Mother Sentenced To Life In Prison After Cooking 6-Week Old Baby In Microwave


Ka Yang, a 34-year-old mother in California, has been sentenced to 26 years in prison for microwaving her six-week-old daughter, Mirabelle Thao-Lo, to death in March 2011.

Yang had initially claimed she had lost consciousness while holding Mirabelle and had woken to find her next to a space heater. She then changed her story and told detectives she had an epileptic seizure when she put Mirabelle in the microwave. Prosecutors said Mirabelle had been in the microwave for between two-and-a-half and five minutes. She was found with 60 to 80% burns, and radiation marks on her internal organs. Mirabelle’s pacifier was discovered in the microwave.

U know I’ve heard and seen some sick things on social media that evil people have done but this is by far the worst. I…

Posted by Naela Malik on Sunday, December 20, 2015

This is what has happened to mankind…. The devil has overpowered the mind and hearts so much that a mother can even do such a thing to her own child!!!!

Posted by Khan Ibnkhan on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

In November, Yang, a resident of Sacramento, was convicted of first-degree murder and a second count of assault on a child causing great bodily injury leading to death, but pleaded not guilty to the charges. Yang’s defense counsel, Linda Parisi, blamed Yang’s long-standing battle with epilepsy for her daughter’s horrific death. There is no history of child abuse. She has no criminal history.”

Her lawyers told the court that the mother had had an epileptic seizure when the murder took place, so she did not realize what she was doing. Yang did have a history of epileptic seizures; however, when paramedics arrived at the scene, Yang was not disoriented.

Literally makes me want to throw up… Hospitals need to start doing all types of tests on mothers before they leave the hospital with a baby. Poor baby.

Posted by Sierra Michelle Dimario on Sunday, December 20, 2015

When detectives pointed out inconsistencies in her story, Yang acknowledged she lied and said she might have a split personality. Lao Paochoua Thao, a Yang family spokesman, described her as a “gentle, nice woman” who would not have intentionally harmed her child. “She didn’t know what she was doing. Her real mind was out of reality.”

Yang has three sons that are under the age of 10; they are currently staying with family members.

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  1. i honestly think she knew what she was doing. if medics said she wasnt disoriernted then she had full knowledge of what she was doing. besides she continuesly changed her story making excuses after excuses of why she did what she did.

    i also came into conclusion that maybe it was a cultural thing that drove her to such horrific act. i know that in some cultures having girls is frowned upon because they want all males to pass the family genes.

    in any case that baby fucken suffered. because let me tell you that im sure being in that microwave was no slow death. atleast i hope it was fast that poor poor baby,

    that woman should be sentenced to death. but do not dread, she is still in prison and as saying goes no prisoner takes well to child killers, woman or man.

    • Disorentation after an epileptic seizure lasts between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. Were the Paramedics on her door step before the seizure?

  2. How could she do this? Omg, my children are my LIFE!!! My husband and I would give anything to have one more. She didn’t have to do this, she could have given the baby to a loving family. Why? I can’t even wrap my head around it. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS????

  3. Society is as broke as our prison(business)system is, as our common core educational systems are, like our bridges and infrastructure are, she will probably get out after three years for good behavior, while certain other people get ten years for exposing the military industrial complex setting us up with private surveillance. Whose idea was this shit anyway?

  4. As horrible as something like this happening is, if you don’t understand mental health don’t judge on people. There a number of different seizures that can have a number of different signs, symptoms and behaviours. In fact absence seizures i.e. are very common, hard to diagnose and can lead to someone temporarily being in a psychotic state. Why a mother with mental health problems is not given enough support for her and baby to be safe is not on her, is on all of us as a society. Good and bad does not exist, people who are arrogant enough to make such judgements do exist and that’s the problem truly, IMHO. My heart is with them both.

  5. these days everywhere else only babies are getting hurt and killed by their own mother or dad ! Thats ridiculously sad , if peoples lose their humanity and morality that could happens but state should put the priority on child abuse from own family, child care center, orphanage!


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