#OpDDD: Anonymous To Destroy Daily Dot


Former Anonymous hacker, co-founder of the hacking group LulzSec turned FBI informer Hector ‘Sabu’ Monsegur is now closely associated with Daily Dot, an online newspaper. Accusing the website of treachery, Anonymous, the online hactivists’ collective, has launched Operation Destroy Daily Dot, #OpDDD, after Daily Dot ‘stabbed it in the back’ and published Sabu’s article on CSI: Cyber recently.

Anonymous is asking its followers and fellow activists to boycott the companies advertising on the Daily Dot website, stop following Daily Dot on social media, block users re-tweeting Daily Dot tweets, and discontinue back linking their articles.

“Giving Sabu a platform to speak from while having built your media empire on our work is treachery that must be punished not only by Anonymous but the communities which our legion has assisted during the past decade,” Anonymous explain adding, Anonymous must make an example out of the cancer which seeks to build their careers, and use our legion as their platform to build their own personal wealth while at the same time pushing their benevolent daggers deep into our backs”.

In its defence, the website issued a statement: Daily Dot believes that every voice matters, including those of our contributors. While we do not necessarily agree with the opinions of those contributors, we do feel that it is important to share a mix of unique and diverse perspectives through the content we publish.


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      • I support anonymous a lot and one of the things theaanonymous idea is supporting is freedom of sspeech and understanding/accepting different opinions and cultures. ….What I mean is that he can say fuck anonymous even if you don’t like it

  1. I don’t understand this. Is Anonymous saying that Sabu should not have 1st Amendments rights? Destroying Daily Dot because it PRINTED an article from a snitch?

    • No, Sabu just needs destroyed. Period. SABUtage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity (Usually friends) through subversion.


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