OpPaperStorm Update: The Alt-Right is Imploding

The Atomwaffen Division and various other alt-right groups are imploding. Being of a naturally violent ideology, members are fighting amongst each other and defecting.



In February, OpPaperStorm was reinitiated by AnonyInfo under OpDomesticTerrorism. Many participated, and it received widespread attention. After conducting an online poll, AnonyInfo has determined Operation Paper Storm will remain active.



This decision is entirely appropriate, considering neo-Nazis have not relented in their circulation of propaganda. It has also stirred the ire of those within the alt-right who have since expressed their need for a safe-place, which is all the more reason to continue the operation.

In our second update on Operation Paper Storm, we brought attention to the Atomwaffen Division, a notorious white-supremacist group linked to multiple murders across the United States. The Atomwaffen Division is also responsible for spreading propaganda on college campuses by the masses.


Atomwaffen Division members. Retrieved from: Huffington Post


We are pleased to inform viewers reports are circulating the Atomwaffen Division and various other alt-right groups are imploding. Being of a naturally violent ideology, members are fighting amongst each other and defecting. Information is being leaked.

At the end of February, Pro Publica released the identity of five key members of Atomwaffen. The members were identified through internal Atomwaffen chat records, law enforcement investigators, and a former group member.

Included among chat records obtained by Pro Publica are entries by John Cameron Denton who goes by the nickname “Rape.” Denton is the so-called leader of the Atomwaffen Division, and was originally identified by the Anti-Defamation League.

After being identified, Denton wrote in a chat message:

“They think they can stop RAPE!? THEY THINK THEY CAN STOP ME!?!”

Rose City Antifa later released a detailed report on Wade Mendisabal, an Atomwaffen member located in Seattle, Washington. Mendisabal was key in creating and dispersing propaganda, and is featured often in Atomwaffen videos, usually carrying an assault rifle.

Earlier this month, Eugene Antifa exposed Matthew James Carroll and his wife, Rosalee Lorraine Carroll, popularly known as “Mr. and Mrs. Maci” within neo-Nazi circles. The Carroll’s were responsible for posting numerous Atomwaffen propaganda and recruitment fliers in the Seattle area, including the University of Washington campus.


Matthew James Carroll and Rosalee Lorraine Carroll. Source: Eugene Antifa


Matthew Carroll is part of a neo-Nazi network that spans the world and had been in contact with both Nicholas Giampa and Samuel Woodward. As reported in our previous update, Giampa and Woodward were members of the Atomwaffen Division. Giampa killed his girlfriend’s parents after they tried to keep their daughter away from him, and Woodward killed an old classmate who was gay and Jewish. Carroll is known to target the young online in an effort to endorse the Nazi ideology and convert them.

After gaining access to a leaked Discord server called the “Cascadian Coffee Company,” Eugene Antifa also uncovered a web of Atomwaffen members throughout the Pacific Northwest, all of whom were in contact with Matthew Carroll. In private Twitter conversations accessed by Antifa, Carroll and other members discussed personal relationships with each other, critiqued other white supremacist groups, organized collaborations, and revealed identifying information.

Matthew’s wife, Rosalee Carroll, designs the propaganda for her husband to disperse. Eugene Antifa’s report states:

“[Rosalee] is a dropout from Thomas Jefferson High School and is an unemployed, stay-at-home wife. She spends most of her days sleeping in late, doing housework, watching television, playing with their cat Heinrich, wishing she were pregnant so she could contribute to the White Race, and posting racist and bigoted messages on Twitter.

Rosie Carroll has busied herself making neo-Nazi propaganda and supporting her husband’s activities with Atomwaffen Division. Both Matthew and Rosie cloak their Nazi ideology with a strict, outwardly Christian presentation. At the same time they are flaunting their love for God and animals, Rosie and Matthew call for the death of gays and abortion doctors, Jews and people of color.”

Some state that while the Atomwaffen Division is dangerous, most members are wannabes who spend the majority of their time reading fascist literature. Others however, say the white supremacist group should be taken seriously due to their extremism.

In fact, according to the chat conversations obtained by Pro Publica, Atomwaffen members discuss using explosives to destroy water systems and power grids. And we know in the case of Brandon Russell that nuclear power plants are considered targets as well.

Anonymous will always oppose those who threaten harm upon others, and white supremacy is an ideology that revolves around fear and hatred. This fear and hatred inevitably insights violence, and it is most often the innocent who are targeted as a result. We are seeing this firsthand through the actions of the Atomwaffen Division.


Source: AnonHQ


And so, Anonymous has gone to war. Multiple white supremacist websites are now under constant attack. The Daily Stormer alone has been taken down multiple times, as with the major KKK websites. Individuals notorious within white supremacist movements are being doxed, and boots-on-ground opposition is being organized.

You too can take part in non-violent resistance by joining us in Operation Paper Storm. The following link provides fliers that can be printed and dispersed in your local community: click here. As college and university campuses are common targets for white supremacist propaganda, we suggest focusing on those areas as well.

Follow @AnonyInfo on Twitter for updates, as well as the hashtags #OpDomesticTerrorism and #OpPaperStorm.


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