New Corporation Honesty: The Big “F*&% You” Approach


“The gap is the problem of holding simultaneously…” two opposing agendas: producing coal and sustaining the livable environment. This satirical take of a corporate ad acting on climate change and corporate responsibility is simply brilliant – giving an honest insight into the minds of the big corporations who merely want to make money off the backs future generations.

The premise is simple and one that we’re all aware of. Yet, when placed in the hilarious context that has been done in this clip, you can’t help but nod your head as you smile, quietly agreeing with the fundamental message promoted here.

With some luck, maybe this will inspire some corporations to take a good hard look at themselves, and their agendas. This clip attributes the big corporations’ greed to their shareholder, but at the end of the day we all know that these companies are only in it to make a buck for themselves.

It’s well worth the watch. It’s very Australian in its everyday honest approach. Very cleverly done. You can see for yourself on the clip below.

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  1. You’re on the wrong side of this issue. The actual science has proven that carbon dioxide is beneficial to the biosphere, with nothing but speculative theories claiming it’s a dangerous problem. The really big money and the elites want us to believe in dangerous AGW and use the UN’s IPCC, Agenda 21, etc. to convince us of the benefits of a centralized UN world government – check out the environmental crisis think tank, the Club of Rome, whose members essentially control the UN, media, governments etc.

      • As a former believer in dangerous CO2, I had to study what science actually is, before rejecting the AGW theory. Science is based on evidence. Without evidence, it’s not science. Simple as that. Consensus, speculation, and opinions have more to do with politics than science.

        On the other hand, numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies have conclusively proven that CO2 is beneficial. It’s a scientific fact that plants grow faster, larger, and need less water, if given up to 5 times more CO2 than is presently available to them in the atmosphere.

        In other words, although there’s absolutely NO scientific evidence that more CO2 will be dangerous or harmful, there’s a huge quantity of scientific evidence that proves conclusively, that CO2 is beneficial to plants, crops, trees, forestry products, and by extension to animals / insects that feed on plants and trees (which includes humans). So the real science has concluded that up to 5 times more CO2 is beneficial in some way, to all life on earth. Interestingly, greenhouse operators pump 4 – 5 times more CO2 than what’s presently in the atmosphere, which also happens to be the average geological level of CO2 in the atmosphere since complex life first evolved around 500 million years ago.

        If you truly care about humanity, please study the science and facts to see for yourself, that “climate change” is actually a UN power grab, cloaked in ‘saving the planet’.


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