Need More Proof That The Music Industry Is Fake? Here You Go


We all know that our favourite artists have great voices right? Wrong! This video from RT, reveals just how corrupt the music industry really is and how anyone can sound like a professional

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    • I am sorry, but it happens everywhere… Ozzy is known for lipsyncing, Geoff Tater as well, and several more. I also know of quite a few guitar gods (Clapton) that have a “back up” when they are on stage…
      I have worked in music for about 15 years now, I have seen it all…

    • Indeed. But we get backups and lip syncing sometimes. Happens with the more mainstream acts. When more performing is demanded, who can steady their voice enough live? And sometimes from touring so long…their voices have nothing to give in the end of tour…so…backing track lol. But the metal industry will do it for a means of no other choice….not to uphold some image like the bitch music I hear most people eating up these days lol.

  1. Further proof that the mainstream is made up of dumb blithering sheep. Seriously if you can’t hear the auto tune in every mainstream song then you don’t deserve your hearing. As a musician who prides themselves in being in bands (actual hard rock bands) that REFUSE to use these vile modern day technologies that are RUINING the creative aspect of music I find it amazing that most people in the mainstream are fooled by the use of auto tune. This is all leading us to the Great Decline of Creativity within art, which as Nietzsche himself said is “The Great Tragedy of Society.”

  2. So, they can make shirts voices sound serene for the hearing world but they can’t make my voice sound human to my deaf son who was fortunate to qualify for Cochlear implants.

  3. I am used to listen to real music with real artists (the talented type). So the voices in this video are hurting my ears. Add to this their fake image and whatever correlated shit they try to sell along that music and you have yourself a dream world where everything is fake.

    You can easily see if an artist is fake or not, watch carefully their live performances and especially their long live concerts 🙂

  4. It’s only the case of stupid, shitty and certainly not music made by artists.
    There is a lot of nice band (Linkin Park for example)
    they can make money but they don’t… they make music for pleasure.

    The problem is that people often listen music focused on a simple (DUMB DUMB) with shitty autotuned voice telling bullshit like (dancefloor, baby, butt, money, party …

  5. Didn’t care because I never liked mainstream music anyway. “Here’s a lot of money. Make me something that sounds good enough to bring me even more money. And… Go!” So generic… No real art.

  6. In today’s world technology has taken away most of our lives most of all the “computer” it has taken away or capabilities of common thought and various other things. Even in the music industry a person who sounds like a goat can be made to sing like a golden angel the music industry relies on the computer to make make a recording star.the industry relies on looks and not talant to sell there product there ate so many talented people out there that have been overlooked because of there looks,size,education.

  7. Gotta love how, in a clip about fake singing, the interviews are fake (the anchorman is not interacting live with interviewees, although he talks like he is).

    The irony!!!

  8. “Nothing is Real” just like The Beatles says. I really like to know the truth about a greatest bands like Beatles, Pink Floyd and a lot groups that have a hide history behind them.

    • actually pink floyd’s roger waters sings LIVE with real talent, listen to his live performance on “perfect sense”

    • When on stage: Robert Plant allways sang live. Jimmy Page’s guitar solos were allways live. Bonzo hit the drums hard and very live. And Jonesy played everything he could lay his hands on – live. Stage performance of Zep was heaven.

  9. that’s why they always can lis’n to my music have got many idee but i always wanna look at it the bad way bud they always come up with millions and i got nothing

  10. And this is why I have no quarrel with people pirating their shit music. They truly believe they deserve to make millions off pure garbage, when people who actually work for a living make minimum wage. Fake ass artists should make minimum wage, and service workers should be making their salaries.

  11. This whole thing is so disingenuous and naive. If your argument was against going to see someone like a band and you found out you they were lipsyncing…ok…there is a beef you could have. Taking someone like Brittany Spears or Madonna though is ridiculous. If you go to one of their shows, they are putting on a production or spectacle. It generally requires them to do relatively demanding choreography and costume changes through their whole set. If you can sing even moderately well…go try to do it for 60-90 while you are doing a cardio routine. See how good you can still sing. It’s a different thing all together. As for Autotune or vocal tuning, there is maybe 5% of records of any genre that don’t do it. Even the best singers use it. If you are in a big studio, you can either use a take that is almost perfect with a few notes that might be missed here and there but are close enough to fix without being noticed, or you can spend the extra money that you likely don’t have to keep doing it over and over again.

  12. I feel the ONLY counter to this claim is Ed Sheeran. He’s the only actual pop artist with a great voice and intense talent.
    Now, metal bands today are experimenting with auto-tune in some aspects, but intentional aspects to alter their voice not to sound better but different. That’s fine, personally, and lots of artists use pitch correction in studio to really refine the music. What’s not fucking okay, is the amount of stupid fucking people in this industry who think they’re talented all because they got lucky. Well, fuck all these pop artists: Justin Bieber, Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, White Nicki Minaj/Iggy Fuckface, etc.

  13. If in Vegas…go see Donny & Marie! Live performance every time & going on their 8th year & more… They & The Osmond Bros., know this business (50 yrs & over) & what it takes to survive, reinvent, & with continuous entertainment…Live! There are many talented musicians from the past and the present who know what the audience/fans have come for…. And they deliver it each time! 😉

  14. I am proof of existence of the Music Illuminati, The evilness, and pure lies and scams of the music industry. Offered anonymous the story, no response. It would surprise many. Top names in the industry. Almost 30 years ago to the day! Would love to share the truth!

  15. And then these mf’s have the nerve to get mad cuz no one wants to buy their music… if it they cant sing the same live as they do on their record,I aint paying for shit!

