Chicago Police Pepper Spray Baby and 8-Year-Old as Innocent Mother is Dragged From Car


Chicago, IL —Pending legal action in an ongoing investigation against two officers from the Chicago PD display an unprecedented and revealing insight into police brutality. Although the Chicago PD cannot comment at the moment due to the ongoing case, a recount of why the counter charges were brought against officers’ Michelle Morsi Murphy and Jose Lopez by a mother of two, establishes the horror the family – including two young children, have suffered.

In 2013, local Reverend Brown was travelling home with her two small children in the car. When Rev. Brown tried to pull into her driveway, she was intercepted by the Chicago officers. In what fast became an uncontrollable situation, Rev. Brown was dragged from her car and her children doused with pepper spray.

The unfolding situation for this mother, Catherine Brown, who had done nothing wrong, ended in charges brought against her for attempted murder.

Returning home and pulling into her driveway, a police cruiser sped down her alleyway. Brown recounted that if she had she not honked her horn, they would have likely smashed into her car head on.

However, a potentially serious car accident averted, quickly turned into a horrifying chain of events that saw Officer Michelle Morsi Murphy and Officer Jose Lopez, block Brown from entering the driveway to her home and rather, proceed to attack the mother of two.

 “It startled me,” Brown says. “I reached for my license … The other officer takes the gun and points it at the front of my head,” she says of Officer Lopez.

Brown repeatedly called 911 for help, fearing the safety of her children, begging for a police lieutenant to intervene at the scene. She also called to neighbors for help.

Oldest daughter Georgia, who was 8-years-old at the time, thought the police “might shoot and kill us.”

The dashcam video shows that after smashing the police cruiser into the family car, Officer Murphy leaps out at Brown and begins dousing her with pepper spray. The carelessness in which Murphy proceeded, led to Brown’s small baby doused in pepper spray too. Officer Lopez is caught laughing as the 1-year-old and 8-year-old are caught in the painful chemical attack.

But it doesn’t stop there. Murphy then holds her pistol to Brown’s head while Officer Lopez begins smashing the car with a baton, as the young children scream in terror.

They “beat me down to my underwear, pulled my skirt off me,” Brown says. “They beat me with the sticks and hit me with their boots in my head.”

After the assault and arrest, Brown was charged with attempted murder because she attempted to flee the brutality. Officer Murphy claimed she had been dragged during the attempted escape. However, once the charges reached the courts, Brown, although still convicted of reckless conduct for driving backwards, had the murder charges dropped due to lack of evidence.

According to Brown’s attorney, Ed Fox, Officer Murphy has seen 19 complaints against her in the past, and  Officer Lopez has received 21.

You can see the footage obtained by CBS below.

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  1. That was America, that is America, that will America be in future – a country with no culture at any time.

  2. i’m so sick of seeing this shit. what the hell is wrong with people? OMG the cops in this country are out of control. IT MUST BE STOPPED. stop paying taxes then the cops won’t get paid. plain and simple. same with CPS. they are scum too and get paid from our tax dollars. STOP COMPLYING. income taxes are illegal anyway.


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