Mind Control is Real: United States Patent 6506148 B2 Confirms Human Nervous System Can be Manipulated Through Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors

Mind Control

The subject of mind control has been keenly contested for some time now. Mind or thought control is broadly defined as human subjects being indoctrinated in a way that causes an impairment of autonomy – the inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations.

Mind control was initially considered a mere conspiracy theory. During the early days of the term, its adherents believed a human’s mind could be controlled through the dissemination of propaganda messages to suit the person disseminating the message. Even media theories such as Agenda Setting, Framing and Priming supported the notion that the human mind could be controlled to think in a certain direction the media wanted. This, in theory, becomes possible through the messages the media disseminate to the public. As the media constantly bombard people with a specific message or idea, over time, people become addicted to it, adopting it as a reality. Of course, if this happens, it means the thinking faculties of people have been altered.

Mind Control

However, mind control moved from mere communication messages of the media to something deeper after a shocking revelation. In 1999, the forensic psychologist Dick Anthony revealed that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) invented damning brainwashing techniques against communism during the Korean War.

Anthony’s revelation led to further scrutiny of the CIA. It later emerged that the United States government had been experimenting on how to control the human mind immediately after the end of the Second World War.  In 1945, the government secretly recruited many Nazi scientists, some of whom had been identified and prosecuted as war criminals during the Nuremberg Trials. The recruitment was code-named Operation Paperclip. The objective of Operation Paperclip was to tap into the knowledge of these Nazi criminal scientists. The Nazis were told that if they would agree and work for the United States government, the government would protect them from prosecution. The Nazis agreed rather than being sent to the gallows.

Mind Control

After recruiting them into the United States, the government used the Nazis in many highly clandestine experiments. One of such experiments was how to control the human mind through technology and science. With the help of the Nazis, in the 1950s, the CIA and the Defense Department conducted secret research codenamed MKULTRA. The project was later renamed Project ARTICHOKE. The purpose was to study mind control, interrogation, behavior modification and related topics.

When these secrets were made public, the CIA never contested them, except to say it discontinued the programs. But the big question here is: can we trust the CIA? What if they succeeded in inventing a technology to control the human mind with which we are unaware of?

In 2013, the BBC published an article titled “Are we close to making human ‘mind control’ a reality?” In the article, it was said that Rajesh Raoa, a researcher at the University of Washington, had succeeded in playing a computer game with his mind without using any physical controllers.

Mind Control

Mr Raoa’s invention convinced many researchers that mind control is no longer a conspiracy theory, that it is real. Some researchers expressed grave concerns about the invention of Raoa, saying it could lead to a Zombie apocalypse.

“When we have full links into the brain directly and you can control someone like a robot then we might have problems,” said Dr Ian Pearson, a futurologist with a background in science and engineering.

To further prove to you without any ambiguity that mind control is real, and that the technology to do the highly immoral, unethical and corrupt job is available, we look at something we have chanced upon on the internet.

Mind Control

We’ve come across scientific research published on the internet with patent number US 6506148 B2. It is titled “Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors.”

The Abstract of the work reads: “Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near ½ Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.”

Mind Control

According to the publication on Google, Hendricus G. Loos is the owner of the work. He filed the work in June 2001, but was published in January 2003.  When we attempted to find more details on Mr Loos, we realized he isn’t popular on the internet, not even mentioned in Wikipedia. Few articles have been written about him. What we did find, however, is his work on the manipulation of the nervous system with electronic devices started in 1978, publishing nine works since.

Now, to put the work in a simple context, let’s consider a simple definition of the nervous system. According to neuroscientists, the human nervous system controls everything from breathing and producing digestive enzymes, to memory and intelligence. In fact, the central part of the nervous system is the brain.

Mind Control

If patent number US 6506148 B2 says that the nervous system can be manipulated by electromagnetic fields from monitors, need we not tell you that Your Mind is Being Manipulated with Monitors?

