Must Watch: Putin Blows The Whistle On Who Really Created ISIS And How It Continues To Grow


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Wow…it’s like a real-life Game of Thrones. This video should make us all think twice about who is the world’s biggest bad guy
This short video showing Vladimir Putin answering a question on ISIS from a US journalist was filmed at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014. While millions of patriotic Americans still believe the simple narrative of ‘Russia is bad, USA is good’, Putin’s explosive comments blow that mindset right out of the water- and they also clearly explain why the Russian President has just decided to send in his military to support Assad’s fight against the Islamic State. After telling the audience that (unlike Obama’s view of him) he does not consider the USA a threat to Russia, Putin begins responding to a question about the ISIS problem.

The President begins: “Well who on earth armed them? Who armed the Syrians who were fighting with Assad? Who created the necessary political climate that facilitated this situation? Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the region?”

Yes, you guessed it: he’s talking about the USA. Putin continues:

“Do you really not understand who is fighting in Syria? They are mercenaries, mostly. Do you understand they are paid money? Mercenaries fight for whichever side pays more. So they arm them and pay them a certain amount. I even know what these amounts are.” He explains how this insane foreign policy has backfired on the United States: the mercenaries don’t give back the arms, and when they find out they can earn more money fighting for ISIS, they swap sides- taking the USA’s weapons with them, and occupying the oil fields.But who is buying the oil from these terrorists, Putin asks, and why are sanctions not applied to those who purchase it?

“Do you think the USA doesn’t know who is buying the oil?” Putin asks his audience defiantly. “Is it not their allies that are buying oil from ISIS?” Putin then points out that the USA certainly has the power to persuade their allies to stop buying oil from the mercenaries who have deflected to the Islamic State. But, he suggests (here’s where it gets interesting) “they do not wish to influence them.”

Putin claims that in those areas of Syria where ISIS are extracting oil and paying mercenaries great rates of pay, more and more Syrian ‘rebels’ (anti-Assad fighters who were supposed to be on our side) are joining the Islamic State. “So you support them, arm them, and tomorrow they join ISIS. Can they not think a step ahead?” he says scathingly about US foreign policy. “I consider this absolutely unprofessional politics. We must support civilized, democratic opposition in Syria. We don’t stand for this kind of politics of the USA. We think it is wrong.”

If this is true- and concrete evidence suggests it is- Putin’s tirade is very difficult to argue with. Sure, the Russian President has a hell of a lot to answer for, but who is the real terrorist in this situation? Could it be that the USA was also behind the Ukrainian coup all along, supported by its minions in the corporate press who sought to lay the blame on Russia’s doorstep? After all, it was Putin, not Obama, who extended an olive branch to the American people by writing an op-ed in the New York Times in 2013 calling for peace and co-operation between the two powers.

Putin’s comments back up what many have been saying about ISIS and its strong connection to the USA since the start of this crisis. Please share this video to raise awareness of which war-mongering superpower is really to blame for the majority of the misery in this world. You might also like to check out Putin’s United Nations meeting speech late last month, where he talks more about these themes and asks the USA and its allies with reference to Syria: “Now do you realize what you have done?”

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  1. The US press has gone out of its way to try to leave the impression that Daesh is getting its money from oil sales and the sale of antiquities . . . .
    Honestly, I do not see how Daesh is buying all those Toyota trucks with oil money from sales, when the sources of their oil have been targeted. My bet is that Daesh is getting the vast majority of its funding from Saudi Arabia.

    • Iraqi army trained from the US Army when they were fleeing from the bases they left nearly 200 Humvees and who knows what else in the bases … APC, trucks, weapons,,……

  2. I’ve suspected earlier in the pieced and did discuss this with friends as well and we asked if this had anything to do with oil and control of oil. I don’t trust the USA and I never really did and this justify reconfirms what our thoughts and discussions. The US are crooks and sadly Australia having this knowledge doesn’t make them any better. I wish that the US would stay away from Australia,I don’t consider them to be friends of Australia because clearly now they are corrupt. The deception in itself is appalling and using people’s lives for their capital gain is criminal. I hope the US falls flat on there face because they are not the good ones here, they are the criminals.

