without the labor. The white executive hire builders who then hire contractors who then bank most of the budget using a d abusing Mexicans but. O onestops this. The crews are under staffed under paid and no overtime either. So blame the citizen who refused to increase the workforce providing more jobs so the can pay 400 a week no OT one 30min break and benefits a scheme of profit and bill 2500 per labor hand per week on a multi million dollar project. Most of the time they pay them late weeks behind , partial or skip out while they are starving all so the rich guy can pay for pleasure and toys the Mexican is blamed for economics. Your grandparents weren’t the first nor last but your misinformed and activism is based on historical disfunction. How can you change the future without addressing the past?

  4. Truth, you say it is a spread of hatred for the white man? What a load of garbage! The fact is you just live in denial and live in a fantasy world were only white people are victims of racism and white people are the only people are not racist. Yes illegal immigration exists, but it’s not those people fault. It’s the government of Mexico fault because they refuse to help those people or helps it’s country. YOU go down there and if you try to make a difference and tell me you wouldn’t get killed. Also if you know your employer is hiring illegals, but you don’t say anything, guess what?! You are part of the problem. See the problem with you white people is that you don’t want to hear it because you don’t want to deal with it and stand up against your people if you see racism happen. Tell me again how racism only exists against white people only?

  5. Florence Olivia Orona Hernandez ?what do you know of discrimination against Hispanics at 32 years old ?
    Let me enlighten you as a Hispanic child growing up in South Texas during the 1960’s I experienced it personally by rich Texas ranch families who controlled our small town and whos European ancestor’s took lands from small and large Hispanic and Spanish land owners through intimidation or murder in the eighteen and nineteen hundreds. My grandmother told my mother of her fear of the Texas rangers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s because of their atrocities against Hispanics. As a child I was not allowed to enter the Anglo store in town I had to go to the “other” grocery store there were many things I was not allowed to do in town because I was Hispanic but regardless my fondest memories are of my small Texas town I’m not bitter at so why are you what have you experienced some office comment you felt was . I see your name is hyphenated a practice common with the Spanish who came to North America and like the Europeans from the Eastern US took the land from the Native Americans but in the case of the Spanish done in the name of the King of Spain and the Catholic church (but in truth were after riches and gold). Yes Mexicans were used for the war efforts during WWI and II and then deported after each event but my father joined the Navy at 17 years old and served on a battle ship in WWII and then reentered service when the Korean conflict started and served on another battle ship four more years I believe the Mexicans you are referring to did not volunteer to fight for the US during these wars leading me to believe only here to take at advantage of job opportunities the war offered because almost all US men were off fighting and dying or this country by the thousands. Mexicans here from Mexico are not slaves as you stated they are not forced against their will to come to the US they do anything they can to get to here and they are not tied up beaten and forced to work for no wages if they live below their means its so they can send more money back to their families in Mexico they just use the US to get ahead and they have no pride in this country no history and no loyalty. I could go on but it would be a book so let me end with this if I had to guess you are probably 1st or 2nd generation and seem to be well educated thanks probably due to benefits this country provided you because of your parents economical status and my tax dollars.


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