In the Next Decade, Russia Could Deploy 400 Heavy Tanks Anywhere On Earth in Seven Hours


A fleet of heavy transport aircraft, capable of moving a unit of 400 tanks, with ammunition, to anywhere in the world at hypersonic speed. If that sounds like the US to you, I hate to burst your bubble. Alright guys, cue the ominous-yet-epic music:

Diplom – Alexey Komarov from Alexey Komarov on Vimeo.

According to a new design specification from the Military-Industrial Commission in Moscow, a transport aircraft, known as the PAK TA, is able to do all of the above. The PAK TA program envisages 80 new cargo aircraft to be built by 2024. In a decade Russia’s Central Command will be able to place a battle-ready armored army anywhere, Expert Online reports, citing a source in the military who attended the closed meeting.

The new PAK TA will transport Armata heavy missile tanks, and other military hardware such as enhanced self-propelled artillery weapons systems, anti-aircraft missile complexes, tactical missile carriers, multiple launch missile systems, and anti-tank missile fighting vehicles.

A fleet of several dozen PAK TA air freighters will be able to lift 400 Armata heavy tanks, or 900 light armored vehicles, such as the Sprut-SD airborne-amphibious-self-propelled-tank-destroyers. That’s one long description, but where’s the laser fireballs?

“With the development of a network of military bases in the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia, which is expected to be completed during the same time period (by 2024), it’s obvious that Russia is preparing for a full-scale military confrontation of transcontinental scale,” Expert Online claims.

A source who attended the closed meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission told the media outlet on condition of anonymity that he was “shocked” by the demands of the military. Looks like all that Cold War rhethoric is about to result in a good ol’ Cold War arms race. Yay.

According to the source, the PAK TA project has been ongoing for several years now and will eventually supplant the currently operating air freighters.

“It means for the first time we have the objective of creating an operational capability to airlift a full-fledged army to any desired place on the planet,” the source said. This means delivering a task force the size of the former NATO and the US troops in Iraq, in a matter of hours to any continent. “In the context of the current military doctrine, that defies comprehension,” the source said.

It was reported last year that future military air freighters will be developed based on the designs of the Il-106 cargo plane (80 tons) project that won a government tender in the late 1980s, but was abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Now, with ambitious specifications and objectives, the PAK TA seems to be represent the next generation of Russian transport craft… If not the world. I can’t imagine why one would require hypersonic speed to transport entire regiments of troops and tanks. The ice seems to get thinner every day.
Source: RT

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    • Yes, it would be, and it would also be very very very easy to take down, it’s be detectable before it’s even hundreds of miles away due to the size, and it’d also make RUSSIA seem more like a threat to it’s enemies, and neutral nations.

      • Size of the plane doesn’t necessarily mean easier spotting, the shape of the plane however and the on-board technology is the biggest factor to stay hidden.

  1. nahh, they alredy has this sort of military capability and way less cheaper then this easy to brake super futuristic hyper expensive BS.

    Russians rely on brute strength in their constructions and easy to replace parts mid fighting.

    A air to land operation involving tanks is used by their regular megaplanes and some are dropped with big paras.

    • Not in the slightest. They still have to contend with a navy and an airforce so much more advanced the Russians have no chance of landing their tanks.

    • “blown from the sky before it can even deploy” is that even possible?

      On a more serious note, the point that you are trying to say is a valid one, that is, they will be fairly easy to spot/locate due to their size and I doubt it will have much stealth capability. If it can be seen, it can be shot down so unless they have some freakishly advanced technology on board, I do not see these things getting very far.

  2. Russia expands on the ground. In the future they could etc is just fantasy scenario. Of course anything is possible in the future. speculations are cheap. aliens could have invaded us before that.

  3. You have the fact that something so large would easily be detectable. Sure they may have countermeasures, but there is plenty of time to plan for all scenarios and counter those. You have the length of time before their fleet would be capable of doing this on a large scale to plan contingencies.

    Oh and of course we all know technology is perfect right, there are never any crashes or anything like that. Whether there is a design flaw in one of their aircraft, something goes wrong, or they get shot down . . . imagine a large portion of an army being destroyed with a single mistake or shot.

    I’m a little skeptical that this would be a great move for them. It also shows intent, and if one country scales might another? Also who knows the secret weapons and possible contingencies we may already have.

    The worst thing you can do in a game of poker is show what your hand is before everyone places their bets. I somewhat wonder if this is for propaganda purposes only on Russia’s part to show “how great they are . . . or will be” to their people or to others. Either way never show your hand until all bets are in.


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