North Korea’s Secret Hacking Centre Exposed


If you didn’t get the humour of the ironic headline than you definitely have to continue reading:

In recent hours of writing this, the United States has in fact declared their belief that North Korea is responsible for the cyber-attacks against Sony, which have so far cost the company millions.


Image: North Korea’s Top Secret Ninja Hacker Army during their “Daily Routine Hacking Ritual” For Warmup

The FBI have released a statement saying that ‘The FBI now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions.’ They go on to say that North Korea’s actions were ‘intended to inflict significant harm on a U.S. business and suppress the right of American citizens to express themselves.’[1]


Image: The youth is trained 25h/8days to follow in the footsteps of the Elite North Korean Ninja Hackers

At the time of this release, North Korea remains firm in its request to join forces with the United States in an investigation to solve who it is behind the attacks. But according to Reuters, Obama is vowing that the cyber-attack on Sony is an act of North Korea to impose their dictatorship onto the Western Front. ‘We’ll respond proportionally, and we’ll respond in a place and time and manner that we choose,’ stated President Obama at an end-of-year news conference. He continued on, saying ‘I think they made a mistake. We cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the United States,’ Obama said. ‘Because if somebody is able to intimidate folks out of releasing a satirical movie, imagine what they start doing when they see a documentary that they don’t like, or news reports that they don’t like.’ [2] rt_kim_jong_un_computer_wy_141218_16x9_992

Image: Highly Trained, Professional, Full Hacking Expert Showing Kim Jon Un His Ultimate Hacking Abilities

The US have called for support to isolate North Korea from the likes of China and Russia, who have yet to respond, while the hackers have sent praise to Sony on their decision not to release the movie “The Interview” due to be released on Christmas Day.

Here is a short video from Vice Documentaries showing North Korea’s reality about computers and it’s limited users:


[1] Nakashima, E. Washington Post. (2014, 20 December) US Attributes Sony Attack to North Korea (Retrieved 2014, 20 December)

[2] Reuters. (2014, 20 December) Sony Cybersecurity (Retrieved 2014, 20 December)


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  1. Kind of ironic.The US is like ”Nobody but ourselves get to fuck with our citizens. Censorship is great, but only if we inflict it upon ourselves.”

    • eh? Then you haven’t seen much of our tv. We slice n dice everyone even our own president. No one is out of bounds. Not our politicians, not our government. No one. Learn to take a joke. Need lessons watch the roast of charlie sheen or captain kirk 😛

    • Ironic, Pat, but somewhat true for the most part lol We fuck ourselves up more than anyone else. It’s only when someone else manages to piss us all off that we decide to stand together. I think WWII was the last time that happened though…

  2. Obama is making a big deal over hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary for Sony Corporation – a Japanese company, not an American company. Is this a false flag to provoke war? Or is he really a puppet for the entertainment industry’s lobbyists to place more controls over internet and copyright enforcement?

  3. If you believe anything that comes from Korea’s propaganda department you’re a fool. Don’t believe anything that comes from any Government.

  4. Your right Jon. We do wait till everyone cries out for vengeance. unfortunately we are involved in many ops now. We should focus. Many of our partners are immune to other countries laws and have inside info. So we will have to split the jobs up to accomplice these goals.


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