Jihad Can Wait! Muslims Twitter Users Have Fun Renouncing ISIS’ Call To Join Terrorism


On Boxing Day, i.e. December 26, ISIS released an audio message, calling the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims to rise up against Western infidels and join their fight. In the 24-minute audio clip, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed Islamic State leader said:

Crusaders and Jews don’t dare to come on the ground because they were defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan. Be confident that God will grant victory to those who worship him, and hear the good news that our state is doing well. The more intense the war against it, the purer it becomes and the tougher it gets.”

Arab Spring activist Iyad El-Baghdadi, from the United Arab Emirates now based in Norway (and definitely not affiliated with ISIS), translated the recording and posted a series of tweets conveying ISIS’ message urging Muslims to rise together and defend the Islamic state.

The call to the faithful, however, fell on deaf ears for most Muslims; ISIS got heavily trolled on Twitter.

El-Baghdadi joined in the fun, too; however, media outlets began to confuse El-Baghdadi with Bakr al-Baghdadi the ISIS leader.

But then someone tweeted this infographic for El-Baghdadi, so no one should ever confuse him with al-Baghdadi again.

On December 28, Iraqi forces declared the city of Ramadi liberated from the Islamic State group and raised the national flag over its government complex after clinching the landmark victory. Ramadi, a predominantly Sunni Arab city about 110 kilometers from Baghdad, fell to ISIS in May.


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      • That’s not true, Kamran.
        “We ordained for the Children of Israel (the jews??) that if anyone slew a person – unless it be in retaliation for murder or for spreading mischief in the land (oh yeah thats right, unless spreading mischief….) – it would be as if he slew all mankind: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity.

        Give us a break will ya??

          • Yeah, defending the worst aspects of this violent religion.. Great work. I think ill go read a book on a pedofile religious figure. Give me some perspective…

          • Read the Quran? Have done for many many years. Filled with contradictions, filled with hate, pedophilia, wife beating etc.

            Why don’t you read the book and really try to understand what it says? Forget what the atheists say and forget what anyone says…read the Quran for yourself and decide for yourself if Islam is a religion for peace or a religion of hate.

            From my reading I can conclude that Allah is a gangster…dont get me wrong god isn’t a gangster. The idea of god in Islam (or Christianity or Judaism)is a gangster.

            Muhammad REALLY was a pedophile please understand that marrying a 13 year old girl in ANY circumstances is fucking WRONG…whatever you’re thinking right now, stop its wrong full stop.

    • Obviously not, for some idiot needing to call on regular people for help! But then again, I’ve never seen Allah or God intervene in anything.

  1. You are not true Muslims or martyrs, you are murderers! You corrupt the souls of the young and defile and insult the Virgin and the innocent! And one day there will be nothing left of you but a bad memory!

  2. Im sure there must be a prison in israel with some bad jewish people they should find the worst guy7 in there and shove him up your ass that would be poetic justice

  3. WOW! How can anyone in his right mind and any REAL belief and even with basic understanding of religion can mistake this to be god words?
    They say it`s in Quran and that they are following it to the letter, but what kind of low minded people it takes not to doubt it (or it`s “preacher”) when it asks you to KILL, RAPE, STEAL and do it in the name of God? Then what kind of God is it? Do you really believe that God that created all this (no matter what he is called in the end all mono-god religions are talking about same “guy”, just interpret it differently) wants You pricks to turn all the world into same thing? And then what? There will always be those that will oppose it or will practice it differently that you. So you will kill them? And when there are no ppl left to kill, You will see that it`s only you there…And then you`ll fell God`s wrath…I do believe that there are “live and let live” Muslims that are ashamed or even offended by this interpenetration of their holy book…The thing is (as always is),their voice is low (in the media at least), while every word from this idiot is broadcast all over the world and discussed to details…Instead that whole world understands that should all work together to expend our knowledge of our surroundings (space) and determent who are we as humans, we rather fight and kill each other over interpretation of something written by ppl who`s IQ was of the today`s cat (no offense to cats) and where something we take for granted today (flying in aircraft, or even car) would seem to them as angels or God`s message to us. WAKE UP ppl! We are all just humans, all the differences we are fighting about today are our own makings and imagination. The fact is that that our shells (bodies) are working the same and what is different is our thoughts (and souls for those who are into it). Religion can be beautiful thing if understood as basic ground for morality (10 commandments), but unfortunately it`s used by Your and mine preachers as tool for domination of masses. Week masses. Not sure how this is related to what is written, I just needed to pore this somewhere…

    • The world isn’t about Islam or any other religion the one who is brainwashed like it or not is you and and allot of other people. 300 multinatioanals are controlling the world today it’s all about money and welfare for their country. They want you to think this is about Islam but the truth is the U.S created ISIS they lied to the world claiming they cant defeat ISIS while Russia wich recently joined did more in 2 months then the U.S in years. Now I ask you why is that? oh you remembered the cold war between Russia and the U.S ? Yes, it’s all about this rotten system and world war 1 and 2 seems to be forgotten or what? where was ISIS back then? Please don’t make me laugh compared to world war 1 and 2 this ISIS bs is nothing. millions of people died not even a slight sight of muslims only the world leaders making the world fight while they fly with their families in a safe place. What about our children you ask, the goverment doesnt give a damn about muslim, christian or atheïst people. Dont believe the media rather go read books from former cia agents wich can’t sleep properly after what they were forced to do because of their goverment.

  4. After laughing really hard at some of them I didn’t expect people to bitch about Islam and Muslims over here too. Meh who gives a shit I had a good laugh and ISIS, if you’re reading this, I have to take my cat to the groomers and my parents aren’t allowing me.

  5. Il premio delle 40 vergini in cielo non mi interessa proprio…. già è un inferno con una su questa terra, immagino cosa possa essere con 40……


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