The One Video that can Convince You that the World is at Peace


If you were told that the world has become more peaceful than ever, and that you are living in the best of times, would you believe the fact? This amazing video is an answer to those who believe that the world is going to crap, that tens of millions of lives are being cut short by armed conflicts and that World War III is upon us.

An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II examines the human cost of World War II and the decline in battle deaths in the years since the war. It follows a linear narration, but it allows viewers to pause during key moments to interact with the charts and dig deeper into the numbers.

The 18-minute video is divided into three jaw-dropping sections. The first is an analysis of soldier fatalities by nation, the second deals with civilian deaths, and the third provides an intriguing perspective of World War II in the context of previous conflicts and those that followed.

The video isn’t about individual war stories, or about the soldiers and civilians that died or lived throughout the world war. The video incredibly shows the difference between the world at that time and the one we are living. Remember, the number of deaths worldwide in World War II — at least 60 million, according to the National World War II Museum — have not been seen in any conflict since.


Both violence among states and violence within states have diminished dramatically, in the recent decades. Is it that many suicide bombings and terrorist attacks today are taking place as part of intra-state wars, or in countries or regions occupied by foreign forces and therefore, a small number of horrific terrorist attacks do not augur global anarchy? Think, and share it if you believe it can truly make an impact…

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  1. Great video. I have one issue though. The guys who fought for the Th*rd Re*ch weren’t all Naz*s. They were all Germans though and that’s what they should be called. If this ridiculous policy of naming them what they weren’t, devised by the West in order to justify helping the Germans get on their feet after WW2 is not put to an end we’ll see another conflict in a disguise really soon. Hint: Ukraine and Middle East countries. If the word “German” doesn’t get through your throat in this context then please at least use the term “Th*rd Re*ch soldiers” or “Ax*s soldiers” for god’s sake, cause you’re making the next generations forget this terrible history by yourselves by saying that. Somebody wise said once that those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.


    • “The Third Reich” was a campaign of the Nazi’s to get a specific philosophic target group in Germany to be motivated for their cause.

    • Germany has so strong position in Europe that they are changing the history – they already convinced people to use the ‘Nazi’ term instead of Germany and they have recently started policy to adjust it even more creating movies and books where they say that they were the victims of the war.

    • You are absolutely right! A lot of people were not Nazis but were just too frightened to even speak up against the nazis. I personally think thats understandable considering what the nazis did to those who spoke up against them…
      Don’t get me wrong: It’s not a good thing to not speak up but it is understandable.

  2. Informative, well-done graphic. Really depressing showing the constant evil of mankind. And not much comfort for those who die or loose their loved ones in today’s conflicts.

  3. Whatever you say man.. the evil that is predicted in Apocalypse has not happened yet. WW2 looked like Armageddon because proto-antichrist Hitler failed. The world is being prepared for global enslavement that will be worse than what Hitler did. Expect that, and be wise. Don’t be blinded by the false sense of peace we seem to have. The globalist elite want a one world government and they will build it.. and then we are all slaves.

  4. WW11 never ended,it still gose on today between the US and Russian and they use other countries as pawns. Makeing up false and ridiculous stories to sell their plans.

  5. This is such bullshit, 6 million Jews, dream on.. And ‘Most died in gas chambers’ hahahahahha, beautiful miss information.

    Find out more facts before dissing out such propaganda!

  6. The Germany is the problem !!!! Romania is a country distroyed from democrasi,after Ceaucescu die ,was killed from Iliescu and other crazy man for money from elvetia ,was miliards dollars in bank from elvetia ,iliescu and a little prtion of russian mans ,romania country now is america on year 80!!! Sorry for my bad english !!!


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