Emirati Driver Faces Jail Term After He Was Captured Burning Fumes In London [Video]


Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have issued an arrest warrant against an Emirati driver who was captured on camera driving recklessly and burning fumes in the city of London.

The driver has not been named, but it is believed he is from Abu Dhabi and was probably in London for vacation. The Gulf News reports that court documents claim the driver was intentionally using his car to make loud noises to attract attention. The London Metropolitan Police said they had no record of the incident.

In the video, the driver was seen behind the wheel of his Mercedes CLK 63 AMG, which the Daily Mail said is valued around £100,000. He drove through Sloane Square at high speed and, at one point, can also be seen talking to a cyclist. The cyclist, who seemed annoyed about the manner of his driving, can be heard telling the driver “the ladies saw you my friend. Get the **** out of here before I smash your car.

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The Emirati driver then accelerates away with a powerful burnout, leaving the cyclist and onlookers in a burst of smoke.

The video is said to have been recorded by Adam Canfield, on August 30. He later shared it with his YouTube followers. The video then went viral on the platform, prompting the Emirati police to investigate the incident. Since it’s release, the video has gained over 365, 630 views. Adam is said to be a third year student at Reading University, and he is known for tracking the finest supercars and sharing them with his followers on social media.

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The driver’s face was not captured in the video, but the number plate of the car was visible. According to the Gulf news, Emiratis can be held accountable for a crime they commit outside the country, if the crime is against UAE law. The country’s Attorney General, Ali Mohammad Al Beloushi, has issued a reminder to Emirati citizens travelling from the country. The reminder that was issued states that each visitor must  follow the rules and regulations of the respective places they are visiting.

Adam, who recorded and posted the incident, was later quoted by Metro as saying, “I was sitting in my friend’s car and we saw the incident progressing. We were actually thinking of going home but decided to stay for a little longer. We usually go to that area and film the nice cars and the silver Mercedes was one of the cars that we were filming that day. I was planning to make a full video of it later.

He also added that he feels sorry for what his video has caused the man, and that he never intended to get him in trouble.

I’d like make it clear I definitely didn’t want this to happen and I feel really bad that I’m responsible for the video. Obviously, I’ve done nothing wrong, but still. I managed to blur out the driver’s face to hide his identity but it takes me several hours to blur number plates which is why I didn’t know whether I should or not,” he said.

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