The One Video That Can Change The World


What would happen if this video would be shown on TV, instead of ads? Watch it yourself and share it, if you think it can really make an impact:

Video credit: Spencer Cathcart

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    • That has got to be the most ignorant reply that could have been said..and I don’t mean rude, I mean stupid… 1 percent run this world, they are the corporations . We’re the 99 % there’s a lot more of us.. if everyone banded together and forced change, it could happen.unfortunately your reply has proved his point t

      • that’s what I’m implying maybe i worded it wrong and I’m sorry but my point is that we can change the plane cause we have the power but most people either think it’s stupid or crazy, or they might be scared at what might happen to them if they do help change the world that’s all I ment to say

        • Thankyou for the work , there are many who do belive and working very hard to make that change .we are all working within the people’s who do not want any change or want to go the other way .
          Once again Thankyou for the video and may I suggest can I try to make that into Chinese so more can understand !

        • thank u to the person that made this video im not the smartest person in the world but I beleave we can make a change and I hope we do ive see for the last 15 years the bush lad were I grow up destroyed all the tree’s are deadno fish in the river and it kill’s me in side but I can try shareing this video in hope so thank you very much ill back this up all the way.

      • And remember that change is not dependent on us banding together to force anything. Change can take the form of a preservation of humanity. The opposite of changing is preservation, preserving human values, dignity and truth. Change is our state of willingness to act on what we feel is right and beneficial to everyone. What do we want individually but together in unity.

        • Those words seem to have been communicated from my thaughts that I have spoken, yet Written & communicated by you on this platform. In my ideal word i create a win win situation. In reality we are faced with obstacles where people in hind sight( perfect foresight)see that to win someone must loose, & the bigger picture then obscured. We strive & must reamain realistically optomistic. Ideally, forgive, act, motìvate drive, & live in the moment, with a longterm objevtive with the undersranding of the consequence Of our freedom of choice. Spiro Titan

        • For me it’s not about breaking down corporations or entire systems (I sincerely believe they are needed in this time of age), all though I do get what I’m seeing in this video. Foe me it’s rather ensuring that those corporations run s u s t a i n a b l y and hence, without damaging the planet’s resources for future generations or endangering other species. It’s also about ensuring that we have independent, RESPONSIBLE, knowledgable leaders and politicians that can run their agendas to serve a true and honest purpose and not the one of lobbyists whose only purpose is profit and (non-sustainable) growth.

          …and it’s certainly about respecting that we, humans, are not alone on this planet and to stretch our respect over time to those who do not have a voice, an app or a web page, those who are not our neighbours, friends, horses, cats or dogs.

          We act as if we were the only species who feel, fear, love or think…who have families, friends… is the saddest part of being a human. Everyone needs to wake up and eat SOMETHING instead of SOMEONE. To stop destroying and start enabling….

          I loved the video (THANK YOU!) and shared it of course, but there is always this sense of hopelessness as I press the share button. For all I know, the receiver might stand in line at a Mc Donald’s right now, asking for a plus size menu and extra bacon to still their impulses and this will just be a background noise caused by someone “weird” in their friend’s list, who is a pain in the ass for sharing these things. THAT is the hardest thing to fight or get attention from…..but I can’t stop.
          An hour later, I’ll share a picture of my meal or cat and get 70 likes because it looks so nice and cute. The “head in the sand syndrome” is the worst and yet, most common “illness” we humans possess. A shame their is no drug to fight that…

          • Linda, I agree with what you say. I do know of a “drug” or chemical that is in ever mammal, various grasses and trees (namely the South American Mimosa Hostilis’s root bark) called DMT which is an abbreviation for N,N-Dimethyltryptamine. It’s called a pineal gland and it’s a part of our brains, but the rumor is, fluoride calcifies it so we won’t be free thinkers. But if you ever have a near death experience where your life flashes before your eyes and get the vision of your life and see “The light” that I’m sure you’ve heard about, your pineal gland will release massive amounts or this “drug”.

            The corporations in majority want us to stay “asleep” or unaware of what’s really going on. So governments made a plant extract a schedule 1 substance… Go figure. If you want to know more about this substance, do a quick search for it on your favorite search engine.

            The one’s in control of our money are in control of our lives because we in most of the world depend on the $ petro dollar, which is another story in itself if you want to do some research. But that will require you to WAKE UP and look at everything you’ve ever known about how the world works from an outside perspective.

            This video makes very valid points, and if you can’t see them, maybe you should do some research. Watch a movie called Food INC. or research the Federal Reserve and you’ll learn that it isn’t a Federal Government agency, but instead is ran by private bankers of a world bank. I’d say Alex Jone’s YouTube channel is an excellent starting point to wake up and see what’s happening that isn’t broadcasted by the corporate media.


          • Fuck you what are you saying Linda. Modern day slavery to material objects by corporations who dictate what you read, listen to, watch and enjoy as entertainment. The corporations who control 90% or so of all the food and medicine you consume. Corps. that control media are twisting everything you experience to stimulate your subconscious mind into their way of thinking. is this what you call “sustainable”?? And you say without damaging the planets resources?? My word you are fucking styupid for making that comment. And you say “thank you” for the video as if you even understood it… See these corporations? You are a prime example of what a sheep would be in their terms. You can’t think further than what you’re told by others. But thanks for the comment, it’s very interesting

          • Instead of everyone,arguing with each other,take hands and share This message,use This medium to save out world,if You are still indoctrinated,then wake up,corporations,are using us like puppets,why dont we take back our world,or are we blond to reality,lets change lets change This world ,lets being back happiness,Joy,peace and understanding,dont let oil,gas and global domination rule us,we are more than them,if You care ,share,lets find each,other again,lets be friends,dont be indoctrinated

        • “human values” is relative, sure, most people value kindness, but we all have different deffinitions for the word “kindness”. What for some might be a kind gesture for others might be a rude, or a “blasphemic” one. A lot of people value not having to deal with people that disagree with them (by killing them, locking them up, or changing their mind with torture or threats). Im pretty sure your values are not the same as that of a jihadist, someone who believes in the sharia laws, or a hindu who believes in the caste system. Human values are relative to kulture, religion and customs… We do not all have the same values -.- A lot of people care only for those closest to them, others care only for the ones that follow their religion, and others care only about making money, and getting rich no matter the consequences… It’s very hard to have a “unity”, when we (despite being physically the same) are all so different in our way of thinking.

      • This is my quote. Oh and btw I hate mankind..
        “I´ve lost my faith in humanity.
        There is´t a big enough boot to the head in the whole wide world that would wake people up from their daily slumber.

        And make them see reason and open up there eyes so they could realize how easy we all could make it work if we really wanted too.”

        • There is a ”boot” and it’s called DMT an abbreviation for N,N-Dimethyltryptamine – it is a chemical that is in ever mammal, various grasses and trees (namely the South American Mimosa Hostilis’s root bark). It’s called a pineal gland and it’s a part of our brains, but the rumor is, fluoride calcifies it so we won’t be free thinkers. But if you ever have a near death experience where your life flashes before your eyes and get the vision of your life and see “The light” that I’m sure you’ve heard about, your pineal gland will release massive amounts or this “drug”.

          The corporations in majority want us to stay “asleep” or unaware of what’s really going on. So governments made a plant extract a schedule 1 substance… Go figure. If you want to know more about this substance, do a quick search for it on your favorite search engine.

      • You actually think that the 99 % that are controlled can do something????? Why are they controlled then??? 😀 it needs brains to do things, people dont have brains……….go and eat meat stupid human

      • Brandon well said and the truth , JoMamma !! You are so wrong thank God the people that died for our freedom did not read this Horse chit.

      • if everyone banded together and forced change, you say. Whose “change” are you referring to? Is your “change” the same as mine? Do our interests align? What about the interests of all of the other billions of people that make up the 99% on this planet? Do we all have the same notion of what “change” is good? You spout platitudes without a hint of concrete solutions. Change for the sake of change, especially some unspecified change, is naïve and foolish.

      • Actually, statistically speaking and specifically with regard to global wealth indexes, the 1% is now an individual who earns just under $95,000. Moreover, a Canadian on welfare, though not proportionate to his standard of life, earns $25,000 per year; this individual would be in the top 4%.

        We are not the 99%. The distinction to be made here is that the middle class is separating. The higher end goes towards the 1% and the rest continue to decline, marginally, but significantly nevertheless.

        There are many institutional mechanisms which are facilitated through the today’s corporatist state and globalist imposition – globalization, which prevent any uprising. The system is more sound than it seems.

        Would you reveal all your cards if you controlled everything?
        I find it senseless to dwell on the sadness that is. Strive to achieve your greatest self and evaluate the realization which dictates your happiness. Only then will you find meaningfulness in conjunction with satisfaction.

      • We have banded together as you suggest. Half of us are on one side and the other half on the other side. Since we ave a two party system, that explains why we cannot accomplish what we all know that we need.

      • Traffic lights would work a lot better if everyone decided to move at once. But not everyone can see the light change. Some think it’s just a regular “move a second after the person in front of you” light. Some are texting. Some are just content where they are. In the end 5% of the people want to move at the same time and if they do they screw themselves and someone else over for the day with a wreck. And even if a bunch of smart cars want to move it’s not like they’ll get around the stupid truck hogging two lanes. It’s not worth insulting another smart car because he doesn’t think he can get around and you do.

      • Am I the only one around here who realizes that it is overpopulation that is killing millions. West Africa and other places such as India or Britain need to stop reproducing. When you die, two more take your place, and soon there will be no resources left, not even for westerners. Watch the film idiocracy, it really speaks the truth; so do humanity a favor, don’t have kids.

        And on another note, Brandon, once we overthrow the 1%, what do you propose we do? Would you have us all sent back to the dark aged? Or would you install a new 1%, that would treat you with the respect you deserve as a human? Or are you just to stupid to realize that our inborn avaricious nature that no man has ever overcome, needs a hierarchy of classes, an aristocracy, or else we all end up the same way the soviet union did, with an insanely rich 1%, and the other 99% living off the scraps of the 1%. What ever you do, which ever way you look at it, how ever you arrange the cogs of society, there must always be someone in charge of it, and people maintaining it. Don’t try to argue with me, or say I’m a cynic, because this simple truth is human nature, and is as impossible to escape as your own mind.

      • You fail to see the point in his reply. The video does nothing but point out the problem. It does not propose a way to solve it. Okay, banding together will open the door for something to be done. But what something should be done?

      • people are basicaly gutless, take what the jews did in war , went to the gas chambers without a whimper, people need to unite and live their lives how they want , dont have governments telling you how to live , that is why there is so much violence in the world today , drugs are issued or they have taught the ordinary people to make them, to make them vunerable or to cull the human race into submissiveness stat to save your food and water because thats how it starts, water ,food, and medical, housing,

        • Juie(sorry for writte in spanish):las cámaras de gas no existieron,no hay constancia ni de chimeneas ni habitaciones cerradas hermeticamente,imprescindibles para gasear.Es otro mito inventado por los sionistas.Eran campos de trabajo y los que morían era a causa de la guerra,enfermedades,etc…no porque hubiera una persecución contra los judíos.Todo mentira.

      • This video is very poignant, the solution is to wake people up out of their apathy. If it does not to appear to affect them, then they do not care…..To quote a bad movie, A waterfall starts with one drop of water!! Now who is going to stand up and be alone, and gather the masses to effect change? Not many people have the courage to do that!! Who is going to redeem the world of what they think should be theirs. Sounds like a great idea, but few will endorse it, many would be afraid to, and the rest would be against change….sadly………peace.

      • Brando, I know you speak from your heart, but this may be a little bit more complicated than that. Yes, 99 vs 1, but how do you ignite the spark? How do you propose we get enough people engaged in change? And change to what? And how? How many do we need to make a diference, 10M, 100M, 10.000M? And how do we communicate? So, JoMamma has a point. Peace

      • Although 1% control the world, that doesn’t mean 99% of us are wanting to change. That doesn’t mean 99% of us are GOOD. That doesn’t mean 99% will be willing to change. So If I had to guess I’d say it’d be a challenge roughly %60 us vs the %1 plus 39% who are too corrupted, blind and or don’t want change.

        What’s the plan of action? Depopulation of every single greedy evil person.

      • No It would not..,You would be squashed like the bug you are… as quick as they take your taxes is as quick as they will crush you all..

      • I totally agree with you Brandon! That’s exactly how it needs to be done! And that’s the same thing I’m saying to everyone. The main problem is that some people just don’t understand in what situation they actually are …

    • it is not that we are powerless, but instead we have more power then we can imagine and we are scared of it. these people we call politicians are only doing what they do to help them selves, not the people and it is us the people who give them the power to do so. so think a bit:
      who has more power the politican we put into “power” to or the people that have them this so called power?

      • Ok so we over run the “system”, the whole thing falls apart just like you wanted. Then what? All the health care for any illness has gone, medicine has stopped production. It’s a free for all for the non agricultural ones of us. No one would be policing crimes. No schools, no scientific breakthroughs. Three quarters of the world population, in my opinion, would die in the first 100-150 years without at least a “system” to hold humanity together as a progressive unit.

        • Thats completely wrong. The gov doesn’t keep everything together we as the people do. The government is there to take your money and our rights. Give it some time. Land of the free is no more.

          • How’s first year at uni treating you Bill? Anarchy is a pipe dream and the private sector cannot and will not police itself. This is a problem inherent with civilization and if you’d rather follow a different routine of waking up at 5:30 in the morning to hunt and tend crops and maintain your shelter you go ahead but I rather like my routine of working four ten hour shifts and having three days off and the infrastructure of a 1st world country.

        • Best reply I’ve seen. Some people have too much spare time to question these things. Even if our government is corrupt, our lives are still great. When people talk about personal freedom, they are deluded. If everyone did as they please, there would be none that could do as they please.

          • Even if our government is corrupt, our lives are still great? So, you don’t mind that some a**hole is living even larger and more comfortably than you off of money he’s coercing from people who produce actual value in the world? You’re wrong about whatever you said about people doing as they please. People naturally work together for survival regardless of government systems. Actually, when people do as they please, in order to survive, they must work together and become civilized. People who do as they please and don’t bring value to others, either stray from society or become criminals.

        • Overrun the system? Ahh yeah, NO. Changing the system won’t happen and wouldn’t work anyway. ‘The people’ taking over the same system won’t work either. The system is what’s effed up.

          So how do we make such monumental changes? Easy.

          Remove ourselves from the system. One nation of people can’t start the ball rolling and expect success or others to follow – what happens when a nation/region tries? (Think: Germany/ Afghanistan/ West Africa {to name a few} and the onslaught of propaganda, war, fear, lies, deceit, etc that follows…)

          It must be The People of the Earth standing TOGETHER as ONE. We need to wake the fu€# up and realise this separation we feel from each other (by religion, race, status etc) has been PLANNED because when we’re busy hating each other we forget that we’re ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE.

          We’re fully capable of surviving, actually THRIVING, WITHOUT the systems “benefits” which include but certainly isn’t limited to:
          {1} ‘Health’ care (that is killing us, yes, killing us, deliberately)
          {2} Free ‘education’ that is teaching us a} propaganda, b} things we’ll never need to actually use, c} how to be obedient members of the system, d} not to question authority
          {3} Amazing technology! Introduced intentionally and designed specifically to entertain and DISTRACT us from what really matters; to further give us the illusion that we are separate from one another; to manipulate what we think ie control our opinions; to give us the illusion that we need saving (example: from ISLAMIC terrorists (such bullshit), from aids/swine flu/ebola (all of which were either man made & distributed to the population DELIBERATELY by ‘them’ or grossly exaggerated distorted versions of reality or complete false flags).

          How do we as ONE stop using the system you ask?

          REACH AGREEMENTS FROM HUMAN TO HUMAN CONFLICTS/ACCIDENTS BY YOURSELVES OR WITH ANOTHER UNBIASED HUMAN/S I.E. NOT THE POLICE (They’re part of the system! As is every public ‘servant’, every member of the legal fraternity, every judiciary / court clerk / warden, every politician and so on)
          BE KIND & HELPFUL

          You need to understand that if by the term ‘progressive’ you mean united/sustainable/equal/high achieving, THAT IS NOT WHAT THE CURRENT SYSTEM IS.