    • Chill out man, they’ll be plundering the middle east for years to come and then Africa is a huge country, with much needed natural resources.. Kangaroo coats are millenniums away from being profitable.. You’re ok… #ForNow

      • Africa is not a country. It’s a continent. There are 54 countries in Africa, some of which are very different from others both politically and geographically.

    • If we are the criminals, then explain why our people are being attacked and mass murdered on our own soil by Islam Extremists?! We have lost countless people in our country because of the attacks that we have been enduring since 2001! Or doesn’t your media cover that?! You people have NO IDEA the struggles our people are dealing with between a twisted president that punishes his people for being against Muslim migration to our country, punishes police for killing the ones who are criminals, constantly tries to disarm the American people so they cannot fight back, and the terrorist attacks happening almost WEEKLY here. Our media is corrupt, but apparently so is yours!

      • Ohh Boohoo ask 95% of people under the age of 30 and they’ll just say “oh ya 9/11 was a thing I guess”….we ” proud” Americans realy don’t give a fuck unless it affects us personally… Oh and a side note know what we did our first visit to the middle East
        ….? Put Sadam husane in power….the ONLY reason he’s was taken out of power by the U
        S. Is becouse he didn’t do what we told him to do. Like the last guy. So we armed the the irac people to take him out and then they formed ISIS…….What we need to do is get the fuck out and stay out………..the end no bullshit they bomb us we hellfire them….. Simple

      • As per stats, a total of 45 americans have been killed in terror attacks since 9/11 i.e in 15 years. Thats less than those being killed DAILY in middle east by Daesh.

      • Open your eyes dude. I live in America. Our own government is our enemy. Zionist influence and dual citizenship politicians have run this country into the ground. Tell me, which muslims voted for NDAA? Which muslims passed the SAFE Act? Which muslims are pushing forced vaccinations laden with mercury into our children? Muslims didn’t do 911. Israel did. Google 5 dancing Israelis 911. They were interrogated by the FBI and they said they were sent to document the attacks. How did they know? Wake up dude. Your government and media is owned and controlled by Jews. Welcome to the Jew World Order.

      • stop saying “we”. You are not the ruling elite controlling America so you cannot take credit or blame for what they do. You are an insignificant member of the masses to those who refer to as “we”. Stop saying “we”.

  3. We the ones that are not brainwashed by the media controlled by USA interests, their movies, and shitty tv programs. We know Putin is saying the truth, and even when some of us don’t like Putin like me, the thing is that we know that we need a guy like Putin to stop the real enemies of the world: USA, Israel, UK, Germany and etc!.

    • Im from the U.S. Everything you said was somewhat on the right track trust me. I know Putin is telling the truth. He honestly seems like he actually cares for man kind. Not all of us Are brainwashed, most including myself know what is going on we see and feel it day by day. Just so you know there are innocent people in the U.S.. And we are ready for what is coming.

      • Don’t worry, I know there are a lot of inocent people in every country I have mentioned, I have tons of friends from some of those countries. I’m talking about the governments and its foreign policies, and those ignorants supporting whatever wrong their goverment does!.

        For the record, I enjoy a lot of USA’s culture things, like anyone else, just that those things that I enjoy from your country, it doesn’t buy my conscience or shut down my inteligence!.

      • We were all born into one country or another, and have all seen our own countries change over the decades. The best we can do as individuals is to try to improve our own countries from within through various forms of peaceful activism and by exposing corruption to the light and demanding reform.

        Also, read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins for a good overview of how the back channel manipulations work.

