“Have You No Common Sense?” Putin DESTROYS BBC Journalist




What happens when President Putin fields a question critical of his track record? Well, for one thing, he doesn’t rely on a teleprompter, only answer pre-screened questions, or waffle about in legalese like SOME people.

JOHN SIMPSON, a veteran BBC reporter, launched into a long-winded Western-copy-paste “Russia-is-evil”, diatribe disguised as a question:

Western countries almost universally now believe that there’s a new Cold War and that you, frankly, have decided to create that. We see, almost daily, Russian aircraft taking sometimes quite dangerous maneuvers towards western airspace. That must be done on your orders; you’re the Commander-in-Chief.

It must have been your orders that sent Russian troops into the territory of a sovereign country – Crimea first, and then whatever it is that’s going on in Eastern Ukraine. Now you’ve got a big problem with the currency of Russia, and you’re going to need help and support and understanding from outside countries, particularly from the West.

So can I say to you, can I ask you now, would you care to take this opportunity to say to people from the West that you have no desire to carry on with the new Cold War, and that you will do whatever you can to sort out the problems in Ukraine? Thank you!


Below is Putin’s response:

Putin first tackles the journalist’s allegation, that Putin was responsible for a Cold War atmosphere because he had ordered jets to fly near Western countries.

Putin stated that in fact, Russia had ceased such “strategic aviation”  since the 90s,  and had only restarted the flights 3 years ago… while the US had CONTINUED such aerial maneuvers near Russian borders… with bombers armed with nuclear weapons.

Who is the real provocateur? The bully who keeps punching you while you stay silent, goading you on, or that one time you retaliate and he pretends to have been mortally wounded?

Putin then speaks of how Russia only has two military bases abroad, one in Kyrgyzstan where Russia was invited by its authorities to set up a base after rebels trained in Afghanistan started trying to disrupt the nation.

The second base is located in Tajikistan, also bordering Afghanistan. Both countries were facing the “unplanned” spill-over of terrorism caused by the American war on “terror”. From the rise of ISIS, we know that these two weaker nations could well have been quickly overrun by American-trained “moderate rebels”.

“It is even in your [American] interests to know that everything is calm there,” said Putin. Nope, and I reckon Putin knows full well that America’s interests primarily involve fu***** up Russia’s backyard.

The US on the other hand has bases all over the world.

Putin asks the BBC journo if he has no common sense… implying that Russia is the aggressor when the US is bringing nukes to Europe in a move that SHOULD bring to mind the Cuban missile crisis on a far grander scale.

At 50 billion USD, Russia’s defense budget is also dwarfed by the 575 billion dollar American war machine. “Have you no common sense at all?” Putin again asks the journo.

Putin then points out that Russia is not massing its armies at the US’s borders, or indeed any nation’s borders- in fact, it is NATO that keeps moving its militarily hardware closer to Russia’s borders.

Nobody asked Russia if it was OK with the constant buildup at its borders- there was no negotiation, and Russia was just told that each NATO country could do whatever it pleased when it came to security.

If that is the case- then why not Russia too?

There is also the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, signed between the Soviet Union (and applied to Russia afterwards) and the US, that prevented either from building more than 200 anti-ballistic missiles. This was because Mutually Assured Destruction would keep both parties from nuking the other; for one side to suddenly gain the ability to shoot down all nukes, it would also simultaneously gain the ability to wipe out any other nation it chose with virtually no consequences.

The US had first proposed the treaty in 1967, and would withdraw from it in 2001, under George W. Bush. Ostentatiously, the US needed its anti-ballistic missiles to defend against a “rogue state”. This would turn out to have been Russia all along, rather than the Al Qaeda/ ISIS/ basketball-shoe-wearing sword-wielding, cinematic-quality-beheading terrorist boogeyman.

Then there’s the case of sanctions against Russia- illegal under the World Trade Organisation framework that Russia was a party of. Russia had opened up its economy to drive Western profits… yet now when the rules are inconvenient to US interests, it gets Russia sanctioned.

Putin left the journalist speechless, and the look of frozen rage on his face was telling indeed. At the end of his speech, Putin answered that Russia wanted to cooperate with Western powers against global threats like terrorism and Ebola.