          We as ONE, acting with LOVE and COMPASSION and KINDNESS and DETERMINATION and STRENGTH (not to confused with power/intimidation/aggression) CAN CHANGE THE WORLD SYSTEM.

          There is great value in the famous quotes that say things like: take the road less travelled, be the change you want to see in the world, live your dream and share your passion etc. Why do so many people resonate with such words? But, why do most people never actually get around to doing those things? Because we’ve been taught enough to make us good members of the system, but not enough, or rather not HOW to actually reach our incredible potential. The good news is that you, me, all the worlds wonderful human beings already know the answer. It’s inside all of us. Clearing mind clutter that is partly self inflicted (emotional baggage) but mostly is our false fears, false concerns, false matters of ‘importance’, false ideas of history, false priorities etc is achievable and MUST be done if you truly seek clarity and freedom.

          My gosh, I surprise even myself sometimes!

          • Part of the solution… Absolutely spot on comment.
            If everyone recorded your words and listened back every morning before doing anything, then humanity would retrieve their rights and freedom from this messed up, controlled world.
            We all need to be un-schooled, de-programmed and woken up.


            i don’t anyway
            I’m lucky i can afford to not – others cannot afford this luxury
            how would you write you’re argument without an apple/Microsoft ‘corporate’ built machine
            ‘UN-SCHOOL’ YOUR KIDS
            that’s a bad idea – i don’t have 6 hours a day to teach kids, who does?
            vague statement
            most people would
            lets see how far that’ll get you
            another vague statement
            REACH AGREEMENTS FROM HUMAN TO HUMAN CONFLICTS/ACCIDENTS BY YOURSELVES OR WITH ANOTHER UNBIASED HUMAN/S I.E. NOT THE POLICE (They’re part of the system! As is every public ‘servant’, every member of the legal fraternity, every judiciary / court clerk / warden, every politician and so on)
            i won’t reason with a rapist / serial killer
            BE KIND & HELPFUL
            i am
            but i need to post this comm… *unplugs
            get a self esteem and a pair of balls
            im not confused nor afraid, go get counselling if you have mental health problems
            that ill agree with but steve jobs says it better
            everyone outside of america does this
            same as above
            grow a pair and speak your mind anyway

      • “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Y

        • Always give credit where it is due, please:

          “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

          Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”, Ch. 7, Section 3 (1992), p. 190.

          • Or a lot of people will recognise it from the move Coach Carter, when it is recited by the character Timo Cruz but yes originally from Marianna Williamson.

    • We aint powerless. It just seems like we would be. In fact, the mass of people is the ONLY real source of power.

      There are no one million people to change something, there are one million times one man to change it. So that should be enough reason for everyone to try it.

      What you can do? Just dont follow. Dont follow the celebrities, dont follow the hype of consumption. Just get what you really need, not what advertisments tell you that you need.
      The concerns have much power, but do they have yours too? Your decision

      • Well said, good chap! What a riviting reply! Obviously the declaration “Kill yourself. Ignorant piece of shit.” Will send your foe on the run, quivering in their boots! I’m so glad that the internet can be as responsible and mature as you!

    • Do this. Read a little paper back book written and published in 1212 by Tom Atlee, an activist. The book is called Empowering Public Wisdom (A Practical Vision Of Citizen-Led Politics)for starters anyways. This little book is packed with great ideas for intelligent decision making for your community. It can be bought on for about $15 I think or maybe check it out from the library. He has non-violent peaceful approach for intelligent citizens.

    • ‘powerless to change’?..and weak in allowing. The only reason this world is a corporation, is because it was organised, orchestrated and less rich/intelligent people follow orders ( the plan). Vote’s and decisions come from many- courage comes from one.

    • People forget the power of the majority together unity. The will of the masses can be stronger than the greed of an ‘elite’ few; they need us to survive, they are dependant on our compliance.

    • The only limitations are the ones we impose upon ourselves. I you think you can not change the world it just means that you are one of the ones that won’t.

    • he’s just waking people up and planting the seeds… that’s where you start. It’s working alright, people are becoming more conscious. A lot of change has been happening these past few years. Some good stuff too!

    • You think we are powerless? If you want to talk about powerless lets talk about those Farmers, Merchants,and Seamen who faced off with the greatest Army in the world. Talk about a hopeless cause. Thirdteen Colonies filled with untrained civilians going against the Most successful armies in the world, with almost unlimited funds, the English Empire.

    • there’s factions 9 immortals, space is not vast it all fits inside reason why we never went to the moon or mars or anywhere else because it all fits inside. We live under three layers of glass in the sky up 62miles 100-120km. we live inside a clock.

    • The Human Condition

      Since the times of old
      When Eve stole that apple
      A forbidden fruit from
      The oldest tree in Eternity
      Its fruit was the very essence
      The beginning of human greed.

      Greed, in all its shapes and forms
      Is predominantly a human trait
      This sprang from greedy religions
      Over two thousand years old
      Mind control of gullible ones
      That enslaves their minds
      In chains of fear and steel
      So priestly unscrupulous crooks
      Can take a steal.

      Majestic buildings decked with gold
      Collected from the brain washed
      In silver or gold or copper and brass
      They take it all and laugh and laugh.

      Greed is seen in history past
      In wars and conflicts over this world
      But religion plays a smaller part
      As bandits and banks and big city crooks
      Colluding with governments, the lowest of scum
      Robbing and stealing, by plunder and theft
      Billions in gold from these Earths poorest ones.

      No other beast that walks Earths space steals
      From their own and hold them in contempt
      To enslave a fellow human with the Pound
      Or the Buck, or the rising Yen, that can enslave
      The millions with so little of them
      Your slaves of the rich, the harbingers of hate
      Who look upon the poor the wretched under class
      As servants and mules for the rich to kick, as the
      Workers who are born to shift their shit

      Peter Wicks, Adams mate………..

    • We are not powerless…my friend….on the contrary WE are the powerful ones but we are also unwilling. If each and everyone of us instead of: “You point out the obvious but left out that we are powerless to change this” we said “ok, how do I start?”…..everything would have been so different! It’s simple mathematics. We are the majority and we do nothing.

    • Brainwashed by the leftists. “Useful idiots” as Stalin called you. You live in the most free and opportunity filled society in the history of mankind.
      Yet you cry that some have more than you, complain about what you can’t do, instead of working to make things better. Spoiled brats that have had too easy a life.

    • We are getting everything we deserve for allowing this to happen. We went along with the changes and the few who became preppers are the wise and hopefully lucky ones. The powers that be will not let us change all of this. It’s almost to late. Pray my friends and pray hard. We have allowed the powers that be to dumb us down and elections are a joke. We are almost done here and I pray that whomever is left will not make the same mistakes. Go out and talk to people and hug someone. It might be your last chance.

    • If you don’t raise your hand when you know the answer, fail all the tests, never turned in homework. Why would ppl believe you could solve a problem.

    • What you believe is what you get. Smart guy here believes we are powerless to change this… way to play right into what “they” want you to believe.

    • I tried to share this on FB and it has been banned by the corporate social media. So I had to download and re-upload it to my page. I think the world does really need to see this. This video is legit.

    • We are powerless because we simply do nothing. We are powerless because so many simply follow the path that is dictated to so many of us. We are killing ourselves because we follow the path that those that has the most to gain who are the few. We are powerless simply because we are told what to think but not how to think. We are powerless because we think as they tell us to.

    • Pseudo-philosophical video. Some general good points, made by many before them, many weird invalid points showing lack of knowledge on their behalf.

    • If you are looking for solutions I really recommend the Venus project
      It is far the most complete non-monetary system that I’ve found.
      And some other solutions you can do NOW:
      -Stop buying too much.
      -Stop making trash, recycle more.
      -Eat proper food. Organic. Less meat, milk, eggs.
      -Go out into nature… realize that you are one with this planet and not a monetary system zombie.

    • todays government has stridden to brake communities up and brake the community spirit , offering bribes to grass on people for trying to survive because the government dose not give enough to live on or survive to a reasonable standard, keeps up in poverty to make us worry about money so we don’t have time to see the truth , create problems the other the solution, . and yes we do have the power ,UNITED WE STAND DEVIDED WE FALL , AND BOY HAVE WE FALLEN

    • Power is not hard to acquire matter fact it’s right in front of you. The question is “are you willing to take it and use it”
      Life is a chess game play the pawns, knights, rookies, bishop, and queen correctly and you can achieve great things. Maybe lite the fires to end an empire, kingdom, or even a government and create a new one from the ashes.

    • Power is not hard to acquire. It’s in front of you sharper then a wielded balde and faster then a .50 cal. bullet. Once you get that, life becomes a chess board; who’s your pawns, rookies, knights, bishop, and queen. Might even lite the burning of an empire, a kingdom, or even a government.

    • We simply have to work together and take on the legal system that gave corporations person status. Corporations are supposed to serve us not the bassackwrd way the slimy lawyers and judges have allowed things to be. I believe governments sole purpose is to uphold the rule of law. But the rule of law has give corporations god-like power. They have our freedoms because they have been legally granted individual status…but they never die and they off load responsibility for the problems they cause: war, disease, global warming on us..the people. See the movie:the corporation. The Bible is more than marks on a page…it is the way to find the joy of living inside yourself not on a screen or new toy or sex or anything outside yourself.

    • I envisage this video would have affected you, if you weren’t such a corpulent ignoramus. Instead of criticising the video, learn the message from it.

    • Do you really believe that? Because if many of you out there have the same thought as JoMamma, so it will be. Thoughts and words are powerful!

      Know that YOU CAN be a part of great change!

    • to change this we must do nothing..stop buying stop selling stop working stop stop stop..resist! non conform! non participate! dont like our system do everything in your powers to change it! i hate dollars so i buy assets. the effort was made to create this, The effort will be made to undo this!

  1. This is the first time I comment here guys. But this, this makes me feel so useless and alone. I wish I had friends who thought the same but they don’t. When will we rise against the bad rulers? I MUST do something to make a difference. I’m tired of working day in day out I’m tired to be afraid that I will do something wrong in the eyes of the law and no one will help me. Please anyone, help me

      • The only recourse you have is butt hole sniffing. That’s what you love, sniffing butt holes. It’s cool though, a good sniffing every so often cleanses the pallet, eh but hole sniffer ?

    • What helps to have ppl understand is showing them. Show them the change u want to be. And talk about it w everyone. The more people u talk about it w the more chances ull get someone to think about everything differently. people are waking up but many have fear bc they are affraid of whats to come that may disrupt their little security bubble.
      the more u talk about thing the more ppl may realize whats going on and take interest on the subject. Who knows maybe ur friends feel the same way as you but are affraid to talkabout it bc the media makes ppl who are talking about it out to be crazy. If u start talking ppl will listen. find some articles for them to read. U never know until u try

    • We need a organized and global synchronized revolution so that wherever the ppl of the 1% are they wont have anywhere to go. We put the elders and wisest at the head of our governing council, everybody is equal and entitled to the same and we only get, take, use what is needed. 83 people WORLDWIDE OWN HALF THE WORLDS ECONOMY!!!! Enough.

    • Yes, like the HappyHippygirl said; We are not alone, and people are waking up to the reality every day. I’ve had problems in the past trying to wake up a person that I cared about, and she thought I was crazy or just didn’t care back in 2013. It’s two years later and more and more of us are banning together thanks to the meaning behind the Guy Faux mask. Stick with Us, We are one.

      We are legion.
      We do not forgive.
      We do not forget.
      Expect us

    • Bad rulers? Don’t make me laugh. This video is bullshit.

      Look up Stalin’s Russia, think about Gaddafi’s Libya, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Hell, just go to North Korea. These places are the ones that are not free, they are dictatorships. People did not have rights, people were executed for not conforming to communist society in Stalin Russia and in Mao Degong’s China, just because they had their own traditions. Hell, just look up the ‘holodomor’, and see that millions of ukranians were forced to die of famine because Stalin didn’t want any uprisings. Millions of innocent people died.

      Now, think back to our current western world. Not free? Not free?! Hahahaha, not free my arse. We are free to do whatever we want, unlike in a dictatorship, we are free to do whatever we want unless it’s a crime. We have a list of rights, in many countries the death penalty has been abolished. You’re ‘tired of working day in day out’, quit your job then. You don’t have to work. You can go live in the wild if you want, there’s no one to stop you. This video talks about the process of raising livestock, well, you don’t have to eat meat. Once again, no is forcing you to eat meat, be a vegetarian. Hell, go a step further, be a vegan.
      Oh but you don’t want to be a homeless hippy? Well, then, you’re going to have to get money. The only way you get money is from a job. Unless you want to screw over the welfare system depending on where you live… You don’t have to do a boring job, you can do something fun, once again, no one is forcing you do to anything.

      Honestly, half of the video doesn’t make much sense to me. We’re powerless? That’s bullshit, too. Think about all of the cool stuff we’ve done. The video mentions black people’s rights, well, how did that actually happen? It was our society, with people like Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and the Rosa Parks bus boycott that finally got black people their rights. Do you think that has something to do with elites? Hahah, no friend, that was us. Besides, the elites were not even the problem here anyway, that was us, as a society. Look at the KKK, the disgusting everyday lynches of innocent black people during the early 1900s. That had little to do with the elite, minus some segregation laws. There was no law stating that all black men had to be lynched, no no, that was our society. Society was the reason that these innocent men and women were dying, not the elites. Sure, they didn’t do anything about it, and encouraged it, but were they really the cause? Hell no.

      What’s my point here? This video is bollocks. We’re pretty damn free. We buy from consumers because we like the stuff they make for us, we get money because we want to buy stuff we like. If you don’t care for consumers, well, you don’t need to buy from them. SHOCK, HORROR, GASP, seeds exist, grow your own food.
      If you want a comfortable life, and don’t want a job, then well, you actually sicken me as a human being. Think about all of the people who work their arses off day and night for money, so they can afford their lives they enjoy. Think about the doctors, nurses, scientists, mathematicians, engineers who all work to help improve our quality of life, help your relatives recover from disease, discover new things about life. Do you really think that these people should do all of this amazing, hard work for us, while you’re ‘tired of working day in day out’, wanting to live comfortably while doing shit all productive? I’m surprised these people even care about our race to be honest.

      And just remember, the whole european world was left in chaos when the Roman Empire collasped, along with its elites who made sure the world was in good shape.

      Don’t take a gift horse in the mouth, enjoy your life, find your own path. Peace.

  2. he talks of companies owning the world but still he wears clothes made in sweat shops he eats food that has been stripped from the earth and even uses modes of transport that have been made of our valuable materials.

  3. We really need to burn all the Mc Donald’s. I really hate them. Your video is really interesting. Now I don’t wanna smoke anymore… Destroy cigarrettes factories!

  4. Muchas gracias por compartilo, de mi parte cuido mas de 90 hectareas de bosque, si alguien conoce una institucion que me ayude a proteger 5 veces mas, por favor haganmelo saber! necesito ayuda!

    Thank you very much for Share , for my part I care more than 90 hectares of forest, if anyone knows an institution that helps protect me 5 times more, please let me know ! i need help!

  5. This video is incredible! Thanks for making such a good video like this!
    People these days just keep looking on the phone again and again.

  6. We are freedom and peace seeker. We are the one make change. We brave muslims, we all loving christians, we intelligent jews, we courageful buddhists. We all will unite. We are one. We are legion. We are anonymous.

  7. O people, o mankind?

    I just can say that thanks God i belong to Islam the religion that provides all the answers for this video and for the independency i general.

    To the religion that takes people from the darkness of slavery to the people into the light of living for Almighty and respecting only His laws and not man made laws that are produced only to slave people more and more for their benefits.

    This what i am saying only few people will understand and only few people will live it, those will be the victorious party one day and they will live this life only by obeying God even that the whole world will call them terrorist by not obeing man made laws designed for slavery.

