No TPP: Over 200,000 Farmers Fight Back Against Congress


Almost 200,000 farmers and farming organizations are fighting back against the TPP in what they say is a trade agreement that will cripple the US agricultural sector. The National Farmers Union are standing strong against it. National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson joins RT in a telling interview.

The interview displays an outright protest against the TPP trade agreements that Congress are trying to pass, saying that the agricultural community will see little benefit if such a deal goes through.

“The biggest issue we have with trade agreements is that we end up with this deep trade deficit, it’s something over a half a trillion of dollars a year, that’s millions of jobs that are outsourced to other countries, and it’s a drag on our GDP at 3 percent,” Roger Johnson says.

‘Let’s take beef as an example … the beef industry in this performance in trade, we have about a billion-dollar trade surplus in beef with countries we don’t have trade agreements with, but we have about a 3 to 4-billion-dollar trade deficit with countries we do have trade agreements with…”

The local farmer will suffer, while the “big guys” control this trade agreement.

“The reason we have this big trade deficit is because these large multinational packers are bringing in these cheaper products from other countries around the world peddling it to us, it’s cheaper for us to buy it that way, and we end up with this ever increasing trade deficit.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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