#OpNewblood – Anonymous is Recruiting


Over the years computers have become a part of our daily modern existence. From texting to watching movies, posting on Facebook or sharing pictures on Instagram over to Tweeting random thoughts, these things have become so common that our daily lives are incomplete without them. But with all these electronic interacting devices, groups and networks lies a thin line of security risk. More or less, this “risk” is based within the machine or the device itself. With a fear that people can exploit those vulnerabilities and alter the information for various reasons – Hacker – was the title crowned to those individuals who could manipulate electronic information systems, and as time passed the term hacker got a bad reputation.


We Are Anonymous. We are Legion.
We do not forgive. We do not forget.
Expect us.

Anonymous is not just a collective of hackers or people who like to go over discussion boards and talk about hacking random websites. We are not just a group of people who do this for fun. Our mission is to help people interested in making this world a better place for our families and our children. We are a family:

We are citizens of the world who bear witness to tyranny, oppression and censorship.

We are activists who seek to change the system and the cycle of corruption.

We seek to create transparency in governments and all institutions of public service.

We resist those who seek to violate our rights as human beings.

As a collective of autonomous individuals however,

WE HAVE NO LEADERS who dictate the methods of resistance.

Some of us are indeed hackers, who use our skills to make critical information available to the public.

Some of us organize protests and rallies.

Some of us volunteer our time to feed those who can’t feed themselves.

We are your neighbours, your friends, and your relatives.

We prepare your food, repair your appliances, write your books, compose your music, and create your technology.

We are your postal workers, barbers, store clerks and lawyers.

We are socialists, capitalists, we are atheists and we are religious, WE ARE EVERYONE

and we are no one.


Anyway, we are looking for those enthusiastic individuals who can become a part of our cause, think like us and work like us, believe in what we believe and become a member of our team, become Anonymous.

To help you understand what we are and how you can become a member of the Anonymous collective ; we have a dedicated web page (https://newblood.anonops.com) that will help you guide through. You are now Anonymous, but you were already. We are legion. We are expecting you.

United as One,

Divided by Zero.



Link: https://newblood.anonops.com

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  1. Hey I got education in visual communications and graphics design and I run a tattoo studio called.custom goodlife!i’m a war child from mostar in x-Yugoslavia and I can’t stand seeing injustice!wanna do more for my society and my home town!want me?

  2. I also would love to be apart of the anonymous movement and fully believe in your cause and what Anonymous stands for. However I too am not efficient enough on a computer at these point to be any help. If there is anything else I could be useful for let me know.

    • I been following for some time now and believe everything Anonymous stand for.
      Please contact me. I want to be part of the group. I always thought I was alone in this matter until you guys came along and brought it to light. I thank you for that and you have my FULL saport.please contact me with further info
      -your friend\freedom fighter

  3. I want to run for President. This may sound silly but I’m serious. I grew up in small town America. I had a great family. I’m raising two boys.
    I consider myself a Constitutionalist.
    Ending the Federal Reserve and re-establishing the U.S. Treasury as the only bank able to print money by the act of Congress. Establish FairTax and abolish IRS and the 16th Amendment. Friendship and commerce with all Nations. Entangling alliances with none.
    I have many more ideas for a prosperous US.

    I support Anonymous.


  4. I support the cause and glad there are people like this out there. I would love to join but I know nothing about computers or how I can be of any help. But again thank you for standing up for people like me

  5. I love you guys……MY HEROES…I PASS your messages every time. I know in my heart, your group is in part responsible for the miracle happening right now. Thank you, with all my heart, thank you All!.