    • You are the least free of us all, basing all decisions upon people’s interpretations of the thoughts of a figure you have been told exists, yet have no proof. You are also working for an ‘elite’. The elite who want you to continue following their rules. But they call it religion so it is better disguised. All religion is a cult, built to get people to do what you want and act how you want.

  8. Remember Ronald Reagan who said, “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”. Speech to the United Nations General Assembly, 42nd General Assembly.

  9. I’ve watch several of Anon videos and made some research of myself as well and it occurs to me that it’s coming near and that all people should stand united, regardless of nationality, race, degree, gender or social status. We are all target of monolithic and mammoth corparates. The leaders as of today are puppets of the Elite. They are also known as Bedilberger- the 13 elite clan or family. The super rich and super powerful that has almost half of the wealth in the world. The world is like a circus. I know it’s not easy to swallow all the truth because the truth is, TRUTH is sometimes far more horrifying than fantasy and it’s a natural or psychological defense mechanism of a human being to deny the truth that we could not handle or bare. But as you will know gradually and slowly you will be able to handle the truth.

  10. I highly agree with this video, it’s exactly what’s been on my mind for a very long time! These questions that I’ve asked my self and never got an answer for them. The corruption that I see in the government, and all I did was wait for someone to come and put an end to the corruption. Every time a cop passes by me it always feels like I’m being pointed in the head with a gun and just feeling like I’m not safe. All I kept seeing were more people getting hurt, getting more scared. The police, beating, killing, stealing, harassing, ruining the lives of so many innocent people. The government creating wars for there own entertainment, lying, killing are plant for money, keeping secrets, propaganda, and so much more! I’m tiered of waiting! I’ve recently became anonymous and now its time to make a change! We will succeed! No one can stop us! WE ARE LEGION, WE DO NOT FORGIVE, WE DO NOT FORGET, EXPECT US

    • We cannot rally change or wait for it, it is in constant motion. Change is to offer up, preservation is to take back. Preserve our human values and care for the earth and it’s people. Those in power are only there because we have placed them there and turned our backs on running human affairs. “Power of the people” is the opposite of “control through force”. What do we choose? Power or Force?

  11. Not everyone wants to stand out of this current system. I guess it takes balls to do so.

    Before this vid, the “Wake Up- you’ve felt it your entire life” vid opened my eyes to see the obvious reasons why life truly sucks.

    F*** corporations.

  12. Most talk the talk when will human kind get up and walk the walk. The internet is great, it connects us to the whole world. Where are the puppet masters? we need to pull them down. Those few how rule the world for their own greed of power. Somebody tell me who they are. But their names up on the internet. Parade them before the whole world.Can any one out there do that? But there are too many spineless people who just want to have and easy life and not make waves. We think “let some one else do this I got tickets to the soccer play offs that is more important right now them feeding the hungry. Planet Earth will be better off when we have killed our selves off.

  13. The loneliness people feel is the disconnection from truth. Truth is simple and get’s complicated by untruth. Earth in all it’s abundance has been claimed by power structures put in place by us; through or lack of wanting to do anything ourselves. Everything you see, experience and observe in the world outside of your own goodness is a reflection of the minimum effort and contribution that you and “others” have made. We are here a short while, sharing earth together. When will we see the error of neglected personal responsibility and focus on the well being of ourselves, each other and earth? It starts with knowing what you want, and before knowing what you want it is great to know what you don’t want.

  14. Try to create a video answering this question: What if the world were musslim?

    PS: do not lie. Do not lie to you. Be sincere and open minded. Use real musslims principles to do that and you will see…that the solution is on isslam that values:

    – God
    – People
    – Family
    – Preservation of this world
    – Success in this world and the next after dead

    i hope to see the video soon.


  15. This is easy to acknowledge, it’s going wrong and it’s all tied up together using money. A solution would seem to refuse the money, globally, us, the 99% … but yet I would want that alot of the good things continue to run smoothly.
    Hospitals, medicine, food distribution and access, electricity, research, housing, cleanliness, …
    I wouldn’t love to go back to stone age just to be able to say that I’m free.
    Honestly, while I agree with those videos, they claim we are the change and it’s true too but yet no one gets a plan, we complain but can’t figure out what to do beyond realizing we are alot more people than the ones using us.

  16. Try to create a video answering this question: What if the world were musslim?

    PS: do not lie. Do not lie to you. Be sincere and open minded. Use real musslims principles to do that and you will see…that the solution is on isslam that values:

    – God
    – People
    – Family
    – Preservation of this world
    – Success in this world and the next after dead

    i hope to see the video soon.


    • If you read any religions’ texts they are like that, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc they all say that we should be kind to eachother, look after the earth and it’s creatures, etc.

  17. hi im sorry for my English its not very doing this out of desperation. im sick and tired of going to the factory all day long.and im not far away of killing myself..i cannot live in this world anymore..i am a squatter i pay no rent and no tax.i do that because i dont see to point of paying for a cell block with other people in a flat or other corrupted no incomes desperate.what can i do? im stuck..please help me! the only thing what keeps me on track are kids around a skateboarder i teaching kids to skate and to feel free on your board.and i worked in a metal factory i make pipeline’s for middle east and fire departments ..i quit my job when i first hear this from my co workers..and now i cannot work anymore for a company what is not a build for us..i love the work that you/we all free ourself from this terrible habitat where we are in.peace the love be with you. solidarity greats from the netherlands. D

    • Jesus loves you. The REAL you. He believes in you too. Whatever you’re going through & no matter how difficult it gets, know you’re not alone. This life can knock us on our ass at times but it’s important that you flex your will & get back up. I love you. It will get better. God bless you.

  18. U want to b free. Then go and buy ur own land. Grow ur own food, maintain only the animals that can provide u with the food u will eat. Forget about the tvs, phones, technology. Live by the light of the sun and moon. Do what u want!!!! Live free. Lets c how long before u would come back to this horrible life we supposedly live. Its only as bad as u make it. Yes we can do it but will we? NO!!! So unless ur willing to forget everything we know now and live like in the old days then go. Be FREE. Stop goin to school to learn, stop goin to the dr. for any treatment and forget completely and utterly about money cause it will have no value to u. Good luck on that. Let me know how it goes for u.

  19. JoMamma closed your mind down on that statement,your doing just what you have been trained to do…think about this,,the system they are using on us…[courts]. do we have anything we can use also in courts? YES we can turn them on each other there[use their greed]. start to learn about june 5th 1933 H.J.R 192 this bill states the government will accept all the peoples debts…the account is in your ss number..from this bill we can write bonds[a few are doing this now] these bonds can be used to remove the bad judges,town hall clerks,police..liquidate their bond thought C.I.D [branch of IRS] made only for HJR 192 address is 192 Covington KY 41012.. will come to collect the debt from the person you liquidate the bond. now they have troubles and no one will ever bond them! no more job…the truth to this is you have to understand what and how you are doing learn this is very hard to open your mind..takes months and at first looks crazy but then it will come together…if more would learn the faster we could change it.

  20. It has to be possible to broadcast this over the air on a network using some form of network intrusion… This message needs to be seen by as many as possible. Humanity must wake up or die in its sleep.

  21. Nah, I was fairly intrigued at first, though I did think this just sounded like a conspiracy video. However as soon as you started going out about it being pointless to give money toward drug development, obviously trying to make the argument “they make drugs to profit, not to cure” immediately let me know that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

  22. Is this me or is this video too Americanized?

    And if you are livin in the crapiest place in the world (called USA), you can always try to be amish for 6 months and try this “freedom” as described.

    I bet 90% of the people would want to go back to corporatism.

  23. I know for a fact that if we all stood together we could beat them. It would be a fight but we have a very high chance of winning that fight. There is more of us compared to them. They damn well know it too, but they laugh at us assuming we are stupid for not realizing it, and there are simply some people out there that are too stupid to realize it. We want to fight, but some people are too scared. Scared of change and taking that chance to stand up for a life we deserve. We have to figure out a how we are going to band together… but we also have to figure out how to make people not fear change anymore and to not fear standing up to the dragons and slay them all….

  24. This is my quote.Oh and btw I hate mankind..
    “I´ve lost my faith in humanity.
    There is´t a big enough boot to the head in the whole wide world that would wake people up from their daily slumber.

    And make them see reason and open up there eyes so they could realize how easy we all could make it work if we really wanted too.”

  25. Most of the comments here appear to originate from a very sad group of bitter people. Not once did any person mention the beauty of our world or the love that surrounds them from family and friends. Wake early one morning and view the sunset, look at the world through the eyes of a child, listen to the words of an elderly person. Your negativity truly saddens me.

  26. I like how this guy in the video is implying that there is one bad guy and its the kapitalist elite and i am fuiling their master plan… and maybe he is right in some way, but its not as simple as that… why do people have to explain these kinds of issues in black and white.
    this system that we live in have many oppurtunities to give us freedom of choice in what we want to work with, for you guys to make this nice looking but one sided video etc. And we should not change everything about our system but build on it to find bether solutions to enviromental issues and so on. There are many parts of the world that arr plagued with poverty that does nor have any of the freedoms that you question so mutch. Maybe they can make their own land or gather food without buying it but they have alot of problems we lucky foke do not.

    • 1) We are already as free as can be. Everything we do in life is our decision.Don’t like waking up for work everyday so that you can afford to survive? Don’t do it. Want to grow your own food and farm your own land and animals? Do it. No-one is stopping you living the life you want to live.

      2) We complain about elites yet without some kind of power and authority men would still be savages, we would still wage war, fight each other and kill each other it would be no different. We would still have to spend the majority of our lives working to survive, yet in harsher conditions and with no choice of occupation. Without these elites there would be no laws, no medicine, no technological advances, no public education.

      3) These elites, as bad as everyone imagines them to be are actually the only entities that have brought us to where we are today, they don’t treat us like slaves and they don’t force us to do anything. In my opinion, that’s the best it’s going to get. I would rather be ruled by the few anonymous wealthy elites than a power hungry leader bent on controlling civilization.They may have more power than us, but unfortunately that is the way society works and always will work.

      4)This video portrays that we work, grow old, and die without ever experiencing life, yet we all have memories of a time in our lives when we were happy, joyful,with the family, viewing beautiful scenery. My point is that life is what you make it and obviously the guy in the video isn;t happy with how he has been living his life.

      5)Money may be worthless, and I’m sure that anyone has took the time to think about it would have realized that it is… however without some form of currency we go back to a bartering system. It is not possible for us to live efficiently and equally without some form of currency.

      6)We poison our own earth every day.. and it is no one entity doing destroying the world. We destroy our own land,lakes and oceans. Humanity as a whole is to blame, not one group of humanity.

      7)Lastly, the shit that we eat that is in food is no secret. We are openly told what is in our food and just as easily can research it. Despite this, people continue to eat it simply because that is the choice they have chosen to make,it tastes good. We complain about ingredients, yet do nothing to help ourselves because we are too lazy to make,grow,and supply our own food.

      • 1) Choosing to stop working and starve to death isn’t really a choice at all. Land and animals must be bought, they can’t just be taken. You must know its not that easy.

        2) Pure unfounded speculation. I don’t need a higher authority figure to stop me from being a savage. There will always be conflict and murder between individuals, but that is different from what your describing.

        Who wages wars? Is it me? Is it the common man? The 99%? Did i authorise those drone strikes? Elites wage wars for economic purposes and to keep the military industrial complex in business. No other reason.

        Medicine and technology aren’t created buy elites, but by scientists. All of mankind knows there are unspoken laws between us. Do not kill. The thought that we need an authority to write them down before we can adhere to them is ridiculous. I’ll also point out that the elites like to write laws that specifically favour them and with enough money, all other laws seem not to apply anyway. Public education (as shown in the video) is largely just indoctrination. It doesn’t teach politics or critical thinking or philosophy/morality. It teaches you to do as your told, unquestioningly and to regurgitate information. Without public education, teachers would still teach students who are willing and the internet would fill in the rest.

        3) They haven’t “brought” us anywhere, they are the parasites of the world, leeching from everyone else and hoarding as much money and resources as possible. Your depressingly short-sighted if you think the only way the world can and will forever work is the current one. It also makes you pretty oblivious to history, I’m sure the black slaves and woman without the vote thought the same thing.

        4) This isn’t about him. This is about humanity, collectively. There is enough wealth in the world for everyone to live wonderful lives. What do you say to the starving child in Africa? or the Chinese sweatshop employee? Both of which are results of the elites actions. Cherish what you have? Be happy to be alive? At least you’ve got your memories even if you have no food? Even if those memories suck because you live in overwhelming poverty? Sorry, you can’t have more money, the CEO of samsung wants to buy a 3rd yacht.

        5) The issue isn’t that money exists, its that the money isn’t being redistributed. We aren’t living equally now, so the money has lost its purpose. Thats the issue.

        6) Do I control fossil fuel use? Do i give massive ($88bn) subsidies to oil and gas while largely ignoring Green energy alternatives? They do so because once established, Green energy is renewable so it won’t make any money and despite it destroying the planet, they want to milk the fossil fuel cash cow for as long as possible. Will any of the 99% ever be in a position of power to change this? Even if someone did, would the rest of the psychopaths let him make any difference? Its relative. Sure, everyone is contributing. But some much more than others.

        7) Did you know that just 10 corporations produce all the food you have ever bought from a supermarket? How much choice do you think you have now?

        Sure, all ingredients are on the package, but you can google maltodextrin or monosodium glutamate all you want, most of the time you wont be any closer to knowing whether its good or bad for you. Plus, often the same ingredient can be used in everything from beer to peanut butter! But we have to eat something.

        How exactly does one go about growing food for myself, by myself for the entire year with no land? On top of working a 9-5 wage slave job so the corporate boss can go on his 7th holiday of the year in june. Guess I’m just lazy, right?

        Not something taught in school, is it? We are all trapped in society, pretending we can just leave at any time only distracts from the fact that we ARE society and we need to change it for the betterment of everyone.

        • There have never been fewer people starving (as a % of the population) than there are today. Almost all of the UN millennium development goals are on track to either being met, or if not then significant progress has been made towards them. In at least some cases it is members of the 1%, such as Bill and Melinda Gates, who are making some of the most significant contributions.

          Life expectancy has increased hugely since the industrial revolution while working hours have fallen, leaving people with far more leisure time over the course of their lives.

          Violence (both inter-group and inter-personal) has declined dramatically and is far lower in industrialised societies with well-functioning states than it was in pre-industrial societies.

          While it’s true that environmental quality typically declines in the early stages of industrialisation, this generally reverses as countries become wealthier. The Thames in London is now cleaner than it has been in over 500 years. The reason for increases in diseases like cancer in rich countries is partly lifestyle-related but also a lot to do with longer lifespans, not poisons and toxins in the environment – age adjusted cancer death rates have actually declined since the 1950s (largely due to improved treatments and reduced smoking).

          No doubt there are lots of problems in the world still to be solved but this video completely misdiagnoses both the scale and the causes of them, and therefore offers solutions (such as doing away with money and private property) that would be at best ineffectual and at worst actively harmful to humanity.

          This isn’t a full academic article obviously but for thorough referencing of the above statements try the first couple of chapters of the Sceptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg, and the Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker regarding the declines in violence.

    • My advice is: Read up on marxism and socialism. The more you read the more you will understand about how the world works. Pass that knowledge on to your friends and family and prepare for a revolution.

  27. A bubble burster… SORRY.
    All governments control people. As a human race we are obliged to comply with their rules. You go to work, you do stuff, you go home, you eat, you sleep. That’s it. That’s your life. Sparkle at the weekends. Love your family and friends, go to gigs, go to restaurants, run, walk, jog, get on your bike. DO SOMETHING ! It’s your life. NO F*CKING company or job can take that from you.

  28. If everyone, if all the country unites as one we can change… but power is everything and those who has no power will be nothing but to serve those who are in power… we need leader not government, not someone who has money, not someone who is smart, and not those who are born with family history, and not me or you but someone who understand the live of other and the value of our planet.