Especially televisions, they have become deadly weapons to us. From the recent WikiLeaks Vault 7 disclosure, it emerged how the CIA used Samsung smart TVs to spy on people.

From all indications, the United States government has secret technologies. The secret technologies are increasingly becoming embedded in most of the technology we use every day. This helps the United States government to maintain its hegemony over every being on this planet. The secret knowledge the Nazis had under Adolf Hitler is now in the hands of the United States, and is being put to use.

Mind Control

Our goal is to raise awareness. When we were investigating this issue, somebody told us it’s time to get rid of our TV sets. The person said the evidence is overwhelming. Truly, we are shocked by the available evidence. One important question we should be asking now is why is the mainstream media still silent on this issue? This tells you that the end goal of the media is never to educate and raise awareness. It is created and controlled by the elite to put us in the dark, so they can continue to profit from us.

From now on, never dismiss any conspiracy theory. Take your time to read about the theory and do a little research about it first. Research on such topics shouldn’t be difficult since we are in the Information Age.

Mind Control

As we end the write-up, Google US 6506148 B2. Spend some minutes to think. Tell us your thoughts below in the comment box. How can we free ourselves from this slavery and bondage?

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    • They can use ANY screen to manipulate your brain waves, they just need a program that pulsates an image that generates an electro-magnetic field at “frequencies near ½ Hz or 2.4 Hz”

  1. You asked how do we brake free from the shackles that our society has become and end our slavery. The simplest answer is stop playing their game. Realize that the only reason “they” have any power, control is because we say they do, we allow it. The only reason money has value is because we say it does. Money is only paper and minerals both of which come from the earth. Infact all the things we build, produce, and make to distribute to mass populations because “we need it to just survive ” is already produced naturally by the earth, yet we are destroying the earth to mass produce it. We dont need “them” we dont need their money and nothing they have ever done has truly helped anyone. Grow your own food, hunt sustainable, barter with your community, tribe, and extended family, live off their electric grid. Do not use their products, accept their “help” or even acknowledge their existence

    • Can you continue or add to the article as just like 100% of these sorts of discoveries are never complete.

      The smoking gun or part you left out would be to educate your readers on how to confirm that what is claimed can be verified.

      I would be interested to learn just how to “measure” a program that pulsates an image that generates an electro-magnetic field at “frequencies near ½ Hz or 2.4 Hz”

      What tools do I need to confirm this?

    • The problem dear, is that they do not need a tv. They only need satellite, these are old sciences anyway, who’s run the kings of the earth for centuries? Rome. The US does use these weapons on innocent people every hour of the day, yet we pay taxes to these beasts to do it with. The Lord God even of the Heavens and the Earth has decreed that HE WILL DESTROY their inventions! Then these demons that did this to the innocent among them (the good people and the just people, who would and will not join their new world order of rape, murder and robbery will go into prison themselves. Even the Lord Himself has decreed it in scripture. That makes me calm.

    • Has anyone noticed people are blurting out inappropriate phrases as if they are repeating a low volume voice that is remotely programmed to the location of their brain?

    • Through chaos control is lifted. A portion of that control is grabbed. During the process potential energy is wasted. Some wish to stay on top of a sinking ship instead of going down to the places more stressful to keep it afloat.

    • I think it’s very possible. There are people who research this. I like to look up things on You Tube because you can also hear the researchers voice and facial expressions. Look around and do your own research. There is a lot about this subject out there.

    • It’s real. The new Department of Homeland Security hired former Stasi leader Markus Wolf to help set it up. They built Fusion Centers all around the country to share private information on people they don’t like. I’ve heard it’s modeled after the Phoenix Program from the Vietnam War. Troublemakers are to be neutralized.

    • I assure. Its real. Some nights I am shocked awake at random intervals with what feels like pulsating energy. I have been artificially kept awake and spoken to via v2k for over 60 days straight with no more than a max of 1 hour of sleep. I have a family of 6 and I’m the sole breadwinner.

