Nature’s Air Defenses: Hawk Takes Down a Drone.


Written by: TechAnon


Advancing technology and human’s undying fascination with flight have always been a driving force for anything from kids toys to space travel. In coming times you may be be hard pressed to find a public park or other open space that does not contain some sort of man-made flying contraption. Kites, gliders, RC planes and now multi-prop “drones” with cameras.

Without getting into all the “to do” or the politics and rights of those who own these little gems it seems that mother nature has started to implement her own air defenses per se. In a video published by Watch the video here:

Software developer Christopher Schmidt is spending some time in Cambridge, Massachusetts with his quad copter  taking some video footage of the surrounding area . He’s flying along, minding his own business and out of the top corner of the video comes a young Red Tail hawk, in perfect attack pattern. Seeing the impending collision Chris immediately dropped his throttle in hopes of minimizing injury to the hawk and crossed his fingers. It’s kind of startling if you watch the video on a large screen, especially when the slomo starts. You see…talons and then the tumble to the ground.

I’m sure this incident is only one of hundreds around the country and the world. This past year University of Maryland Robotics had similar issues with a research project (coincidentally funded by the US Army) called “robo-raven”. This lil fella is one of the most accurate and real-life, functioning, Radio controlled  reproductions of a bird and in June of 2013, a hawk tried to eat it. Take THAT! secretly funded project!

Is mother nature trying to tell us something?

Today, the internet is littered with videos of wildlife attacking drones and their owners. Hawks, Eagles, Blackbirds… even land animals. How far do we go to protect either side? What do you deem more valuable; your equipment or the wildlife?





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    • Mike, I agree with your comment…these drones are nothing but trouble and this shows how fragile they are. The hawk was either protecting its territory, or maybe telling us hoomins, we better back off? … who wants to have this hovering over them while trying to be outside their home? I personally hope they ban them.

  1. Minding his own business, flying a drone taking footage to post on a public forum about HIS activities, not yours or of those which may end up in the photo. Exercise every bit of freedom and privacy while you can, because its going away!

  2. I guess the birds as much as the rest of the wildlife want to have freedom too. I personally don’t blame them. I mean, to be honest, after watching that video of the hawk attacking that drone, not only did I learn that you should not fuck with mother nature, but you shouldn’t lose what is real because once you do, it would not come back to you.

    Imagine how hard it would feel that you once realized that you don’t have so many people who truly care about you and love you because your causing a disaster of your bad behavior or your greed of getting e-popularity from social media ? I have witnessed those type of problems before, it is not a good thing to see for yourself as much as it is to other people, believe me.

    So please, be nice to nature , and especially be nice to your friends and family, and your peers. Because if you don’t, you’ll really going to lose what is real.


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