Oil Spill into Yellowstone River Sends Montana Residents Into State of Emergency


Written by: Josh Paniagua at theantimedia.org


Over the weekend, the 6,000 residents of Glendive, Montana received notice that they had entered a state of emergency after an oil spill along the Yellowstone River.

The spill is believed to have occurred Saturday morningbut the exact amount of oil the spilled is yet to be determined. An estimate from The Bridger Pipeline Co. estimates up to 50,000 gallons may have been released.

Although the original test samples taken of the Glendive water supply came up clean, Residents began complaining about the smell of diesel in their tap water starting on Sunday night.

Further tests have revealed heightened levels ofbenzene, a cancerous agent found in oil. According to the CDC, the levels of Benzene were 2-3 times the recommended level for prolonged consumption and probably don’t pose a short term threat. Regardless, residents were told that they should not drink or cook with tap water.

The Bridger Pipeline Co, the company responsible for the spill, has said that it will provide the town of Glendive with 10,000 gallons of drinking water a day, leaving each resident with 1.6 gallons of water a day…which isn’t too bad if you ignore the fact that they have to shower, bathe their children, wash their dishes, and wash their clothes with carcinogenic water.

To make the situation worse, the agencies working on cleaning the mess up are running into a very big problem: the river is partially frozen, making it difficult to maintain.

This is the second oil spill in the Yellowstone River in less than 5 years. Exxon Mobile experienced a ruptured pipeline that poured around 42,000 gallons into the river in 2011. They currently face fines up to $3.4 million for destruction to the environment and ecosystem.

Naturally, yet unfortunately, we can likely expect to see a similar scenario here. Yet another case of an oil company botching their job and harming the environment.

Good job, Bridger Pipeline Co. You’ve really outdone yourselves.


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  1. Get your oil and get the fuck out ..this is twice ….how many times does it take to ruin everyone’s life because you can’t keep that poison under control …solar power is free and all profit but u Americans don’t see it that way .U don’t care who or what u hurt or ruin cause u don’t live there.Leaks are bullshit and u know it…It should not have ever happened…Idiots… money hungry ass clowns….

    • Mother fucker, don’t you dare take this out on all Americans. As if this was seriously caused by every american? Get the fuck out of here, you ignorant piece of shit

      • R e l a x, Andy, there’s no reason to use a comment as an excuse for you go to war on someone. Jeez, man… James is absolutely right in every way. He wasn’t calling you (or “us” idiots. His ire, as my own, is clearly aimed at the clueless oil companies and governmental bodies that support it.
        Your attitude and language is way out of line here. If you’re looking for a fight, take it to large mirror, and go for it. But please for the good of EVERYONE, stop spreading your vile and ignorant attitude around. It’s the verbal equivalent of Benzene.

        • Sad thing is, the oil companies aren’t clueless at all: they know EXACTLY what they’re doing, and what that shit can do to the environment and people. And they know EXACTLY what the bribes they’ve paid are buying them, too: a “look the other way” attitude of OUR government; a relaxing/elimination of the regulations that we’re designed to prevent this shit; and the leeway to do pretty much anything they want.

          And they know what it leads to: massively obscene profits, for them and their 1%er asshats to share, and use to buy more laws and influence.

          And we fool Murkins are to blame to allowing this to happen.

    • James – Don’t generalize all Americans. Unfortunately, it seems you have let the American oil tycoon 1% fool you into thinking that we all love capitalism and we support drilling here. When in actuality the majority of Americans do not want companies drilling anywhere on the continent, myself included. Profit hungry? The top 1% definitely, the rest of us? We are frustrated because our minimum wage is so disgustingly and dangerously low and we can’t make ends meet. If that’s how you determine an entire nation to be profit hungry, you have bigger problems. As for solar power, it’s not free. Nothing is free. Whether you spend money, time or energy, you still experience a cost. The expensive upfront investment is what prevents many people in making the switch. Solar power is an expensive investment and it eventually pays for itself, but it’s not free, there is a difference. Solar power is also not without its downsides. It’s not practical or accessible to people in certain geographical locations. The North and South Poles and surrounding regions like Alaska and parts of Russia experience “polar night” and “polar twilight” where for nearly half the year, respectively, there is 24 hours of darkness and twilight at a time. Areas that are more sensitive to weather changes(which is happening more frequently in more places, thanks climate change) like valleys or damp-and-cloudy-as-hell-Seattle will have a hard time seeing a gain in their investment. Manufacturing of solar panels can be dangerous as well, as the hazardous materials used to make them also produces poisonous byproducts. Right now, oil companies are already monopolizing the solar power business. Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL for renewable energy, but I also know to learn everything I can about something before I make an informed decision and take a stance on it. Do your research before you make such a grossly inaccurate generalization of an entire huge country. You could come off as… an idiot.

      • Um, it’s spelt “you’re” — Scott. 😛 And Skylar definitely is the voice of reason. I don’t know which country you hail from, James Tomlinson, with your tirade against Americans, but like as not, you have your own national problems you should be concentrating on.

  2. We are discussing everything that is wrong with oil and yea I agree but what about what we are going to do to help the situation stop going from bad to worse! I am asking a favor of any anon who is good at information gathering Find who is in charge of the clean up process and find out what they need any way to relief the stress of those working day and night to prevent worse damage. Its a horrible situation that needs a lot of peoples attention reading media article after media article its the same thing who do we point the finger at! I don’t care I just want to help I’m trying to figure out how to open a charity for those in need of the assistance because no one is going to change their mindset alone really if none of the citizens help outside Montana the situation with this country really wont change we are here to open the minds of those blinded by the lies of media but why cant we help those who are in the thick of things. Because of the ice the extraction of the oil is not going well I guarantee they are in need of help. So lets find a way to send our assistance.


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