Study: Junk Food Kills Bacteria that Protects Against Obesity, Heart Disease and Cancer

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A study by a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College, London has revealed that eating junk food kills stomach bacteria, which protect the human body against obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, inflammatory bowel conditions and autism.

Professor Tim Spector specifically used McDonalds’ food for his study, arriving at this disturbing finding. Telegraph reports that Professor Spector enlisted the help of his son Tom, a 23-year old genetics student, who agreed to spend 10 days on a fast-food-only diet of McDonald’s hamburgers, chips, chicken nuggets and Coca Cola.

Tom explained what happened to him after spending 10 days only on McDonald food. He was quoted as saying “Before I started my father’s fast food diet there were about 3,500 bacterial species in my gut, dominated by a type called firmicutes. Once on the diet I rapidly lost 1,300 species and my gut was dominated by a group called bacteriodetes. The implication is that the McDonalds diet killed 1,300 of my gut species.”

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Researchers say the human gut contains around 3,500 difference microbial species, which together make up some three pounds in weight. Researchers now believe a diet based on a limited range of highly processed foods, rather than those found in a balanced healthy diet, can wipe out the number of stomach flora by more than a third.

Stomach floras play a key role in warding off potentially harmful microbes, regulating the metabolism. They produce digestive enzymes alongside vitamins A and K, which are needed to aid the absorption into the body of important minerals such as calcium and iron.

Researchers have linked bacterial imbalances to the development of conditions such as colitis and inflammatory bowel disease. There is also evidence that autism may be as a result of lower gut bacterial activity.


Previous studies conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado, found that transferring bacteria from an obese human to a mouse led to the animal gaining weight, while lean mice placed in cages with obese ones also became fat.

“Microbes get a bad press, but only a few of the millions of species are harmful, and many are crucial to our health. What is emerging is that changes in our gut microbe community, or microbiome, are likely to be responsible for much of our obesity epidemic, and consequences like diabetes, cancer and heart disease,” Professor Spector said.

Professor Spector also advised that we should try as much as possible to eat diverse and natural food. Mr Spector’s advice seems to be in line with previous studies suggesting that Belgian Beer, garlic, coffee, leeks and celery are ideal foods for promoting healthy gut flora.


“Fifteen thousand years ago our ancestors regularly ingested around 150 ingredients in a week. Most people nowadays consume fewer than 20 separate food types and many, if not most, are artificially refined. Most processed food products come, depressingly, from just four ingredients: corn, soy, wheat or meat,” Professor Spector added.

McDonalds, and other junk food companies, have long been suspected of doing more harm than good to public health. In April 2015, we reported how the British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver proved that a McDonald’s burger is meant for dogs and not for human consumption.

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The media personality, known for his food-focused television shows, cookbooks and his global campaign for better food said McDonalds has been using chemicals and fats unfit for human consumption, when preparing their burgers.

With this study, and what Oliver has said in the past, the decision you make regarding your health is now truly yours. The decision is now yours to make.

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