  29. It´s time that we start putting things in a bigger perspective. Looking around, not only strait forwards or backwards with tunnelvision. Do you want to be just a product of the society, the ones behind it? Or do you want to make your own way trough life, a way that means something, stands for something, doesn´t destroy what you came from. Remember you are not here on this earth to live anybodys expectations you are not here on this earth follow the missleading messages of authorities. We are here to follow or something that we ha deep within us, love passion and empathy. Embrace the message of this video cause it was probaly the best message you have recieved for a long time in this world of lies and strange values. And remember behind everything you do is responsability. No matter what the authorities have told you, you are responsible for your actions.

  30. That’s great but there is nothing we can do at this point. People would rather play video games and surf the internet all day, we did this to ourselves. Society is rotting in front of us. I am an automation technician and my job is to build factory floors where we cut out the jobs of humans, soon there will be less jobs and the rich will get even more rich. People need to wake up, stop playing video games and watching tv.

  31. A lot of people claiming, “thats what I’ve been saying for years!” As if you already knew this? Then why are you not doing something to unite people instead of acting like you are better then the rest? Your a pile of cash away from being the 1 percent. Kudos lol. Talk is cheap.

  32. Um, from a christian point of you sounds like the tribulation (end times). So according to my believe system and its just mine, NO ONE can stop this eccept Jesus Christ. And he wont stop it. The believers will go to heaven the non believers…well Guess you can answer that question.

  33. “At this time you could be anywhere, doing anything”. I could spend my life backpacking around the world, sure, I could sofa surf and hitch hike and eat nothing but rice. But if I claimed to care for the world I would rather be right here, on my laptop, viewing the world from this sort of window to the world because travelling is bad for the planet.

    Living in cities and living a routine is good economy because it’s efficient. If you live in an apartment in new york or seoul then you are about 10 times more eco friendly than someone living in a suburbs which is more eco friendly than living in the middle of nowhere which is more eco friendly than travelling about. The way we live now takes up less space, less resources and causes less pollution per person than how we used to live 100, 1000 or 100,000 years ago and it is continuing to improve. We have skyscrapers that fit more people in less space so we need less fuel to get around, less fuel to heat our homes because they are closer and share more heat, we are closer to work, food doesn’t have to travel as far to get to us and we have public transport.

    The nomadic people of the pre historic days used to travel around, extincting many species as they traveled in search of food. It was bad economics. So we don’t want to go back to those days. “There’s no food for us on trees”. I am a tree surgeon. My job is to know about trees and I can tell you from experience there is food for us on trees. It’s just that we don’t look for it and if we did forage for wild fruit we would find it so dry and bitter and we’d soon be queuing up at maccies. Unless we used GM clones. Which by the way I mean ordinary cuttings from variants of trees that produce good fruit. I just like scaring hippies with harmless words like clones and genetically modified.

    In the industrial revolution we learned to turn the hidden energy locked inside chemical bonds in coal into the kinetic energy of machines, freeing humans from the most labor intensive tasks. We divided up that labor to increase efficiency. Technology advanced. We realized our impact on the planet. The green revolution started. Chemistry evolved. Politicians and corporations came soon after. But these institutions are man made and are subject to man made errors.

    But today we are exponentially improving renewable energy. I can recite facts and figures about how well we’re doing such as Brazil’s energy is 40% renewable and China has the most renewable energy in the world but I wont, but I will say this; projections vary, but scientists have advanced a plan to power 100% of the world’s energy with wind, hydroelectric, and solar power by the year 2030. According to a 2011 projection by the International Energy Agency, solar power generators may produce most of the world’s electricity within 50 years.

    I would also like to point out that all of these advancements are as a result of our current system. They are a result of an explosion of information caused by the internet and education. Those “screens” we sit in and those teachers than force information down us for us to ‘regurgitate’ is slowly giving us unlimited, renewable energy.

    One last point is about war. From the second world war to now we have almost abandoned war. It is no longer profitable. It is also illegal. All that’s left is a few illegal wars in Africa and the middle east as well as the war on drugs which will be obsolete soon as governments are waking up and are legalizing some drugs (California, Colorado, Portugal). The total number of deaths caused by war in 2007 was about the same as the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents in the UK. Compared with the millions of deaths a year from world war 2 to the Vietnamese war that’s nothing. So war isn’t a problem either

    tldr; current system works but is intrinsically limited by human errors and we will all live in a warless upotpia with unlimited energy in the not too distant future

  34. this is an amazing eye opener, I give you lots of credit, there has been a lot of sharing of the clip, at my Facebook page. I hope that everybody understand the message instead of tearing it down and ignoring it, because, you’re speaking the truth, and if everybody keeps thinking it can’t be changed, then of course it can’t, you have to believe to do do. lots of likes from here/ Denmark.

  35. This made me cry. It is just so sad.

    I, for one, is a person who feels trapped in this world. I live in a little house in the forest, with my children and my husband. We strive to live free lives, but a lot of things that once was natural are today illegal.

    We try to teach our children the value of the earth, other people, a loving community – but at the same time we see them get influenced by commercials, the community, friends and family who are all possessed with materials and how to function like a “normal” social being.

    Maybe it sounds crazy. It is hard to put these feelings in print.

    I want to go back in time.

    Please do not respond if you want to be mean. I really would not see the point.

    Best of everything to everyone.


  36. It’s funny to see so many replies discussion whether we can do it or no, whether we are powerful or powerless and bla bla bla. But what we should really do is think about a feasible plan to make this change.. A plan. A practical plan. This video is very obvious and th replies here are kind of showing that we can do it but at the same time we can’t because we are lost in thinking and analysing and bla bla bla.

    Acting and a practical plan is the answer. For example, let’s start spreading this video and make a new one showing a plan.

    • There is one! A socialistic revolution to make all production owned and governed by workers all over the world. A truly democratic world.

  37. this is only part of the story of what is going on. It misses a lot of information. When we humans are gone other species will continue to evolve. We are not that important in the big scheme of things. Personally I like time, it’s useful- get up, do my stuff, I like working (mature student studying medicine). People are starving, famine is part of human history as is drought, disease etc. medicine has changed our life expectancy from 35 120 years ago to 85 now. One in ten women died in childbirth! I do agree however that we need to care for the planet and other life forms on it – they have just as much right to life as we do. There is revolting greed. It’s just revolting you know? Who needs a 100mill yacht? It’s pathetic but then who needs more food than they can eat? Flushing drinking water down the toilet? It’s all revolting. What retired couple needs a 5 bedroom home? It waste and it’s revolting. We need to be proud of the cool stuff we do, being kind, generous, wholesome humans not constantly filling our lives with stuff, money, gold toilets and $1000 shoes it’s just revolting.

  38. I think you need to watch and listen to the video again. It is full of sweeping generalizations. Count how many times the words all, everyone, everything, no one, etc. are used. Nothing is that finite. You may want to believe it but not everyone or everything is bad, polluting, hateful or unloving. I believe that 99% of the human population is GOOD and see how similar we are to each other. Videos like this seek to divide and conquer us. Who are you to judge others? Whose judgement is best? When will we stop tearing each other down instead of finding common interest and moving toward acceptance, love, unity? Inspect and analyze media, internet content and individual you tube videos for the truth you know. Question things like a Freak. Never stop learning or listening or loving each other. We are ALL Magnificent!

  39. Yep. This video isn’t going to change anything, it doesn’t offer anything new that a million other videos haven’t said. It points out and over simplifies a whole bunch of issues – war is bad, corporations are evil, turn off your phone, don’t eat meat, don’t get a job, politics is fucked – yet offers nothing useful. It’s alarmist, sensationalist and overly sentimental. Worse still, it misses the point on a number of topics it brings up. Maybe don’t switch off your phones, use them to learn a thing or two instead.

  40. Meh. That’s a lot of griping, some valid points but what’s the overall point? I didn’t hear any solutions, just a bunch of griping and that someone other than the video maker should stand up and lead.

  41. A LOT of science, business and political inaccuracies but hopefully gets more people to think for themselves. But then again, many who are watching are not the programmed herd described.

  42. I bielive in somthing I call the Utopian law which States that all humans are intiteld to free substance shelter and education the only thing that humans should have to pay for is the things we want all nesesitys should be free

  43. @ TRIM so you believe in Islam? A god that commands you to lie, have slaves, no rights for women and if someone doesn’t love Allah to kill him there’s no choice, or god who loves all and gives you the choice to love him or not and preaches peace? I’ll go with god at least I can choose and change my mind too if I want!!! Keep Allah don’t bring him to my country.

  44. If you are on a large ship it will be hard to turn quickly.
    So get off the ship, take a small boat and turn quickly and make your own world.

    That’s what I did and I’m so happy now I can see.

    So, don’t wait for change, make your own world now.

    Make changes in what you eat, who you see as friends and you don’t have to be buddies with your own famely.

    Once you make these changes, people around you wll react, that is normal and after a moment you will feel lighter and happier.

  45. Here are so many who wish a change! Why we can`T stay together! If we all wake up and make the right move, then we can stop this madness.
    But we have to wake up first the people around us!

    I wish for a decent World…. a word there are people and nature in harmony

    I need the right people around me, and we need you!
    There are much out there. Fighting for the same, like lonely wolfs.

    We have to stay together for the better for a lovely world.

  46. I severely disagree with this video.
    1) It states many controversies of our society, without a resolution to change it. Addressing a problem without providing a solution only creates despair.

    2) A government, police force, monetary system, military force, etc. ARE ALL ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for a human population to function. Civilization has had these essential concepts for thousands of years to have welfare of food, safety, shelter, health etc. The ideas of this video will only work for a castaway.

    3) Sure there exists corruption and other negative aspects of our society. There will never be a perfect form of government. And I’m positive the creator of this video has no idea where his/her ideals exist in this world. Where no mass production of food, infrastructure, 9 to 5 jobs, order, and absence of a strong monetary system exists, are what we call 2d and 3rd world countries. How is their standard of living compared to ours? Oh you are so right, staring at an Iphone screen is so bad compared to looking down the barrel of an AK-47. We have it so hard here in united states of america! We must change these things!
    So let us forget all of what we have been blessed with, complain about things we will never change, and share to the rest of our friends this viedeo, to create a false sense of change, then return to the office or our phones and forget about the entire thing 5 minutes later living in our miserable world.

  47. You are not alone,if something doesn’t sit right with you ask a question,that is where to start if the answer doesn’t sit right with you ask another question

  48. Humans by their nature are selfish. We may live in community and accept certain values as universal. However the reason they are seen as universal is because there IS a system that has established those values. It’s true that governments aren’t the strawberry cream cake everyone expects, but as Machiavelli stated in the book the Prince, often the lack of Prince is worse than a wrong one. If we were to live in a society that wouldn’t be DEFINED as a society, because there wouldn’t be a system, everyone would live for themselves, and the concept of moral values would cease to exist, because the system has crumbled. Now under a right system, the moral values are there to implant order, peace and respect among individuals for the sake of the community. There is no perfect system, and the government regimes we’re under now have many mistakes, but to deny the need for one is ludicrous. Like a baby, who doesn’t want to eat the vegetable soup often has to be forced by its family to take it for the sake of a strong and healthy growth. The only freedom people seem to have trouble with is freedom of speech and press. There’s also the problem with our natural ecosystem and the destruction of our world, but as the video states, nature is a balance, and when we die, which we will, the earth will live on and breed new life. For now we do have groups and organisations working on the preservation of our environment, and that is a great step from previous years in my opinion. In a way are we a master race? Yes. And because of our strength and power we have the ability to destroy or create. Despite us having caused a lot of destruction I believe that under the right systems we can, and we’re now starting to create new relationships and connections between people, and also develop a better respect and understanding of our world. The young generations have seen and learned the mistakes of our parents and grandparents’ eras, and a new dawn is upon us. It is the job of the people and the system to improve our society, without radically destroying the systems we have already fought so hard to create.

  49. how can we change things,
    Stop voting in these sham elections.
    Stop joining the ridiculous armies
    Do not join there police forces
    Stop volunteering to die for these pigs

  50. Hello Anonymous,

    The Netherlands would be an ideal candidate for a political intervention since it probably is the last bastion left standing where you can peacefully overrun parlement and set a stage for a global message. I volunteer to get that message out eventhough i risk everything for my family. But doing nothing takes more courage. I wouldnt say this if i didnt have a plan allready. I therefor urge anonymous to contact me on this account and reach out to the world to join us in this 1 great oppurtunity to change the world !!!!

    If you need any encouragement listen to this short message and then make that extra effort to write our own history

  51. It’s an interesting film and while I agree with its overall message. It draws on a lot of assumptions. Assumptions like thinking the past was somehow more wonderful than now. That people before computers shared more or were more sincere. This neglects the horrors that came about in a world with only books and newspapers, in a world where there were only stone tablets etc… Genocides and wars and famine and droughts etc… It wasn’t a Utopia. Why would the Earth suddenly be one now?

    Another one was that animal life is pure and wonderful. Now, how we treat animals going to slaughter and how we raise them is pretty horrific. However animals themselves have spent eons, like ourselves evolving claws, teeth, stalking techniques, poisons etc… all in order to brutally kill not only prey but rivals and those they see as threats. Even plants wage chemical warfare on insects and animals that devour them. The Earth never was a Disney film. Can we be better stewards of this world? You’re damn right. But to think that our actions are in some way a product of the world we evolved from? I think that’s not giving credit or blame where it’s due.

    As far as the assumption about computers and screens. We sure do experience more and more of our world through computers. While this can be seen as disconnecting and limiting. It can also be inspirational and uplifting. Like previous generations that poured through books, which are nothing more than black and white text, maybe pictures. They too were sometimes seen as “bookish”. Nerds for instance rather sit around and make calculations about shapes than go outside and see the world.

    What the world needs is an open opportunity for people to enhance the world based around their strengths. I wouldn’t consider someone in a lab working for a cure to a disease most their life a failure if they never went out and kayaked. That brings up another assumption I didn’t totally agree with. That drug companies or scientists rather treat than cure. This assumes that cures are 1. easy and 2. universal. Like the saying goes, we’ve had a cure for cancer for a long time. The only problem is that it kills the patient in the process. This also ignores all the diseases that we’ve essentially eradicated. If it weren’t for the anti-vaxxer movement we’d still be gaining ground on them.

    And finally the food and feeding the world. We should share more I agree. But giving food to the starving can often times make them even more impoverished. Weak economies that experience an influx of free goods see what little businesses and jobs that are there evaporate. The people then rely on the aid. Which can dry up at any moment. Leaving people in a precarious situation.

    We need to feed those people and sometimes giving them food is the answer as they need it immediately. The same with medical treatments. However we also have to give them a leg up in society. Do things for them that let them create jobs and industry to sustain themselves when the “good will” gets exhausted and goes away.

  52. These comments are the proof that things are not going to change before a while and will probably never…

    You are all here insulting each other right after have seen this video whose purpose is precisely to unify people in the quest of freedom and happiness. Am I wrong?

    The answer is here, right between the lines you all write, and it makes me fucking sad..
    We are a pretty big bunch of people on this planet, and we are individuals. 7 billion humans, 7 billion ways to think, 7 billion different kinds of happiness, 7 billion truths.. One says something an other one disagree and instead of openning a peacefull and constructive discussion he says “Fuck of you’re stupid! I’m right!”

    I agree we should fight these disgusting demagogues who manipulate all of us in there quest of bleeding the earth. But we are selfish and lazy, words are easier. We prefer to leave the acts to an other, but WHO?? If there is a solution, WE are the solution. Not me, not you, US!

    So think about it. Personally I see only a dream. For me we became like those chickens, those pigs, those cows.. eating the seeds from the same hand which butchers us, forgetting how the green prairies look like and how to survive on them..
    The only weapons we seem to have are hope and dreams. According to me, it’s not enough to win a battle. It needs union and – at this point – universal revolution…


  53. Is there any link to a download so i can show this to my offspring and point out what went wrong? I’ll store it on a flash and keester it my whole life if that is what it takes.

  54. Everyone acknowledges the problem, what we need is someone to show us the solution. How do I change things without hurting my wife and kids?

