How Much of Your Life Are Your Addictions Costing You?


The fine people at Treatment4Addictions, an online recovery center, have compiled a series of graphs and charts that show exactly how many years of one’s life an addiction can cost. While addictions of any kind can be detrimental to one’s health, be it alcohol, cigarettes, sex, or gambling, these charts also show the years stolen by far more addictive substances, such as meth, and heroin.

Data for the charts was obtained from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, as well as other official sources. In one example, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day will cost you roughly ten years of your life in total.




















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  1. This is total bullshit. I have been a functioning drug addict/Alcoholic for 18 years. I am currently 33 and I feel great. I have stopped using in order to finish up a degree, on my own with no trouble. I do agree drugs will take up a lot of your time, but that time spent is the whole point of doing the drug. The thing is you have to stay in control of the drug, once you let the drug take control of you the trouble starts. These figures above only apply to the small group of people and I’m sure they were not taken from the people that were living well.

    • Congratulations on sounding like every addict in the history of ever. We should all start taking your expert knowledge in the proper way to be addicted to narcotics. Where were you when all of those rock stars were dying? You’re currently floating around the average age of death for some of these. Message us back in 10-15 years and let us know how that whole drug controlling thing is working out for you.

        • Don’t pretend to know anything about me. The comment I responded to was completely baseless. BigInAlabama has zero clue about substance abuse and the devastation it has on families and friends. I’ve lived through it and watched it destroy people I care about. Imagine if everyone took his drug advice. The world would be in total ruin.

          • If we legalized these substances we wouldn’t have anywhere nearly as many of these problems. Start giving addicts their preferred narcotics in treatment facilities with no hassle and I guarantee you their average life-span will go down. Switzerland currently gives out heroin to addicts so that they aren’t using heroin cut with baby formula and other shit and aren’t supporting the drug cartels and gangs, and usage has actually gone down in their country, because the people getting drugs from treatment facilities are getting information on how to quit drugs at the same place they’re getting their drugs.

            As far as the drugs ruining people’s lives, that only happens to a very small percentage of addicts. Only about 30% of the people who do heroin get addicted to it, and only a percentage of them begin stealing and such. I’ve known plenty of functional addicts that keep to themselves and don’t ruin their lives. It’s their own fault if they do, not the drugs. Sure, it might be an unhealthy and addictive habit, but it’s not entirely the substance itself that causes all the problems associated with it.

          • “Dont pretend to know anything about me”
            Yet here you are pretending to know everything about BigInAlabama, lmao.

    • I agree iv drank smoked cigarettes and other un namely thingsbut I’m perfectly fine got my shit together an I Live with a drunk like two gallons of kessler per day and that’s not drug out an he’s bin doing it since callege he’s almost 80 now so boom

      • Since “callege”??
        Also if the person you live with drinks 2 gallons of Kessler, they would be drinking double that is required for water each day meaning if what you say is true and they are 80 they would be in a ridiculous amount of pain and will have wasted a lot of money and a lot of their life. I feel sorry for that person.

    • You are describing every addicts view at some point of the addiction.(referring to hard and addictive drugs) Year after year it will look and feel differently to you and to those viewing you from the outside. Each year will be exponentially worse. By telling yourself that your part of a “special” type of person who is different or more in control, you are setting yourself up for your next round with addiction. If you had that kind of self control you would have forgone the first round.

    • Good luck with the whole life thing man.Keep telling yourself it’s bullshit and I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine 🙂

    • as far as my experience go anyone who says he is addicted to weed is an idiot, yes you might be psychologically addicted to it, but you can quit anytime with the only symptoms being mild depression for a few days with insomnia and sweating while sleeping, I’ve been stopping and going back for years now that i stopped getting any symptoms. HOWEVER, as Marsh put it best, weed makes you happy being bored, it’s when you are bored you start doing something productive, learning an instrument, a language and actually doing something with your life, if you get really dependent on weed the years will melt on each other and you’ll wake up to see that you are 60 and accomplished nothing in life, control your use of drugs don’t let it control you.
      and if you got addicted to nicotine then you should know better than trying something like heroin or coke.

    • Pretty much the same as heroin or methadone. Although, getting a prescription from the doctor and taking it for 2 weeks vs. daily intravenous abuse of these substances is probably why they are so high on this list. And it seems a little statistic based, just because 1 million marijuana addicts haven’t come forward to admit they have a problem, “People” assume its not a harmful drug. Talk about denial

      • No, weed isn’t on here because it’s an entirely different type of substance than the others. These figures aren’t the amount of time wasted, it’s how much earlier the user is going to die. Chronic use of cannabis does not substantially effect one’s life expectancy in the ways these other drugs do.

    • When normaly inhaled via vaporizer i doubt that it shortens your life time. But if smoked via joint or bong, then the times may vary.