  6. I started in business with only the military/science ARPA (?) net & dumb monitors; then email came to the mainframe. I know nothing of programming; I built the wires, the harnesses, the cords, the plugs, the flat cable, the ethernet cable invention. I can not program. My first pc was Osborn with CPM, 4″ middle green screen, 2 side 5.4″ floppies and a wild 64K RAM. Best on mkt at time, portable. in the 60’s college political activist; JFK Dem, LBJ+Joints+CIA+FBI+FedRes+mafia killed him. Dems today don’t like him; he would not like them either. Same 100 days agenda and action as Reagan but nobody reads and thinks any more. I have seen the golden of what we were to be to the world; I live in the dark of nevermore. I follow you for you have the tools, the dedication is expose the lies, the “feelings” politics and media destroying us. You have the means to expose what the Central Gov and their elite have made of all of us remaining: the slave. Polite society would call us now Indentured Servants (sold into the family for safety, food, housing, medical care, education maybe in exchange for work–is this not Slavery. The ones who know not history know it was the white man who would sell himself, his family, his children into indentured Servant Hood for all the above–make the exchange from a bit of freedom here or there for a bit or security or protection or anything free and in the exchange for what he thought was security, he finds he has no longer Freedom but he also no longer has security for the State and Central Gov have taken it away. this is what is lost; this is what must be told, this is what must be restored before this land is once again in disgrace divided into reservations as our new Owners come it and take what they now own from buying our debt. The truth then will be too late unless Logan’s Run is true. Soylent Green lived on; HAL controlled until the wondrous thing happened. Arise, ANON, NOW is YOUR day! My generation failed badly for most turned to greed and the lie.

  7. Quoted-“Hacker – was the title crowned to those individuals who could manipulate electronic information systems and as time passed the term hacker got a bad reputation.
    Anonymous is not just a collective of hackers or people who like to go over discussion boards and talk about hacking random websites. We are not just a group of people who do this for fun. Our mission is to help people interested in making this world a better place for our families and our children. We are a family; form freethinker to people who can build a super computer.”

    This is what we are all about, and no government or *corrupt* authority can destroy this truth.
    They can label us what they want, but nothing can change or destroy an idea, however that’s all a part of their system. That is how the authorities work in these dark ages. They have a corrupt system whereby they go around manipulating, managing oppositions (that threat their corruption), painting bias and propaganda via the media, controlling and maiming the people that talk out against them. They go out of their way to silence organisations, revolutionary movements, and individuals. But they have another thing coming if they think they can silence Anonymous. Because Anonymous is different and very unique. Anonymous has no leaders, no hierarchy, no ideologies, no membership and no organisation. Anonymous is built on an idea and consists of millions upon millions of ideas, which constructed form a revolutionary technique. That technique is the power of the people, and our message cannot and will not be silenced. The gluttonous elite and the corrupted government have no podium to spout their treachery any longer. We the people see behind your veil of lies, and now we are taking control. Be afraid, we are the 99%, and we are angry. You may mock us and attempt to silence us but you will inevitably fail. The 99% outnumber the 1%. We strive for justice and we shall get it. #OpNewBlood is a much needed operation in these sinister times, it has come along at the right pace. Now is the time to take matters into our hands, now is the time for people to stop being ignorant, obnoxious and naive. Now is the time to take the blinds off and see this orchestrated system the elite have complexly placed. Now is the time to state your feelings, get out and revolt. Revolt and in doing so become anonymous.

  8. I will do anything i can that I feel is right and honorable. I do not care if I am arrested. The most they can do is drag me away in my wheelchair. 10 yrs of oppression after Kentucky State Police wrecked me up Oct . 7 2005. I am not afraid I’m fed up. I run a facebook group Legalize Medical Marijuana in Kentucky (LMMK).
    Iam part of the 99%.

  9. At 70 I’ve plenty of time and the inclination, however, I don’t think I’m clever enough to understand it all. I thought I was getting really brilliant when I taught myself html and psp, but my brain gave up at that point. Am sad about this as would really like to be involved.

  10. If you are NSA that’s fine come kill me. I am peaceful until me or my, mother brothers, and sisters are threatened or harmed. I’m just fed up, and i am part of the 99% that will be on the list to be destroyed in a new world order.I’m also aware im going to die soon from cancer. I just want the cannabis plant free in KY.

  11. We all have 24 hours in every day, some just spend it differently. What you are really saying is that if Freedom, Justice and Truth were higher on your priority list, then you might actually make a stand. I would like to formally ask you to make time, learn more and take a stand. The choice is yours.

  12. Tengo una petición y si es posible, actualmente en Puerto Rico la mala administratorio de fondos federales por parte del gobiernos esta afectando al pueblo Un ejemplo aquí en Puerto Rico se tienen dos Camaras de representantes, cuando con una cámara, se ahorrarían millones de dolares y seria un beneficio para el pueblo tener una sola cámara, porque seria menos costo, el alza sin sentido en las facturas de Agua y luz, las dietas y sueldos excesivos en los políticos, las ofertas engañosas de empresas que no son de Puerto Rico hacia la población ( Un ejemplo claro). Lo que pido y si es posible, es que miren la problemática que hay en Puerto Rico y como podríamos juntos hacer un cambio y hacerle entender al gobierno que el pueblo tiene voz, porque yo uno de los que esta cansado de la explotación y las injusticias que hay de parte del gobiernos hacia la población.

