Anonymous Answers To The Evening Standard Article


Written by: Eight


In response to the article about Anonymous in the Evening Standard

(6th November 2014, by Benedict Moore-Bridger and Ben Morgan, UK):


Anonymous fights for Global Freedom. We fight against Government Corruption, Company Wrongdoing, the ongoing surveillance expansion, and anything we believe is unethical. In addition, this is an anti-violence movement, although there are some people, belonging to this group, who believe violence is the key to solving these problems.


We fight for what is right, and we fight against those who are wrong. This should be a big enough reason for everyone to support and join this ‘idea’ or collective. The Newspaper Evening Standard does not show they believe Anonymous is a positive movement against change, as they did not write about what we stand for, but chose to write about the fact that Ms. McGuire, 31, was “terrified” when she walked through the march.


Quoting Ms. McGuire, “hundreds of masked people being very violent” – that is an exaggeration- there were some people being violent, as I do not believe they understood that this is a peaceful movement. You cannot generalize Anonymous, because of your experience with one person, and you cannot say that it was because of your accent. No one would target you for your accent, but for your actions.


Furthermore, this statement should be considered bias, as it speaks about one person’s actions, and makes the whole group look bad. Everyone knows the danger of generalizations and misinterpretations, and the journalists that wrote this article should have considered this. I was present in the march in London, and I felt like we were all united, and that Anonymous is a family that shares the same values, and uses it as a common ground to fight for what we believe in, together.


I personally think it is ridiculous how the media is controlled and censured to the point where the only article in the Evening Standard, regarding last night’s manifestation is about the fact that a girl was “terrified” because she is afraid of the masks. Under those masks, there are people that have a voice, and we are using it, because we have woken up, opened our eyes, and realized what is happening around us.


We are under total control and people don’t care. Why? Because they are being distracted by Materialism, and by what they haven’t bought, which they “really need”. People really need houses, jobs, water, food, freedom of speech. No one needs a new collection Gucci bag.


People like Ms. McGuire are the perfect example of that. I apologize, in name of Anonymous, for someone having pushed you, but we are just trying to make a point. And the point is that we should all have freedom of speech, and the 99% does not want to live under the conditions they do because of the selfish 1%.


Again, I cannot believe this article does not talk about courage, and about freedom, because at the end of the day, we are not just fighting for ourselves, but we are fighting for the taxi drivers, the baristas, the artists, the writers, the doctors, the mothers, the fathers, the grandmothers, the new generation, and for Ms. McGuire herself. We are fighting for everyone else that has still not woken up. We are fighting for you.


But I can tell you something, today, the taxi drivers that asked us what we were protesting for, they now know, and everyone that saw the masks on november 5th 2014, they now know it is an important symbol, and they will never forget it. We are taking small steps, so one day the future generation will have what we want, and what we fought for our whole lives. One day this will happen, and the ones that stayed behind will regret ever doubting us.


To conclude, the purpose of this response is not coming out of anger, I am writing to inform you. Newspapers like the Evening Standard are used to share important information about current events happening worldwide. I am writing a response to this article, as I want to make you understand that people tend to focus on the bad things, as well as exaggerate. There are always two sides of the story, and as journalists, Benedict Moore-Bridger and Ben Morgan, shouldn’t have been bias, but should have opened their eyes and written an article that shows people who we really are and what we really stand for. As a supporter of the Anon ideologies, I want to say that the protest was not as violent as the media makes it seem, and that our ideologies should be more valued. This is because, at the end of the day, we are fighting for you too.


Author: Eight





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  1. What do you think the mainstream media would do after an event like this? They are controlled by the government so of course they would go out of their way to make you look like the bad guys, the thugs at the protest. This is what we are fighting against.

  2. I share the aims of the people of Anon in all their peaceful efforts. If only they could have helped prevent me from being deprived of all my rights here in the U.K. It would have been nice, but there we are. I’m just a 70 year old minority!

  3. Right on!!!! Love Anonymous and what they stand for. You all even stood up against animal abuse. You got my full respect at that point. I love you what you stand for and what you do. I would have been honored to walk among you guys. Miss McPrissy can go piss up a tree! Keep doing what you do, you have my support!

