Only Halfway Through 2015 and American Cops Have Already Killed 500 People


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After 19-year-old Isiah Hampton was shot by New York Police Officers in the Bronx and Quandavier Hicks was killed in a confrontation with Cincinnati Cops on Tuesday night, a total of 500 deaths can now be attributed to execution by law enforcement.

This number is quantified by The Guardian’s “The Counted” program that takes into account and records every death caused by law enforcement in the US every year. This is done because the Federal Government does notkeep a tally on the amount of people killed by police for self-evident reasons.

Curiously, in all of 2013, “only” 461 people were killed — which means that if the trend continues, death via police execution has more than doubled since then. The recent militarization of the police can only exacerbate the police brutality going on in our very own country.

According to The Guardian’s report:

Among the first 500 deaths, 49.6% of people were white, 28.2% were black and 14.8% were Hispanic/Latino. According to the 2013 census, the US population is 62.6% white, 13.2% black and 17.1% Hispanic/Latino.

The report also stated that more than 1 in every 5 people killed in 2015 was unarmed. There was also some disparity in the proportion of black and white people who were killed unarmed. 20% of white people killed were unarmed while 16% of black people killed had no weapon. 95.2% of the people killed this year were men while 4.8% were women.

These numbers pale in comparison to that of the group that our government claims is our enemy: ISIS. ISIS has killed four Americans in their entire existence, while in just 6 months, agents of our own government have killed over 100 times that amount. To assert ISIS as a threat to American lives while clear cut facts show it is close to benign when compared to domestic forces is to be completely ignorant to reality. While the horriblereality of ISIS should not be ignored, it’s clear that America has numerous problems on the home-front which affect thousands that require immediate attention.

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  1. If you don’t want to be killed by a cop,don’t break the law and act like a thug.When a cop says “Freeze”,you freeze.Without cops the gov. would impose martial law,and then how many people do you think will be killed?

    • This is an idiot cops speaking here. We need to abolish Cops as we know them. This is the type of moronic thinking they would love us all to adhere to. “Do what a cop says”. This idiot needs to move to a communist country.

  2. Sorry, but I’m not buyin’ this at all. Not EVEN a week ago, the number was just a little over half that number of 500, so in less than a single week the cops killed another, say 200 to make the math easy? Nah, ain’t happenin’, ain’t true, I don’t care WHO you’ve got doin’ the countin’. I’m just glad they don’t take care of my money…it’d say I had 10million, and really not have zip. Good try though. Maybe by the end of August, the story will be true.


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