#OpAngley to Oust Grace Cathedral Cult


Some of you may not have yet heard about the launch of #OpAngley by an Anonymous chapter against evangelical pastor Ernest Angley. In a move reminiscent of past attacks against other cultish endeavors, such as the #OpScientology movement in 2013, #OpAngley has taken on a more direct approach. Akron Anonymous is seeking to uncover claims of sexual abuse, forced abortions and vasectomies through undercover operations within Grace Cathedral.

Ernest Angley preaches in the Grace Cathedral in Ohio, and not unlike Scientology, the members appear to be suffering from a form of Stockholm syndrome. Working for free at his television station, restaurant and church, according to the Justice Department who are conducting their own investigations, followers of Angley are considered more like slave laborers.

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However, since 2014, when journalist Bob Dyer interviewed members of the congregation, revealing the levels of extortion and abuse, many have since been slandered and ex-communicated, one being an initial whistleblower Shane McCabe.

McCabe has spoken with Anonymous, reporting that Angley is known for his cult-like stance as his obsession for Obama:

“I am a person who left Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral and was part of the initial report written in the Akron Beacon Journal… However, first, I have no connections with current members of the church. This as a victim is one of the hardest parts. I miss my friends and would love to speak with them again one day…Angley uses the Christian Rapture to scare the congregation and that Angley has said in the past on open air recordings that he believes that Obama is the fore runner of Antichrist. I do know he does have a cult-like church where he instructs people to have Vasectomies and encourages abortions as the original articles in the Akron Beacon Journal stated. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all those left inside those walls. I do appreciate all who have picked up our story and are willing to give us a voice, but I want to be completely clear and honest. It’s the only way that the people will get help. Including Angley. I still stand he needs the most help. Thanks again for caring.”

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The actions of Angley are reminiscent of Scientology, labeling those who leave the church as demons, evil, and are not to be communicated with by those still in the flock. The surrounding communities are also concerned for the well-being of those involved. Within the last few months, reports have been made to Anonymous that Angley’s paranoia is increasing to the point of hiring local police for personal protection as he accelerates the cultish behavior of brainwashing and dominating his congregation.

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Anonymous request your help, support, and for you to spread the word on this matter. Akron Anonymous is seeking recruits for this issue. If we all unite, the international community is obligated to pay attention, and men like Angley will not continue with impunity.

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  1. “He encourages abortions”? If women are forced into them wouldn’t the VICTIMS SAY SO? This pastor’s set up is designed for abuse. What’s wrong with going through proper legal channels? In short, let’s see some REAL EVIDENCE of abuse before this cyber mob attack sets in? It’s about real justice not vengeance derived from rumor.

    • No rumor the Akron Beacon Journal had witnesses that were in that “forced” position that spoke with Bob Dyer. What else do you need – this is a plea for help.

    • Angley and Machamer are two of the most evil people on earth. They pay off the police and courts. Many, many decent mothers lost custody of their children to that cult, not because they were bad mothers, but because Angley’s business attorney represents the ushers to take the children from righteous mothers, all because a particular mother might disagree with child rape or being forced to work as a slave labor in his “ministry.”

      My daughter was taken from me and raped by Frank Minjares for several years, until an FBI SWAT team removed her from Frank’s home and sent her to my relatives in another state. Any child who has been raped has had family members threatened, and even the child was threatened by that cult. They are more mafia than religion.

      There is also a pattern of Ernest Angley telling the men not to have sex with any wife who he had before the male joins that cult, so that eventually, the wife will file for divorce. The last ten years of my marriage, my ex-husband refused to have sex with me, yet he was having sex with his fellow cult new wife, all while also raping my child.Apparently, adultery isn’t a problem with that group, and they call adultery pure, while defrauding a righteous wife. Everything they do is perverse and against the true God. My ex-husband’s parental rights were terminated for child rape and child abuse in another state when my child was forcibly removed from his care after he had custody of her for several years.

      Another thing that is very common, is that Angley has the males take out huge life inustance policies on the wife and children- that way, if an “accident” happens, the cult member can share the huge profits from the death of a loved one with the “ministry.” Two years before my ex-husband left the Air Force ( he was asked to resign, when AF OSI arrested him… and he lost his security clearance… got booted out for criminal activity, he did… he is NOT an honorable man or veteran… he is a documented child rapist) this major usher took out a $500,000. life insurance policy on me with Prudential. Within four months of filing for divorce from him, Angley “prophesied” in a Sunday morning sermon that God was going to kill me for being a “failure.” A man driving a Bruce’s Hardwood Flooring truck, within three days of hearing Angley’s “sermon” proceeded to drive a truck into my parked minivan, with me and my younger daughter in it. Angley is a false prophet. I did NOT die. I have NEVER failed God, and one of his followers tried to MAKE Angley into a prophet by attempting to murder me and my younger child by driving the truck into my parked minivan. That is NOT prophecy, it IS called a “hit.” I am one of over a DOZEN women who have experienced mafia-style problems with that so-called “ministry” run by Ernest Angley.