    • As a UK citizen, I can assure you that over 70% of our public have polled against the action that our government are taking and we’re waking up to the bigger picture. We don’t like it any more than you guys do

  4. Honestly not surprising the US funded Osama long before he went rogue.. against Russia no reason not to see that they are more than capable of doing it again and after learning from the first failed attempt to go and revisit the idea and cover their tracks better.. well as well as one can given the variables involved. Personally Im over Aussie politicians following the USA into war and in this case the last prime minister actually asking the USA to join like some lost puppy that’s found a new toy.. I’m done with this country anyone want an Australian defector?

  5. Right. And none of this conflict has anything to do with hundreds of years of sectarian violence within the region. Sure.

    Yes, the US knocked over the fire pit and dumped gasoline on the situation, but the fire was already there. And it’s been burning for a looooong time.

    So is the US to blame for creating ISIL? No, the drive was already there. Is the US to blame for ISIL having so much power? Partially. Is the US to blame for ISIL’s firepower? In large part, yes. Did the US create ISIL? No, but we haven’t been helping. Is the situation more complicated than “America did it”? YES.

    “But I never said that the US is the only reason!” No, but you didn’t acknowledge any of the other reasons, and the headline makes it seem like there’s only one reason why parts of the Middle East are fucked.

    Also, why the fuck are you holding up a person whose government runs the mainstream media which is chock full of propaganda as a shining example of truth??

    • The region is in turmoil because we’ve been dicking around there for over 100 years. Islam isn’t a violent religion; it’s been violated over and over again. We are the violent ones.

      • you are insane, do some research, islam the religion of peace lol, that is ridiculous, study history for the last 1400 years, study the islamic teachings, learn some actual facts, there is no defending the behavior of countries invading the middle east for oil or whatever, but this is just an excuse for the worlds original and longest standing carriers of the victim card to keep on with their aggressive expansionism as per the previous 1400 years from the time that mohamed commanded them to spread islam through any and all means until they acheive total islamic domination of the world, there is a fact for you

        • You know the bible has very similiar stuff as does qouran. In the old testament theres is some fucked up major shit in there. But still somehow its one of the largest religions. And people point out the good stuff from the bible and bad stuff from the qouran so this could be done the opposite way too. Im basically telling you to stop comparing religions because every single one of them has their dark moments in them and theres really no point argue which religion is correct and which is not.

  6. No one should trust usa government trained those soldiers the government created 9/11 to start a war for oil why because they didnt want to dig over here now there doing both the government and there ways needs to go to hell

  7. The truth is that most of the US is not the problem. The Liberals, Democrats, and news media keep the good people silent. These evil people take advantage of the good, and generate problems and hatred among others. They selfishly get what they want to the expense of the good people. The main ring later to ask of this chaos is the Islamic loving piece of shit, President Barack Obama.

    • Darling, the evil people are the ones who manufacture that divisive and incendiary partisan narrative you mindlessly parrot because you let Fox News tell you what to think. The malevolent ruling elite is neither liberal nor conservative. They simply invented the false paradigm of left vs right to keep us fighting each other, instead of them. Snap the fuck out of it and wake the fuck up.

  8. Hey, he says it like he did not use terrorists to annex the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.
    Putin using weaknesses of the West, thus it seems like he is telling the truth. Come one , guys. Stalin used to say right things, didn’t he? Though it doesn’t seem we all need him to solve problems.

  9. well….people we all know what is coming… that right?????(excluding some)so first step is to forget ur nationalities and become citizens of world not specific countries UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL!™

  10. This is a game of chess. Putin played his strategy well. The question is who will the next turn favor in the outcome? Russia or The US? Pay close attention to their actions. The game has just begun.

    • The game started way way long ago. Before ww2. And Putin isn’t scared of the us because he has nukes and he’s not afraid to use them. He doesn’t give two shits about his own people. He can afford to loose a few million people and acres.