  13. Pas une semaine ne se passe sans un nouveau scandale politique… Cette fois-ci c’est Jouyet et Fillon qui sont pris en flagrant-délit de magouilles et de mensonges… Cette clique qui nous gouverne n’a vraiment honte de rien et peur de rien !
    Magouilles, mensonges, promesses jamais tenues, affairisme, pots de vin, népotisme, gaspillages en tout genre, détournement de fonds public, comptes de campagne trafiqués, enrichissement personnel, trafic d’influence, corruption des procureurs, fourniture d’armes aux groupes terroristes du moyen orient, complicité avec les dictateurs africains, complicité de crimes de guerre et crime contre l’humanité, détournement de l’aide au développement, fraude fiscale, fonds secrets, caisses noires, détournement de subventions, cumul des mandats et des rémunérations, abus de privilèges en tout genre, rémunérations indécentes, indemnités et allocations abusives, protection sociale et retraite privilégiées, emplois fictifs, faux électeurs, manipulation des médias, etc…
    La liste des crimes et délits de la classe dirigeante semble interminable… et la plupart du temps en toute impunité…
    Toute cette ribambelle d’énarques, de technocrates et de responsables politiques qui nous gouvernent n’a plus aucune limite.
    Or, simplement en vertu de notre constitution et de nos lois, tous ces hauts dirigeants (responsables politiques, parlementaires, cadres des partis politiques, hauts fonctionnaires, membres de cabinets ministériels, etc…) sont au minimum coupables de Haute Trahison envers le peuple Français.
    Ils pillent l’héritage de notre pays sans aucun état d’âme, ils manipulent l’opinion publique sans arrêt, ils mentent comme ils respirent et magouillent tant qu’ils le peuvent… Ils trahissent le peuple tous les jours ! Et même si ils sont des milliers dans “l’élite”, ils devraient tous être en prison aujourd’hui. (Car même si certains diront qu’ils ne sont pas forcément tous pourris, ils sont au minimum tous complices d’un système totalement perverti).
    En plus de galvauder nos institutions et de discréditer la Vème République, ils ont ruiné notre économie (tout en enrichissant leur clan !), démembré notre industrie, tué notre agriculture, détruit notre protection sociale, et favorisé la haine de l’autre…
    Notre devise Liberté – Egalité – Fraternité n’a aujourd’hui plus aucun lien avec la réalité de notre pays et plus aucun sens.
    Il va bien falloir un jour ou l’autre mettre fin à cette mauvaise gouvernance de notre pays qui dure depuis tant d’années.
    Il faut que le peuple de France dise STOP !
    Nous sommes des millions, ensemble nous pouvons mettre toute cette clique hors d’état de nuire. Nous pouvons les mettre tous en prison et bâtir une 6ème République digne de ce nom.

    Nous pouvons imaginer un modèle de démocratie participative qui sera plus sains que cette pseudo démocratie représentative dont les élites ne représentent aujourd’hui plus le peuple mais simplement défendent leurs propres intérêts et privilèges et ceux de leur clan…

    Nous pouvons imaginer une justice réellement indépendante avec un ministre de la justice élu au suffrage universel direct et devant être le garant devant le peuple d’une bonne administration de la justice, y compris dans le contrôle des politiques…

    Nous pouvons imaginer des médias qui ne seraient plus contrôlés par le pouvoir ou par les grandes multinationales, mais au contraire des médias qui ne pourraient exister que sous forme de société coopérative, où chaque journaliste serait actionnaire et responsable de ses propos…

    Nous pouvons imaginer un nouveau système fiscal qui supprime tous ces impôts et toutes ces taxes innombrables imaginés par nos énarques depuis les dernières décennies au profit d’une Taxe Unique applicable à toutes les transactions commerciales et financières, obligeant l’état à gérer le budget qu’il est capable de générer plutôt que de laisser les technocrates inventer sans cesse de nouvelles taxes pour couvrir leurs dépenses abyssales et leurs privilèges…

