Mom Takes Seemingly Funny Photo Of Daughter, Then Realizes A Harsh Truth




At first, she thought her 3-year-old was just being silly…

There have been 188 school shootings in the U.S. in the past three years, believe it or not, which is why administrators have started teaching attendees of public schools the best ways to protect themselves during a lockdown. Reportedly, that includes having young children stand on the seats of toilets if they are in the bathroom during an attack.

Stacey Feeley, the mother of the 3-year-old in the photo, didn’t know this when she took the featured picture of her daughter. She thought her child was just being silly but soon learned the harsh truth.

It’s probably good kids are learning how to protect themselves in the case of a school shooting, but it’s a hard lesson to swallow – for individuals of all ages. Slightly heartbroken about the prospect of her preschooler having to worry about someone shooting up her school, the mother took to Facebook to express her thoughts on the matter.

She wrote:

“…Politicians – take a look. This is your child, your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren and future generations to come. They will live their lives and grow up in this world based on your decisions. They are barely 3 and they will hide in bathroom stalls standing on top of toilet seats. I do not know what will be harder for them? Trying to remain quiet for an extended amount of time or trying to keep their balance without letting a foot slip below the stall door?…”

The powerful post follows:

Credit: Stacey Feeley

Credit: Stacey Feeley

Credit: Stacey Feeley

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  1. I am so sorry you have to worry about your daughter like this! No mother should ever have to worry about sending there child to school at the risk of loosing their child to a school shooter! Again I am sorry and wish it was legal for me to wear my firearm with me at all times incase I am present when such an event takes place! I would have no problem and would feel honored to help defend innocent civilians from crazed murderers with unfortunate mental sicknesses! At times we would like to blame these people and sometimes we are justified but we should also realize that most of these people are sick and at times unable to control the rage they feel inside! It does not give them the right to go off murdering innocent kids and civilians and they should be put down before more are lost but they are also an unfortunate loss as we failed to help these sick indaviduals when they are crying out for help as they are dying inside till they finally snap and commit such an unthinkable crime! There has to be a reason that it is becoming so much more common! In the past there were always sick people and many were brought to this point of uncontrollable rage but they still wouldn’t commit these unbelievable acts! Something is bringing these people to murdering others! And we must find the reason for it! I have a slight belief that there is some unknown power speaking to them convincing them to do these evil things. Either way what is happening is a completely evil and we should do what is nesacary to protect ourselves and others but also help and prevent these things from happening! With love and respect to our people and sick ones my name is antonio brambila may God be with you!

  2. Although I have empathy for the current state of our society, our children having to be prepared to thwart the attempts of a crazy person, the Libtard statements prove that they are totally brainwashed as to the cure, much less the cause. Again, they insert that it is the size of the magazine, or the rifle, or not necessary for hunting. IT IS NOT THE GUN’S FAULT YOU FUCKING MORONS! Hammers and knives are used 4 to 1 in assaults and murders. How about baseball bats? How about automobiles? I don’t hear you shouting for them to be banned or limit their size or power. You are not focused on the evil that perpetrates these heinous acts. It is not the weapon used that is evil, it is the person committing the act! A mentally ill person is the offender, a psychopath, or sociopath, or someone on or off of medication for mental illness is the evil. How about you focus on the failure to properly treat those that have these thoughts? How about you spend more time teaching your children not to grow up thinking the world owes them a life from birth to grave? How about you teach your children not to be told what to think, but how to think for themselves? How about you teach your children not to listen to liberal propaganda like what you posted in this article? How about you teach your children the proper safety and handling of firearms, so they don’t become a statistic. Life is full of cause and effect, life and death. That is just our reality. You want to stop the decay of our society, and bring some sense of order back, I am all for it. The first course of action is to stop the condoning and admiration of morally bankrupt celebrities and judges and politicians and teachers. You have probably, in fact I would say obviously, supported the very people, acts and political correct behavior that has caused the evacuate of our morals in this country, and the civilized world. So, if you want to start pointing fingers, how about you look in the mirror and start there.

    • The problem is mass shootings. Emphasis on the MASS. There are no mass hammerings or mass stabbings or baseball battings. These crimes are committed by yes, unstable people, unstable people with assault riffles.
      No one wants to take away your pistol. They want to make it not a cake walk for a psycho to get an automatic weapon meant to kill lots of people really quickly with minimal effort. Why is that unthinkable stupid? No civilian needs that power.

  3. Regarding “Why are high capacity magazines ever permitted to be sold to anyone other than direct to the military? Is that really necessary to protect yourself or hunt for that matter?”

    First off, the 2nd Amendment was never about “hunting” so let’s just take that straw man off the table.

    As for high capacity magazines being necessary for protection, yes, yes they are. The reason for the 2nd Amendment is self-protection. Self protection not just from criminals but from our own or other government forces that would enslave us. Since the government in the forms of the Dept. of Homeland Security, the various police forces, and the military all have high capacity magazines, then we need them also. If we are going into a gunfight, it’s best to have as much ammo to throw at the enemy as you can. You can bet they’ll be throwing all they can at you.

    That is why the 2nd Amendment is so adamant that the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.” When you or any other bleeding heart tell me that my right to self-protection should be limited because of the acts of others, because you’re not comfortable, I say, “suck it up buttercup.” When only the government has guns, then there is no longer anything to restrain that government from taking any other or all other rights away from the citizenry. I’ll not lose my rights because you don’t like guns.

    Rather than limit law abiding citizens, how about stricter enforcement of laws that criminalize the use of arms in a crime, stricter punishments for the use of arms in a crime? Go after the criminals, not the rest of us.

  4. It is absurd that you have to teach your child this.
    Luckily my child doesn’t have think about the fear of a shooting in her school.
    Still don’t understand why someone feels that owning a gun is a privilege or a right in a country loaded with guns.
    Glad to live in a non trigger happy country.

    • “Luckily my child doesn’t have think about the fear of a shooting in her school.”

      You must live in Narnia. Islamic Fascism is a WORLDWIDE threat whether or not you believe it.

  5. Take guns out of America!!! You tell us you need your firearms for protection, but who do you need protection from? Common sense tells us, yourselves. You need protection from yourselves. 11000 gun related deaths in America last year, less than 400 in Europe. Stop hiding behind your second amendment.

  6. Luckily my kids are not going to grow up in the US. You guys cannot understand how come there’s so many shootings, and you cannot even try to think about how easy it is to get a hold of a weapon in usa compared to many other places in Europe. Damn morons!


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