No longer the ‘Lucky Country.’ The Orwellian State of Australia


The Sunburnt Country, the one down under, in the South; it used to be a land of free speech and prosperity. But what happened? When did it all go left of center and into the rabbit hole of Big Brother? When did the censorship really hit; the registering for protests at certain events to have your name recorded, or told you’re not permitted; the new laws of Internet data collection? And the list goes on.

In the last five years, Australia has seen five Prime Ministers. There was Rudd in 2007, Gillard in 2010 (leadership spill), Rudd again in 2013, Abbott in 2013, and Turnbull in 2015 (another leadership spill). Not bad for a country that gives their leader a 3 year term, huh?


The leadership spills’ were the tip of the iceberg. The then Communications Minister, Mr. Turnbull – the one who introduced and whole heartedly propagated and supported the Internet fascist laws – sorry ‘reforms’ – that came into effect last week – perhaps rubbed his hands in delight as he saw his chance hover in near horizons. He’s not unfamiliar to the terms ‘dirty laundry.’ The soon to be Prime Minister had his sights set to add to his offshore tax haven Cayman Islands accounts’ with a Prime Minister’s salary.

I had discussed in an earlier article, that “…Communications Minister Malcom Turnbull wants to enforce the retaining of consumers metadata for two years, which include IP addresses, dates, locations and various details ASIO and other security agencies would see fit to seize without a warrant.”

A handful of weeks into parliament, and Turnbull’s wish list of Internet wants are now laws officially enforced.


Small Internet Providers are unable to abide by the new laws. Local radio alone interviewed a handful, some of which were tearful as they announced their livelihood as a thing of the past. They have no choice, comply with the massive and costly outlay to run independent Internet provision, or close shop.


The new privacy laws are a kicker, too. These laws were made early in 2015 to aid with the collection of personal data.



“There is a loophole in this principle that could give some wiggle room on this – the act also allows organisations to provide notification of data collection [to private citizen] after it has actually been collected, “as soon as possible after,” according to The Guardian. Loopholes and wriggle room? You’ve got to be kidding, mate!

How about the free media in Australia print the cons of what is happening with the latest laws? Instead, there is barely a scratch mentioned. Journalist Andrew Bolt, from the Herald Sun, is the only one to come close to reality of what this country has become. “LIBERALS are restless. Malcolm Turnbull has been Prime Minister for four weeks, and I’m getting complaints,” he states. The commentary receiving polite requests for Bolt to step down from his comments on the newly elected leader.


But never mind, with the track record of PM’s, Malcolm Turnbull shouldn’t last more than the next cricket season and Christmas Eve sing-a-long of Carols By Candlelight. If I’m lucky, my next overseas holiday may see in another PM I never voted for.

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  1. Yeah, I know this. Sooner or later the government is going to take advantage of people. I hate this new law. It took off the privacy in this country. What is going to be next? Police arresting people just because of someone’s collected data which doesn’t even break the law? and trust me, the Police here has no sense of humour. Joke around and they think it’s serious. You know how I know? I’m Under 16 and they charge me for some reason ‘being old enough realising my mistake and what’s right and wrong’ . This country is starting to be more like the U.S … Now, I’m just waiting for the conspiracy of the Australian Government spying (this already is) the whole country like what the NSA did. F*** this whole new law.

  2. you fail to mention one word without which you make a mystery. that word is JEW itr is a zog nation like usa and europe zog zionist occupied govt. palain and simple.


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