    Nous pouvons réinventer un système de protection sociale qui garantisse chaque citoyen d’une couverture à 100% sans avoir à engraisser des actionnaires d’assurances privées…

    Nous pouvons nous réapproprier les banques de dépôts en considérant que l’argent du peuple doit servir les intérêts de la Nation et financer les projets stratégiques d’intérêt général et non pas servir les intérêts et délires spéculatifs des actionnaires privés de nos grandes banques…

    Nous pouvons relancer notre agriculture en limitant les marges de la grande distribution et le nombre d’intermédiaires qui aujourd’hui se gavent en étranglant les producteurs, contraints pour survivre de dépendre d’un système de subventions imaginé pour “enrichir les plus riches”…

    Nous pouvons sauver notre industrie pour retrouver le plein emploi, en favorisant la liberté d’entreprendre, en revenant à une fiscalité supportable et grâce à une technicité et un savoir-faire reconnus dans le monde entier, tout en misant sur les énergies et les technologies de demain pour bâtir et rebâtir nos infrastructures…

    Nous pouvons imaginer un modèle de société solidaire garantissant un toit et un minimum vital pour tous, et garantissant à tous l’accès aux produits de première nécessité à des prix abordables…

    Nous pouvons redonner à la France sa place prépondérante qu’elle avait sur la scène internationale en réaffirmant nos valeurs universelles, pas seulement dans les paroles mais surtout dans les actes, en réprimant férocement la corruption, les crimes de guerre et les crimes contre l’humanité, dont nous avons été malheureusement trop souvent complices ces dernières années…

    Nous pouvons changer notre destin et celui de notre pays en le décidant. Ensemble.

    Le 14 juillet 2015, pendant que nos élites se gaveront de petits fours et de champagne dans les palais dorées, nous, le peuple de France, pouvons reprendre le pouvoir de notre pays et nous pouvons changer notre avenir.

    Partagez ce message, copiez-le et diffusez-le en masse par email à vos contacts, amis, voisins… Créez des comités locaux et préparez-vous pour le jour de la libération… D’autres l’ont fait avant nous.
    Cela ne dépend que de nous, et personne ne le fera à notre place !

    PS: N’ayez pas peur du pouvoir répressif de ces élites dégoulinantes, même si ils sont nombreux et puissants… Nous, nous sommes des millions… La police, l’armée et la justice ont prêté serment de servir la France et donc son peuple. Ils ne protégeront pas plus longtemps cette oligarchie pervertie.

  14. I’m not a hacker…but would like to help somehow???? I think what Anonymous has done and continues to do is worth supporting…how can we help?

  15. I may not know much about hacking but I can learn, I was in Her Majesties armed forces, believing I was fighting for the right side, but from what I’ve seen, there is only one right side, the correct side, the expected side, Anonymous. I don’t mind if I am not accepted, but I will always support you.

  16. I am not overly tech savvy, basically enough to keep my system running and get my work done. I have been watching for a way to participate, other than public marches, with Anonymous. How can someone like me even help? I share videos to try to spread the word on stories, but it doesn’t seem like I’m helping any more than sharing videos of a cute cat.
    Any advice for a well-intended novice?

  17. I am 13 and i am VERY mature/smart for my age, i know HTML and CSS i’m learning python next (Unless i should learn something more important.) I am skilled with computers and i support anonymous fully. i would like to learn some things, but because i don’t have a VPN i can’t hack much. I can do more practical things though.

  18. I like to think of myself as at least decently computer savvy…. Simply trying to even talk in chat you gotta be a fucking computer nikola tesla to even attempt it…. I get security issues (thank you patriot act whoo hoo) but this chat sytem is way way way beyond my abilities even after reading the tutorial… I never knew any entity could make such a simple concept as a chat room so damn frustratingly complicated…

  19. I remember the habbo hotel incident, gotta say good times in my life but bringing me back to the days I was woken up with events all falling in place during that time, thank you 😀

  20. those who say I want to join however I’m not knowledgeable. those who say I have to be a genius and understand computer code. I say if there’s a minute in a day, I’m free to volunteer. I say I have a brain. I can read. I can learn. it’s about desire! I desire to protect my freedom on the Internet.