  55. Spot on video. Its inline with all the changes in my own thoughts/beliefs the past 10 years or so. Yes – we need to be the change we want to see, however the problem I have is how the person fighting for their day to day existence can comprehend and know how to make the changes before its too late.

    What is the change? and how do we go from here to there is my question?How does the planet ditch this monetary system of greed/power/control, the power (and hypocrisy) of religion, to dislodge the corporations/governments/lobbyists. How do we move to a resource based economy where we do whats right as determined by science/by needs…. rather than our everyday bottom line?

    Beyond total War and Anarchy – its hard to know how the powers that exist will let it go without a fight. However if a new system of governance could be worked out to create some belief and new direction, I get the feeling this momentum could be the change we want to see?

  56. Would be nice if everyone saw it this way. It would also be nice for people to actually roll up their sleeves and start researching all the problems the human race has caused and is going through (I’m damn well one of those people that feels as though I can do more as an individual). We need to be one voice and show NO FEAR!

  57. To change the world we must change conscious, change and lead by example. Pure love fill righteous living , spreading knowledge of who we are and what we are capable of. We are forever.

  58. i support anonymous very much, although i am a bit confused, for example when we hacked fox news we said we hurt people because we can and want, but doesnt that counter alot of what we stand for, we say that to be anonymous you must be untrackable, yet we put pictures of people on sites like 4chan to`expose them, and to embaress them because they made pictures we can mock on, and about this video, i really want to live that way, but im 15 i got kicked off school, im at home for months now, the government wants to put me on a school wich after i graduate im unlikely to find a job, and how can we live in this time without money because if you dont find a job we wont get money and then we cant get food,houses,clothes, or any resources, so how can we live as this video says? i do really want to though and i support it with all my heart, if someoen can enlighten me more i would be truly grateful, btw i live in holland.

    • Think for yourself. Avoid revealed religion. Read and study history. Learn what Marxism is. Learn Communism. Learn Free Enterprise. Understand the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. Lastly, read Atlas Shrugged.

      Knowledge is power. 😉

  59. Wait, so if we all band together to overthrow the leaders, who decides exactly what the plan to do such an act is? Wouldn’t they be the new elite? Isn’t that the exact start of the path that led us to how we are now? Funny thing about our nation is that every single person has the ability to make something of themselves, and if a person is so fed up with the elite rulers of the world, perhaps they should have worked harder to be in that position themselves. The elite are called elite for a reason.

  60. We are already dead, we don´t have chance, the humany has been gone so far and we gonna pay it, not today, not tomorrow but someday, and it will be soon, so, what i´m going to do is make what the video says… while i can

  61. If I could change this my self I would but I only know we need every ones help to change this, it makes me sad to think that humans do this to other humans… its like why? I guess I could start off with the little things.

  62. This video has a wonderful way of making a point, but not really providing a solution. It’s ambiguity serves as a call to action where none was really pointed out. This short has discouraged the use of technology, and it is technology alone that has allowed humans to progress in the way it has. It is technology that will allow humans to progress even further, and it may be the answer to everything in the world we find fault with today. Yes, it could eventually lead to the downfall of humanity, but was the peak of humanity the time before we had instant access to all information in the world? Was the peak of humanity back when we hunted animals ourselves and used the world to live off of? Was it back when we ourselves acted like animals, and used our primal instincts to survive? Is that kind of lifestyle even possible anymore? We need to take a leap of faith. We are growing as a species, and videos like this encourage us to start reverting back to the things we USED to do. To move backward. How about we move forward? How about we accept that the world is the way it is right now, and try to find things we can change within our own lives? We have the most power over our lives when it comes to our own happiness.

  63. This video is stupid. It makes it sound like we’re slaved, we are not. Go oversees and then come talk to me. We sit in classrooms to learn and get smarter. You can’t just let someone be a doctor. Quit making life so miserable. I rarely post on stuff like this but I couldn’t believe some people really think our life is miserable. You people just don’t like order. I’m not saying I agree with Obama or other people in this world but I’m just saying life is not that bad. Go over to Iraq, that is bad!

  64. and even here.. after watching this short video.. some of you keep throwing shit at eachother.. cant say anything else but; fucking primitives…

  65. I share this knowledge with my clan, children, friends…….. When wil it change, will we keep dreaming of Utopia….. It’s time to react!
    React before it’s too late!
    Wake up!……

  66. Because Obama has just announced that it will be Mandatory to vote, we should all vote for that one guy from Anonymous who wants to run for president. Campaign our asses off!

  67. You have a beautiful thought. You, a young idealist. I am old. The truth is…20% of the population make things happen,80% watch. It has always been this way. There are many who prefer to follow, prefer to be told what to do. Some crave work, others avoid it. There is only one great equalizer and that is death. It would be wonderful if we could all hold hands and live in joy and compassion as you say. Unfortunately, ISIS doesn’t share that sentiment.

  68. Haha just as a side note, the tree shown at 0:40, as the voice over says “there’s no food for us on trees” is a honey locust, it has edible pods.

  69. why don’t we hack all the media corporations’ networks and play this video on loop for 24 hours…that’s the only way we can start change…

  70. Isn’t change modified continuity,same old Movement different cover. Famous actor Jame Coburn once said bruce Lee was mentioning about the self being the enemy . J.krishnamurti, talked about the limitations of thought,and how thought is the image maker and defense mechanizam.And how thought sits on the throne in the mind ,and yet how thought has created marvelous things in the world but is limited in its operation in its field of the known.The self or the me is a product of thought (time)the response of memory which is the store house of experience. Which is through which our minds operate .Freedom from the known is a creative state of being,the light of intelligence within oneself.And to truly see is to see what is actually before one which is insight and not through our conditioning or conditioned background. So perhaps the self would have to end for a better world of understanding love and communication to truly come into being.

  71. There is an interesting book in the nag hammadi library, called the apocrython of john the long version,it speaks about Jesus christ.Talking to one of his disciples that was in doubt after Jesus as ended back in to heaven.And I feel Jesus if these are the things he told his desciples for he would know then I could also see where the alien and or fallen angels would fit into things.And a book called confesions of an aging god.

  72. This video would be much more effective if it had Morgan Freeman narrating it rather than THIS pretentious @@shole. LOL. But good message nonetheless.

  73. Anonymous – You all have the power to flood the screens of the world with this.

    The top 10 worlds largest news corps:

    Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA
    Gannett Company Inc.
    CBS Corporation
    British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc
    Liberty Media
    News Corporation
    Time Warner Inc.
    The Walt Disney Disney Company
    Comcast Corporation

    When people don’t listen, you need to force them…

    There is too much bullshit, the day will come and the people, the truly Anonymous will say “enough is enough”.

    I’m not one of these people….I stand alone…but even I feel that I’m a hostage to the endless BS….and when the time comes and the Anonymous need soldiers I will do what needs to be done

  74. Hi, i really agree with this video, if you would, i would like to talk to the maker of this video? what is your facebook, me and u are exactly a like and want change, money is only paper and we’re told it has value when it doesnt even need value its just another way for someone to get rich and waste there life doing nothing so please reply and let me know your facebook name so we can chat

  75. Does anyone ever stop and really wonder how ten times the amount of U.S. troops could suddenly commit suicide in one year than die(from P.T.S.D.) in the gulf war in twenty years combined? It’s simple..population control by the US government or by ancient robotic dark governments..done by reflecting frequencies off of the sand..the guns or helmets as antennae,and recently ..cell phones as the detonators..and a mental seed was planted…just a theory

  76. For all those who don’t know,and obviously the world doesn’t know..”civil involuntary detention” is legal in Missouri.This means for the last two years straight,I have been force fed medications against my will,share a shower with 42 other men and fed grade d food. I get $45 a month for spending while the state and the facility get the rest of my ssi and ssdi check..I am a victim of legal human trafficking and basically dying slow in a concentration camp.This is my third stay in twelve years in a sister facility.Legal guardianship was put over me simply by my divorced parents saying to the county(one I was not residing in at the time,just home fr xmas)”he is a danger to himself and others”an emergency court hearing was done in a blizzard between xmas and new years,a time where most courts are dormant;mine inan occult ran hick town was bright eyed and firey hearts..for their target was acquired…I have attended two division one universities and 4 colleges altogether,tested genius level on an IQ test,and recently acquired a degree in cosmetology,just to get this exact type of problems off of my only crime,surviving murder attempts..and good ones at that..what is up with America and ignorance..being ignored is what I the people,no one is paying attention when my theories on astronomy ant time are excellent and accredited by those few who do follow me and all have some truth and im just simply not a loud enough voice yet..i need some attention and support..sincerely Brad

  77. We have this idea that we need our current governments otherwise everything will fall to pieces. That is so far away from the truth. My analogy:

    When you are queuing for the bus stop, we naturally stand in a line and wait our turn. We let the person on the bus who has waited the longest. We have this natural order without government intervention. The idea has been put in our heads that if we did not have the government, we would turn into the new term of the word anarchy.

    Think about it, if human beings were capable of forming the current government, then we are more than capable of creating a new one. The first thing we need to do is realize that power is not real. We are controlled because we allow them to. It’s like being in trouble at school; when you look back – those warnings of those teachers are laughable, they couldn’t control you. But when we were actually at school and were being threatened with detention, we thought it was the worse thing in the world and obeyed. We obey out of fear. But once we disobey, and say no, the power they have over us instantaneously disappears. Look at these politicians in Parliament, they have spent their whole lives around wealthy posh middle class people; they are so out of touch with reality and what life is like for normal people. You don’t need a business degree for happiness, you just need sharing and empathy; it shouldn’t be that complicated.

    Everyone, stock up on your food, protest outside together with other people; and STOP paying your taxes. Unless it’s a public service; stop going to work! It might sound crazy, but what is more crazy is that food is being destroyed because it is being overproduced – even though millions are starving.

  78. Regardless of how you feel about this video: preachy or truth. It certainly makes you think. Something we all need to do more of.

  79. I will pay you to make a film like this for me. We now have a unity group at foundation members join free and get paid from their local chapters excess ad revenue, a share amounting to over $400 a year each. A family of 3 would get around 1800 a year. It is an iSafesite been est over 10 years.

  80. after sympathizing with the video we go back to killing each other killing metally ill and innocent blacks because they are holding a simple screw driver really??

  81. Thats right, were Slaves of corporations. As long as we want to live in the “MATRIX” we live in the Matrix, as Slave of our own Habits and the feeling im fine with that what i got, so why should i stand up and Risk it for a Future i dont know, free but what for a system we get then ?. Money Rules the world and live is just a Price to pay, until that changes we are Slaves of the Commercial system.

  82. I think it’s not about how we can change this situation, because it’s impossible. I think it tells us to feel more as humans, that we shouldn’t be the product of our own creation.

  83. one must realize a simple truth… no progress was ever made without sacrifice… you want to take our planet back? you have to fight for it! there is no peaceful solution…

  84. I’ve tried to change the world till recently:
    -“Excluded” by many friends;
    -Many thought me has a stupid;
    -The phew that were running with me, just made it because they were frustrated about not achieving what their friends and everyone else achieved;
    -Every time my friends were in pain they ran to me for help till they were better and then… “Byby, u’re crazy”;
    -The bills pilled up;
    -Entered in depression and started doubting about my line of thought.

    Till, i gave up. Maybe i did’t born surrounded by the right people, in the right place, in the right time… I’m sad because i will not leave the mark i wanted in the world – to turn it in a better place, where people truly understand each other.

    Maybe i understood the world in the wrong way, maybe it’s all about survival. In the beginning of times, only existed Hunters and Collectors. Maybe now we have luck because we have a Million jobs, much, much more to chose from – that’s what i did. I chose one thing i like to do as a profession (at least i have that luck).
    Now, feeling defeated, i found a taste of “being ok with my life”. I just want to live it and try to be happy, i don’t care anymore about the others (don’t get me wrong, i love everyone around me, i just gave up trying to clean their sight about social conditioning).

    How can anyone change the world if we starve to death while trying it.

  85. Se voces sao o que o povo esta falando illuminati pq eu acho que sao os homens poderosos que comando ou esta por tras de tudo e alguns n quis participar foi morto e voces ai correndo atras da isis encuando voces tem que estar correndo por tras da corrupçao do mundo como o brasil etra sobre os illuminati e a erar quia das piramides do egito mensagens subliminares e sexso oculto no desenhos infantis encuanto o homen de poder oculta respostase voces ai e o tal chifre somos escravos de um sistema milenar pensem e repense ate quando ate quando nos seremos escravisador virem para o outro lado da carta n vale a pena se do bem nesse mundo do mal e o posso esta apanhando calado entao pesquisem illuminiati e vcs sabem o que eu estou falando

  86. What is this guy talking about? I like the way the world is. I enjoy my screens and I enjoy being intimate with only a select few. The points he makes are convoluted and there is no real message. Very well done video though.

  87. I agree with the most of the statements in this short movie (there where also a few that are not exactly correct). But, the pointed idea is 100% right! We gotta do something now!

  88. thank you to who made this video and im trying to spread the word and change the world in the last 15yrs im watch the land dieing and the rivers and all the fish r gone and it kills me in side. I tried telling people and no one gets it but im not giving up on them this video helps me open there eye’s and I’m also afraid that if we can change I will give up on life it’s self and return to the earth. so from the bottom of my heart thank u and I hope we can make a difference.

  89. This short was great. Had a very inspirational message and anyone could pull something positive out of the message. I personally love nature and feel at home in it, but I also agree that being around people is great! On one hand we all are just letting ourselves be killed off, the means of medicine, healthy food, companionship, and nice living are all given to us in nature….literally all of it. Technology is progress, it is, but it is also true that we have hindered ourselves through excess with it, just like excess food is bad, or even the cleanest water can kill you if you drink too much. All in moderation. We have all become used to excess, that is the true problem, the true killer. Just find your happiness and don’t let anyone control you. Work together, and help teach each other, and when the inevitable evil rears it’s head we can all push back.

  90. I figured I’d get this out of the way.

    1 – Corporations owning everything.
    The own everything, because they know how to properly manage it. Take the average person, send them out into the wild. They’ll be dead within a month. Corporations were built by normal human beings who just knew what they were doing.

    2 – Everyone being taught the same every day
    If you didn’t teach everyone all this stuff, the world would be ruined pretty quickly. We all know that most of the people in schools will never use algebra, and all that other crap you learn, in later life, but there are some who do. Imagine if they never learnt it. They would have lost so many job opportunities because they weren’t taught something because not everybody would need it. Besides, you can always learn what you desire to learn after school.

    3 – Money being worthless pieces of paper we depend on
    The monetary system was one of the most revolutionary inventions of all time. Without it, it was almost impossible to do long distance trading.

    4 – All of the world is being ruined by farms and pollution
    This is simply a downside of progress. If we never invented things due to the ‘pollution’, we would never have had any coal mines, no steam powered engines. Without animals being wholesale slaughtered, you would have no food to eat. This is due to overpopulation.

    5 – Billion people starving even though we have enough food to provide
    This is an incredibly absurd point. Of course we could provide food to them all, but where would we end up? He says we don’t feed the starving because we cannot profit from it, but it’s not because we wouldn’t profit, but because of how much we would lose.

    6 – What happens when we have polluted the air and have no oil left
    That is why we are researching alternative energy sources. The most effective, and, people don’t realise, one of the safest forms of energy is nuclear. People always think about how radiation will kill you. Yes, it will, but nuclear reactors were designed to let absolutely none of it escape.

    7 – Giving money to scientists to research disease instead of stopping the cause
    You can do both. What about the diseases that are not environmental? Cancer is only 30% environmental. It’s 70% genetic. nWhat about Alzheimers, Parkinsons, what about all these other genetic diseases, or viruses that go around? Would you stop the funding for them just because you can beat a couple of diseases just by living healthily?