  2. I started writing a reply and the website flipped away. So I’m back.

    TI’s are real. Sometimes they don’t understand the full capacity of the bio-effective weapons.

    Raytheon invented the same modulation.

    It’s very well known in some circles, such as navy divers.

    It is used to diminish university performance and to thieve ideas and hegemonic thinking structures: stimulate euphoria, happiness, concentration et cetera, while a person is sitting at a computer, and hey presto a mind map of thinking. That’s the CIA and NSA thieving ideas.

    I wonder, with regard to the fascist Nazi themes which are concurrent with all complaints, whether there’s something going on from within Germany: the CIA and the US military has a lot of bases in Germany.

    A friend of mine told me about meeting a pleasant African American soldier at an Airport in Germany and drinking alcohol while they waited for their respective planes. Another soldier came up to them, Caucasian, rude and arrogant.

    He was a member of Psyops and when my friend asked what his job was he said, ‘My job is to fuck with your mind.’ My friend was shocked at his hostility.

    Now, if one was to out two and three together we have: Germany~United States~hostility~white arrogance~mental manipulation. Given that modulated bio-effective weapons are used in PsyOps and the location for the confrontation Germany, it’s worrying.

    My experience with them is direct and unequivocal: they are neo Nazis, KKK, Aryan Nation, etc.

    The imagery on the internet with regard to PsyOps is a dead give away. Fascist. Totalitarian. Skulls. ‘Outsiders’. Hostility. Death. Arrogance. Add weapons. Their images are made by PsyOps themselves, about themselves. It looks juvenile, malignant, pathetic, and psychopathic. It looks like the creations of military jocks with very poor self definitions.

    I’m surprised that Anonymous has not unearthed this weaponization in more detail, and I can attest that it is necessary to do so. Those using it are pathologically malignant and cruel and set to drive our civilization at a brick wall.

    I use the pathological term to ensure the medical definition- cruelty which cannot be modified. It is a permanent fixture in their behaviour. They were selected for this reason, which must be a serious breach in HR policy, and security vetting.

    This represents a vile contortion of military culture.

    As a side note, my friend, years later, was bashed. And something about that bashing and his experience with that malignant American soldier in Germany went ‘ding, ding, ding.’

  3. It’s damn shameful our government maliciously manipulates its own citizens w/o accountability.
    I know for certain this happens.

  4. Can we get even one single citation? This article is ridiculous. Project M.K. Ultra is aptly named After M.K. Petrova whom discovered the Ultra-Paradoxical phase, and how to cause this phase of a neurosis. By the way, the neurosis first had to be produced by the scientists that were studying this. I hope this helps some of you realise just how rediculous this article is. You can find what I am talking about by reading “Lectures on conditioned reflexes and psychiatry” volume 2 by Ivan Pavlov, which is available at SF Walker’s website in the ebook section. It is available in an easy to download pdf format. Unlike the article’s writer, I provide source citation. Other than that, can we get some source citation for this article, nope, because it is baseless.

    • So what, because you don’t know about the inventions, who uses them and what they are used for that makes them not real to you? I’ve heard enough stories about UFO’s and I believe they are nothing more than man made with science only the elite have. as for the mentioned weapon invention s.s.s.s. That is real as real gets, and I pray in your behalf you don’t discount citizens who are assaulted with that deadly weapon along with several other deadly weapons. mind sciences is old; ancient old, MIA/Angel Chips old old old. How do you think they have ruled the world in wickedness for so long? We all got our information from those more powerful than us so we were kept pretty dumb, allowed to prosper go greatly so they could destroy us like they did Rome, though rome deserved it because they enslaved one another. NO MAN SHOULD BE IN BONDAGE ONE TO ANOTHER. EVER, this science is bondage and used for pure evil continually against world and US citizens.

  5. I wouldn’t put anything passed the government, but I think it’s a stretch to call this “mind control”. This researcher said he could manipulate the nervous sustem because he wanted to sell his information to someone. What he’s talking about is hardly anything more impressive than binaural beats… they can excite you or calm you down. I’m much more concerned about the fact that our corporations own our politicians and our information.