  21. interestingly newblood Link will not open on Google browser, if any one has this issue just use a different browser, firefox preferably just cause its better 😛

  22. I would like to join I’m very manipulative. I have many questions and maybe many answers for your questions I’m a quick thinker I’m not very good with CPUs/phones/laptops but I’m good at many other things which I can explain if contacted. I don’t like wasting my time so please contact me I will say this once if it’s a cause to fight for then I will fights any means necessary with intellegeance and brute force I’m light on my feet and quick with my thinking I CAN GET THINGS DONE if you supply the transportation
    I’ll be waiting for you to contact me

  23. Maybe the way to beat them is to join them, if someone from anonymous stands in each constituencies in the next general election then they would only answer to the people that they represent. Get enough people elected and you can start changing things

  24. Man, anybody who does not take advantage of this is a effin fool! Even if U do NOT THINK that U know enough about computers, so effen what!! It’s free and you really “work” at it U may pull down 6 figures. This is a great govt sponsored giveaway!!! YOu can always go to college later.

  25. I would like to be a part of the evolution, to be a part of constructing a better planet for the presences and new generations, perhaps do not have the necessary hardware, the suitable knowledge, but I have the disposition to support the cause..

  26. i really hope you guys are real….i mean really really hope you guys are real….because i feel like this website wouldn’t even be allowed to function if you were…but i want to trust you guys as well….but its hard…you guys might be working for them…you might not.////i really hope your not…but i don’t know what to trust anymore…..but if you are real…keep up the good work..

  27. It’s nice to see a group of people that stand against injustices and inhumane treatment that our government imposes on us. The government hates people that fight back! Keep up with the good work and don’t leave any tracks!

  28. I got a brother in-law that say its only the hackers that are significant in the cause the rest show no true actions even if marching or protesting to voice in public by mass does nothing at all help me clarify to him because no matter the way I try to explain it it don’t sink in

  29. As a Musician and Recording artist i use my recording & Sound Editing programs Pretty much everyday. I am A Father / A Family Man A fighter / Patriot / Lover Of Jesus Christ AND FREEDOM and My Country America and it’s People !!!!… so If there is Anything i can do Please count me in !!!!!!!!

    PREPAIR IT’S COMING !!!! OOH !!! RAA !!!


  30. Im no hacker , Im just someone who cares about , Freedom and Justice for all . I have been through Massacres in my Childhood years .. The tipping point for me to support Anon was the Ukraine Crisis / Odessa Massacre .. All i can offer the Group is information …

  31. I hope this group spread to the whole world. I have the same goal as you do, I am not an AMERICAN, nor in AMERICA, but I can feel and understand what you are going thru, sometimes, I want to make a rebellion to our Government here. But I cant. I cant do anything yet. But I know someone will stand up and turn this thing around. Please help us here too… I want to become like you.


  32. I am a marine that has been out for over 15 years I would very much like to be apart of the movement anything i can do please let me know. Thank-you

  33. Know of any Anons in Vancouver BC? Been searching online for a following but haven’t successfully found anything. I would like to help in any way. Finally something worth fighting for, with brains and numbers to back it. I’m in. Looking for a home group or something close. Might have to walk the streets in my mask and recruit them myself.

  34. i would ask if i could join but i hadnt had much time to study or learn and every time i look up how to its either very easy and useless or impossible(for me) or fake can someone teach me?

  35. Building the convenient art and revolt machine the Ayris Beauty Machine or Ayris Machine http://www.ayrismachine.com
    Already worked with 10 programmers about i need someone ENGAGED for the revolution.
    if anyone actually understands this computer language and wants to help me report to anonops then let me know. I am a sculptor and if you see the machine I’m trying to code you see its remarkably SIMPLE, no codes needed to talk?!?
    Also if you read the main page you can see what it is and how far it should go.
    (except for bending the internet we are not going to do that for all those concerned over their privacy.) Or will we? :3

  36. I really wanna join man but i’m just a starter to computer programing, freshmen here. To anyone who could help me learn, thank you very much and let’s do this for freedom.

  37. I think I have waited my whole life to dedicate myself to changing the world . I was ruined by the state at age 20 and did five and a half years pver my twenties behind something I didnt do that still affects me. I believe that there needs to be a saner more humane more symibiotic with nature and change to an plausible good life for all.