Sources: Russia Insider

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  1. Wait a minute, what is this bullshit? Russia had a military base in Ukraine (before it got annexed) and also continues to have one in Syria. I’m sorry, but whoever here in Anon lets the Russian propagandists in has really got to check who they’re willing to let hack with them. Anonymous shouldn’t be treating a set of paranoid nationalists from Russia like they get exclusionary rights to polite treatment. Reading this propaganda leaves an even worse taste in my mouth than the New York Times or the BBC. It’s ludicrous watching this noble association of individuals give voice to these trolls who barely have access to a free internet in their own country.

    Stop, guys it’s so goddamned annoying. Putin is trying desperately, flailing to move the goal posts, and when your own article isn’t even factual all you’re doing is giving him legitimacy that he deserves none of, nor respect.

    • I hear ya, BUT, where is the USA in all this. I see whats going on, the US invaded country after country, but when Putin is cornered to protect Russia’s interest he is an asshole. The US wants control of the middle east and its looking like a genocide to me, in which we can’t say shit, we are the aggressors, and I hear Putin say exactly that. He isn’t supposed to make a move just sit there and watch his fleet lost. No Russia’s been protecting that land from invaders from the south, mainly Turkey, for many years, and its is mostly Russian people. No one knows his Treaties. Russia has rights to that land, and it’s military.

      • I have one rule in politics and everything else. One person’s bad behavior (or groups) doesn’t justify the improper action of anyone else. The United States has one of the worst track records as a country on the world-stage around, but that doesn’t mean handing world authority over to the country with the second or third worst track record is the way to go.

        No, it’s a false equivalency, just like most of the arguments towards how whatever bullshit Putin is doing is actually a “good thing”. Bad behavior is bad behavior. That’s it.

        And @ Inessa, yes, of course I knew that. Of course Russia’s version of what constitutes “theirs” predates the Soviets and Vladimir Putin, so hearing anyone make an argument about what constitutes “rightful” annexation to me is as false as the idea of a God-appointed despotic ruler, which is exactly as far back as you have to go to figure out where Russian shenanigans with their neighbors started.

        Look, I’m a US American, and I’m happy that Latin America has spanked us silly for covert actions against their governments. Likewise if the Ukrainians and everyone else can’t stand the Russians (and they can’t) they shouldn’t be forced to. Watching Russia try to rouse its old friends is like watching a drunk bully who is too old and fat to intimidate properly anymore. It reminds me of him trying to con drinks off of his neighbors.

        I’ll be happy watching Russia get spanked too, just like any other dirty Imperialist power.

    • Are you retarded or simply low IQ? The military base was in Crimea, Sebastopol, and it was there before Crimea became a part of Ukraine.

    • The military base in Tartous was closed and had been for years. Reopened a few months ago due to US scheming in Syria. We invited the Russians to reopen their base to fuck up Western plans on Syria. It’s working as within a couple of weeks, Vienna meeting took place. Putin is a hero!

      • Congratulations, you’ve managed to get yourself so mired in a sectarian war over which branch of Islam is acceptable, that you completely missed all those parts about not killing each other that Allah himself said would result in total spiritual death.

        Assad is a monster whom Satan himself would be afraid to look in the eyes. All of this started with his decision to kill innocent protestors. You can try to pretend it was anything else, but it’s all crap.

        Assad turned the conflict into a sectarian civil war, ensuring that his entire tribe of Alawites would be hunted to extinction if they did not win. Several years ago this wouldn’t have even been a problem. Syrian Sunnis, prior to Assad’s campaign of terror were a very multicultural society.

        Now the Alawites fight to survive because they were too afraid and deluded to do the right thing. They have sealed their doom because Putin, the regime, Hezbollah, and Iran will never be able to hold on to Syria. As the numbers of Shiite fighters die, die, and die some more, it will all crack under the pressure.

        THEN, the Alawites will have their self-fulfilling prophecy and be wiped out completely. Congratulations, so many in the Middle East break the commandments of Allah that a whole people is gonna die. Congratulations for letting your fear and divisions rule you.

    • Leave the definitions and adjectives for when you’re trying to seduce and point us at a lie in this article. Sounds about right to me.

    • You just have troll !!! Internet in Russia more freely than in Europe and America and a lot faster. Recently, Russia blocked torrent sites and Trolls Tipo you pick up the news distort distort and present as they want.

      My grandmother is better versed in politics than you.

      • If Russia is blocking torrent sites, then how could you claim to live in a free internet? Your internet is not free. In the West I can go find anything I want on the internet. And trust when I say I check many countries for their news.

        I know Russian news is patently false because independent, non-Western news media cover none of the stories the Russian news tells. Except when it is time to lampoon it for being so patently false.