      Furthermore, Angley uses issues such as homosexuality to distract from the REAL criminal and abuse issues related to his organization. I have many gay friends, and even THEY despise the ideas of child rape and murder.

      Or, he stirs up religious controversy, or tries to distract people with other issues, such as his wig, all in an attempt to distract people from the real issues at hand, which are this- he has built a group of serial killing thugs into a mafia-style, mega-rich, TV station contract organization which compels its followers to carry out some kind of ultra-strange and jihadist-mafia-style attacks against people who choose to leave there. Their actions resemble ISIS or al qaeda more than any mainstream religion. NORMAL Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus find the DEEDS of Ernest Angley and his followers to be problematic, in terms of the kinds of child and wife abuse and criminal activity taking place in Cuyahoga Falls BY ANGLEY AND HIS STAFF MEMBERS AND USHERS. They are EXPERTS at taking scriptures or religious texts and distorting them for diversionary tactics, all so as not to have to deal with the facts of their child rape and wife abuse, and other many crimes.

      I have SO MUCH documentation against that place, it should be shut down. I suffered broken bones, a car wreck, two instances of brakes cut on my vehicle, a raped daughter, was not allowed to speak to my daughters for over a decade, and they have been brainwashed against me, all by madmen and child rapists working in that place. My ex husband was even taught to hate his mother by those people. In ten years of marriage, I was the only one who wrote letters and phoned her, because my ex was told by that cult to have NOTHING to do with his own MOTHER who worked for a catholic rectory.

      When he married the new woman Angley picked out for him, it turns out that he married into a family, of which, MYRON TERESCHUK, was CONVICTED for TERRORISM in Maryland in 2004. Google MYRON TERESCHUK TERRORISM if you don’t believe me.

      Angely and Grace Cathedral have ties to serial murders, child rape, home wrecking, RUSSIAN TERRORISM. and much, much more. He pays off authorities with his massive TV station money, and uses a criminal network in several countries to silence people who uncover his criminal network.

      I am an orthodox Jewish woman who ended up marrying a Jordanian Sheikh, all in an effort to keep myself and my two daughters alive. Had it not been for the Sheikh and his magnaninous kindness, and the morality of him and his people, my children and I might not have even survived that place. ANY MUSLIM assisting that place is NOT REAL OR VALID, because NO REAL JEW and NO REAL MUSLIM would help child rapists like them. No MORAL PERSON OF ANY RELIGION WOULD GO ALONG WITH THE KINDS OF CHILD AND WIFE ABUSE THAT TAKE PLACE IN CUYAHOGA FALLS. (And- I am STILL a member in good standing of my Jewish community… and have letters from several rabbis stating thus, and who documented the facts of that horrible place, and how they are abusive..and I NEVER failed God…. it is all Ernest Angley drama and criminal diversion to ruin the lives of people like me, who actually TRY to live righteous lives.)

      And this is NOT a religious war for me… it is merely my telling the FACTS about Ernest Angley, Chris Machamer, and their unholy network. They use religion as a cover. What they are teaching is NOT Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism. They are New-Age, single cult leader religion of evil and deception. They are CRIMINALS who turn loving children against their own loving mothers by taking children away and raping them.

      Any REAL human being, is against child abuse and child rape. If you knew over the years how many children contacted me begging me to help them escape that “church….” … if you knew how many ex-members asked me for info… it goes into the hundreds…HUNDREDS… if you knew how many people had lost family members to that group… you would sign a petition to close them down. No buddhist, no REAL Jew (who would be a Jew and help a child rapist?), no muslim, no valid church person, would condone the rape of OVER 30 BOYS AND GIRLS THERE… AND IT STILL GOES ON… AND THAT ISN’T INCLUDING MY CHILD WHO WAS RAPED BY FRANK, OR THE OTHER CHILDREN I TRIED TO HELP BACK IN 1999 AND 2000…it goes into the HUNDREDS.