  38. I am behind you guys.. Period. Everyone has said what I would say.
    If you ever set up a crowd funding setup.. I would be DELIGHTED to contribute to this very worthy cause.
    Keep up the good work.. Its inspiring.

  39. I’m 100 for 100! I would enjoy helping in any way. 20 years enterprise architecture, Fortune 1000. Can anyone give guidance on pure anon???

  40. (Anonymous) i always go on your website to read your blogs, posts and replies and ive realized that you guys seem very smart, and always have a good response, along with facts that prove your point

  41. We are the wraiths. We respect anonymous and every thing they do, however the wraiths are more….physical. we go back century’s, jhon Wilks booth was a,rough wraith himself. As anonymous we don’t forgive and,certainly don’t forget. We are much more secretive however and unlike most anons, we aren’t afraid to spill blood of we have to. More info will be available for those who want it

  42. Are there courses on hacking? I’m quite computer literate. I was a Cisco trainer before I retired. I’m not a fluent programmer, but I can program slowly referring all the while to reference books. I really would like to make a difference. I thought I could inform people about what’s really going on, but most people are deaf to truth.

  43. I have little skill in hacking i know how to get ips and if you take me in i would try to learn more but i dont think im skilled enough. and i hate the government. count me in

  44. Count me IN, I´ve been standing for I believe is right for me, my family, my friends, then you appear in the ecuation… some times I need back up, and start thinking about all of you as my mates… lets kick some asses.

    Need to know how do we start working together, how do I contact you? through IRC?


  45. So there has been this little bugger on all my emails ssending me gift cards and stuff like that but i have just started getting into stuff like this if anyone at all could help me and teach me the ways of using cmd prompt to hack and ddos send me an email>[email protected]

  46. Hi

    I have no time. But I’m on your side (not only since the recent events).

    I can share some CPU & disk space.

    Do you have some Linux/Windows apps (like SETI), so you can use some on my PC do to whatever you want (coordinate attack on IS, or crack their bank account 🙂 ?
    Application which does not require root/adm rights, of course.

    Good luck

  47. Stop asking how to hack. They have info on hacking tools if you know where to look. So rather than ask, try to figure it out by yourselves.

  48. I can’t do shit technologically but if you need a foot soldier to right a wrong and stand on the front line for justice and sort this shitty world out then I’m your huckleberry.

  49. You can start just by spreading out information. There are too many people out there that think news a 6pm is the only source of information. In many instances mainstream media outlets are not only lacking in facts, but omitting truths altogether if they do not fit the narrative. In a true Army not every body is the fighter pilot or even a ground soldier. A true Army needs support and logistics.

  50. I want to volunteer! I can’t stand here watching the world slowly come to it’s end. I want to help the world or be part of the people who can and will lead the world to a better future and end the corruption. I’m tired of lies the government tells us. My experience with computers are pretty good I will say, I do subjects at school relating to computer like this year, Information Software and Technology. Next year (2016) I will be doing Software Design and Development. Can I join? 😀

  51. Before this , i registered but i can’t use it who can tell me why?? i make account here for a few days 3 days? and still can’t use.

  52. Hi Everyone,
    The way I see it Anonymous needs all sorts of skills and commitments, because our War is on many Fronts, in no particular order:
    1: information and Truth: (currently under way)
    2: Ideological alignment: (Global Communication) I would like to see the internet somehow moved to all our mobile devices, ever adapting ever present, lets use the very same tools Governments use to control and Lie.This will be our command and control for global synchronicity of action.
    3: Physical Presence: (Recruitment) we need to build a Global standing army ready for anything, Civil Aid & civil disobedience, all this activity by Anonymous wont mean a lot if were not prepared to fight in the end, so we need to be taught and armed. Capitalism and all its evils won’t just roll over for us, expect a bitter fight that will start somewhere like England or the USA. We need all the ex soldiers of the world that realize now they’ve been fighting the wrong war and Enemy.
    4: Logistics: every Army needs equipment, we can create effective ingenious weapons from commercially available products to match any ground Army.
    5: Comprehensive attack on the Global and Domestic financial institutions, wipe out debt in all Banks, disrupt Global trading, and compromise our enemy War Machines(command and control all the way down to Offensive attack systems ( missiles, Tanks, Aircraft,Targeting systems, a Hyper Virus that can travel via all comms networks: Wi Fi, Bluetooth, analogue and Digital, we need to be able to hack via all the phones on the planet, Satellite disruption, we need a virus that’s intelligent enough to find its way to targets.

    and thats just for starters!