        As far as your grandmother knowing more about politics than me? Hahaha! Sure friend, На здоровье!

        That would be hard to imagine, I wasn’t raised under a vacuum of Soviet propaganda, and nobody ever tried to tell me that Russia has ever been my enemy.

        Shit my girlfriend is from the creme of your society and country, Russia has never been an enemy to the West (though perhaps the British and Ottomans would disagree with me.)

        It is a lie you have been told that the United States views you as an enemy.

        Russia is no ones enemy, they are a proud and stoic nation who won WWII largely for the Allies, which Americans don’t forget.

        The problem is, your Putin is like an angry, overly aggressive drunk who thinks flexing muscles makes for leadership. Conquest makes no person “great”. Nor any country. And Russians can either figure out the truth, or they will learn the hard way as nobody in the World is buying the сэндвич дерьмо Putin is trying to feed them.

        Help the idiot and watch your economy collapse further, your best minds leave (because the West supports independent thinkers) and your accomplishments will dry up.

        I’m no troll, in fact I know more about world politics than most News Anchors.

        It doesn’t actually make sense, because Americans love Russians. Our two countries are so similar and macho, plus Russians are such fun that there is nothing but things to like. Russians are more similar to Americans than any other country in the world. Two great nations who love to play king of the castle. It makes no sense, because just like Russians, Americans fear nothing. We are the same except for a different language.

        • You have been brainwashed by the western media, go check the real facts, the americans caused all this bullshit in the middle east and the crap in ukraine, putin is fixing the mess, the lies belong in the propaganda that is western media…….

        • It seems that you was raised under yank propaganda controlled by the Jewish owned press, lol Israel owns USA, you do what’s best for the Jews lol not your own countrymen

    • You prick!!! Only now Russia has a make shift military base because they were asked to help in the fight against American terrorism. There was never a Crimean base… you are a sad case! Just go back to sleep.

    • Niiiice, hey who here is getting paid by the FSB to put up inane and asinine fake information everywhere?

      @ The Russians in this thread, with the superior quality of Western education, we’ve got a huge group of Russian movers and shakers, the new future of Russia, and they hate it there.

      Just ask my girlfriend. Just a year ago she believed being homosexual was a choice, and that Putin wasn’t that bad. But once you get out of the giant firewall of misinformation your country has thrown up, anyone can do their own homework.

      It’s bad enough that she doesn’t want to go back, and doesn’t think there’s a culture in Russia that can compete with the West or even utilize the depth of her skills.

      Which is a shame too, because she’s already held significant office in Russia and was a real innovator in her field. Your loss, normal world’s gain.

      • you are the one getting paid here, looking at the amount of time and effort you’re putting on answering all the negative responses you’re getting. Just give up and go back to your cave! C

  2. All along have been having trust and respect for that BBC Journalist Simpson but with such questions that do lack common sense, I think President Putin’s response was perfect

  3. Russia seems to be being blamed for a lot at the moment, let’s not forget who it was that destabilised the middle east – the west – If we could just look past what has happened in the past then we would be able to build a good relationship with Russia.
    Putin did the right thing in putting simpson in his place, it was a stupid comment to make & put’s the british in the wrong light.

    • Don’t count on it Chris. And actually Russia and the former USSR were just as bad at damaging the Middle East as any Western country could be.

      I mean the Spetsnaz assassinated the Afghani president in his own palace and basically started the ground-work for Al-Qaida. There’s a very, very, very good reason why Russia has seen so much more Islamic terrorism than the United States has. Chechnya, and all the Muslims who never forgot the first Afghan war.

  4. I believe the correct leading question is “have you quit beating your wife?”

    Which is essentially what the journalist tried to do.

  5. Russia is now stronger than ever before, Russia is huge in territory, Russia is having all strategical resources, Russia rich, Russia is less in population but everyone handle kalashnikov,AK 47, T92, mig, sukoi….the strongest patriotic army in world. Not like western contract army who hides under mud instead fight. Russia never attack fi rst but if someone try to invade and thats history later. Just to remember Napolien, hitler invasion.

    So, many western countries under US guidance, trying to solve their economic problems by invading midde east and loot their rich oil and gas. Then expanding nato to Rusdian border and destroy the conutry like USSR before they done. Finally loot everything again from Russia.

    PUTIN here…The Russian bear will never giveup an inch of his territory.

    Hope this is clear for those whoz brains were screwed up by fox news.


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