  6. The television itself is the head messerupperthing.
    It’s a weapon hidden in plain sight.
    Think about it……. we watch the usual propaganda that we can see with our own eyes. Then because we try to look for a dark hidden message under what we see as the “usual” messages we become desensitised to the fact that nothing is being hidden and their messaged is being absorbed.
    They are using our own paranoia against us.
    Be strong my brothers and sisters.

  7. Today at work I questioned why some of my colleagues are unnecessarily moody when for the most part they are sat comfortably in chairs not breaking sweat. They’re all at PC’s. Those of us working away from screens have better moods. This prompted me to Google it & oh, there is the US patent. It does make me think TV was always for mind control, hidden behind the lie of entertainment. Today’s TV content doesn’t even try to convince, yet still broadcasters can afford to run multiple channels of nothing.

  8. I seem to be very aware of the fact that whole populations seem to be under a form of ‘Mind Control’.
    For years I wonder why I do see this happen and others don’t.

    Five years ago I suffered from a ‘stroke’ and had some (light) brain damage.
    My Left side also became paralyzed, but that is besides the subject.
    I do believe that this brain damage protects me in a way to become a victim of the techniques the use to controlpeople.

    I can not watch TV anymore. Sometimes half an hour to an hour. Then I get bored and irritatad by the non-objective news programs, the NLP techniques that are used and the blunt indoctrination of some stations…

    But it is not quite my Brain. I’ve had a certain upbringing. Always learened to be alert about what is being said or told, written and shown. It is my second nature.

    I’m also immune for the smoking addiction, perhaps of this, I started smoking at 45 to see if I could get the addiction to see how that feels and see if I could leave it again …

    I’m 59 now and still smoke a package a week as when I started. If I’m out, I’m out. Than I don’t smoke 3-4 days, a week … No urgence to buy cigarets.

    The same with alcohol, since my stroke I wanted toe die and started drinking. A bottle of wine a day is usual. One or two days I drink less. I’m never drunk, and never in an urge for alcohol. If i’m out of wine I don’t need to rush to the shop to buy some. After 5 years I’m still not an Alcoholist, I dare to say.

    So I think our whole ‘mind set’ Determines if we get ‘Brainwashed’. And this stands or falls with what we are tought at school, by our parents i.e. As a child I was seldom allowed to ‘just watch TV’. It was not meant to be a form of relaxation … as it is today. Now, if we want a child to be quiet, we put on the TV. preparing them for the addiction. Dumbing Down at schools… in life ….

    People rather sit or better ‘lie’ on thei couch, watching sports or “Best singer of …” the whole evening long, than that they read an article or a book. (or read THIS on the internet). They often use the excuse that they are buisy all day, and at night they are ‘allowed’ to relax and ‘not to think for some while’ ….

    So the Occasional letter No.1 lies at the basis of all this, is my guess. Dumbing Down humanity, slowly but certain. People have become Zombies already, without knowing it. Without wanting to know it!
    You can’t convince someone who not wants to be convinced …

    Well I’d better stop here, before I write a whole book here …
    Good luck ! Stay clear.

    • “In your country too Frank.You sound like a Verwarde Persoon. Better we put you in an institute.”

      This is an illustration on how it works.

    • It ‘s not satanic. It’ s human made tech.
      They invented the satanic and Jesus psy-ops too to catch “woken people” for later battle.

      By saying it ‘s satanic you help them denying humans doing Nazieske crimes against humanity and they get a free pass.

      They brainwash “woken people” believing it’s good vs evil or spiritual warfare. You are brainwash’d at another level if you buy into this. If you spout any of this you are everything but “woken”.

      It’s tech and there is nothing you can do about it. The “jesus saviour” and “pray to god” are the last psyops when the other psyops fail.

      All aliens are demons and all demons are humans. It’s just psychology and technology and some Hans Kazan magic.