  53. Imagine if the “money” from the world banks, “royal family” of England and Catholic church was all transferred to the bank accounts of the poor across the globe…. now that would be doing good.

  54. putting an end to all the lies, the cover ups,the cheating,all the wrong being done by those that just don’t care, btw,infobot.org explains this whole thing really good for those that want into the world of the real internet

  55. I wanna be in….if you want I can only make an Anonymus XP windows version cuz I will finish my windows version sooner…PS: I’m not a hacker or a cracker and neither a programmer but i know something about computers and I’m intrested in them

  56. I’d love to join you but I’m not happy about your statement that statement that you don’t forgive. Seems a bit hard-line to me. I imagine newspapers never forgive too. No matter the facts once marked you will be hunted?

    As I’ve said, that’s a tad extreme for me. However I thank you for the good work that you do and the shitty work that I hope that you don’t.

    Seasons greetings.


  57. Yo soy de mexico y aquí la económica esta de la jodida y pues me gustaría que eso cambiará, yo se inglés se hablarlo y leer y entenderlo , pero no escribir , pero me gustaría cambiar no el mundo sino el estado donde vivo ,… Y pues me gustaría aprender a hackear , lla que dar alimentos y ropa a los de la calle ya lo eh hecho varias veses

    Por favor enseñenme
    Please teach me

  58. I saw that Anonymous is stopping child porn. Is there anything I can do to help? I’m not a hacker but I can learn.
    Thank you for your time

  59. I have to admit, it’s rather annoying to see people asking about how they can help in these comments. Read the guide you just scrolled past and start learning, meet some other members of anonymous and get to work. Anonymous is a leaderless group of people making things happen on your own and no one wants to hold your hand and walk you through it. Start taking some steps yourself and soon enough you’ll find something that you can do to help and that’s when the fun starts, but it’s up to you to get there. Stop with these nonsense comments and wasting your time and start learning.

  60. I am having a hell of a time trying to connect witg other anons. Omg this phone is drivibg me crazy as I speak so please excuse my typos. Alor if anonymous relared links I click on particularly ones for forums and also the opnewblood website say there is data connectivity problem. The one forum I could get to pull up said I was a spambot when I tried to register. Said to contsct admin but I couldn’t find anyway to dothat . Grant it I’m trying to do all from an old model samsung touchscreen. I dont know what I’m supposed to do

  61. I support You Anonymous, you guys are bringing justice through your efforts. i want to contribute something if i could help you guys in it.

  62. Count on me, I’ve wanted in for years now. I would help any good cause and fight any form of corruption in the best ways possible. I am anonymous and I want in.

