Mistaken Identity? Orlando Shooting Crisis Actor Poses for Media


From the get go, something questionable occurred shortly after the time of the Orlando shooting. Reports came out that the shooter didn’t start shooting until the police swooped in on the Pulse nightclub, raising many questions about the legitimacy of mainstream media reports on the situation. Questions have been raised as to if the police killed more victims than the actual shooter at 5.13 in the morning, when the SWAT team entered.

Now, Actor Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr. has been caught up in a is-he or isn’t-he a paid crisis actor in the recent Orlando shooting in Florida; supposedly caught on camera giving an eyewitness testimony to media, as Christopher Hansen. Coincidently, a Fox News Intern gave her eyewitness insider scoop of the shooting to Fox News.

Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr.

However, the continuing debate, which has been spurred on by one particular YouTube channel had Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr. as a case of mistaken identity with a Christopher Hansen. Jiskoot commented on his own appearance, clearly stating that the look-alike is not him, and on several platforms has defended himself openly.

And there are obvious facial differences, too. Starting with the mole on Jiskoot’s face, which does not appear on Hansen’s; skin color and ear shape differences; teeth differences. Yet, as always, one side can argue makeup and ‘photoshopping/editing,’ while the other side will say it is clearly not the actor in question.

Chris Hansen

Now, there is no debating in this article about if the shooting occurred. Something did happen, but the questions are more along the lines of: 50 or so injured, yet no live recorded footage of the event inside the club. Why is this?

The shooting was rumored to have started only when the SWAT team entered the premises at 5.13 am. Again, why?

Coincidently, the shooting occurs at a time of gun debate, reform and Obama’s push for both in the United States. He may be justified, or this may be a false flag. Whatever the case, Christopher Hansen’s appearance with the media is indeed, questionable at the very least.

With the mistaken identity of two men occurring, who both reside in Florida; the situation turns interesting with the more established actor Jiskoot, Jr., appearing to take the ‘fall.’

Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen

This is where the line between fact and fiction begins to blur, becomes tricky and crosses into territory dangerously close to conspiracy. Once you hit conspiracy, all credibility disappears. Sometimes this is deliberate, sometimes, not. Mainstream media, however, have been guilty of perpetuating this during recent times and in the 20th Century.

However, saying this, I present the following for your own interpretation.

Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr.

What is interesting with Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr.’s YouTube channel, is that it has no content – curious for an upcoming actor. Also interesting, is the fact that Jiskoot does reside within the Orlando, FL. area and claims that he was sleeping when the shooting occurred.

“How do you prove you were asleep???” Jiskoot, Jr. asks on his Facebook profile.

Since the shooting, Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr. happily uploaded several photos in attempts to discredit claims that he was crisis actor Chris Hansen.

Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr. has openly responded to the YouTube channels that were claiming he was Hansen, as well as addressing anyone wishing to engage him in the question – openly.

Christopher Hansen

But what is more curious is Chris Hansen.

His Facebook profile states he lives in Orlando Florida.

Screenshot (49)
Screen shot


His profile went from detailed moves across several airforce bases, and finally to Orlando, Fl., 6th April 2016, shortly before the shooting.

It is also important to note that he too, is an actor.

Bill Hansen, his father, is a retired U.S. Air Force military sergeant. Jessica Hansen, works for the Armed Nuclear Protection Services.

There are no posts after 2013 on Facebook and then suddenly one on July 6, shortly after the shooting.

There is no evidence of Hansen refuting being a crisis actor for the media, or about the case of mistaken identity. In fact, nothing but silence, media platforms either disappearing, or information deleted in bulk.

Screenshot (46)

Screenshot (47)

All In All…

Jiskoot has posted a handful of denials on the situation, as well as posting a quick video disputing he is Orlando Florida’s Chris Hansen. In essence, Jiskoot is not afraid to post his image, and publically address the issue – something a guilty party would unlikely do.

Hansen, it is important to note, according to his Facebook, moved to Orlando 6th April 2016. He also has many connections to the U.S. military. His social media profiles are quietly dwindling into oblivion, whereas Jiskoot is remaining in the public eye and not shying away. It appears that these men are not one in the same, but two very separate individuals.

The Orlando shooting still has many, many remaining questions that only time and vigilance will now assist us in resolving. But one thing out of this appears that, yes, there were possible crisis actors involved, but Jiskoot, Jr. is unlikely to be one of them. This appears to be a case of (easily) mistaken identity, though some factions believe differently. This is their right. But please, decide for yourself.

Sources: YouTube, Facebook – Hansen, Facebook – Jiskoot, Jr. USA Today. Screenshots attributed to MattyD 4 Truth. YouTube.

This article (Mistaken Identity? Orlando Shooting Crisis Actor Poses for Media) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author AnonWatcher and AnonHQ.com.


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  1. I find it interesting that the crisis actor sports the name of the host of the To Catch a Predator series, a while back. Chris Hanson. I wonder if that was intentional by the actor.

  2. You would think that the Federal government, with infinite resources, would be able to get “crisis actors” from Juilliard.

  3. Someone pointed me to this article as a debunk but I’m afraid this is far from a debunk. It offers no facts other than stuff that is so simple that it could be pulled off by a 10 year old. The only objections it raises is a mole or on the face and a facebook account. Well anyone can start a facebook account or two and this is not proof to anything, also in the orlando he has heavy make up so putting cover up on a mole is again a zero effort zero cost cover up. I’m afraid the real facts, when you ignore the fake buzz still points to it being the same person and the event still looks to be 100% fake. Who’s dumb enough to believe that mass shootings happen anyway, they’re mostly drills gone live by CIA, DHS, FEMA etc.. and the players are always one degree away from either the government or army/navy types.

  4. My best friend went to school in Florida. Bjorn Jiskoot was his substitute teacher and told everyone he was an actor. He has a very rememberable personality and the second my friend saw “Chris Hansen” on the News talking about the shooting he said his stomach dropped. He said there is no way on earth they are different men. He sent the video to his friends who all had him as a substitute teacher and they all said the same thing. Chris Hansen IS Bjorn Jiskoot. We are 100% sure this man is a paid crisis actor. I don’t even know how people just let this fall through the cracks. This man knows some things, and the fact that nobody is pressing him for information is criminal. Over 50 people died, and he might have information leading to who orchestrated this event in the first place. Somebody paid him to act, why don’t we pursue this more? Does society just not care anymore? Oh he said It wasn’t him *shrugs* so I guess it can’t be right? -.-

  5. I grew up with Chris Hansen; I still have a relationship with his parents. He exists and he was there that night and is now working to create change because of that night in the form of Reflections of Resilience Day. This whole article is devoid of anything even remotely resembling a fact. It’s all supposition and a huge waste of time. The only Facebook photos used from Chris’s Facebook are ones where he is by himself and not a single one of the countless photos of him with his family. It would not have taken much effort at all to reach out to his friends and family members to verify that he does indeed exist.


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