Mentally Disabled Man Fatally Shot 46 Times by Cops


Written by: NiRA


Another instance of a gunshot by police had been taped on camera. Milton Hall, a homeless man aged 46 years and was mentally ill was recorded being gunned down by eight Saginaw, Michigan police officers in a video released this week by ACLU.

This event occurred in July of 2012, from the video we see a strong confrontation between the two parties (Milton and the police officers containing a K-9 police unit). Milton was reportedly having a verbal dispute with one of the employees of a local store when police arrived; Milton was armed at that time as he was holding a pen knife when he was brutally murdered.

So, what does the video shows us? In the video we can clearly see an old man fenced by cops and violently disturbed by the police dog in a Saginaw parking lot. This continued for some time and taking their steps nervously the eight officers decided to shoot and fired 46 hard bullets. However only 14 of those bullets hit Milton’s body, but they were enough to kill him. From the video which recorded the brutal series of gunshots to Milton, clearly shows that he was not causing any threat for the officers at that moment but the officers had their suspect outnumbered and pinned back at the exact time of the fighting squad style murder.

After being hit by 14 bullets Milton was lying unconscious, one of the eight officers decided and took the responsibility to turn the dying man, handcuff him and then stick his foot into his back.

After some investigation on this incident the U.S. Justice Department found all eight officers involved in it as innocent and didn’t did anything wrong to Milton. Earlier this year, in February the DOJ published joint statement with the U.S Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan and the FBI, it stated:-

After a thorough investigation, federal authorities have determined that this tragic event does not present sufficient evidence of wilful misconduct to lead to a federal criminal prosecution of the police officers involved.


Jewel Hall, mother of Late Milton Hall, had a talk with the ACLU of Michigan related to the murder of her son in which she stated:-

When you have the U.S. government go in and look at Milton’s case for four or five months and then come out and say, “Well, it wasn’t intentional.” To shoot at somebody 46 times and it wasn’t intentional? It has given me a commitment for the little time that I have left to work with parents whose kids have been similarly killed.

What needs to change is how police deal with situations like the one that ended in my son’s death. The elected leaders and community leaders must address conditions that allow police to use excessive and deadly force with impunity.


Mrs Hall now dedicates her life to helping and assisting families whose loved ones have been murdered by law enforcement.

You can see a brief interview with Mrs Hall and the graphic police shooting for yourself below.

You can watch the video here:





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  1. This article is very poorly written and therefore difficult to understand. It is sad that such an important issue is written about so badly, making it seem like the author doesn’t really care about it. Please take the time to proof read and edit your work so as to at least give the illusion of knowledge of a subject.

    • They know that well written articles wont go viral, because the average American does not have the reading comprehension skills or attention span to sit through more than a couple of sentences. Why else do you think these idiots write our news rather than the Walter Cronkites of the world?

      • Yep, our world is blind and ignorant. The majority of the world do not have common sense. I’m as my father is afraid to be one of those, One of those who can not understand that they indeed are incapable of looking at subjects critically. Which brings me to the point I’m aiming for; Adapt to the reader/s. Write in an not so fine English and the majority of the people will understand. Write with more “fancy” words if you may, and you will attract people who understand and relate to the text.

        Don’t complain on my grammatical errors, I have English class for that.

    • The INCIDENT was 2 years old. The re-investigation was not. It is considered breaking news since the news stating that it was likely intentional was just released.

  2. I agree on the issue of editing. You guys need to run these stories by an editor before you publish them. There are far too many mistakes or typos.

  3. Yeah like what exactly is a “fighting squad” haha. I can use my imagination lol. Honestly though i didn’t have any issue with the way this article has been written. I only noticed the fighting squad one, which is obviously supposed to read firing squad – that’s a pretty easily forgivable mistake.

  4. Can you all understand and follow the article and what its talking about…? Okay, then shut the fuck up about how its written, its ANON’s page not fucking CNN…This innocent guy got murdered by the people that are suppose to “Serve & Protect” us…And all you fucking retards wanna talk about is how its written. Sorry ass bastards…

  5. it is unfathomable why people will read an article and then proceed to belittle it for its grammar and editing. apparently the entire point was lost upon you since you are focusing on grammar and syntax. if that is all you are interested in then please go and troll some literature sites. i would suggest browsing urban dictionary for 20 minutes and you will have a years worth of vitriol to spew at them.


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