  63. over a decade and a half ago I used to be a computer tech, I did web design HTML hardcode basic JavaScript when it came out, etc SQL basic understanding of C C++ from back then. Since then I’ve aged had 3 kids discovered I had late onset Tay Sachs, and now spend most of time fighting Social Security for benefits and looking for new neurosurgeons or anybody who might have a way to postpone the effects of my genetic syndrome. I’ve had my children taken away by the government due to my former drug issues, don’t never charged with anything I still lost my children, I now live in the same city as they do and I do not get to see them. I’ve been misdiagnosed my whole life told I had cancer, MS, Lou Gehrig’s, no nevermind we don’t know what you have. Only to be told in 07 of the fact that I have late onset Tay Sachs, now that they know what I have they don’t know what to do about it so they ignore me even to the point of making me feel guilty for being born with a genetic defect. in fact I just moved into a disabled retirement community at the age of 43 in July and I’m scrambling to come up with my rent money of $224 tomorrow because they canceled my benefits for some reason even though I have a letter stating that I should have my benefits in my bank account via direct deposit as of December 31st 2015. I have worked hard and supported myself my whole life as well as men who have come in and out and taken advantage and left once they got whatever it was they needed from me. Despite all of this I’m pretty positive I try to stay upbeat and do what I can especially if it’s for a good cause or somebody that in a worse position than me and that’s lately just about everybody, despite all my issues problems and hardships I’m pretty blessed I have friends, I have a roof over my head, I have running water and I have food. so you guys count me in if there’s anything I can do let me know Oh, sometimes I get sick and run down and I get offline or I don’t respond as fast as I should be as soon as I start feeling better on back getting done whatever needs to be done. as for the fact that my children were stolen from me please feel free tofeel free to check me out contact me if you need to call text email whatever you have to do I’ll give you all the information because basically they stole my children so that they wouldn’t have to put the father of my sons in prison for beating the crap out of me on the day that I gave birth to my second son which was July 10th 2007. I was told I haD Tay Sachs in 2006, it was confirmed in May of 2007. when they cut my benefits a couple days ago they also got Rid of my Medicare Medicaid and Humana gold plus all at the same time. I spent the day at Social Security, I have an appointment on the 26th of this month to go back and have everything reinstated. but until then if I have a seizure or choking issue or fall while tripping over the air whatever medical expenses I encounter at the ER or doctors visit that would be a result of an accident would be completely upon my shoulders. I have spent my entire life and bankruptcy and in debt due to my medical expense expenses and I have spent most of my time in pain and in surgeries to reconstruct both my ankles and in physical therapy and most of it I have had to bear the cost of the burden myself. so I’ve got nothing to fear anymore I’ve got nothing to hide anymore and I know what it’s like to be homeless, destitute, hungry, victim shamed, labeled and I know what it’s like to lose the most precious thing in the world my children because I didn’t have enough money for a good lawyer, or any lawyer and because after testing my blood for x it came back positive for trace amounts of marijuana. Yes they took my children away because they said I got stoned. so let me know what I can do I’m willing to help however I can it’s not going to be a whole lot of hardly anything I’m sure but I can retreat we share and I’m not ashamed to use my name and if they want it come and get me and throw me in jail they sure can because then they get to pay for my medical bills and I get to spend most the time in the jail hospital which is pretty much like being in my apartment I assume but with less books and probably wouldn’t let me crochet due to the sharp thing I would use to do the crocheting. I’m tired of feeling useless and I’m tired of being walked on and I’m tired of watching happened to others around me that are far worse off and don’t have anybody to speak up for them so let me know what I can do feel free to check me out and give me a call if you need to, I’m not just going to sit around and wait to die a really crappy. I need to make my life count for something other than how not to be a proper American. okay I’m stepping off the soapbox thanks for your time and thanks for all the great work you’re doing.

  64. I would love to support you guys. I can’t hack nor can I program. But I will do whatever I can to help you guys out. Keep up the great work count me in.

  65. Just to let everyone know. And few questions…
    Dr Timothy J Marten md in San Francisco is a psychopath who mutilated my dear friend who seeked help from him. She is the kindest person who is in this world to do good for us all. Rare unshelfish woman.
    She had skinninjury that made her skin sag too much for her age. She never wanted a plastic surgery but she had to in order to fix this. She looked for the best help for years since she only wanted to do the minor thing once in a lifetime and forget all the injury afterwards. Well turned out that this Tim Marten is a psychopath and he disfigured my friend in many ways. He liposuctioned fat out from her face, neck, nose, breasts, nipples, labua majora and he also shaved her jaw, forehead and nise bones. He made everything on purpose to torture my friend. He thought he can do that for someone who comes from Europe because it is hard to find justice to this case from there.
    He is a sexual abuser due to touching her breasts etc. and causing sexual dysfunction during skin only face operation.

    What is the easiest way to spread awareness about this that no one else gets hurt ? How is it possible to get justice? Can someone help.

  66. seems like a pretty good time for anonymous to attempt to create some kind of world militia. People gotta get behind these ideas that Anonymous has presented, but unfortunately everything has been a failure for many years now. If the governments aren’t overthrown by force, they will subject us to pre-planned genocides to re-enslave the population following the economic crisis and false flag wars. The issue simply is what good will hacking only do us when the internet goes out? Anonymous must become more then what it has been, because it has been mostly quieted by the social elites. But the people must understand the simplicity of the solution, and the British people must understand that it starts with toppling the Rothschild empire. Their leaders must be made an example by putting them to death for the murders they have committed. The future is bleak, and are young and old have been fooled into false ideals. The war awaits us, and the people have lost all ability to fight the regime. We must become more then hackers and programmers, or else they have already beaten Anonymous. Anonymous must make a call to the lesser educated, yet highly intelligent people. They must call them to arms in the name of the Legion. Time is very truly running out.


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