New Evidence Confirms Cell Phone EMFs Are a Cancer Risk

Critics worldwide have often accused those concerned about the connection between brain tumor and cell phone use as conspiracy theorists. Now, after a CDC report was released following a lawsuit to release the information, the truth about EMF risk is finally revealed.

cell phone EMFs

The world very quickly came to realize, when the World Health Organization called glyphosate a “possible carcinogen” that mass market products available to the public were not always necessarily safe. Corporations, lobbying and government dictated final outcomes, often discrediting or largely ignoring the recommendations of world health bodies.

In the probably carcinogenic tradition, the WHO also labelled our cell phones with a similar warning. In 2011, now six years ago, the World Health Organization openly declared cell phone radiation as a cause for concern, classing the electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” The research was conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and although we became mildly aware of the possible side effects, the reality was largely ignored by official governing bodies.

The research compiled data from multiple areas including animal testing and cancer rates, exposure data, cancer in humans and ‘mechanistic data.’ The results demonstrated suggested critically reviewed evidence as “strong enough to support a conclusion…that there could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk,” said Dr Jonathan Samet, the Chairman of the Working Group responsible for the research.

“Given the potential consequences for public health of this classification and findings it is important that additional research be conducted into the long-term, heavy use of mobile phones. Pending the availability of such information, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting,” stated IARC Director Christopher Wild at the time.

cell phone EMFs

New evidence has now surfaced, providing sufficient evidence to warrant public warning, says Joel Moskowitz of U.C. Berekley’s School of Public Health in an ABC7 News report. Moskowitz sued the state to obtain the withheld information report.

“We have evidence of brain tumors and other head and neck tumors. We also have evidence of sperm damage in males, infertility in females.”

The difference is two-pronged: firstly, the state of California appears to have deliberately kept the cancer risk information a secret; and secondly, this information coming from a government agency officially mentions the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

Aptly describing the cover-up like that of the tobacco industry, Moskowitz says they “follow[ed] the same playbook.”

The release of the report, sparking the renewed debate of cell phone safety, ultimately wasn’t released to the public earlier because the CDC insisted more research was required. However, Ellie Marks of the California Brain Tumor Association disagrees. “People need to know, people are unaware that cell phones as they are used now are not safe,” she said.

cell phone EMFs

The Cell Phones and Health report the CDC didn’t yet want to release – that has “Draft and Not for Public Release” stamped across its pages – lists studies, resulting concerns and a point form notation to lower your risk of EMF exposure. It also notates the susceptibility of EMFs on a child’s brain through to teen years, “which may make children and teens more sensitive to EMF exposures,” and to ensure set limits for this age group – including limiting “texting,” and calls for “emergencies” only.

The document further states:

“Cell phones, like other electronic devices, emit a kind of energy called radiofrequency EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Health officials are concerned about possible health effects from cell phone EMFs because some recent studies suggest that long-term cell phone use may increase the risk of brain cancer and other health problems […]

“Several studies have found that people with certain kinds of brain cancer were more likely to have used cell phones for 10 years or more. Most of the cancers were on the same side of the head that people usually held their phones. Although the chance of developing brain cancer is very small, these studies suggest that regular cell phone use increases the risk of developing some kinds of brain cancer. Some studies have also linked exposure to EMFs from cell phones to fertility problems. As more studies are done and we learn about possible risks for cancer and other health problems linked to cell phone use, the recommendations on this fact sheet may change.”

The CDC continues to call for further research without offering solid guidelines to the public to protect themselves. Moskowitz argues that an earlier release of this publication “could have saved some lives […] seven years ago.”

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