NASA Discovers Liquid Water On Mars


NASA announced on September 28th, 2015 that for the first time in history we have proof of the existence of liquid running water on the surface of Mars. It has been debated for decades now if there ever has been running water? If not, was there ever at any time in history? If there was, does this mean life could have developed? If there was life, what kind of life? We have known of the Ice Caps on Mars but the surface of Mars is extremely cold, dry and arid. We had never actually discovered definitive proof of liquid, running water. Today, we have…

NASA Says There’s Evidence Of Flowing Water On Mars THERE’S WATER ON MARS

Posted by NowThis on Monday, September 28, 2015

Now that we have closed one debate, a new one is opened. As we know, without water no life sustains, therefore life does not exist without it (at least, here on Earth). So then, does this apply to Mars as well? With the proof of liquid water, have we proven that life exists on Mars? What kind of life might we see? Does this water even contain life? Also, now that we know water flows today, has it always flowed there? How much more could there be or could there have been? Has there ever been any life on Mars at some point in history?

Hollywood seems to glorify the concept of people going to Mars, but could we? The United States, for example, is in debt 18 trillion dollars. Could we even afford to go if we wanted to? I do not think it will happen any time in the near future, or as a millennial in my lifetime, but perhaps one day we will know more. For today though, this announcement remains a very exciting discovery in the scientific community.


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  1. Hmm, this must be very exciting for them huh? Another planet and it’s resources to destroy, I can imagine them drooling all over the pictures..!!!!


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