    8 – Does killing because we can and always have make it right
    Killing without reason is wrong. But if there is a good reason, it is right. Killing animals for food is right. Killing animals for fun is wrong. He says that we love our cats, our dogs, our neighbours, yet we kill cows, pigs, people in other countries and makes it sound like we’re hypocrites. We don’t eat cats and dogs because we have trained them to be domestic. We eat cows and pigs because they provide a lot of sustenance. We kill people in other countries because they kill their own countrymen. Would you rather we just let innocent people die at the hands of murderers just because you don’t want to bloody your own hands?

    It’s absurd to say that you should make your own path, do what makes you happy, but like I said earlier, the corporations were created by people like us. They worked hard, they slaved to make their dreams come true, but you say that you can do whatever makes you happy, as long as it’s not (x), since (x) is wrong to ‘you’.

    He says that the happiest people are usually the ones who have the least. Well ok, let’s all go and live in mud huts, with no technology, hunt and catch our own food, and be set back thousands of years. Humans created wonders, we went to the moon, not by living in the past, but by looking to the future. Without the monetary system, these wonders may never have been realised. Without scientists, the deadly disease smallpox would never have been eradicated. Without these ‘corporations’, we wouldn’t be all living happy families, we would be simply fighting each other in smaller groups. It’s human nature. You can’t fight nature, and if you try, you are simply becoming less human.

    Yes, technology has made us weak, but it has made us knowledgable. Happiness is unique to each person. What makes you happy, may not make someone else happy.

    If you want to make a change, then make a change. But I would bet my life that you start these changes using what was created by the ‘elite’. Information from libraries, communication from computers. These were made to allow us to be the best we can be. We are who we are because of every single event that has happened.

  91. try banding together and you get arrested. voting does no good, they are all the same once in power. the system is terrible. we all talk about doing something, but that is what it is, talk and the 1% know thatem. they have the army and the police to protect them. so on and on it goes and just gets worse. this world has seen several extinctions, this is just heading for another

  92. I ask all of you this? If we are truly slaves and this is a endless cycle why is every human given a series of choices? You say you want leaders? Become a leader start a company become a politician ignore the other corporations and change all of this we can use there laws to become like these ones we demonise then when your up there with them you can truly help others.

  93. The problem is… IF we follow our own way there will always be someone “LAW” that tell us to do it there way…… Or we are outlaws…. – ” DONT MEEN CRIMINAL STUFF ” ?? (Sorry if spelling isent correct)

    So how are we supposed to live…… Even if we think we are FREE we are not…. There are always someone och something to follow…… If you dont, you will find yourself beeing corrected….. One way or another…. 🙁

    LOVE the movie by the way and hope that we someday will be FREE……. (Witch where not)

  94. The Unabridged version is written with pen on paper x Khalil Amin. This is the 2nd draft Natural Community Manifesto. Have you ever watched Avatar and thought “…If only!?” God is nature and man is turning away. I inspire you to read Ishmael and then argue. There is enough land to support everyone…Do we not live well in a community? Are we not capable of knowing what’s best in each and every situation? But why should we accept our leaders that take us , Army against Army, Brother against Brother into war? I ask that you support me in my quest for peace on earth, for our sakes! And to please God. The only way I see it is to do this work that we the community need to do is for myself and whoever is like minded enough and of their own land to think “If not me, who? If not now, when?…”To quote the wise Emma Watson. I have chose this way to demonstrate the use of wisdom in such matters. One perfect way of understanding would be for you to understand the words in Attars ‘Conference of the birds’…”Seek knowledge, even in China!”. I know all over face book and any other sites it’s full of peoples disgust at the way we live and we either do it ourselves or we sit back and do nothing for our children! It is simply for material gain and wants. Let us use our human quality, the only beings on earth with spiritual growth possibility to return to nature, God; However you perceive him. THE ONLY worldly necessities are warmth (shelter) and food (and water). Anyone wanting power over anybody else is a complete fool! ‘Live and let Live’ will be our motto! Anyone acting against one of the community will go before the community council comprised of up to the youngest baby to the 3 generally oldest and wisest of people who chair that particular community’ council. But it is the choice of the one acted against decision that is best! This person is asked to be understanding and pitying in their judgement and if not, to be persuaded by the community’ council. Each and every single nomad to the largest of nations are a community but no one owns them and they are responsible for their own deeds. If anyone tries to rule anyone they’re a complete fool! The community who are willing to achieve this are answerable to the ‘Natural Council’ who comprises of the wisest of babies to each of the religions and cultures leaders i.e. Dalai Llama, each true master, emam, saint and truely wise man who (since the i.e.) might chair the ‘Natural Council’! They themselves answerable to the community! Method. We start living more and more towards nature encouraging man to serve and protect his wife and family, wife to serve and protect her husband and family and children to serve and protect their parents and family! “Seek knowledge, even in China!” in Attars ‘Conference of the birds’ pushes us to think what wisdoms are eastern? It doesn’t take us long to work out that their knowledge are in the arts, Martial in particular. It is the best and most effective way of personal and family protection in our communities and to that end encourage these arts to be practised by every man, woman and child and therefor be an asset to the community. In this vein, the wisdoms of each more and more western cultures can all be put to use by every man, woman and child and in this way become all we are capable of. ‘Live and let Live’ is our only motto, to please God if that is what he wills. The only way for ‘live and let live’ to happen is all to relinquish ALL power over person/community and area/country. We consider each and every member of our community to have the right to live anywhere they please in the world without the fear of power from either previous or present locals. ALL farm ownership to be relinquished for the use of feeding individuals and their family within their chosen community. We will encourage more natural ways in our chosen local communities with healthy worthwhile activities to acknowledge nature as the given (closer to the mirror) attribute of God. To this end, survival practice and self sufficiency are encouraged alongside other honorable acts. As the communities decide they are all ready, the power stations will be turned off and fuel production stopped. We suggest any fuel left over and efforts by blessed folk to tend the sick and ill and encourage their and their familys’ survival through Love and community. We acknowledge there will be a lot of deaths AND/but the wars cant end too soon! When you consider the 100s of thousands murdered in war dying in the love and surroundings of family is by far a greater option. The old and sick people may die, yes! But are we to still argue with nature and think we know best? This is how we came to this state of affairs for the world in the first place. If you support me you will join in and carry on this quest and InshAllah over maybe a century or two if we’re lucky we will have averted from a disastrous way of living to one more fulfilling. Please share my manifesto X

    • For those not religious simply replace those words with ‘ethics’, ‘spiritual’ or ‘human qualities’ and this posts meaning will remain the same.
      Encourage permiculture until we have returned to nature?!?

  95. Yeah. So not watching a video by the bored nerds that take down sony network to stroke their ego. I am glad they go after perverts and bullies and stuff, but fuck man leave the gamers alone.

  96. I think the idea of a ubiquitous “we” is nearly as dangerous as that of a ubiquitous “they.” If the author is part of WE, why doesn’t he get off HIS ass? Answer: He has. He posted this far from perfect but very impassioned video. And please don’t tell me President Obama is “no different” than his predecessor or his two opponents. HE’s far from perfect, but he’s better than any President we’ve had in my lifetime since JFK. I’m 58, so I DO remember a time before personal computers. Activists stopped the Vietnam War without personal computers, but they would have stopped it faster with them. (Compare the casualty lists of Vietnam to those of Iraq to see the difference: Opposition rose sooner and faster to the Iraq War in part because of the speed with which information could be made available–also BECAUSE of the experience of previous generations of antiwar activists.) Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and a host of other actions have succeeded in part BECAUSE of personal computers and new technology. I’m a union member who’s fighting for his job, his union, the labor movement as a whole, here and around the world, as well as doing all I can to raise awareness of environmental issues. Each of sometimes feels we’re not doing enough. I know I feel that way sometimes. That’s OK: USE IT, as a goad to do more, not to discourage others. On balance, a pretty good video though.

  97. So let’s say the rest of the world sees this video and we all agree to change. How do we do that? Quit our jobs? and be free? would there still be technology? Transport? Emergency services? and all the things we truly depend on?
    Do we go back to living in huts and hunting our own food?
    What does it even mean to be free?
    This is what we have become.
    How do we move forward from being self destructing monsters without moving backwards?
    What is the next step? What do we need to do?

  98. This video is an attempt at trying to explain civilization as it is today. All the complexities of the different cultures and areas that humans live in todays societies are not meant to be shown as in one whole. We have advanced to certain levels of understanding human nature through its diversity around the world. As a species on this planet we are the most advanced but now with the technologies of today the world can be seen in its entirety like never before. This is the beginning of one of the final phase’s of our evolution .The stage is set for us to meld together over the next few generations as we begin to understand more about our differences between cultures. In the future we will probably have a much more unified philosophical and religious understanding and less need to radicalize our thoughts in order to unite with other peoples thinking. The nature of the real world is much more forgiving than we realize.

  99. The Change..
    The ultimate point is whether you live for yourself or if you live for others.
    The rest will follow as expected to either outcome…

  100. SHARE !!!!

    Here’s how the leaders of the world destroy us all, through the WAR that should not be, by poisoning the environment, our food and the killing of innocent animals as well as humans and the more children who suffer the most in this world !!!

    people, change their behavior, less TV, which pushes us to constantly lie and move away from the true reality, indeed show info about wars, etc. but it’s just really that misled us, blind !!!!

    when it comes to the presidential election, let’s not lie again, the media are doing so because teraźniejsi presidents have a lot of money on these ads, etc and their show of the president in a good light, and it really is not, then you have to choose according to their conscience is, what will be best for you

    Now we live in an era where governments want to introduce RFID chips to control us as well, when someone will not obey, shut it off or detonate

    They want to rule the world, but we humans should face up to corporations, billions of us
    the NWO, GMO, etc. should be abolished

    but I have good news, namely for those who believe and ongoing in Jesus Christ !!! approaching the end times and the coming of our lord, savior of the world, who defeated death and the devil, and we know that coming great tribulation described in the Bible, you can find other materials on this topic

    * Tetrad
    * NWO
    * World War III

    This is only the beginning, tomorrow, April 4 has 3 tetrad, or bloody moon, it will be seen best in the entire United States, here in Europe unfortunately not

    We look at the characters in Heaven, I recommend watching YT Pastor Steve Cioccolanti

    thank you in advance for your attention and I wish you all the best spent days on the planet, which has no respect for the commander because fighting for everything except for us

    • you did not understand the video … its ALL A LIE we live in … also religion ! politics, economy and religion are the 3 powers in the last 2000 years shared by powerpeople to convert the mass into stupid, easy to manipulate – slaves

    • Nope. Your jesus is also used by evil assholes. Sad but true. The end of the world is not good news and you cannot prove or disprove religion.

      • there is no need to disprove something if it hasn´t been proved first. the burden of truth lies in the one who makes the claim, not the other ones.

      • you can disprove it by the simple fact that it is not proven, therefore there is no need to disprove a “fact” that is not a fact because it has not been proved

  101. Interesting perspective, but some of the comments show why 1% rule 99% because were all to Fing stupid to force change by shear over powering the elite, there is no one to lead the 99%, with out us their money in useless, their power is useless, if we hunt them all down and kill them, we free are selfs, of this chaos that been in place by them for the past 2000+ yrs, their same families of power, that make up wars to thin the heard, create famine diseases hid cures, pick choice what countries fair better then other, its a big fucking game to them, they put in charge of countries states counties etc who they want, any one that doesnt go along gets killed, youll never see a “world” leader that does have a wife kid some sort of family to hold has ransom to be their puppet in exchange they get a part of the power and wealth, we the common people of this planet are a toy to them they see them selfs as gods, to rule over man kind, when they anger one another they use us in proxy wars like a game of chess, they use money system like its a game of monopoly, as paper money has no worth to them, the people families that were in control as far back as egyption times are they same still in control today, it will never end to they have destroyed ever thing, we’ll never know who they truly are, but they have been here since the dawn of man,

    • Dude, grow up, learn to argue, and stfu please. Yes society has its falls, and is beneficial to some, but by no god damn means is it controlled by ‘elitist families, especially today. Maybe 100 years ago, ok, but if you look at the world we live in brilliant ideas spark power, not your last name. This video makes a lot of valid points, just none you brought up.
      Everyday we’re getting poisoned by our food, I agree. Companies that own large portions of land are screwing us over, but then again there are ways around it. People complain saying that we’re born into a controlled world, well you know what no shit we are, that’s how we can maintain some order. Animals too are born in such conditions. They’re taught to hunt or die, and that’s their ‘society’. This is ours, deal with it. It has flaws, yes, but what doesn’t.
      I think the world needs to change – environmentally, but to say that we’re controlled? Nah, that’s just ignorant.

    • By your statements you have proven nothing but your ignorance. I am by no means controlled by anyone but myself and my actions. It is time for the individuals to take responsibility for their destinies, and take action to achieve their dreams, the only limits placed on any of us, man, woman, black, white, brown, yellow or green are the ones we place in our own paths. A last name does not define who we are or what we achieve, our actions do. I know that when my time comes, I will have made a positive impact on more than life, and contributed good to this world. Not hate, ignorance, violence, or fear. Can you say the same

  102. i agree with everything in this video but what is the point of it? noone will arm the masses, devise a plan to force change, and then set a date and a call to arms to enact it. people are violent because violence is the only thing that ever changes society. you can just sit at home wishing the government will be brought down. you have to take it down by force of arms. we saw how ineffective non violent protests were in the 70’s. the government doesnt care about hippies that sit around talking about change. what the government fears is an armed militia with enough people and firepower to tear it down. i would gladly sign up for that fight, but i fear noone will ever step up and make it happen.

  103. We are anything but powerless to change this. Like the video points out, we run the government’s cities, we run their machines, pay their wages etc… If we were all to rebel, we would seriously weaken the global governments, ready to strike when necessary, before the governments did the same.

    • 95% of the people just want an iphone.
      I am sorry but it is no wonder we are slaves. People are to damn naiv when you tell them the things in this video. They laugh at you! Deserve to be sheepmwhen you act like it. Understand this quote * Rise and rise again, untill lambs become lions* there are just a few of us.

    • now, when we take down a government, what will we do? put another one???? live alone in separated houses and not have a society??? -i’m sad to say that bosses or leaders are needed in order for any movement to work, and these will just get more power and start the whole thing up again. It isn’t as easy as just everybody uniting and taking the government.

  104. Who is this ‘we’ and ‘they’ that this video is hinged on? Broad sweeping statements about how ‘we’ live as subservient, serve only to compound stereotypes and perpetuate powerlessness. I, and many others certainly don’t live that way. I understand the message. To assume you speak for the ‘we’ puts you ( the maker ) very much in the ‘they’ camp.

  105. lets end war get rid of money now how many people can live life alot better it solved most of our problems right get rid of the politics and now how are we feeling do you like this world now get rid of big bad corporation shut them down and open your eyes you will see what really there and whats not

  106. I agree that part of the elite don’t care for much except profit and that they are selfish, however the system is not terrible in itself. Most people at the top have always been selfish throughout all of history. That’s why they are up there; because they desire that power and worked to attain it. You cant exactly hate on that because those ppl worked hard to get there but the problem is those type of personalities aren’t generally the best ppl to control a society. And they are controlling it to their benefits, regardless of how it affects the poor, because frankly they just don’t give a shit about them. However, the system in place isn’t that bad in the west. There are ppl who are trying to help. The government isnt necessarily evil at all levels, but the elite are still the ones with more power. Okay… im kind of rambling, but with that being said… I do like the message of this video but it lacks a real solution to the problem. The system isnt all bad, but maybe its time to slowly start taking more responsibility into our own hands as a people. We do give the elite their power, ultimately, since we are their consumers in this capitalistic society. Imo, I would say that we should start with bringing agriculture back to the ppl, where we can grow organic and healthy food instead of the processed and “lab” food these big food corporations are selling us. If we can all do our part and create symbiotic and sharing communities of “farmers”, maybe we could solve the food problem and give free food to everyone. And to ppl who say that nothing can be free, then u rly are a slave to the system and the elite, because we should be able to make that happen if we rly want to as a democratic society. Obviously, this requires a level of trust and organisation between everyday ppl but I think that we are at that level now. Anyways this is just me rambling off the top of my head while taking a break from studying for exams. What do u guys think?