  11. Honest truth I am from the US & not everyone here is bad. I do believe that the government had something to do with 9/11 and other things as well. I can’t control what the higher chose to do & what not to do. Please don’t blame the whole country for the actions that certain ones have made.

  12. So world finally sees whos doing what and where. This is happening long time, long before Ukraine and Syria. Creating of USA is made this way! Stupid gun mans came and slather Indians, most peaceful people off all time, they destroyed them, they destroyed whole culture and whole legacy. Did anyone ever judge them for this? NO!
    This happened in my country as well and same actors was playing same roles… They stole our land! They placed spies in government! They stole our wealth! They killed our children and destroy our factories so they can buy them for cheap prices from their implemented spies who spread “wrong” democracy! Fuck your DEMOCRACY!!!!

  13. I read the text of this article. I would have watched the video but I couldn’t find it. I could not even move around the page for over a minute because 50 ads were loading. Saw 3 “click here for video” arrows, that all led to videos for more ads. Typical. …

  14. Stupid brainwashed Americans. Who is agressor here? You dont even deserve to be there!!! You have killed natives to make your ”AMERICA” .. Russia is a country with thousand- year history.

    You(americans) are the only country in the world who used NUCELAR-BOMBS vs NON-NUCLEAR COUNTRY !!!!!

    Everyone in this world knows your education is so poor, that 10years old kids know more than you in 18. Go and live your american dream.

    • There isn’t just American’s in the USA. We are a diverse group from many counties. I myself was born in Mexico. As far as them taking land from the natives. Not all of us did that. It’s also called war for territory. Simple people don’t like the USA. Don’t come here don’t have anything to do with us. This is a beautiful country full of opportunities.

      • hey sandra..the education system is american,..that’s what is being referred to..and the fact that North American culture is very young , superficial, without much history and therefore wisdom, and often acts in a brash, overly proud and VERY STUPID devastating way in the entire world, mainly through the media, is undeniably true..or?? And you are Mexican you say, but you seem to have blindly adopted very typical American PRIDE in the “land of opportunity”..not to open broad education or philosophy and reflection on life…i think you are referring to “money”opportunities, as that is the founding philosophy of North America. You should know these things as Mexico and its’ people have suffered massively at the hands of this opportunistic bully(USA), drunk on its own pride. When i travelled through Mexico I was so happy to spend time with generous, kind, warm spirited Mexican people, and utterly disgusted beyond belief to see American students acting like drunk oversexed PIGS in Mexico…theUS has a BAD name foe itself, believe me…amongst cultured people, it’s scoffed!

  15. Putin wants the Ukrainian resources and he received a punch in the face from the Americans…The americans wanted the Sirian resources and they receive a punch in the face from the russians… and they are all greedy crooks and liars?

  16. Dont thrust Putin 100%, but in this case it sound maybe 75% to 90% true.

    Putin is no better than Obama and USA, they both want world domination.

    Rest assure on that.

  17. Imagine the irony when I had to give my name to post on this site,,,it floored me totally blind sided ma and I smell a dead fish… so,,, What ever to Who or Whom ever the Hell you think You are… I find it to be an act of cowardess to hide ones face or identity when in publick or otherwise…. Peace out.

  18. Well… There is a lot of interesting comments on this page. It seems to me that your views depend on where you live, and what your political affiliations are. I consider myself a democratic socialist. That being said I think there is a lot of truth in most opinions here. I think that Putin is correct in some of the things he said. I think that capitalism is one of the root causes of course, but there are many forms of power. The bottom line is there will always be greed, envy, and deception in human affairs. Only social democracy can hold these evil tendencies in check. Only if we can keep theundue influence of money out of the political process.

  19. I give up, it is always the evil, greedy who win from childhood, to adolescence , to adulthood, to old age, to death…. and the good people are just too weak, there are no groups of truly “good” people who truly care for the world, it’s all politics and business and greed… The evil greedy control all governments, all communications, …everything… can the good really turn things around, or is this just another scam?


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