G20’s Police State in Australia


If you act in accordance with directions that are given…disturbances will be kept to a minimum. If you undergo searching while going about your business because you have certain (eggs, big protest signs, loud noises) goods in your possession…disturbances will be kept to a minimum. “The interaction that they [the public] may have with members of the police service and security forces will be different. It’s important for members of the public to be aware of what restrictions[1] come into effect in the declared zones.”

Scary stuff. Are we talking about Russia? No. The United States? No. China perhaps? No. The above quotes are from Queensland’s Law Society president, Ian Brown. Australia, the “lucky country.” The G20 Summit has arrived, and along with it, the police state has been declared. Not officially, of course. But it’s there, and the message is clear. Magistrate Courts are scheduled to run 24 hours a day[2] for the G20 duration, just in case.


Police prepare to fire rubber bullets at protestors

Sessions are to be live streamed on the internet, for society to see. It is a reminder of 1984, Brave New World, possibly Minority Report. These are works of fiction, not works of Australian society of course, but the ‘she’ll be right, mate,’ attitude has all but dwindled, it’s passion for thy neighbor stomped out in ash. Designated areas for peaceful protestors who have to register their interest in protesting, have been set aside. The Mayor has urged for locals to remain in the city to set an example to the rest of the world how wonderful Australia really is. It’s like painting a canvas by number. Protesters over there; an empty street over there; mother pushing child in pram over here. Yes, yes, Australia is beautiful, see our landscape and wonderful people [told not to travel on certain roads and to postpone trips out of the city]…come join us, we welcome everyone; we’ll even have the police take photos of the happy protestors[3] for memorabilia [who fit the criteria and may risk passing information on to foreign spy services].The staging of G20 is endless. The numbers revolving around G20 are staggering. Let’s take a look:

  • Overall cost: approximately $468 million[4] of which $370 million will be distributed to host meetings.[5]
  • Approximately 3500[6] Queensland Police Officers and 1500 New Zealand and State Police Officers at around $97 million.
  • 2000 ADF personnel to support Police. (Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force).[7]
  • Running of the Magistrates courts 24/7 over the G20 duration.

The history of the G20 summit extends back to 1999 as a meeting of central bank governors and finance ministers converged in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis. In 2008, the first official G20 leaders’ summit was held in the shadows of the Global Financial Crisis. Since then, G20 leaders have met a number of times and there is now a summit each year. You can find out more about the official line of the Australian G20 summit here.

If you want to do something against it, here is the Occupy G20 Brisbane facebookgroup: https://www.facebook.com/OccupyG20Brisbane


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  1. Hello dear friends 🙂 Glad this will be streamed as need to keep a close eye on this. I need to learn so much as you guys aer so good, but work hard in other areas 🙂 Do the best I can and think the world of you all 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  2. Australia has always been an overtly racist country ask any Aborigine. If you are Australian and disagree with this statement, prove it by taking your country back for all it’s inhabitants. You have the natural resources to go it alone with the NWO, rise up against the puppets controlling you. Don’t get sucked into the Western Axis of Evil.

    • Of course it’s racist we stole land that wasn’t ours and killed them for it. But it is to not live as past generations as we can see as it does nothing but hold back ‘OUR’ future as a country.


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