  107. This video hits on some very poignant idea’s. But I have read a lot of hateful & judgemental comments. People STOP!!!… with all the hate. STOP thinking you’re superior to anyone else & realize the truth in love. It hurts my heart to see people calling others “Fucking stupid” & “A complete idiot” for what exactly? Do you get some kind of satisfaction or joy from putting other beneath you & proclaiming your superiority? We are all one and the same. Love is answer! Love is the foundation of creation. I love each & every part/thing/person/particle/creature/piece of this thing called life, called existence. I love you all! Love is worth fighting for so please help me by telling me what are we going to do to change this horrid situation we’ve been faced with. What’s the plan guys?

  108. Hello Everyone, I have a message that I sent out to “Jenner” and it is for the World to share. Kindly read the entire wonderful message and let us know what you think! xoxo
    April 24, 2015
    Indeed it is about you “Jenner/Gender/Jender”. It has always been about you, your journey and your true contributions to the world. Your friends, family, and relationships just played their roles to create your perception empowering you to do what you need to do, while the world is your witness. Your ultimate calling, the pieces of the puzzle coming together. Innately you now know the reason for everything that has happened in your life and the good that must come out of it. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? A story line that you know you must fulfill for yourself (Makes you chuckle, doesn’t it? You deserve it after all your inflicted anguish you have suffered!). History tells us that others will accuse you of falsely perpetuating all this for profit and personal gain. Furthest from the truth, I know Jenner. You did everything for everyone else your whole life as you suffered and lived a lie. You are compassionate; you represent HUMANITY. Only now do you have the gift to reveal the truth, which I am trying to merge my piece of the puzzle to further awaken others.
    Only destructive and inhumane individuals will reveal the evil to WORLD hurting you more. You have the power to make the full circle now that you know must be done. Unlike most, your humanity, defied the odds. You gave the world what they wanted while it almost destroyed you. The perception that you, “A Man”, had become the greatest athlete in the World, through great human strength and determination; such Man-Power huh? Your true power, Jenner, was your feat through the FEAT. Amazing when you think about the thought process behind this concept.
    In your own modest and humble mind you have proven to the entire world what you needed to prove only “To Yourself” before you were able to reveal your greatest strength of all, which was to defeat the corruptions, lies, and suppression that humans’ forced upon you. In a world that has become unreal. It is the truth that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Many PEOPLE dedicated their lives to fight for humanity as in my purpose now. Humans have inflicted this fear upon all of us. Subconsciously, we are doing it to each other every day through demeanor, words, gossip, you name it. We Humans are our own problems. There is no conspiracy. THERE IS ONLY CONTROL BY FEAR. FEAR has no power but WE DO. The fear that everyone inflicts on each other is the fear that is our destruction and is also our SIMPLE SOLUTION in SAVING HUMANITY IN HUMANS.
    Jenner, your life of pain and loneliness have been revealed. YOU ARE NOT AFRAID ANY MORE! All the people including some of your family members who did not truly appreciate your talents and contributions throughout your life, and who momentarily enjoy a false sense of reality are themselves victims of the same superficial corruption. Unknowing they are motivated by the majority and are playing into the hypocrisy blindly, some of your family members subconsciously ostracized you with their destructive shallowness which drove you and your insecurities even further into life-long sadness and depression but only because we all play a vital role in the larger picture for the greater good. So we must join together now.
    Those of us who have seen anguish equally from our families as much as we seen it from the world have been given a gift to see the realities of the cruel world we really live in. Through both the pain and the love of compassion. We and people everywhere have been given the gift to reach all people for a purpose. I know that stories like ours are for the purpose of uniting all of us. We ARE ALL EQUAL in the sense of faults and mistakes. We are no saints. From your journey your family will soon begin to realize that you were the one that made all their successes possible and that now they have an opportunity to piece together their own puzzles to connect to their purpose for the greater good. TO DO THE RIGHT THING NOW BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO FOR EVERYONE. For them “You” who acquired the gift to make a positive difference to the World and to help them do the same. As I have acquired the compelling purpose from compassion to reach out to you with the intentions of reaching out to the world to add my contribution and for THE WORLD TO SHARE THERE CONTRIBUTIONS TO UNITE US ALL.
    Allow for your family to have the realization of the truth of the corruption in OUR WORLD and to use the celebrity status to STOP THE FALSE GLAMOR AND SUPERFICIAL PROPAGANDA THAT FUELS GREED, LUST, INSECURITIES, and DESTRUCTION of everyone. Everyone can learn from you. Let you be the reason that compelled me to write you so a ripple effect can begin to take place right now. So that everyone speaks out their stories to make their positive contribution to the WORLD. Humans are not good without Compassion, which makes humanity possible. Let us all stand up and reveal ourselves without fear. Take out the hair extensions, the false nails, the caked makeup, the manipulation of making others think a certain way. STOP IT! STAND UP DO THE RIGHT THINGS. FALSE GLAMOR on television, advertisement and among us is fueled by false reality. The Kardashian have an opportunity, from you, me, the WORLD, to see the world as it really is, and to do the right thing, right now, FOR EVERYONE. Focus on the WORLDS’ ISSUES NOT ON THE WAY ONE LOOKS OR THE WAY OTHERS PERCEIVES THEM.
    Jenner, now it is your time to flourish, your way, with no fear from society and its corruption because you have the “Power” now. You must find the absolute strength not to allow any hatred and/or crisis from ignorance to control you. Anyone who has anything negative to say about your amazing journey who cannot see the “GOOD” is jealous, insecure, ignorant, manipulative, and everyone desperately need to reach out to help these people by taking a stand. It maybe that some may lack the compassionate gene altogether which is the epitome of humans’ that COULD HAVE BEEN THE destruction of evolution of our humanity. But we know now and those people, if any, will reveal themselves through a new vision that will be seen from all who begin to do the right things for the GREATER GOOD OF IT ALL. Yes, that is what I am saying that every single person on our planet must begin right now with this particular subject, because it has to start somewhere in order for us to begin to solve all the problems that will save HUMANITY because COMPASSION WILL HAVE PREVAILED. Yes all the problems we face as humans. If you listen, feel, sense, see, hear, what I am saying then each and every one of us on this planet will begin to be revealed clearly the problems, then COMPASSION will begin to THRIVE and HUMANITY will prove that we are worthy of our place in the UNIVERSE.
    To begin the chain reaction of POSITIVE CHANGE IN UNITING US ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD, I challenge every human on this planet to stand up against every person who is negative and who intentionally demeans your character, Jenner. This opportunity is ALL OF OUR gateway to all other REAL PROBLEMS that will REVEAL THEMSELVES AS OTHER ISSUES ARISE, WE WILL BEGAN TO WATCH COMPASSION CONNECTING EACH OF US AROUND THE GLOBE. Know that any negativity that is spreading GOSSIP is a disease and must be addressed immediately “FOR THIS IS THE EVIL THAT IS DESTROYING US BY US”. This negative creation instills fear and judgment in all of us. You must act out of pure love and understanding remaining calm and positive in order to see what will be revealed to you in the name of COMPASSION.
    DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS AS A THREAT OR SOMETHING TO FEAR. Instead use a positive, open-minded and kind approach to encourage anyone and everyone to be compassionate, kind, and understanding. This is where all people must take a stand and not agree or perpetuate just to fit in, THIS IS THE EVIL THAT IS DESTROYING US. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. This is for ALL OF US HUMANS TO MAKE A STAND, ALL OF OUR OPPORTUNITIES TO CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY TO THE WORLD. To realize the power of COMPASSION will save humanity in humans. People will begin to realize that they possess the power to positively affect people one-by-one to make a positive difference in the world by stopping judgment and negativity, which is fueled subconsciously by a false sense of fear that is in all of us. Everyone has the power to make a “CHANGE” THEN FEAR HAS NO POWER AT ALL. NO ONE SHOULD BE IN FEAR OR THREATED EVER! AS WE BECOME EMPOWERED FROM BEING POSITIVE AND HELPING ALL LIFE FORMS. ALL OF US WILL BEGIN TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT WITH NO FEARS FROM GREED, CONTROLLING, MANIPULATING, NEGATIVE POWERS. This is the ultimate problem to why there may not be any humanity left associated in the word “HUMANS”. This is our test and YES we are being tested. From something we do not comprehend but if we open our eyes we can see the signs that all of us have been experiencing every single day of our lives, because we are being helped NOT DESTROYED. WE ARE DESTROYING OURSELVES.
    Jenner, your courageous story along with “EVERYONE ELSE’S ON THIS PLANET” must stand up and fight for humanity. For what is real and what really matters from all of us. Open ours eyes and witness the true evil by standing up to do the right thing just “Because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO”.
    WE MUST UNITE NOW AND BEGIN THE CHANGES FOR A BETTER WORLD or humans will survive in a greedy and selfish way amongst each other with no compassion nor appreciation for beauty. Only facing the destruction amongst themselves. Which I innately know will not be tolerated by the evolved who are giving us chance after chance to prove otherwise. Before some decision is made on our behalf.
    • Remove poisons from our foods, water, and environment. Do Not allow yourself and your children to eat the food that the companies know are making you fat, addicted, unhealthy and are killing you. They’re killing us just for control and money. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS ANY LONGER. Hold people accountable. HOLD OURSELVES ACCOUNTABLE. HOWEVER, Do not judge because the people you fear maybe the people that are holding us together.
    • Shut down yourself, any person, company or industry that is destroying our PLANET EARTH.
    • Do NOT purchase any processed foods bagged or canned.
    • Do NOT buy anything that is genetically modified or farmed.
    Try to stop eating animals. (Fast forward on human evolution is compassion for all life; if we can make it that far.)
    Force the industries to change. Absolutely no animal cruelty and no forms of artificial induced poisons. RIGHT NOW! You, me, all of us are part of their faster money, corruption and quick destruction of life on our PLANET.
    • We need to stop being wasteful.
    • We need to stop depleting our resources.
    • We need to help the people that are within our means.
    • Open our eyes that the media, the powerful, the authorities are directing greed, fear, medications, money, through propaganda because someone knows of our weakness.
    OUR WEAKNESS IS OUR COMPASSION. This power is destroying our humanity from a false sense of reality. Compassion is like a lovely drug that you get a high from when you do something good for another living thing. It grows because the more you relate to an insect, an animal, a human, a plant, your compassion evolves empowering you to do the right thing more and more. The more right you do to save a life, the more feelings you have, the more one sympathizes the more PAIN AND SUFFERING HE/SHE ENDURES FOR ANOTHER’S PAIN. That is COMPASSION WHEN YOU FEEL AS MUCH LOVE AS YOU FELL A DEEP SADNESS FOR A LIFE. Again you must not judge because the people you fear are the people holding it together.
    • Care and nurture all life. DO NOT KILL ANY LIFE especially insects out of fear, maliciously or for no reason. Realize we are all intertwined. The spider you may kill out of ignorance will save someone’s life. Save an insect when its apparent that they are struggling for their life holding on to that piece of grass in your pool, or when they are stranded in your bath tub; defeated they curl up in fear awaiting a fast death that does not come, and that bee that pollutes plants for our very survival that travels aimlessly looking for water only to finally land in it so exhausted its dies ONLY because a human did not have the compassion to save its life. How can anyone look at any struggling life and not take a few seconds to do the right thing and save it. This is what it means to be human. Do nothing, not caring and turns away. But to save life and to appreciate it is the gift of COMPASSION which is HUMANITY.
    • Animals are extremely intelligent and frankly are a reflection of their owners. Pets and Humanity are rather COMPASSIONATE partners. My animals have compassion for other life, they think outside the box and smell the roses too. What do yours do? Don’t you know they are so cute because all life is in a pecking order trying to SURVIVE, many pets are in constant fear while you think they are just so cute they are really afraid of you, HUMANS! Because in their DNA sequence they know to fear us. FIND THE GIFT I speak of and SEE THE DIFFERENCE in the trust and intelligence you can earn and watch your compassion grow, together even, if you become that remarkable.
    • Open your eyes so that we can all make a stand together, right now, by doing the right thing for the right reasons. SPEAK OUT and STAND UP against ANY ONE that is doing something wrong. Fight for a better work place, fight against any negativity, do the right thing because you know it is the right thing to do. Be nice to each other. Together we all have the power right now to save our humanity.
    • Do not donate money to the propaganda of advertisement. Instead donate yourself, your time, your food, love, and understanding to a person/people/animals in need. There your compassion will grow and the truth will reveal itself.
    • Do NOT Kill an animal in front of another animal. STOP THEIR PAIN, SUFFERING, AND CRUELTY. Your own compassion will begin to grow.
    • Do NOT HATE, GOSSIP, OR SPEAK DOWN TO ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET NO MATTER WHAT THEIR RELIGION, BELIEF, CULTURE, COLOR, SEXUALITY, PREFERENCES, ANYTHING ETC. Then your own compassion will grow for them and you will be revealed the gift and true meaning of HUMANITY.
    • Do NOT BREED ANY MORE LIFE UNDER OUR CURRENT STATE OF EMERGENCY doing so is cruel, uncompassionate and HUMAN.
    • DO NOT SETTLE FOR JUST BEING HUMAN or be prepared to live in a cruel and righteous world which one will have no knowledge of anyway because it takes compassion to know the difference.
    • Remove poisons from our foods, stop animal cruelty, that every person who is able to witness this evil will be able to see the corruption that people like “You”, Me”, and “Many Others” have had to battle against.
    • Only together, all of us around this World, can we make all the differences that must be made now. At every opportunity challenge yourself, your spouse, your family, your friends, your boss, your coworkers, government, authorities, everybody in doing the right thing right now! You have the courage and the strength you need to do what is the right thing to do because you are being challenged by the WORLD. EVERYONE IS WATCHING EVERYONE. Then and only then will we all be able to see the real problems that may lie in some people but that the correct decision will be made by the correct people with COMPASSION FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF US ALL.
    Jenner, your purpose is selfless, like mine, and so many others that are battling to do the right thing. Now is the chance for everyone to shine for the greater good of us all. To SHINE TRUE COLORS FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. Because I have had my own journey full of pain and suffering, I was able to find the gift of compassion. I understand the need to protect compassion before it goes extinct in correlation with man. I am also prepared for compassion in all living things to die off if it means no more suffering to people and animals who are aware of happiness, pain, and compassion. The SUFFERING IS TOO GREAT TO CONTINUE TOGETHER IF NOT RESOLVED THROUGH HUMANITY. So I feel, sense, and understand you Jenner, all too well and therefore, I am counting on you “My Dear” to fulfill “YOUR” journey, contributing your part in SAVING OUR WORLD. I know I will reach you and I am honored to have the opportunity knowing that I too can make my contribution to saving “HUMANITY” by standing up in spreading the tools that will give everyone a voice and choice Just because it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO AND THE RIGHT THING TO DO STARTING NOW FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF US ALL.
    I have so many things to share that have taken a life time to articulate but you have compelled me to begin my journey right now. I started when your interview with Diane Sawyer ended and I finish now exhilarated and exhausted at 7:51 am in order to ensure I send this to you and to the World not allowing ANY OBSTACLE OR OBSTRUCTIONS TO PREVENT ME FROM MAILING THIS OUT.
    From one Tom Girl to Another! My greatest love, support, and admiration is with you, my kindred spirit “JENNER”…~ STAND OUT GIRL ~ Simona Vanecek =]

    • First, shame on you, Simona. Please grow up and learn to condense your thoughts. Sheesh!

      The intent of this video might be positive, but much of what is said is poop/distorted fact.

      Be careful. Some of what is said is true; a lot of it isn’t.

  109. Das mag schon sein, dass wir es nicht ändern können. Aber ist es nicht törricht es nicht einmal zu versuchen? Dann könnten wir ja nicht einmal gehen, denn auch ein Kind beim Leben lernen muß erst erleben wie es ist zu scheitern!

  110. seen all the comments.. .. I think people are not ready to be unplug from the system until they have three things to solve (energy) (food) (water) . And they have to have a mindset of (desire spending ) and (need spending)/ (life goal) (social goal). Right now the good way is to push the slaughtering first, cause that is the number one problem..