      Those staff people there are the lowest form of filth on planet earth. They need to be shut down. Whatever you do- steer clear of that horrible place. I know of HUNDREDS of people that used to belong to that religious group, and it is the kind of thing that, even though this is America, they have a network that makes it nearly impossible to get out of there alive and with any means to rebuild one’s life at all. I escaped, and I despise them for destroying lives for the sake of their twisted sexuality and egos. THERE IS NOTHING PURE AND HOLY ABOUT ANGLEY OR ANY OF HIS STAFF OR USHERS AT ALL. THEY DESTROY LIVES FOR FAME, WEALTH AND POWER. They are abjects of the lowest order.

      If you care about your children, get them far away from that place.

  2. “instructs and encourages abortion” I mean if you’re throwing the book at the guy, getting down to the nasty gritty, and all you can come up with is that he “instructs and encourages” abortions and vasectomies, that’s not really raising that many hackles with me. And call me trenchant if you must, but holding Obama as the antichrist resonates A-OK with me.
    If the man’s methods are criminal he should have his day in court like anyone else. If he’s just horny crackpot with definite ideas, but with no evidence of crimes comitted, leave his provenance and seek better pastures.

    • He confessed to examining gentiles after the forced vasectomys. He has been accused of rape and many other cultishs activities. As for Obama his error is instructing the congregation to not vote for him (whether you agree or not) this is grounds for him to lose his tax except status.

      Have you read the articles that detail his doings?

      I have friends murdered and raped under his reign.

      Personally my husband and I are not able to have children now due to his rules for reproduction.

      • @Angelia et. al
        “under his reign”? “due to his rules for reproduction.”? I’m just not getting this. Honestly, in this day and age, with all the info available about cults, gurus, and Jim Jones wildly available at the touch of a keyboard, one must ask oneself what kind of adult follows a charasmatic charlatan to their own ruination? You’ve got to be a person of extreme low intelligence to be willingly ordered about by a narcissistic patriarch. You’ve got to be a feeble-minded bumpkin, an urban dweller with the lights out. In such instances, did this guy do society a favor in ensuring that his simpleton flock didn’t reproduce more of their dim-witted kind? Seriously, does this planet need more zombie followers of any cult or religion?? Angelia, let’s be frank: If you hooked up with this guy to begin with, it’s probably a good thing you’re not going to be having kids. Try developing some individuality, some stamina against the storms of life and how to manage them without an authorities say-so. How about you and hubby go to the public library and check out some books to read on religion and society.

      • I cant stand obozo. I do know at this point, tho that churches can not lose tax-exemopt status. Now, if someone like hillary, or sanders gets in, that could all change. We will end up losing all our freedoms, and America will never be the same! God help us.

  3. Angelia:
    I don’t want to make light of your pain, but I’d like to speak truthfully for a moment:
    1. Do you know how fucking far out you are? Do you think the average person walking down the street in any large city in the US, would equate “pastors” and “forced vasectomies”? Would any person walking down the street in NYC have the first or second-hand experience of “Pastor inspected forced vasectomies”? The answer is 0.
    2. What are the chances the average person walking down the street, in NYC, Seattle, or Los Angeles would use the following sentence: “Due to his rules of reproduction I. . .”
    Again, 0. You would have to go to the outhouses of Utah’s most polygamous, isolated, rural communities, or scan the headlines of a tabloid at the check-out to find the lurid acts you describe. This means that you belong to a very, very, small populace, you inhabit a cognitive niche that most in the West would consider the behavior of a backward, throw-back tribe of cave people. Again, not making light of your pain, not saying crimes were or were not committed, just setting the groundwork, the background for all this.

    4.This raises other questions about what society really owes adults who make decisions they regret? Did this conman trick his flock into having abortions or did he just play Johnathan Edwards? Did he just fume and rave and scare some credulous persons with hell to do his bidding?
    A government should protect the people against force and fraud. Not their own stupidity.

  4. I have been listening to Ernest Angley’s messages via website for many years now and reading his books. I am shocked to learn or the recent allegations and would love to have an opportunity to get in touch with former congregation members to have them share their personal experiences. I certainly don’t want to be led down the wrong road and I have a lot of questions that hopefully a few people can help me with. I don’t like to really put things out there in a public forum, what I’m looking for is to be able to actually talk with someone who used to attend Grace Cathedral. I’ve even tried looking up how to contact the former pastor that was ousted from the church but have not had much success. Any suggestions you have on who can contact me I would greatly appreciate!

