Obama Is Again Targeted By Hackers


A hacker from Yemen, going by the alias, “./lov3r,” has hacked into the one of the sub-domains belonging to US President, Barack Obama. The Yemeni hacker defaced the website, my.barackobama.com (which is a sub-domain of www.barackobama.com), leaving a special message for President Obama… including the use of the “N” word.

Seems he is disrespecting President Obama and at the same time also asking for him to leave Yemen alone. This same network was used by 35,000 groups during the election campaign for the president and this sub-domain is not a new target for hackers… a Yemeni hacker group, the Syrian Electronic Army, also hacked this website last year.


Image: A snapshot of the defaced site, my.barackobama.com.



This Yemeni hacker appears to be quite skilled in the field, as he is the same hacker who was able to hack into major websites like Coca-Cola, AVG Security, Avast Security and many others. For the past couple of years now, people have chosen hacking as a way to bring attention to, and raise a voice against, injustice or as means to get at their government entities. Through hacking, just as in this case, the individual delivers their message to whomever they felt has done wrong.




You can learn more about this Yemeni hacker and his/her escapades by following these links:




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