  111. Everyone in the world needs Jesus. If everyone lived their life according to his teachings, the world would be a much better place. I’m not talking about the hypocrisy and judgment that is found in some Christians; what I mean is according to what Jesus taught about: how we should treat one another. If everyone showed compassion and love towards others and toward this planet that I believe God made for us, the world could be a very beautiful place. Even if you don’t believe, you have to admit that Christ’s teachings are still very relevant to the world we live in today.

    • oh shut the fuck up god and your jackass jesus havent dont crap for humans cause we fucking made him fucking up

      and half of us dont even believe in dat shit its just you damn spammers who run around preaching your bullshit

      • they’re not meaning god as such I dont think

        many religions have very important bases, i personally don’t believe there is a ‘god’ how-ever I do agree with a lot of things said in many religions, about looking after one another, treating others as equal looking after where we live (earth)

        I have no doubt jesus was a real person, whether the god aspect of it is correct or not (i couldn’t care less) how-ever he did have good intentions and I think thats what James was meaning, what is written about him shows that they were a genuine nice person that looked out for others well beings

        the god aspect, I 100% disagree with since you get told things like you’ll go to hell if you’re not a believer, to me that’s just not right, and especially not something a ‘god’ would do.

  112. No changes will happen if no one will move, right? So what for? If we want to change the world to be in a bright future, why not now? Some people are just waiting for someone who will takes a move. And if that someone do that, others will follow. Don’t make a video that says ” The One Video That Can Changed The World if some people will just ignore it because I’ve seen a lot of this(All were the same). Yes, also some people will realize that it was right. BUT. If we want try our luck in a video, small progression will occur(even no progression). Remember, video will not change the world, it is us. wink emoticon

  113. This is incredibly liberal and at times, foolish. The unfortunate part is that there is merit in some of what is said. But this is a feel good designed to-be-shared video that plays on emotion rather than logic. Idealists are great for inspiration, but limited in their capacity to implement change.

  114. This is america go to work and you will have a paradise. You have to earn it. The rich do need to serve the people better. Government officials need to be removed from office more often. We need to form a citizens committee to petition the world the way the citizens see and want. We are more powerful than they want you to know.

    • There will always be a stalemate between free enterprise and government socialism providing for the people. Freedom and majority rule must exist. May God elect the proper goverment officials to best utilize and regulate our natural resources and national labor force.

  115. Ik wil graag zeggen dat deze video waar is. Vrijheid is er niet meer er is alleen maar haat in de wereld geweld en waarom? Imdat we op zoek zijn naar geluk? Vind je dat net oorlogen? Moorden? Vind je dat door te werken tot je te oud bent om geluk te zoeken? Vind je het door dag en nacht naar een scherm te staren? Wij zijn de mens en wij kunnen zelf alles veranderen! Het enige wat wij hoeven te doen is wakker te worden en op te staan. Want zoals we nu leven zeg nou zelf is dit wel leven? Is dit vrijheid? De mens is de ultime creatie. Ik ik denk niet dat ik de enige ben die vind dat de wereld moet veranderen.

    • Kijk dit is niet echt waar.Iedereen heeft een keus maar de mens is een beest in een kooi wat wij noemen civilisatie als je de mens vrij laat dan is het een beest wij plunderen,moorden,verkrachten kijk naar onze geschiedenis.Nu over oorlog dit is normaal voor ons we hebben altijd oorlog gevoerd en zullen altijd dat doen niet voor die paar rijken maar voor het land waar je leeft (kijk naar WW1 WW2 Amerika had niet moeten helpen maar hebben het toch gedaan en daar zijn een pak mensen voor gestorven maar betekent dat dat ze het niet moesten doen.Ja de wereld is niet eerlijk maar denk je dat die paar rijken niks moeten doen voor dat geld die hebben zelfs minder vrijheid dan ons een verkeerd misstap en het word een schandaal de meesten mogen niet eens kiezen van wie ze houden.Iedereen is ergens begonnen niemand word zomaar rijk en niemand verplicht jouw om te werken of dingen te kopen maar dan moet je niet verwachten dat je geld hebt een huis,warmte,eten en gaa maar zo verder dit is nooit geweest zelfs niet vroeger en de ultieme creatie kom uit je dromen wij zijn gewoon mensen (zwake beesten) die denken dat we beter zijn dan de rest en als je zo tegen de richting van deze wereld bent waarom heb jij dan een pc en denk ook in gsm tv stroom gaa maar zo verder (ik denk dat je dit hebt zo als de meeste mensen in de westerse wereld) en sorry als dit grof klonk ^^


    • If the almighty God doesn’t exist,then prove it,seriously…you can’t prove that He doesn’t exist but I can prove that He does,wanna know how? Because we are here,alive and breathing along with everything else He created. Now do you have anymore stupid comments to make? Cuz I suggest you get an education before you decide to go online and make yourself look even dumber. God bless and have a great day

      • If God existed, he should use the time better. .Millions Of children die every day of poverty and hunger. What a great God!

          • God was invented to keep humanity enslaved.
            That’s why people are so weak, they think someone else will fight for them.

          • Such a hard job to invent something to enslave humanity when humanity can enslave itself to one another, nobody invented god, and the knowledge of the true god can free you from those who try to enslave us.

  117. Thank you so much for sharing this video Anonymous, I SWEAR you changed my WHOLE perception about everything my mind is racing so crazily the way I ever though of the everything… I’m so blown away…! I will NEVER see this world the same way….Never. I love you and support you religiously. Thank you for always being a hero, because you are always mines. ♥

  118. I saw it before six months. I know that worlds most people are not caring about their life. I am Indian, I born here. And in my country there are lot of problems to discover the truth, my country have lot of burdens to show up, the problems like politicians, our religions, castes and bunches of difficulties. No one is interested to face the real truth of their blind life. but i want to bring change in my country and not only in my country all over the world. I am only one now, because i belong from poor family. In my family no had any proper job or proper business. But I feel something different from all the people in this country. I can reduce all criminal activities in this world. And i know today I am the one and tomorrow we will be one.

  119. most people want is someone to believe to,someone to rely on in order to give us motivation to live,thats why Religions is created to take advantage of this,those religion gets free money,free tax and they created there own GOD representing each of every Religions,and people starting debating who has the Real GOD and now they want to kill each others.In the End “GOD” doesnt EXIST. why believe on something you didnt see? its just a rumor that spreading so many centuries that their is so called GOD,created by those Elite Class those who hold this World.

  120. the only consistent thing that has happened every time people started to work together to improve on thier social surroundings it goes well but it always falls into decay chaos and corruption the greatest idea imo about how we as a race should live comes from communism but even there some people will end up with the leading vote and fight tooth and nail to keep it an thus go back into the same stalemate that was escaped it has happened in all of human history things go from ok to good…good to great…great to awfull….only in rare cases have the great to awfull been stopped by going back to good but in the end every great empire/society goes corrupt falls on it ass to be replaced by the next good thing that goes bad eventualy it is the constant state the human race exist in.

  121. So what! What if it’s true! The world is fucked up as it is. What will it change. We Were not engineered for this planet anyway…

  122. Very touching video. Alot of excellent comments. Unless we first stop the horrific practice of geoengineering (spraying toxic trails of aluminum, barium, fluoride, and other extremely poisonous chemicals) into the air by the tons DAILY….we will not be around long enough to tackle the other problems that this world faces. Please go to to research this. And while we’re at it…..isn’t Fukushima (which has not stopped spewing radioactive water into the Pacific…and has no end in sight)…isn’t the Fukushima disaster enough to STOP the practice of nuclear energy…???

  123. Dont we do this so we can live civilized. We wouldnt have what we have today without working. Also we dont have land? Come on in Arizona there is a shit ton of land. Maybe not in that exact spot theres no land but we have a lot. Also us settling every were mean bye bye home to the animals. Also to go to new york you need money and money you get from a job. That job makes people happy in a way and helps people in another way. We do this because we have to. The people who go and fix your cars some of them want to. If you mother fuckers are like why do we do this? Well now you lose everything you have if we didn’t have a system. I dont agree that we should have so many unfair rules but think in this way. You earned your money you arent going to give it away. Without us doing these jobs we would not have anything. We would be battle diseases and die. We would be dirty. We would have to work super hard for food. We would trash the planet even more. We would kill other people for no reason. It would be hell. literally.

  124. I am all for the implications of this video. Heck I am already doing it.
    There is only one scary thing…
    As this population increases and resources decrease, when the food/water/electricity runs out… How fit will you be to fend for yourself?

  125. “There once was a time before television, before motion pictures, before radios & before books. The greatest part of human existence was spent in such a time. Over the dying embers of the campfire, on a moonless night, we watched the stars.” -Carl Sagan

    From this quote I take the message that we once survived as humans before corporations and governments and we can and will again.

    People here wonder what happens if we over throw our governments and initially start chaos… Well its quite simple.. I see it this way.
    Humanity will more than likely be in complete chaos for some time, this will end once we realize that we are in charge and our actions directly impact how we live and survive. We will return to a “neolithic” sort of era, except modernized, for now we have the knowledge and experience and tools to survive longer and more sufficiently than ever before. We will band together to help each other survive, no more ministries or governments controlling what we do or telling us who to be friends with or who to do business with.

    People should NOT fear the government, the government should fear the PEOPLE!

  126. I like videos like these but I believe that the “script” has indeed been written. I have about the same hope for my fellow human as I do for the government that surrounds us all. I also believe firmly that my existence in this world is a glitch. The “reality” I live everyday is that anything that is going to happen, Does in fact happen. the world we live in is a farce and on a molecular level, we’re barely here anyway.

    My hope is that if/when enough people wake up from this illusion of order we live in currently, the nightmare can end finally and OUR existence is blanked from time. Whatever created this particular experiment has failed utterly in my opinion. UNMAKE IT ALL!!!

  127. We have all been brainwashed from the day we went to school. The elite model has been passed down teacher to teach. We don’t need to unite we need to spread the word and make change in our own life. We are all slaves to the few and by passing the message we can create the 100 monkey affect. Use the media…it’s been using us for the last 500 years.

    Open your eyes to what is really going on, on this plain. Look into the fraud of NASA. Turn off your tv’s and delve and see how big the rabbit hole is. You will be amazed what you fine, but you must for once have an open mind and question!

    500 years ago everyone new the earth was flat until the free masons changed it..even Einstein said is theory has had to start with an unknown constant…we have all been fooled and kept as aware of this coming week of September…especially on the coast of Florida.

  128. you guys talk about wanting to change things but in today’s society people are to lazy untill its to late i mean most of the comments on this page alone are people calling each other idiots and stupid, only people of a common mind stick together for such things otherwise people get board and leave someone needs to be an example and show the true flaws in the US and any other Government but itll be war they wont resine itll push them to show the real amount of control they have even then how can we trust them to give out all there secrets so the world can know the truth get back to me on facebook Michael Thompson

  129. Ugh… This is cringe-worthy… Anonymous used to be so badass, but now they just share shit like this. It’s vague, it lacks ambition or purpose, and it really sounds like something made by conspiracy-theorist-basement-dwellers..

    Come on, pick up yourselves. You can do a lot better than this. 🙂

  130. People are just too weak to fight for what is right, or for what they want.
    Their minds are filled with fear and dread. We have let ourselves be slaves to them. It’s only our fault.
    Everyone is free to live as he wants without stealing someone else’s freedom.
    The will of fight there’s no more,they simply quit.
    The hate must be used when have to be used, and i think that now it’s the time.
    The weak will be lost and the strong will prevail.
    It’s just your decision.

  131. I wonder if it’s possible to remove all fuel cars etc… and make every car electric then lunch the so call Nikola Tesla’s project and provide everybody around the globe electricity for free ( the poor and the rich ) this way cars will rarely need to be charged since they will most likely always be charged or somewhat. This could be the first step towards a healthier planet. Because this ambitious oil companies and corporations are not gonna go down today or tomorrow… But maybe the day after tomorrow. As long as humanity is aware of what’s going on around them we are walking towards a better future. We most share our awareness; people out there only know money and work and family they live in circle of powerlessness… They need to be enlighten make them aim higher everyday towards a better future.

  132. Well, all of these screens are in peoples faces all the time, as the video suggested. The world could be ultimately changed for the better if this was broadcasted on every single screen at a time when everybody is awake and perhaps even at a time where corruption is apparent because of more definitive political and military confrontation.

  133. JoMamma is correct! We can’t change it. It’s been this for 1,000s of years. Just because we are 99% we are powerless! We would have changed the system by now if we could. The 1% just laugh at us and our feeble attempts to make the world fair. It’ll never happen. Greed is too powerful. Everyone can be bought. Do you really think is video provides “new” info? Of course not. If everyone in the world watched it nothing would happen. It never does. Occupy Wall street? Nothing. Terrorism? Nothing apart from innocent deaths. I could go one but I’m bored. Delusion will not help us.

  134. One of the big problems is that most Americans are Ignorant/Brainwashed/Racist Idiots. Look at the current presidential candidate Donald Trump. This guy is clearly a racist idiot who would go bomb every country if elected. And the fact is that most Americans relate to this ignorant racism and he’s the leading Republican candidate. Every time you turn on the news they are interviewing some fat, stupid, toothless redneck that is complaining about how we need to get rid of black people, homosexuals, or Muslims. And this is the majority views of most Americans. There is a small percentage of younger people in America who actually get it, but I think that’s due to the Internet and digital age. And when you try and have a conversation with someone who doesn’t feel there are problems, they don’t want to hear it and automatically label you an Anti-American Conspiracy Theorist. The fact of the matter is you can’t change the minds of these people. The United States is no longer leading the world in anything other than Racism and the Military Industrial Complex. And at 19 TRILLION and counting, I’m not sure how much longer they can sustain that. Unfortunately the only thing that can actually bring about REAL change is a complete system collapse. And the truth is there isn’t anything anyone can do to expedite this process. It’s just going to happen when it happens. They can only kick the can down the road for so long in the “Land Of The Free”.

    I’m still relatively young and I’ve been around the world more than once. I’ve spent 18 months backpacking around Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. I’ve traveled to over 60 countries. The point is I’ve been outside of the U.S. and lived in other countries. If you aren’t in the top 1% of earners, the U.S. isn’t really where you want to live. Most individuals in the states earn somewhere between $20,000 – $40,000 USD per year. With this type of salary in the U.S., you are basically working just to survive and pay the bills. Why not go somewhere else in the world: Central America, South America, Southeast Asia…..where you can have a much better quality of life. Not only in terms of lifestyle, but also in terms of freedom. The U.S. is currently in decline (has been now for the last 7 – 10 years) and is only going to get worse, not better. The 1% of Americans know this and don’t care because they can afford it. The majority of the other 99% of Americans won’t get it and will continue to stay here and ride it out until they are homeless, pleading their allegiance to the “Land Of The Free”. Only a tiny percentage of Americans will wake up, realize the decline of their country, and get the f**k out to seek greener pastures.

  135. hey could someone please paste for me the URL for the video….am on a non-private network and youtube has been blocked…maybe if i have the link i can attemp an SSH tunnel. thanks in advance

  136. The only thing missing here is a “Vote or write in BERNIE SANDERS” at the end!…the only candidate who will ever stand up for the people of the world again! You can be sure no other candidate will ever have a chance like he does to step us in the right direction… 1 small step for mankind is all we have and as the #1 threat to our world ‘Murica must lead the way, the other 2 “establishment” corporate shills have and will sell out to the 1%. I for 1 will be writing in Bernie if need be, and it will, hope you all will join me 🙂

  137. The main issue we have with spreading this message is that most social media groups filter a lot of posts for peoples feeds. You may have 300+ friends/followers but only about 100 will see the post and barely 30 will click play.

    Nobody likes spending 8mins let along 1min for a documentary/commentary as they’re too used to getting funny cat vids and watching others play games. Not much we can do about that.

  138. I couldnt download the video, rather some softwares that are useless to me got installed. How do I download the video, please?


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