  16. Muslim is a religion…and it’s not any fucked up then Christianity…. both are the same look up the history u will see…be smarter then ur comment…ignorance is a disease spread by stupid people.

  17. For anyone that wants free music at a decent quality by someone who actually knows how to play an instrument and doesn’t use autotuning, I’ve got the band for you. I play every instrument you hear, I record everything myself at home with gear I’ve payed a lot of money for, and I’ve spent years putting together my albums, writing my songs, and trying to perfect my music. Its got an industrial vibe, and its free to download for anyone who has an interest in hearing a local artist that can’t catch a break who’s just trying to make a name for himself.

    (Music for quadrupeds is my current work in progress and probably has the best quality so far. Its not million dollar studio quality, as I can’t afford it, but I do the best I can).

  18. Nothing new i always knew that America fake’s everything ! soon we will find out that America its not actually an America lol

  19. Gee….what ever gave people the idea the pop (and country music) made is real? All that shyte is is politically sterilized correct inbred mongrel rock and roll. There is no “new” talent out there being discovered. Music executives too worried about that cozy office, and big mansion, and fast car to worry about music. There are great bands out there waiting to be discovered. They do not use electronics to manipulate music or singers. They are raw, hard, fast and good. Royal Bliss (from Utah, USA). 38 special. REO speedwagon. Linkin Park. Powerman 5000.

  20. let it crash & burn. I been saying this for years. But keep in mind Rock n Roll, heavy metal and other old school classic artist do not do this. I saw ACDC last night and it was clearly obvious there was no lip syncing and might I remind all the fans of this fake pop music they have been doing this for over 40 years.

  21. So let the puppets enjoy their fake. They prefer to live in a fake world as well, so why no fake music? It’s a shame that most of us already knew, but most of the puppets out there don’t care about.
    Fun fact also, that you often can also draw conclusions on a persons intelligence based on their music taste, so…

  22. Religion is doing exactly what the bickering is about. Christian Islam whatever haha we are intelligent creatures that kill and divide ourselves based on something we can’t see. Stand United or fall. We are all here together, and I hate fake things too all day!

  23. Hmmmm, anyone who thinks autotune can completely retune somebody’s voice has never used the software. Anything out by anything more than a semitone will just end up sounding like a robot. Alas, the music that is out there is recorded by singers that at the very least can hold a tune rather than every note being painstakingly altered so that it is in tune.

    Everybody likes to criticise music which has been proven in ever era, now technology plays a part in that process too such as the digital switchover from analogue. A lot of ‘musicians and singers’ complain about their vocals being run through autotune and having to record to a metronome. Why, because they think they are bad for using one as it highlights they weren’t perfect, especially people playing to a metronome. This is just a process of tidying up the rack rather than masking talentless people.

    A loving producer.

  24. As for naming artists that don’t use autotune … Sorry to break it to you, they do. Unless of course, you are referring to recording artists that were recorded before autotune was available.

  25. Not all pop-singers are “talentless”. Axl Rose, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Miley actually have decent voices unplugged.

  26. Thats why I don’t listen to pop genere. All the music are wrote by others and the lyrics too and they fucking use autotune to tune their vocals to sound like pro. Fuck the pop shit. Listen to METAL peeps \m/

  27. you should hack the big tvs on new york and play this video…or maybe some big television programs….there are going to lose some much money

  28. DUDE we are workers, rich ppl,blacks,asians,white ppl, christrians,muslims,hindi, atheist, we are equal , we are everyone, we are anonymous…..It does matter what is your religion or not and because one religious person does something wrong it doesnt mean that the religion is wrong…..Freedom means you can belive whatever you want …even that means he belives a person could walk on water or that praying 5 times per day is smth he should do.If you are trying to stop somebody from beliving at smth then i dont what’s the point of visiting this website.BTW this article has nothing to do with religion

  29. Many of those “singers” are actually scared of younger population that is coming trough and have amazing voice without autotune and that their time has past.

  30. Take looks away, bad behaviour and everything that singers do these days and lets see how many albums these people sell. It’s absolute crap. Music today is like the current state of our nutrition, absolute rubbish. Everything is over processed and sold in attractive packaging. The music industry is like fast food, void of any true nutritional value. Everything is synthetic and superficial. Nothing is in it’s raw organic state. Expose these artist for what they truly are and take the music industry to task for allowing this to happen. Bring back real talent!

  31. Look at South Park episode Happy Holograms. Soon we have those Japanese Vocaloids performing the stars we used to know. What about the return of the King of Pop and the King themselves? Name any favorite (dead) artist you like and they will appear as a hologram.

  32. the main problem that I see is not the music itself though..cause the music is still “real” including the “voice” .. It’s really just the fanatism.. I hope people would stop idolizing actor’s and singers, and even superstar sport players.. It’s all messed up, real or not, it’s just cheap entertainement without much value.. but yet, people are ready to give so much to them, and massively.. no wonder the music industry is sucking on people’s life and money like leeches.

  33. Fuck every1 who insults or disrespects any religion……the people who do it are fuckin illumnati and isis assholes…….anonymous is gonna fuck racists…..illumnati and isis…..u motherfuckers…….dnt talk shit about any1 unless u know everythin abt them……assholes….go fuck urself………….zionists …..hypocrites…bitches……….anonymous is great…..n it dosent teach us to hate anyone …or any religion…..assholes

  34. The whole US of fucking A is fake… The people who living there are the dumbest of the dumb. They have no own opinion… The (fake) news they believe… Thinking that their country is the best in the whole wide world!
    Shall I write something? You’re all sheep. Walking G behind a war seeking fucking government. Send boys/girls into wars and shot by your own weapons, which were sold on ISIS or a some other “enemy”… Byebye moron suckers!


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