  4. I do support Anonymous with all my heart. But I am entirely against all kinds of physical and some verbal violence. One with Anonymous’ kind of idea (I’m against that it’s called ideology) and views, must never fall under the provocation of those who are unaware or not awaken yet, or those who will provoke on purpose to denigrate the Anonymous. There are many out there, who are just waiting and hoping for something like that to happened, as we can see from this example in the article in the Evening Standard.
    That is why I just want to send the message out there to all my brothers and sisters: Stay STRONG and stay TALL, don’t you let anybody make you lose your dignity as a human being.
    And just to mention, I was myself at the march too, however not in London.It was fantastic.

  5. I became prevy to Anonymous watching the Dr.Phil show. Where the group turned over the video and pictures involving the rape of a young past out girl. I loved the way Anonymous handled that situation. My eyes are wide open and I to can see the corruption going on Fay and night. In politics, our police departments. I also agree that so many people are acting and living like we are going to be alright, it’s not going to affect our lives. It does effect our lives. We are over taxe, and our tax dollars are not being used as they should be. I do not fear standing up for what I believe in. I will stand up for you to. Right is right and I don’t see a lot of right. I hear about it on the news, but nothing is being done. “Golly the government sure is messing everything up. Somebody should stop them before it’s to late”. I’m not yet an activist. I don’t know where to start.

  6. That was well written and thought out. I had a good time reading it. It was easy to read and the points given were very good. All I hope is that the Evening Standard and other newspapers and just plain news casters like Fox News hears about this.

  7. Well written!

    journalists need to get off their sofas and go on the marches.. They couldnt have been there if they report this way!

    When did journalism school ever teach people to lie, cheat and make stuff up, should be fairy tale writers..

    A lesson in journalism….. Number 1 REPORT THE FAIR AND UNBIASED TRUTH


    otherwise, just write articles about underwear and make up, just saying.

  8. Hi Eight or anyone else angry at the media

    Search Operation Occupy BBC on facebook and join the protest against their bias, pedophile protection and ridiculous bonuses on 23rd December in London, Glasgow and Manchester

  9. I cannot believe that the author cannot believe that the MEDIA did not write a supportive article regarding the march. Since when has the media ever supported anything worthy? They sensationalise everything and report negatively to keep their readers living in suspensfull fear.

  10. I support anonymous and believe what they do is a service
    But being violent and abusive to non-supporters only give them a bad reputation
    As being a “cult” there not about that
    So words of advice those who want to act violent don’t your only adding fuel to the flames giving the media fire

  11. You guys really need better speech writers – I agree with the purpose of the group, but your articles and statements are not succinct, clear or particularly well-written. Given your main goals are to spread awareness, communicate social issues and mobilize the 99%; you really need to start writing better.

    • I agree with this. Whilst I agree with a lot of what anonymous does, the way it puts its argument forward is often a little bit naive.

      “We fight for what is right, and we fight against those who are wrong.” as statement is a case in point. It is simplistic, overly-dramatic and could pretty much sum up the opinion of everybody in the world regardless of what their beliefs are. It sounds like the kind of thing that angry teenager (or even worse a republican speechwriter!) might write.

      Keep up the good work. Your passion is important – but sometimes you might want to count to ten and think about what you truly need to say rather than writing from the heart.

  12. Anger & violence is a product of the one percents design .. the 99% have been manipulated & controlled for many hundreds of years .. piss off a wasp & you’re gonna get stung .. I do not condone violence in any form, having said that, violence is inevitable .. “cause & effect!”
    After all, is it not true, that we *the 99%* have lost millions of our kind, through centuries of oppression, poverty & control at the hands of greed & corruption .. a change is coming & there will be no room for pleasantries.
    The 99% will bring down the hammer of justice .. We are Legion, for we are many .. Expect us!

    • ejs, LOL
      A assume you have not taken the time to track down who owns the Google AdWords ID attached to this page have you? ANON is a brand, its run like a business, and its owned by Time Warner. enjoy your tooling.

  13. I agree with the purpose and aims of Anon, but I also agree with Johnny Vodka in his constructive criticism, it does sound naive.

    With reference to your posts regarding marches (million mask),you could try emphasizing the peaceful aspect, if it reaches a few it will be a help.The more silent the protest the louder the message will be

    Keep up the good work.

  14. These writers that lied about Anonymous should just join their cousins, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman and stare at Russia from Palin’s porch. Such writing in the media is cowardly at best. Anonymous is in no way advocating violence. We advocate education and being fully informed. These writers probably wrapped more fish than a regular day’s distribution.


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