Seeking Divine Powers: Man Beheads 4-Year-Old, Offers Child’s Blood To Hindu Goddess


In a gruesome incident, a four-year-old boy was abducted and beheaded by a 35-year-old man seeking divine powers in Pokur village, in India’s Andhra Pradesh state. As part of a witchcraft-related ritual, Tirumala Rao later collected Manu Sagar’s blood into a bottle and sprinkled it all over his house to please the Hindu Goddess, Kali.

The human sacrifice came to light when the victim’s mother L. Adilakshmi went to pick up her son from his daycare centre and was told Rao had taken him to his house. The woman went to Rao’s house along with a group of villagers and found it locked. They broke the lock and found the boy’s body in the house.

Rao had fled his house after committing the crime but the villagers managed to get a hold of him. They tied him to a pole, thrashed him, doused him with kerosene and set him ablaze. He was taken to the hospital with burns covering 40% of his body.

C. Srikant M. Lakshman, Superintendent of police, said Rao had a reputation in the village of keeping ties with practitioners of “tantric rituals.” He had also allegedly attempted to abduct an 18-month-old girl earlier in the week. Venkata Rao, Rao’s brother, reportedly said the accused had once attacked him with a sickle and had a history of strange behaviour causing his wife to leave him.

Police have registered a case of murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, and transported the boy’s body to the Government Hospital for post-mortem.

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  1. There is no relation between the Hindu goddess Kali depicted in the picture and the heinous superstitious act committed by the perpetrator. In the pic Kali holds the head of a Rakshasa – (modern equivalent of a person who commits acts such as this 35 year old male). Please do responsible journalism, are remove misleading imagery from the article.


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