  9. To all. We are all connected through waves, numbers”lights. We all need to be aware of life and all other things.mind controlling and putting biases are real. So you must control your mind not others. And not you with filtered mind. Break all that biased no more ego when you create positive energy. People must wake up then we all understand what is positive and negative and type of energy we should create. We use this internet not to kill our brain but we create and connect boxes with lights. We are all creators. But must have a deep thoughts and positive energy to understand the corruption and chaos and know that we can change. Hope for more love and peace world. 33 master. Ak

  10. To you none believers go ahead and make jokes you are the reason they are able to get away with doing this shit. I know because I have been a victim for 9 years the gov manipulate my dreams and thinking pattern I’m not going to get in to details for you none believers I’m just here to say I live with it every day and I don’t care if you believe it or not but you will once you become a victim there’s nothing you can do to keep them out of your brain I have tryed every thing they enter my head every nite and are there for hours I can feel like a laser going from front to back it’s like they are programing me and I also have a handler that says he works for the nsa they are able to talk to me with this bullshit from hundreds of miles away and when they are done I’m left with nose bleeds and very bad headaches and blood shot eyes it’s very intense but like I said the reason they are able to get away with it is because of people like you that don’t believe our gov would or could do something like this if some of you would even read you would know the cia and nsa has been busted several times once when Kennedy was president he spoke out about it just months before he was murdered and another time when Clinton was president he had to make a public apology because they were caught red handed and said the program would be dismantled but it wasn’t it just went deeper underground to where the only way to stop it now is by victims coming out and having public support and the people standing up and saying our minds belong to us it’s not the property of the gov they have no right to know what I’m thinking they have ruined my life.

  11. Mind control is a process of subliminal messaging, forms of abuse, both physical & emotional, gas lighting etc. The same thing is done through the bully on the playground, he picks on you, makes fun of you, simply for your reaction. Energy is everything, & this is no different than being caught in power struggles for energy. Treating these things as the enemy though, plays right into their hands, these beings, individuals etc. Relish in the idea of chaos, violence, & hatred because someone who is angry or confused is easy to manipulate, to mold into a tool. Take time away from the media, meditate on your own thoughts, learn to think for yourself. This system is in place, we may not be able dismantle it, but we can utilise it for what we do need. Always within the problem, lies the solution.

  12. I’m being 100 percent honest.It is creepy.how come there hasn’t been a movement in this just curious.Edward Snowdon was an hero!!!!!

  13. I found a type of virus in ALL monitors. The monitors to 3 tower computers must be plugged into the tower computer they were virus ed (assigned to) or you just get that white screen like a tach glasses commercial and color squares popping up in different places. Blue, yellow and green with green being the most dominate color and yellow 2nd.
    Stopped using those and when I got a new flat screen TV that was a smart TV (didin’t want it but getting hard to get a 1080 vid otherwise) it would NOT tune in digital rooftop antenna. Exchanged it for the ONLY model that size that was still NON smart. Tuned in THAT one to rooftop antenna. Plugged other TV on the same line and the SAME thing happened to THAT TV as had happened to computer monitors. And the NEW TV was messed up as if old tv was attempting to override or try to reprogram new TV.
    Discontinued use of ALL those tv’s and took the new one back for exchange. Hooked up 2 new tv’s but can only find out if THEY are corrupted by buying another new one and testing the line.

  14. So you mean to say that in coming few years the ppl who are watching TV will get manipulated n will be used for illegal activities such as terror attacks…. this waves can be breaked if you built your mind to resist this by doing meditation. Which creates a shell for negative vibes..

    • The fact is this is how these shooters are mind controlled, The weak minded is easy to control and sent out as patsy’s so the real shooters can do the killing and the patsy takes the fall!

  15. You can’t deny the fact that it is a possibility…if it’s true the only thing you can do is to make sure every person to whom you know should know this.. Make it sure you are aware of it…. Within one generation we will take over power fully. bravo . Inshallah


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