      • That’s a vicious lie! I snorted one “toke” of marijuana back when I was 18. Before my horribly painful death, I had went insane, murdered my family in a Satanic ritual and sodomized both of my dogs. Never once!

  2. Does constant use aggravate the effect of these drugs on one’s lifetime or is the time lost proportionate to the use? (that is, does using a drug more increase the damage each dose inflicts)

    • I wondered about that too. Now I’m not sure whether their numbers would be higher or lower with that factored in, if it wasn’t already.

  3. I should be dead by now according to this. I was a balls to the wall every day everything user for a long time. Call it a blessing that I’m still walking amongst you guys call it luck I couldn’t tell you. But yeah the guy talking about “i control the drug, the drug doesnt control me” blah blah blah go tell your bs to some people who don’t know any better. Your only fooling yourself.

    • I have lost 3200 hours to Dota so far. I never thought I could get addicted to anything but Dota changed all that.

      Gotta stop playing it but it’s so much fun!

  4. This is bullshit. My dad smokes and drinks, according to this chart he has taken 99.8 years off his life. I cant imagine he could have lived to 166 years of age without alcohol and cigarettes.

  5. Drugs are a terrible thing, i just took my faughter from her mother in september because she is using heroin so i know how bad they can be n the devastation they can cause… dont get me wrong im no saint but i wouldnt allow myself to put my daughters needs in the backseat n my drug addiction in the front.. before i found out what was going on with my daughters mother i was a big pot head n even popped a couple perc now n then but when my daughter told me she seen her mother w a needle in her arm n that her mom n moms boyfriend were giving her lil green pills to use her piss for her mas boyfriends dr. I damn near killed these bitches!! Lucky for her mother i could never find them!! But now my daughter is safe at home w me n her stepmother!!!

  6. Bullshit. I’m 82 and I’ve been drinking and getting high since 1963. My dad was a serious drunk who lived to be 102. Longevity is mostly genetic, and the “average life expectancy” for major addicts is lowered because of overdoses and car accidents, which shouldn’t be factored in.

    • why shouldn’t that be factored in? the overdose is a result of the drug
      if you dont take the drug the chance of you over dosing on that drug is close to 0% simple
      not that i disagree with drugs, big weed fan but i dont have my head up my ass

      • It shouldn’t be factored in because if your in a controlled environment not behind a wheel and not with too much drugs in system, likleyhood is your going to not die.

  7. weed is not a drug. its a plant. it actually cures disease. this is some bullshit any way. anyone could maks some graphs and charts

    • wow… you guys are too stupid to understand the calculation XDD thats so fucking hilarious, cuz u alcohol drinking bitches dont even care that u lose brain cells each time….. mayn u all suck ass if u cant even get this simple calculation.

  8. ok you guys can sit an type at each other and in the end everyones right..if i do my d.o.c. im looked at as useless waste of life by the opiate people..every one who dose any kind of drug is considered a loser by the folks who lets face it guys..get a high from being self righteous assholes who think theres only one way to live…their way..everything frm “organic weed heads to designer drugs to being high on your “morality” is bullshit…let everyone do their own thing…i thought anonymous movement was all about individuals rights to chose their own lifestyle…was i wrong?? sometimes i see attitudes and ways of thinking on here that seem more invasive than any government…almost like anonymous movement or whatever it is only wants to take charge but keep the same old tired bullshit going…sorry i went on a rant but dayyyuummm im tired of hearing about EVIL DRUGS…

  9. What utter pish,there are plenty recreational drug users out there,they just know when to give it a break for a while and not let the drug consume them,there’s 110 year olds out there that have smoked 40 cigs a day n drank most ay there lives!,how do they explain that shit?

  10. Some comments breathe intelligence. If you need to see this graphic to understand drug is shit for health (physic or psychic) or worse, to still think drug is a safe product, it’s serious. Stop thinking you are smarter than medicine. Drug is cool to get high but is the badest thing for you.

  11. What about how much life this completely fairy tale survey took from me. the facts- .tobacco remains one of the deadliest of all drugs, accounting for 480,000 deaths annually. About 42,000 of those are caused by secondhand smoke. People who smoke, on average, die ten years before people who do not smoke. According to the Center for Disease Control, smoking tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

    Alcohol is not as deadly as tobacco, but it is still responsible for more deaths than prescription opioids, heroin, and cocaine combined. The 29,000 annual deaths from health problems related to alcohol consumption tell only part of the story. The death toll triples when drunk driving accidents and alcohol-related violence are added to the total.

    – See more at:

    SO with being said, and completely ruling out this survey, who is trying to live forever, no one is making it out alive!

  12. If you want to use, then use. If you want to stop and can’t, then there is a problem. The infographic is usefull is people want to stop using their lives in this way. If they want to continue use, then continue use. My point is no one likes an extremist, no matter which side of the fence you are on. This site helps those who want an alternative life to the one they are currently living.


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