  5. Another item of interest- Frank Minjares was in Air Force ROTC with Craig D. Button. Google Craig D. Button- it is the SAME Craig D. Button that stole an A-10 from Davis-Monthan {TUCSON,AZ} Air Force Base, which crashed into a Colorado Mountain after going far, far off course. Frank Minjares has very strange ties to Myron Tereschuk (convicted of terrorism in 2004, Maryland) and Craig D. Button (18 of the 22 WTC Bombers came from {TUCSON, AZ} before going to Coral Gables, Florida, where they had that idea of bombing the WTC in NYC.

    It strikes me as odd that Frank Minjares could rape a child, commit adultery, have a new wife whose relative, Myron Tereschuk, was convicted of terrorism, and an Air Force buddy from ROTC and subsequent years who stole an Air Force plane whose bombs were never recovered, and who had ties to the WTC Bombers in Tucson before they went to Florida. What kind of “church” has an usher like that? It sounds more like Pakistan than Cuyahoga Falls. It would be funny, and sounds mentally ill, except for the fact that it is TRUE. Do the research. Then ask yourself, WHAT DOES A CUYAHOGA FALLS CHURCH DO THAT IT ATTRACTS TERRORISTS ON A REGULAR BASIS? What is being broadcast from TV 55? Are they in some way collaborating with foreign terrorist organizations? Are there some kinds of illegal intelligence that is being broadcast to terrorist organizations covertly in the broadcasts from that place? Are there encrypted messages being sent via his broadcasts that would inform terror groups where and how to move? and then there is the issue of the Angley jumbo jet- which he got from one of the Arab Emirates countries.

    Is that related in any way to the deaths of Cassandra Blondheim (stabbed to death in the buffet bus room) and Hannah Hill? I ask, because the kinds of horrific violence against women and children apparent at Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral, seem more akin to al qaeda or ISIS, or Hezbollah, than it does any viable religion. What is it about that cult that cultivates such horrific abuse against women, children and prior members?

    At least half a dozen Angley “church” members are prior military who left the Armed Services under less than ideal conditions. It seems odd that a religious organization would require so many rejected ex-military members to function. Why does Angley need his own paramilitary dishonorable task force to protect his “religion?” Why does one of his ushers have direct ties to terrorism?

    The things taking place there are beyond bizarre. Don’t be distracted by the things that don’t matter- such as whether or not there are gay people there, if his hairpiece looks good, the strange pagan practice of genital touching… those things are irrelevant compared to the truly criminal things that take place at that cult… the murders of Cassandra Blondheim and Hannah Hill by ex-members, the fact that both Jeffrey Dahmer and Marilyn Manson were attendees (not at all wholesome the way those freaks and one serial killer turned out) attempted murders in retaliation for “uncovering” the criminal deeds associated with the cult, death threat phone calls, child rape and sexual molestation, and affiliations to VERY REAL TERRORISM.

    If it sounds too bizarre for reality, please do the investigating, and discover that the reality IS in the criminality they are doing. What is bizarre, is that it has been allowed to go on for several decades.

    Avoid that place like the plague, like the blight on humanity that it is. The lives you save might be your own and those of your beloved family members.

  6. To the person who replied to Angelia that she “must be mentally ill to say that these things happened in America, that she just didn’t have a backbone,” and so forth.
    Apparently you just don’t want to face the reality of what the children raised in that cult endured.
    There was no support system to help them leave, and with Angley staffers using military command leadership techniques to mentally influence congregants, when it means by leaving that mafia-style tactics will be used to hurt loved ones still there, when his militant minded religious zealots are assigned to get you fired from all jobs, when you are shunned by all the people you ever knew, when cars run you down and everything you own is taken, and the local authorities who disregard all American law let his organization do that, when they enter your home and find fault with your cosmetics when despite the fact you are earning $70,000 per year, you are expected to give 90% of your earnings to him so that your own children have no decent food or clothing, and somehow, if you dare to only donate 20% of your earnings instead, he designates you ‘not a believer,’ and earmarks you as a person who must be forced to give everything up for his and only his supreme ‘most reverend will,’ as a ‘man of God (NOT), with full backing of the town and county authorities, what was Angelia and McCabe and the other children supposed to do?
    If you weren’t there, don’t make yourself look ignorant by downplaying what those children endured. Why should it have taken almost two decades for them to be able to speak up and escape such horrific human rights abuses? Even after Cassandra and Hannah ended up murdered? It took a LOT OF COURAGE for Angelia and McCabe and Brock Miller to speak up. It’s kind of hard to speak up, when some of these same children saw Cassandra gutted in front of them after Angley warned of her demise. Would YOU have had the courage to speak up as they finally did with Bob Dyer?
    They are not to be scolded, they are to be helped for finally getting liberated from that awful place.
    If it were really God’s work, would lives be harmed and families divided? No.


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